Nauja & Aitu

Chapter One

Nauja’s car broke down recently so she stood outside her job waiting on her Uber who was supposed to be there right when she got off. She wasn’t mad but she was eager to get home. She and Aitu had a phone call planned to sort out when their second date would be. She could call him now but she knew if she called him the Uber would suddenly appear. “come on, please” she whispered into the air. He was almost too good to be true. Handsome, sweet and their date had been perfect. It had been like he’d already known her before hand. When they met they exchanged numbers and had talked for months before the first date but still. He had planned such a perfect evening for them and had almost predicted anything she was thinking or wanting. He seemed to know things about her she couldn’t remember telling him. read more

Ortensia & Sandro 2

Chapter One

It’s three months later and they still have a ton to do with the mansion. It had been left to the elements for generations, just being passed from person to person who didn’t want it and it was an overwhelming job at times to get this place livable. Especially now that Ortensia didn’t have as much help. Her parents still paid for professionals to come out and help once a week because that was as often as they could afford but her friends and her parents friends weren’t helping nearly as much but she didn’t blame them. It was awesome of all of them to help as long as they did. She knew they had lives and it would be selfish of her to be pissed because they didn’t want to still come out three months later. read more