Stella & Jasper 3

Chapter One

Jasper came into work in an amazing mood as he had just received the news from Stella that they were expecting baby number three. Both the children they already had had long since moved out and started lives of their own so Jasper felt great excitement over raising another with Stella. Their alone time was amazing but children just add something to a home that nothing else can. His secretary looked just as timid as normal at her desk. He wasn’t sure why she was so afraid of him or why she wanted to work for a man that scared her as badly as she seemed to be scared of him. He knew his reputation and the fact that his demon status was out in the open now since beings like him didn’t have to live hiding who they were any longer but he had made great strides to try and make his human and very sweet secretary comfortable working with him. read more

Lupin & Brigid 4

Chapter One

“You will hire my brother or I walk! he’s a good man and has cleaned up his act.”

“He’s a liability to this firm Jasper. You know his history. Hireing him will make the whole firm look bad. Most are going to assume he’s shady”

“aren’t some of the lawyers here already” read more

Lupin & Brigid 3

Chapter One

Brigid pointed her gun down the firing range, squeezing off round after round, the loud noise muffled by her earplugs. All her bullets hit the target center mass so there was a nice sized hole in the paper. “Brigid.” She heard her name yelled and stopped firing to pull out her earplugs. It was her partner. read more