Jayna & Jacob

Chapter One

Jayna Vargas drove home from the court house exhausted after a long trial that had finally come to a close. All she wanted was to sleep and finally get rid of her migraine. Her friends had wanted to celebrate her victory but right now, Jaynas idea of celebration was stripping down and cuddling with her covers. When Jayna arrived home she started stripping on her way to her bedroom, letting her clothes fall where they may. To her surprise and horror she heard a bowl drop in her kitchen. Jayna instinctively covered her breasts with her arms and turned. Her face flushed when she saw Jacob just standing there with doe like eyes and a blood red face. Jayna ran into her room, heart pounding. She didn’t know what an old friend from college was doing there and why but he was incredibly handsome, even more so than college. For all she knew he could have been that handsome in college but she was too wrapped up in Jasper at that time to notice. Jacob walked towards the door “I’m…I’m so sorry Jayna” Jayna pulled on her shirt and pajama pants before opening her door read more

Stella & Jasper 2

Stella is now seven months pregnant with hers and Jaspers first child. Last month she met a drifter at the mall after he handed Stella somthing she dropped. They began talking about the town and her pregnancy over lunch and spent the rest of the day together. She had never met anybody who loved talking about their baby and her pregnancy as much as Jasper until she met Paimon. When Jasper texted her he was on his way home Stella told Paimon she had to go and he said “You’ve convinced me of two things today. One, I’d love to take up permanent residence here. Two, I’d very much like to be your friend. Does your husband mind male friends?” read more

Jasper Bookchild & Stella Yander Meet

Chapter One

Jasper pulled an all nighter in his office. He had three cases right now and it was such a headache. Especially with the woman he was seeing today. Her voice was shrill, it was to the point he took four ibuprofen in the mornings before he would meet her. It was over what you’re supposed to take but with her, he needed it just to represent her. Her case was even annoying to him. She had married and divorced a very rich man. He wasn’t a millionaire or anything but he definitely lived well. She had two kids before marrying him and birthed two more during their marriage. She was getting six hundred dollars a piece for each child and decided it wasn’t enough any longer. She was taking him back to court to get nine hundred a child, per month. read more

Lexa & William 3

Lexa was two weeks pregnant and didn’t know it yet. Her, Tobin and Arashi were playing around in the park while William and Ruuka were helping the local shelter with more rescue wolves from gangs. Lexa hoped they could save them all because on the rare occasion there was nothing William could do, it would rip him apart. It has been four months since Regan moved in with them and he had a much better attitude with people and had even entered college last week. With Lexas blessing and telling her father that Reagan could handle it now Jethro planned on giving the company to Reagan as long as he went to college so he would actually know how to run the firm and be a part of it. It was also under the stipulation that if Lexa changed her mind he would have to accept her as a partner once she finished college. read more

Lexa & William 2

Lexa and William were on their way to visit her parents. They were being accompanied by Jarvis and Yowie, the former who had just been broken up with. He had seemed to worried about it and had merely shrugged it off. He wasn’t even mad at her, his mellow disposition not allowing him to feel the anger that most men would feel upon hearing they were not enough. Both William and Lexa felt bad for him! but he simply let it go and allowed his ex to make her own decision. read more