Kay & Shawn

Chapter One

She was beginning to think she needed to call her parents. Her fiance was getting stranger and stranger by the week. A couple months ago she had returned from work to find their home ransacked and her fiance, who should have been home, missing. She called the police but he showed up by himself a few days later. Haggard but not hospital bad off. She had still wanted him to get checked out but he refused, saying he just wanted to be home after everything he had been through. read more

Hadrian & Fahim

Chapter One

Fahim and his sister dashed through the woods, following a crystal their mother had given them to track down the gargoyle that once helped her tame a beautiful orange snake. Nahia wanted one for her own and her brother was only along for the fun of going somewhere with his sister and meeting the gargoyle of legend. The Crystals glow grew almost blinding so Nahia knew they were close. She walked slowly, beyond eager to make her request. Finally it stopped her at the bottom of an apple tree. She looked up and saw him sleeping soundly but she was unafraid just to yell “HEY HADRIAN!” It startled him so badly he hit the ground and the two siblings almost fell to their knees with laughter. He was supposed to be so cool and mysterious and here he was being startled out of sleep. read more