Jubal & Delia 3

Chapter One

Delia’s head rested on his shoulder as he drove and he glanced in the review mirror at his cousin Finn who was staring at his iPad. He could sense his nervousness, his fear and worry. Delia’s family had invited them over for a week and Delia had insisted on taking Finn with them since he didn’t get out much. Jubal had had to reassure the boy time and time again that if anything went wrong, he would stop him, but Finn was still terrified. “How’s he doing?” Delia said softly. read more

Jubal & Delia 2

Chapter One

“Delia, I don’t think it’s a good idea to visit my family.” Jubal once again insisted as he watched Delia packing their suitcase.

“It’s going to be fine and they should meet me, it’s only polite. Last year I missed you all Christmas break, this year I want to actually spend it with you.” read more