Sylvie & Jarius

Chapter One

Sylvie was sitting with her brother Galt discussing the upcoming ball at their aunt and uncles castle when Jarius came into view, flying towards them. “do you need me to make him go away?” Her brother quickly asked and she answered ‘why would I need that? We’re still friends” read more

Ray & Ivor

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

The cool feel of the metal vanished as Ray wrapped her fingers around it. She pushed heat from her palm, melting it. She let her fingers slide to the other end, grasping it again so the other end came loose and she was able to pull it free. She swung as the nosferatu jumped at her, catching it in the side and twisting her hips to drive the creature away. It staggered, slamming into the side of a black Mercedes. It screeched at her, showing mouth full of two rows of sharp teeth. It came against and she choked up on the pole, calculating the amount of force she would need to send him flying. She braced herself, using gravity to lock herself into place and she swung again, twisting her hips, the sidewalk beneath her cracking. The end of the pole caught him under the chin and sent him arcing through the air and into a fire hydrant. One hand swept up the pipe, heat melting it as she molded it into a sharp spike and approached the dazed nosferatu. It stumbled to its feet and she flipped the pole, holding it like a javelin. She pulled back, pivoting on her back foot and putting as much force into it as she could. It sailed through the air, hitting the monster in the chest and sending it backward and pinning it to a telephone pole. It screeched, hands fighting to pull the pole from its chest. It flailed angrily in denial as blood seeped from the wound and then it was still and silent, it grotesque body falling limp. Ray approached it, her fingers wrapping around the makeshift weapon and she jerked it free so the nosferatu fell to the ground. She pulled out her phone, pushing the number two and send. read more

Nayeli & Scott 3

Chapter One

Nayeli shoved Scott away again ‘i said i don’t want you touching me right now. Leave me alone” She said through her tears in an angry tone. Work had kept Scott incredibly busy the past few months and a few weeks ago he had lost his wedding ring. They looked and looked before deducing he must have lost it in a hotel room. Scott was always losing things when Nayeli didn’t go with him and she was far too pregnant to be traveling comfortably so she just stayed home when he went. When they gave up they bought a replacement ring but much to Scotts horror his old ring came back in the mail with a note addressed to Nayeli. One of the women Scott screwed then forgot about saw Scott at a hotel he was staying at and seduced the man at the front desk to get Scotts room key. After he had fallen asleep she snuck in, snatched the ring with a plot in mind to screw up his marriage for using her like he did. She knew it would be easy to steal his wedding band in the night since Scott couldn’t sleep with a ring on and slept like a rock. read more

Detlev & Alheid

Chapter One

Detlev made conversation with Alheid as she hemmed his ripped up Kimono. He had ripped it in multiple places just to have a reason to come to her home. Alheid mended peoples clothes and created some of her own to sell for her living. He bought a majority of what he wore from her and was always having “accidents’ so he could spend time with her. He loved their talks and didn’t quite know how to ask her out on a date though he deeply wanted one. Alheaid had long since suspected he was ripping his clothing on purpose. She had never met a grown man who truly had this many accidents. Today she finally decided to say somthing “So, do you think me a fool or a woman of good humor?” read more

Belle 18 Zane 22

Belle and Zane were preparing dinner together since Belle was staying the night with him. He received a job earlier that day and while Zane used to leave the second he got a job now he couldn’t bare to just go without any warning. He would leave when the sun rose in the morning so he could spend the evening readying himself to leave the woman that made his world turn. If he had any idea how long a job would take it wouldn’t be so hard but he always had to leave not knowing when he would get to return to her sweet smile and electrifying kisses. Belle slid the vegetables she had been chopping into Zane frying pan then Zane stirred them in with the meat. She then walked over to the cabinet to start setting the table. When it was done he carried the pan over and filled their plates before setting the dirty dishes in the sink.
As they ate Belle could see how sad Zane was again. “Zane, you said you would quit sulking every time you got a job. Remember saying last time that the next time you wouldn’t be so sad”
“It’s just never going to get any easier leaving you” he said with a heart shattering look. Belle sighed and put down her fork to go over to him. She sat down in his lap and laid her head on his shoulder. “I’ll be right in the castle waiting on you. I’ll be thinking of you every moment just as you think about me. I love you so much and I hate for you to leave sad and unfocused on your task. It makes me worried you’ll get hurt” Zane held her close “I could never allow myself to get hurt Belle. I’m still vigilant. I tried not pouting this time but it’s impossible. I just miss you too much when I go away”
“It’s your work and our kingdom needs you, my father needs you.”
“I know baby, I know. If I didn’t i may just stay home and quit working all together” Belle smiled “well you better keep working my love. You like your work and are proud of your occupation”
“I love you and like my work so you win every time.” Belle smiled “lets finish our dinner” She got off of his lap then they finished their food. Belle went to wash the dishes and Zane grabbed her arm firmly “Not tonight, can’t they wait.”
“They can wait. Is your bag packed?”
“No but I’ll take care of that before I head out in the morning”
“Lets do it now. I don’t want you to forget anything Zane”
“As long as we’re doing it together then OK” They got his bag ready for travel then Zane dropped it by the door and picked Belle up. He walked to his bed then sat down against the headboard. “sorry i got whiney over dinner”
“Never be sorry for loving me baby” Zane leaned down to kiss her soft lips. His kiss became hungry with need for her and his hand traveled up her shirt. He held her side as his tongue caressed the inside of her mouth. He moved so that she was laying on his mattress and his left hand was still moving ever so slowly up to her breasts. Belle whimpered even though she was trying with all she had not to get nervous and let him make love to her. In the three years they had been together they hadn’t made love once. The nearest they got was when Zane got lost in the passion of kissing her and lost consciousness of his traveling hands. Zane pulled back and removed his hand from her shirt “I’m so sorry Belle”
“No I’m sorry…” She said with a frown. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t just make love to him. She loved him deeply and him her but she just didn’t feel ready for it. ‘oh don’t get sad baby” Zane said as he picked her up then got under the covers so they could cuddle. “I just feel so bad”
“Don’t, please, not tonight Belle. I didn’t mean to. I just lose my mind when we kiss and my hands travel. I don’t care that you aren’t ready. I love you, not your body. Your body is gorgeous but all I need is your kisses and your arms around me. It wont matter to me if we aren’t having sex fifteen years from now as long as you’re by my side” Belles bottom lip quivered, shaking his heart along with it. He thought he felt sad earlier but that was nothing compared to right now. “You need to start tieing my hands behind my back love. I want to chop them off right now” Belle smirked, it was a sad smirk but a smirk all the same. “I like your hands and love when you touch me baby. You truly aren’t upset?”
“No honey, never think I would get upset about that. I just want you happy. I want to leave with you smiling so i can actually leave.”
“You’re fine then?”
“Good, I tell you every time it’s OK and I’m not upset. I wish you’d keep that in mind”
“all men have needs Zane”
“My needs are fulfilled with every smile you give me. I mean it, these hands just get a mind of their own because I do desire you. I would never try to lie and the truth is I do want you in that way. I just want it when you are ready. It’ll be your first time and I wont enjoy showing you physically how much I love you until you want it and are enjoying it just as much as me”
“I know, you tell me every time I get upset”
” and I’ll keep telling you every time you seemingly forget my words.” Belle moved as close as she could get to him then Zane locked his arms securely around her. “goodnight” Zane said softly “goodnight” Belle responded. read more

Chthon Age 132 Abraxas Age 7

Abraxas woke in his bed to hear his mother screaming. He jumped up and ran towards the sound. Before he arrived the screaming stopped which made him run even faster towards his mothers scent. There was blood, a lot of it and he had to help her. When he arrived his bright little eyes filled with horror. His mother lay on the ground practically ripped to pieces. Four demons stood around her and laughed at the tears that started to roll down his face. “Look at the little baby!” read more

Zeus & Lucy 2

Zeus gripped the blanket beneath him as the memories of Lucy’s death filled his head. He was covered in sweat, his dark hair sticking to his forehead. “No, no, please I’m sorry.” He said over and over again, but she just stared up at him lifelessly like a broken doll. He wailed in agony, tears sliding into his hair. A soft hand touched his brow and a fmailiar voice whispered softly in his ear. He jerked awake, finding himself looking up into Lucy’s beautiful face. She pulled her down into a kiss, his fingers tangling in her hair as he explored the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He pushed her into the matress and settled his hips between her legs. He made love to her hard and fast, muffling her loud cries with his mouth. read more

Ruth & Chthon 3

In the telling of how Drea and Paul got together Chthon didn’t leave out going to Dreas dads to teach him a lesson and what he saw in the mans memories. Chthon had thought he arrived at the right choice by not telling her but his wifes reaction told him he hadn’t made the correct choice. He quickly told her the thoughts that ran through his own mind and what caused him to think that was best, hoping she wouldn’t be angry. She just seemed so upset by it that he was frightened. “Oh Chthon” was all she said and he frowned. Ruth kissed his cheek “don’t look sad. I can understand you having a hard time with that choice because you didn’t know if your judgment was being clouded by dislike of your grandson. All that matters is you tried to make the right choice. I would have told you to tell that girl though.” read more

Maureen & Joey

A fifteen year old girl named Adelyn laid her head against the inside of the cop car window. She was still in complete shock and couldn’t make sense of what was happening. One second she was enjoying her summer vacation with her parents and the next cops are bursting into her home with guns. It was the only home she had ever known. All her memories were in Paris and now the french police were taking her parents to jail and telling her that her real name was Maureen Esther Clark. She couldn’t understand the police very well through her tears and confusion but what she got out of their words was that she had been kidnapped when she was three by her nanny. read more

Dawn & Saul

Dawn was born the head knights daughter. Her father Draven served the king and queen in battle while she served them by collecting bounties. She spent her life chasing after wanted criminals to drag them to their cells. She was skilled with her arrow and dagger. Her horse Winter was pure white with dark blue eyes. Her horse was well fed and taken care of in the royal stables when she was home. The king and queen were so grateful for all Dawns services that she had a small home near the castle. She was welcome to all the amenities of the castle but she rarely used them. read more