Langdon & Lashon

Chapter One

Langdon strode angrily beside the preacher who had told him a vampire was refusing to leave his church. It pissed him off when vampires and demons did things like this to the humans that feared them. It made the ones who wanted to live in peace look horrible. He flung open the door and instantly realized the humans had been wrong about one thing so far. This was a vampire but it wasn’t a pure blood. He had Satyr in him. “You, what is your name?” Langdon asked darkly “I am not leaving without my mother!” Lashon yelled angrily, shaking the church and causing a few of the decorations to come off the walls. Langdon paused, his demeanor mellowing. It wasn’t a lie that was just yelled at him, he knew lies when he heard them so he looked at the preacher. “Before I talk to you keep in mind I know lies when I hear them. What is he talking about?” read more

Asta & Sigge

Chapter One

Sigge sat outside with his cat Kay in his lap as he went between stroking her fur and scratching her neck. The day had been gorgeous but now he could smell it was going to rain so he stood with Kay and kissed her head “guess we better go inside little miss” he took her in then pulled out some fish to cook for her. He was just going to snack on some chips. She randomly rubbed on his legs as he cooked, causing bright smiles to light his face. “always such a sweet cat. What am I to do with you?” She purred and kept going until he chopped up her food and gave it to her. “I’m going to shower and then nap okay? I have a new student coming in a little bit” read more