Ebisu & Eva 2

Chapter One

Ebisu sat there staring at the TV, unsure if he had heard correctly. He turned the volume up, hearing his villain name again. His phone vibrated and he quickly answered it. “Ebisu.” Eva said, her voice worried.

“I’m watching right now.” He said as he stood. “Someone’s using my name.” A camera zoomed into the man standing in the middle of the street. “And they copied my uniform.” He stood, pacing. read more

Lievon & Amara

Chapter One

Lievon stood outside the all to familiar castle, his heart hammering in his chest, a knot forming in his throat. He couldn’t even remember how long it had been since he had been here last, but he remembered the day he had been cast out. His betrayal of his friend still twisted in his heart and he knew he had no right to be here, but he needed Chthon’s help. He forced himself to walk up to the front door and bang on it. He wasn’t expecting the beautiful young woman who answered, but he could see both Ruth and Chthon in her. read more

Blaise & Lorenzo

Blaise was cornered, this was the third time after work that he had been threatened by the same men. He had thought going out the back door of the theatre would keep him safe, but they had been waiting for him. “Hey faggot, where’d you think you were going?” One of the men said as he jabbed Blaise in the chest.

“Please, leave me alone. I’m just a stage hand.” He pushed himself against the wall of the building. They had started harrassing him after seeing him kissing his boyfriend in a diner. After that they had started stalking him. His boyfriend had broken up with him out of fear for himself. Now he was alone and cornered.

“I wonder what he’ll do not to get his ass kicked. What will you do?” When he didn’t answer the man who had been talking grabbed him by his throat and pinned him against the wall. “Answer me.”

“Pl…please. Don’t hurt me, I…I’ll do anything.”

“What the fuck is going on back here?” The men turned, the one holding Blaise let him go. He could see someone standing at the other end of the alley. He was leaning against the wall of the building next to the theatre.

“Keep walking.” One of the men said.

“Not as long as you’re hurting that, what did you call him, faggot was it.”

“What, are you some sort of queer lover?”

He lauged. “Wow you saw right through me, you must be a real genius. I bet your parents are proud.”

“Fuck you, we’re going to kick your ass then make you watch while we kick the shit out of this little wimp.”

He laughed again. “Bring it on.” They ran at him and he grabbed the lid off of one of the metal garbage cans and smacked the first man in the face. He blocked a punch with it and elbowed the third guy in the nose, breaking it. He mercilessly attacked the last man with the lid until he was unconcious. He put the lid back where he got it then turned his steely blue gaze on Blaise. “You okay?” He asked as he stepped over the unconcious men and walked over to him.

“Yes thank you.”

“Your neck is red, it might bruise. I’m glad I happened by. My name is Lorenzo.”

“I’m Blaise. I work here at the theatre. They’ve been harassing me for quite awhile”

“If you’d let me I could teach you how to defend yourself. Gay men need to know how to fight back the men that are in the closet and jealous of us” Blaise smiled “Could I buy you dinner for helping me?”

“If you’re agreeing to come by my place every now and then so i can teach you how to protect yourself”

“deal” Lorenzo smiled ‘well then, take me anywhere you want to eat. I’m not picky”

“Bonefish Grill?”

“Wow, I was expecting McDonalds or somthing. You don’t have to take me somewhere nice”

“I want to. I really appreciate your help”

“Who could say no to such a handsome man? Very well then, lets go” They each took their own car and met infront of the restaurant. They walked in together and soon were seated. After they were given menus Lorenzo said “I’m paying tip. That’s not negotiable”

“That’s cool” Blaise answered as he browsed the menu. Blaise decided on Chilean Sea Bass with warm mango salsa and Lorenzo decided to get Lilys Chicken. The waitress took their order adn was soon gone. Blaise felt a little shy under Lorenzos confident stare. Nobody had ever studied him so shamelessly before. “what had you passing by?” Blaise finally asked. “I like to take night walks to clear my head. How did those men know you were gay?”

“They say me kissing my ex boyfriend”

“why were you kissing your ex?”

“He was my boyfriend at the time. He got worried over his own safety when they began to harass me so broke things off between us”

“What a dick move. Jeez. I guess it’s good those jerks were bothering you. Shows you how little you meant to that guy” Blaise frowned and Lorenzo regretted saying that out loud “don’t be sad” Lorenzo added. “sorry, I cared about him so it does hurt he just ditched me at any sign of trouble”

“Well now you get to drown your sorrows in sex and booze so grab a bottle of your favorite drink and party.” Blaise laughed and Lorenzo smiled. “That’s more like it, there’s no reason to shed tears over an jerk who wouldn’t even stay to defend you. Just say fuck him and move on.”

“That’s easier said than done. We were together for three years.” Blaise’s phone vibrated in his pocket, startling him and cutting Lorenzo off. Blaise quickly pulled it out and saw it was Pricilla. He quickly answered. “Hey Pricilla.”

“Are you okay, you’re later than usual.”

“I ran into some trouble after work, but I’m okay. I was rescued.”

“Are you hurt?” He rubbed his throat.

“No, I’m fine, just having dinner with the guy who saved me.”

She giggled. “Just met and already on the first date. You move fast bud.”

“Stop, it’s not like that. I just wanted to thank him. Don’t jump to conclusions.”

“Alright, I’ll stop, but be sure to text me if you don’t plan on coming home.” When he didn’t say anything she giggled and hung up.

“Sorry, that was my roommate. She worries about me, she’s like an older sister.”

“that’s sweet, so you want to come to my house this weekend so i can teach you how to defend yourself?”

“sure, How about after lunch Saturday?”

“Why not have lunch together. I’ll cook for you” Lorenzo offered. Blaise smiled, that gorgeous, jaw dropping smile that actually made Lorenzo ever so slightly lose the cool demeanor he always had. “I’d love to have lunch with you” Their food soon came out and they ate together, talking between mouthfuls. The talk got lighter as they asked questions to get to know eachother.Both of them charmed by eachother the more they learned. Just as they were finishing their food Lorenzo wrote his adress down on a napkin along with his number. “Don’t lose that or stand me up. I know where you work”

Blaise smiled again “I wont” After they recived the check Blaise paid the balance while Lorenzo covered the tip. Once they were outside Lorenzo hugged Blaise and gave him a kiss on the cheek “I look forward to seeing you again.”

“me too” Blaise said with slightly star struck eyes. Blaise rushed to his car, his heart a flutter. He could feel Lorenzos kiss on his cheek and he blushed. Glad he hadn’t blushed in front of him. At home Blaise sent Lorenzo a quick text so he would have his number then walked into his bathroom for a shower. Pricilla walke din as he was stripping. Blaise had become used to this so it didn’t phase him “so, how was the date?”

“The thank you dinner” Blaise corrected.

“Right, the thank you dinner. How did it go?”

“It went fine, Lorenzo’s a nice guy. He said he wants to teach me self defense.”

“Right, self defense. I mean who wouldn’t want to wrestle with someone so cute.” Pricilla pinched his cheek and he blushed. “Hey your throat is bruising, did someone choke you?”

“Just the trouble I ran into.”

“What did they look like?”

“Unconscious, Lorenzo beat the crap out of them. It was amazing.”

Pricilla giggled. “You’ve got it bad, he must be sexy as hell.” Blaise turned beet red and she laughed as she left him to finish undressing. He switched on the water and stepped underneath, his mind drifting to Lorenzo as he allowed the warm water to soothe his sore muscles from work.

Lorenzo grabbed a beer and flopped down on his couch then switched on the TV. He had work in the morning, but his mind was to busy with Blaise. He was absolutely adorable and incredibly shy it seemed. He loved his big blue eyes and his messy blonde hair and he unashamedly wanted to gobble him up. The little guy really got his heart racing. He leaned back against the arm of the couch and sighed. He knew if he wasn’t careful he might chase Blaise off. He had always been the aggressive type, the one who pursued what he wanted. For a couple of his boyfriends it had been a little unsettling so he had started making it clear to any man he met that they would only have a sexual relationship. It had worked up until now, Blaise made him want more.

When his first beer was empty he wanted a second but knew it wouldn’t be a good idea. He threw his bottle away, brushed his teeth then went to bed. Work moved slow for the both of them Friday. They just wanted Saturday to come so they could spend more time together. After work Lorenzo walked straight to the theater. In part it was to see Blaise again but another part wanted to be sure none of those assholes came back to hurt him. He was glad to see Blaise walking out, unfollowed by anyone. Lorenzo called over “Hey!” Blaise gave him a surprised smile “hey, walking again?”

“Checking on you. I was worried they might be dumb enough to come back”

“That’s really nice. Thanks”

“can I walk you to your car?”

“We could have dinner together again if you want” Blaise blushed then continued ‘a thank you for checking on me” He knew it was a flimsy excuse at best but it was all he could come up with. Lorenzo smiled knowingly though he tried not to. He didn’t want to come off pompus or too sure of himself. He was confident but his forwardness always ended up making men think he was full of himself when he wasn’t. “I want to treat you this time” Lorenzo said to stop smiling like that. “then it wouldn’t be a thank you dinner”

“I know, I’d like a date with you”

Blaise shifted awkwardly under his gaze. “Don’t you think it’s a little to soon for a date?” He was looking at his boots, his face bright red, looking embarrassed.

Lorenzo just grinned, liking Blaise more and more. “Okay, then it’s just a date between friends. I have somewhere special I want to take you so how about we get Thai food.”

“Okay I guess. Did you bring your car?”

“Nope, I walked. I was hoping to ride with you.”

“Oh, okay.” They made their way to the front of the building and got in his car then Lorenzo directed him to a really good Thai food place. They ordered then Lorenzo paid and they left.

“You’ll want to drive to the zoo.”

“The zoo? Why, isn’t it closed?”

“Not to me, I work there so to the zoo.”

Blaise glanced at Lorenzo and blushed when he saw he was being stared at. Not even is ex had given him this much attention, it was both thrilling and scary at the same time. His heart was beating so fast he thought he might have a heart attack. He saw Lorenzo smirk and his face got even more hot. He didn’t know why someone so cool and collected was interested in someone small and weak. When they got to the zoo Blaise almost bolted from the car, needing to breathe air that didn’t smell like Lorenzo’s cologne. “Come on, we can eat while I give you a backstage tour of the exhibits.”

“ok” Blaise said nervously. They walked from exhibit to exhibit, Lorenzo telling him all about each animal. He included their names, thigns they liked and disliked. Lorenzo loved how interest Blaise actually was in everything. They stopped at the fox exhibit and Lorenzo noticed the awe in Blaise’s face “you like foxes?”

“They’re my favorite animal” Blaise smiled “They’re really nice and used to humans. Want to touch one” A look of disbelief covered Blaise’s face “Yeah” They put down what was left of their food and walked in. Lorenzo grabbed Blaise’s hand which made him instantly warm. They knelt down and Lorenzo called the female “hey, Sasha, come here pretty” The fox came hesitantly at first since it didn’t know Blaise but she gained her conifdence and walked a little quicker. Lorenzo rubbed her fur first then said “go ahead Blaise”

“You have to let go of my hadn first” Blaise said shyly. Lorenzo almost lifted it to his lips so he could kiss Blaise but knew he was already coming on far too strong so he let go and was determined not to take it again no matter how bad he wanted to hold hands with Blaise.

“She’s so soft.” He lifted the fox slowly into his lap and scratched her head. “You’re so cute.” He said and Sasha put her paws on his chest and licked his face. He started laughing when she licked in his ear then sat her back down. “Thank you so much Lorenzo. What do you do here?”

“I thought I told you I’m a veterinarian.”

“Did you?” He had been staring at him like some sort of weirdo during their first dinner together. He blushed, thinking he must have spaced out and not heard. “Sorry, I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

Lorenzo laughed as he got off the ground then pulled Blaise to his feet. “You really are adorable.” He had meant to say it in his head, but it slipped out of his mouth instead and Blaise ducked his head. “Hey don’t get shy on me, I’m sorry. I won’t say stuff like that anymore.”

“Sorry, I hate this. I’m such a girl.” Lorenzo tipped his head up so he could see his eyes.

“Are you scared of me or something? Tell me and I’ll stop whatever it is that bothers you.”

“Well maybe a little, but it’s okay. I’m just not used to having someone pay so much attention to me. It makes me nervous I guess. Plus, you’re such a bad ass and I’m kind overly shy and pathetic.”

“I like how shy you are, it’s cute, especially when your whole face turns red. It makes me want to kiss you.” Blaise played with his jacket and swallowed nervously.

“Then maybe that’ll be your payment for teaching me to defend myself.”

“You don’t have to pay me.”

“I want to so just let me. You already saved me and now you brought me here, so let me at least give you something in return.”

Chapter two

Lorenzo smiled, once again resisting just kissing him right there. A kiss from Blaise was somthing he deeply wanted so he said “then I’ll let you. Do I get a kiss after every lesson or just when you’re done?’

“what do you want?” Blaise said seemingly to Lorenzos shoulder. “It’s your kisses Blaise. I would love one after every lesson but you don’t have to.”

“I will, just a small one”

“that’s all i thought it would be. Do you want to go home?” Lorenzo asked, worried he might mess up things between him if they stayed together too much longer. “I probably should. Can we finish this tour another time?”

“anytime you want. Is there anything specific you want me to make tomorrow? Any allergies?”

“No allergies”


“Yeah, just anything you want to make me” They walked out of the zoo. Lorenzo fighting ridiculously hard not to hold Blaise’s hand. Blaise drove Lorenzo back to his car “Night”

“goodnight Blaise. I’ll see you at tweleve?”

“Yep” Lorenzo shut Blaise’s passenger door then climbed into his car. Lorenzo needed to be sure he locked everything up since Blaise hogged every bit of brain function he had. When Lorenzo returned to the zoo he was happy to find his brain had been working enough to lock everything back so no animals would escape and no humans would bother them. Lorenzo was exhausted by the time he returned home so he went staright to his room. When Saturdays morning light woke him he walked to his fridge to see what he had. After a survey of his cabinets, freezer and fridge he decided he would make Blaise Salmon Teriyaki with a side salad. That would be at lunch so for breakfast he dropped Eggo Mini Bites in the toaster. As Lorenzo waited for them to pop up he already knew this was going to be a really long morning.

“Wake up sleepy head.” Pricilla said and Blaise opened his eyes.

“What time is it?” He asked as he sat up.

“It’s nine, don’t you have a hot date or something?”

He blushed. “It’s not a date, he’s just teaching me how to fight.” He got out of bed and went over to his chest of drawers.

“Your face says otherwise. Come on, tell me what happened last night.”

“You’re so nosey.” He pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top then grabbed dome ankle socks and sat on the edg of his bed. “Nothing happened. We got some Thai food then he took me to the zoo and gave me a tour of some the stuff employess only get to see, and then I…” he blushed and she giggled as she flopped down next to him.

“You what?”

He covered his face. “I told him I would kiss him as payment for my lessons.”

“Awe how cute. Better not let him take advantage. He kind of sounds like the aggressive type, like he might pounce and…” she snapped her teeth together, “take a bite right out of you.”

“You’d know all about biting men wouldn’t you?”

“Butt head.” She hit him with his pillow and they both laughed as he pulled his tennis shoes on. He found the napkin Lorenzo had put his address on and quickly put it in his phone then grabbed his keys and headed out.

“I’ll be back later.”

“Sure you will. Call if you need saving.”

It was only when Blaise sat down in the drivers seat he realized he left much too early. He was meeting Lorenzo at twelve and judging by the address it definitely wasn’t going to take two and a half hours to get there. Blaise knew if he went back into the apartment Pricilla would tease him so he decided to drive almost all the way there then waste time at some small store for a little bit. He drove until he was about five minuets away then stopped at a Dollar General to browse. He kept checking his phone, anxious to be able to go see Lorenzo. Lorenzo watched the food he was preparing like a hawk, wanting it to be perfect.

Blaise left Dollar General earlier than he intended. He was too excited to see Lorenzo for him to wait any longer. Blaise drove over to Lorenzos apartment complex, parked then walked up to his door. Lorenzo smiled when he heard Blaise’s knock. He was just about to put the food on the plates but knew it could wait the moment he needed to answer his door. Lorenzo opened up with a welcoming smile “you came early”

“is that ok?”

“Of course, come in” Blaise walked in amd Lorenzo said “are you hungry? The food is ready”

“Very” Blaise hadn’t eaten breakfast so was starving at this point. Lorenzo served the salmon on plats the grabbed small bowls. He set the table with a large salad bowl in the middle of the table so Blaise could make whatever size salad he wanted. When it was all out the two man sat down together and began to eat.

“This is really good, thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it. So were you afraid of being late or what?”

“Uh no, Pricilla was teasing me so I just left. I was at the dollar store not far from here to waste time. I didn’t want to get here two hours early and be a bother.”

He chuckled. “You could never bother me, I like hanging out with you. So what was she teasing you about?”

Blaise blushed and Lorenzo smiled as he took another bite of food. “Well I kind of told her about our arrangement. You know the whole kissing thing and she started teasing me so I got out to my car and realized it was still to early, but I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to go back. Stupid right?”

“Not at all.” His smile and the look in his eyes told Blaise that no matter what he did he would still be seen as cute. It gave him butterflies. They finished eating and Lorenzo quickly washed their dishes then grabbed his keys.

“Oh we’re not training here?” Blaise asked.

“Well no, for one I have neighbors and two the gym has boxing gloves and helmets and mouthguards oh and a boxing ring. It’ll be safer that way, I mean I would hate to hurt you.”

“Oh okay.” He followed Lorenzo outside and climbed in the passenger side of his car. He looked at his hand almost the whole drive, to nervous to look at Lorenzo. When they made it to the gym Lorenzo could see Blaise was nervous. He could tell he had never fought a day in his life. He greeted the owner and explained to him he was going to teach his friend how to box and wanted the boxing ring to themselves for awhile. He gave him the okay and Lorenzo motion for Blaise to follow.

“Lets find some gloves and a helmet that fits.”

Blaise followed nervously, his eyes darting around. Blaise just knew he was going to make a fool of himself. He also knew Lorenzo would probably just think it was cute but he really didn’t want to look stupid. They went into the locker room where Lorenzo set different helmets on Blaise’s head until he was satisfied with the perfect one. H epulled a mouth guard out of his pocket that he had stuffed there from home. He always had extra ones. Lorenzo had Blaise stick it in his mouth before putting the gloves on.

Lorenzo felt like kissing Balise yet again. He had never thought a man looked cute in boxing gear but somehow Blaise had made this cute too. Lorenzo got ready then they walked out to the ring. “Don’t be nervous. It’s your first time and all I’m doing is teaching you Blaise”

“I’ve never fought atall before”

“Everyone has to have their first time and I want you safe so just relax and let me teach”

Lorenzo kept having to remind Blaise to keep his guard up after smacking him in the side of the head a couple of times. Blaise just blushed and looked embarrassed. “Hey it’s okay, just remember that there are no helmets in real life do keep that guard up.”

“Okay.” He taught him different punches and all the sweet spots on the body. Every time Lorenzo touched him he got goosebumps and turned red from head to toe. After awhile he started to loosen up and have fun, punching and blocking. Lorenzo gave him permission to hit him so he would know what it was like to make actual contact which he hesitated with.

“Come on, it’s alright.” Lorenzo coaxed. Blaise hit him harder and Lorenzo praised him, making him smile. “See not so bad.” When they were both drenched in sweat and Blaise was to tired to continue they left the ring and cleaned their equipment before putting it up. Lorenzo’s cell vibrated and he pulled out of the locker he always used. “Hold on, it’s work.” He answered. “What’s up Lou?”

“I need you to come in asap. I know it’s the weekend and we’re supposed to be off, but I came in and took some xrays of Cisco since he was acting weird yesterday and I found a tumor in his lung. We need to remove it.”

“Shit, alright just give me half an hour.”

“Sorry man.”

“It’s alright, don’t worry about it.” They hung up and he turned to Blaise. “I have to go into work to help perform surgery. Can I have my kiss?”

“Well we’re both kind of sweaty and uh I’m to embarrassed to do it here where anyone could walk in. So can it wait?”

“I don’t mind, but if you’re to shy how about I come to your place after the surgery and you can give it to me.”

“O…okay I guess. Let me see your phone.” Lorenzo handed it over and Blaise put his address inside. “Just come over whenever.”

They walked out to Lorenzos car and drove back to his apartment complex. Lorenzo didn’t drive off until he saw Blaise close his car door. He sighed, wishing their day hadn’t ended but the Cisco needed him. The first thing Blaise did when he got back to his apartment was shower to get all the sweat off. He was glad Pricilla wasn’t home. She probably would have had a million jokes about him coming back so sweaty after being with Lorenzo. Blaise was overly nervous about Lorenzo coming over for a kiss later. He knew that but he couldn’t calm down as he dried and changed into clean clothes. He walked over to his junk drawer and pulled out some  Spearmint gum to make sure his breath smelled good.

He planned on chewing a new piece throughout the day until Lorenzo came over. He wondered how long an animal surgery would last. His heart rate was going to stay at this painful pace until the kiss happened, their first one. As Lorenzo and  Lou washed their arms and hands for surgery Lou asked “You always care when the animals are in pain or suffering but you sounded disappointed for more than just that on the phone. What did I pull you away from?”

“Wel, if you asked Blaise it was two friends hanging out while I taught him how to defend himself but to me it was a first date with an amazing man”

“amazing? Wow, this one isn’t just sex?”

“No, I want a lot more with him and it scares me. I’ve always chased serious relationships off because I can be really unnerving when I dont mean to be. I make him so nervous”

“You’ll be ok. I hope this works out for you. Having a real relationship is so much better than just sex.”

‘I’m trying, I’ve wanted to kiss him so many times but I’ve managed to keep ymself at bay” Lou chuckled “good, don’t go raping people faces with yours”

Lorenzo laughed as the dried then pulled on their smocks, masks and gloves. Cisco the hyena lay unconcious on the operating table, an IV hooked up to his leg and a mask over his nose that put out anesthesia. They had already shaved where they would be cutting and had all the sterile equipment out so they got to work. “I thought maybe the poor thing was just developing asthma.” Lou said as he worked.

“Good thing you decided to take a second look.”

“So tell me about Blaise.”

Lorenzo smiled. “He’s cute, easily pushed around, extremely shy and works as a stagehand at a theatre. He’s a little guy, but a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for. He doesn’t realize that carrying all that equiptment around at work has made him strong. He also seems like he doesn’t like disappointing people.”

“So he’s pretty much your polar opposite.”

“Yeah, he’s not very confident, but I hope with all the training he gets some.”

“I’m sure he will, suck out some of that blood.”

Blaise sat reading a book or at least tried reading a book. His mind kept going to Lorenzo and them kissing so he didn’t retain anything of what he read. He heard meowing coming from the door and jumped up and pulled it open. His cat Ethel came in and he smiled as he picked her up. “Well hello kitty, I was wondering when you’d be back. You must have found lots of delicious mice.” She purred and rubbed her head against his chin, making him laugh. “Come on, lets get you some water.” He took her into the kitchen and sat her on the counter. Blaise didn’t mind her up there since she never shed or tried to get into anything. He filled her bowl and sat it down and she hopped off the counter. “I have someone for you to meet later. He’s really nice and a vet so I think you’ll like him.”

Blaise decided to text Pricilla to see what she was up to since reading was a waste of time. He would have to start back over from the chapter he was at when he began reading today. She didn’t text back at first but when Pricilla did she said she was at the mall with some friends and he was welcome to come. Blaise rejected the offer since he wanted to be home when Lorenzo came over.  It was about the time Blaise went for his fifth spearmint that he heard a knock on his door. He answered it and saw Lorenzo smiling down at him. It was an expectant, flirty smile which made Blaise’s face flush. Lorenzo had gone home to shower before coming over so had freshly put cologne on and was wearing new clothes.

“Am I going to get my kiss right here or should I come in?” Blaise didn’t want Pricilla to get back and have her giggling at them so he said “In my room so my roommate doesn’t tease me” Lorenzos smile grew wider and Blaise nearly lost his nerve completely for the kiss. Lorenzo came in, shutting the door behing him then followed Blaise to his bedroom. Once that door was shut Blaise looked as if he wanted to run away and it made Lorenzo feel bad. “hey, you don’t have to kiss me. I told you I don’t need payment”

At first Blaise said nothing, just stood there looking at Lorenzos chest instead of his face. “I want to kiss you.” He said just before he closed the gap between them. Lorenzo moved down slightly then Blaise finished bringing their lips together. Lorenzo let out soft moan then wrapped one arm around Blaise’s waste and slid his hadn behind his head to hold him in the kiss. Blaise’s lips on his had truly blown his mind and he was no longer thinking. He was far too lost in how godo this felt.

Blaise gripped Lorenzo’s shirt, his skin growing hot. His heart beat overly fast in his chest and he was completely breathless. “Wait.” He said as he turned his head and swallowed nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Lorenzo asked, his voice husky with desire.

“You said a small kiss.”

Lorenzo smiled and grabbed Blaise’s chin, making him look at him. “I like kissing you, your lips taste really sweet.”

“That’s because I have gum in my mouth.”

“Had you mean.” Lorenzo pulled a piece of gum out of his mouth, making Blaise blush as he tossed it in the small wastebasket next to his bed.

“I forgot to take it out, I’m sorry.” Blaise was completely embarrassed and a little turned on so he just covered his face.

“I just love when you get embarrassed, it’s so damn adorable and it makes me want to see how much more embarrassed I can make you.”

“You’re terrible, sexy and terrible, it’s not fair.”

Lorenzo chuckled, making Blaise’s heart flutter. “I wasn’t aware you thought I was sexy, tell me more and uncover your face.”

Blaise dropped his hands and forced himself to look up at Lorenzo. “Well, you’re funny and nice and you have a really cool job. Oh speaking of, how did the surgery go?”

“It went off without a hitch. Cisco will be just fine.” He sat down on the bed and pulled Blaise onto his lap. “Do you want to hear what I think about you now that you’ve let on how sexy you think I am?”

“You think I’m cute.”

“I think you’re intelligent, adorable, always truthful even when you’re scared or embarassed. You’re easily pushed around so you never put up much of a fight which is fine as long as it’s me you can’t resist and you have very little confidence in yourself which I would like to change.”

Blaise could feel as he sat in Lorenzos lap that he was half hard which made Blaise blush worse. Lorenzo smiled, guessing what was making that adorable face grow redder “You’re a very sexy man with an intense kiss. You know I can’t help it. We can wait for sex if you need a little more time.”

“It is a little soon though I do want it.”

“If you’re conflicted atall we don’t need to have sex yet. I’ll wait. It’s not somthing I’m always good at but I’ll try not to be too handsy” Blaise moved Lorenzos face so they could kiss again. Lorenzo kissed back hugnrily, growing harder the longer their lips moved over eachothers. In a breathy voice Lorenzo pulled back and said “You’re making me need you Blaise.”

“Then lets make love” Blaise felt feverishly hot from how bad his full body blush was “you sure you’re ready for me?” Lorenzo asked though he was having trouble restraining himself. “Don’t keep asking me or I wont be able to. I want you so take me” Lorenzo started pulling at Blaises clothes until they were off of his body and laying on the bedroom floor. Lorenzo may have removed Blaise’s clothes fast but his came off even quicker. Lorenzo went down on Blaise, wanting to feel him in his mouth and taste his seed when he finally teased it out of him. Blaise was much noisier than he wanted to be and he hoped Pricilla wasn’t home. He couldn’t control his moans no matter how hard he concentrated on doing so.

When Blaise released Lorenzo swallowed then asked “do you have any lubricant? I don’t want to risk hurting you our first time”

“Yeah, my nightstand” Blaise coudl barely speak, his answer coming out weakly and making Lorenzo smile. Lorenzo rubbed himself down then lifted Blaise’s legs over his shoulders and thrust into him. They both let out a loud moan, now Blaise desperately hoping Pricilla wasn’t here. Their moans continued to mingle until Lorenzo had spent himself deep within Blaise and Blaise had cum once again all over himself. Lorenzo pulled out then said “I’ll get you a towel. Just wait” Lorenzo ran into Blaise’s bathroom, happy to see a towel in the hamper. He came back and rubbed Blaise off then they both got dressed.

For the first time Lorenzo actualyl seemed nervous when he asked ‘do you cuddle? I like to cuddle afterwards”

“I love cuddling” Lorenzo smiled and they got under Blaise’s covers. Blaise laid his head on lorenzos chest and Lorenzo kissed the top of his head. “You’re really important to me Blaise. It’s been along time since I actually wanted somthing serious”

“It’s crazy but you’re really important to me too Lorenzo. I just hope Pricilla didn’t hear all that” Lorenzo laughed. Blaise loved how joyous it sounded. “We can start doing that at my place then. You’re welcome there as often as you like”

“you’re always welcome here too”

“Can we start meeting every day after work for dinner?”

“That sounds nice”

“We’ll take turns picking up the tab” Lorenzo said as he kissed Blaise’s head again. They laid there happily, getting lost in eachother scent and the euphoria of what they just did together. Blaise was now glad those jerks had been harassing him or he may have never met Lorenzo. Blaise eventually fell asleep from the comforts of Lorenzos gentle hand movements on his arm and back. Lorenzo let out a small breath of laughter when he noticed and kissed Blaise again “I love you” He whispered then shut his own eyes to sleep.

~ The End ~

Arrow & Zaylee

Zaylee was causing trouble again. She went and let all of Gorks cattle loose and was encouraging them to run out. Gork ran after her angrily and she began to laugh and flee the scene. She didn’t like any type of animal being trapped. Gork gave his cattle plenty of room but she didn’t care. She felt all animals should roam free so she frequently let loose all of Elvin kinds animals when she had the chance. Today Arrow had been waiting for her. She had been targeting Gorks animals the most after she witnessed him beating a horse when he was angry and frustrated. Arrow himself didn’t have a problem with what Zaylee was doing but the king had asked him to get Zaylee under control or bring her to the castle to be put in the dungeon for awhile.

King Drake thought a week in prison would make her stop. Arrow didn’t want that to happen but he could only let her go so many more times. He had already confronted her twice and each time she only repeated what she was doing. Arrow normally didn’t care what happened to others aside from the king, Aideen, Ealasaid & Breena but for whatever reason he cared what happened to Zaylee. When Zaylee was about to pass him Arrow moved in front of her so she slammed into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her “again?” She laughed “you are like a brick wall. You didn’t even move backward when i slammed into you. It’s sort of sexy” Zaylee said with a wink. It very nearly drew a blush out of him.

Gork caught up “you better be taking that bitch to jail.”

“Do not use such language in front of a woman” he said, now only holding her by her arm. “She’s no woman. She a disgusting pest!”

“I’m dealing with her. Go get your sons and gather your cattle”

“This better not happen again” Gork threatened. He always threatened her but the way he said it this time actually gave Zaylee a chill. When Gork was gone Arrow looked at her “why do you keep on doing this?”

“would you like to be caged when you could be free. Imagine some giant taking you now and keeping you as a pet. He’s one of the worst. Atleast most folk treat their animals nice. He beats them”

“I understand, he hasn’t beaten them again since you reported the horse incident to me. He paid his fine”

“He didn’t stop. He still beats them” Her voice a mixture of anger and sadness. He hated when her voice got sad and sighed “I’ll tell the king he hasn’t stopped but you need to stop aswell. What you are doing is against the laws”

“Nobody should be allowed to keep animals who don’t wish to be kept. They have feelings and wants. If they were children they would have been free of him on the first report but no, nobody cares about animals. He can beat them as he pleases” Arrow wanted to hug her but knew it would be inappropriate. It made him sigh again “you sure sigh alot” Zaylee pointed out.

“If you weren’t so frustrating I wouldn’t sigh. Please stop this and I will talk to the king on this matter, you know he is a fair man.”

“Oh yes because he had done such a good job stopping this man so far.”

“Do not speak ill of him Zaylee. He is like a brother to me, I am seen as uncle and godfather to his daughter. He is a good man, not some hard hearted monster.”

She jerked her arm free. “Geez you sound like you’re in love with him.”

“Don’t be so ridiculous just because you’re angry. I am trying to be reasonable and help you, but when you say such things it frustrates me and makes me want to throw you in a cell and gag you.”

Zaylee started laughing, grabbing her stomach and wiping at the tears in her eyes. “Look at us arguing like an old married couple.” She laughed harder and he rolled his eyes.

“Just stay out of trouble Zaylee.” Arow walked away, leaving her standing there laughing. He didn’t like when she took risks. Gork was not the type to let go of things and move on. He would hurt her if he caught her. It would break his heart if anything happened to her, especially after his wife. He couldn’t lose another woman he cared about. He would try to resolve this matter as quickly as possible so she would be safe.

Zaylee took off into the woods, glancing over her shoulder at the man who was constantly sparing her punishment. She knew he could easily overpower her and drag her to a cell, but he had not. She felt kind of bad for laughing at him when he was obviously worried, but she could take care of herself. She had to stop Gork from beating his animals to death, but would go about it as carefully as possible.

As Gork gathered his cattle with his sons they grumbled and complained about the bitch who kept doing this. The boys only had stuff they’d rather do so they weren’t honestly seething like their father was. Gork hated Zaylee to her very core and he wasn’t going to put up with her shit for another moment. It took them hours together their cattle and even then two were nowhere to be seen. They all then went inside to drink some sweet ice tea to cool themselves. When Gorks cup was downed he filled a second then spoke. “We’re not doing this shit any longer. I’m tired of that bitch. If the king wont take care of her we are.”

‘what do you mean?” his middle son asked. “If a one of you sees her anywhere near this property you man handle her over to wherever I am and then we’ll all make sure she learns a lesson. Maybe we’ll never let her go. Downstairs is sound proofed as you are well aware of. We can keep her there and make her sorry she tried to defend our stupid animals.” Gork scoffed ‘Like animals have fucking feelings” The eldest son thought Zaylee was sexy so was all for it. The middle son didn’t seem bothered nor excited about this prospect while the youngest wasn’t so sure about this but wouldn’t dare talk back to his father. They all knew downstairs was sound proof in the worst way.

He also wouldn’t tell anybody of what was happening since he didn’t want to go missing like his mother. The boys didn’t have proof their dad finally killed her but they were all certain he did. They finished off what tea they had left then Gork demanded his oldest son make more. He obeyed instantly while his father went upstairs to rest after the labor of collecting their animals.

Arrow took a deep breath before knocking on Drake’s study door. “Come in.” He said and Arrow pushed the door open. “Arrow, you have a very conflicted look on your face. Did something happen?”

“Zaylee happened again sir.” He answered.

Drake chuckled. “She must have given you the run around again.”

“There was no running, just a lot of reprimanding that she didn’t take seriously. She released Gork’s cattle again. He was pissed as usual and this time his threat seemed real, like he would truly hurt her if she came back.”

“Take a seat old friend.” Arrow flopped down in the chair across from him. “Talk to me.”

“This is frustrating Drake, very frustrating. I know I should bring her in, but I can’t because she’s right. She’s doing this to help the animals. I believe in what is right more than I believe in upholding the law.”

“Come now, that’s not the only reason you’re frustrated. You love her don’t you?”

“Is it wrong?”

“Arrow, there is nothing wrong with falling in love, it’s a great thing, it really is. Are you feeling guilty because of your wife?”

“I’m just unsure and scared. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I want to resolve this issue so she won’t be harmed. That’s why I’m here. Is there anything you can do?”

“I could pass a new law, but it’s going to take a couple of days to get it written up and put in the book and then have word spread about it.”

“Please do and thank you. Especially for being patient with me when you asked me to arrest her and I didn’t”

“You’re my friend Arrow and it isn’t like she’s some maniac. I too feel for his animals. I should have made this law sooner” Arrow got up “I’ll let you get busy”

“Will you do something for me though Arrow?”

“Anything, you know that”

“You’ve been alone for so many years. It’s ok to be in love again. I’m sure your wife would even be happy for you if she knew somhow you had finally moved on. You were a good husband to your wife and if you let yourself you could be a good husband to Zaylee somday. She seems like just the girl that you could spend a happy life with. I’ve looked into her since I could tell you were in love. She’s a nice woman. She gets a little too gung ho when she believes in a cause or is against it but she’s a good girl” Arrow smiled “it took you saying I loved her for me to realize it’s love I feel for her and it’s my love that makes me worry. I just want her safe and happy. I intensely fear Gork will hurt her”

“if he does he’ll have to answer to both of us”

“That he will” Arrow said back in a serious voice. “Have a good day my friend. I’ll get to work” Zaylee laid on her living room floor. She couldn’t get her mind off Arrow. She hated she gave him so much trouble but loved getting to see him. It honestly was sexy to her no matter how hard she ran into him he was ever steady, never faltering even slightly. She wondered what a day with him would be like, what they would do and where they would go. She stopped herself, sighing sadly. To him she was just a law breaker who gave him grief time after time. There was no future there and she had to stop day dreaming.

Zaylee got up and began working on the blanket she was making for her mother. She had bought her mothers fabric fabrics in her favorite colors to make her a nice, thick blanket. Zaylee often made things for her parents because it always made them happy. She would make somthing for Arrow too if she thought she could make him happy.

Arrow paced around in the courtyard, his mind full of worry. He wondered if Zaylee was safe, if she had listened to him and was staying out of trouble. He knew she probably wasn’t, she was stubborn and did what she wanted. He wanted to find her, knew where she lived, but couldn’t bring himself to go. He didn’t want to say or do something stupid or insensitive. It had been so long since he’d given a woman a second thought that he knew he would make a fool of himself it he tried to tell her how she made him feel.

“Uncle Arrow, what are you doing?” Ealasaid’s voice broke into his thoughts and he turned to see the little six year old girl standing there looking up at him.

“Nothing sweetie. Where’s your mother?”

“Right here, sorry Arrow, she got away from me.” Aideen said and Emery was right behind her.

“It’s alright, she’s a little explorer just like her mommy.”

Emery lifted Ealasaid off the ground and looked worriedly at his friend. “Are you okay?” He asked.

“Just thinking.”

“May we know about what?” Aideen asked.

“About Zaylee, your father said I love her and to be honest I believe he’s right, but I don’t know what to say or do.”

“Uncle Arrow, mommy and daddy say love you all the time. Just say love you.” Emery and Aideen laughed.

“You took the words right out of my mouth sweetness.” Emery said then looked back at Arrow. “Ealasaid is right, just say love you.”

“I guess if I look like an idiot shes worth it. I just worry aswell if she even thinks of me in near the same way. She’s only ever seen me when I’ve been reprimanding her.”

“what about that time she came to the castle for the Melphalie celebration. You two socialized then. It even seemed to me like she was flirting with you”

“she was making fun of my seriousness”

“I’m a woman Arrow and she was flirting with you. She was trying to be playful and get you to play back’


“I wouldn’t lie. Now go tell her love you. Right Ealasaid?’

“Right, go tell her love you” Arrow smiled “I’ll try” He walked away and into the woods to find the path that lead to her house. He found the path lined with pink and purple flowers and paved with soft dirt. As Arrow walked he became increasingly worried. He hoped Aideen was right and she had been flirting with him. That made him feel even more foolish though. He was so out of touch with romance that he hadn’t even notice her being flirtatious. At the party he had only felt bad. He had left because her teasing had made him feel sad. He didn’t understand at the party why her not liking somthing about him would make him feel so bad but now his old friend had made it clear while his friends daughter pointed out he had misread what she was doing.

He came to the stream right before her house and paused. Butterflys seemed to have magically appeared in him as his heart rate increased. He couldn’t remember being this nervous, he had always in his life been sure of himself but now he felt like a young man with his first crush. He forced himself to move, needing to know how Zaylee felt about him and to be sure she was safe in her home. He hopped from stone to stone to cross the river then walked up to her door. Zaylee was just about to check on her sugar cookies when she heard someone knock. She guessed it was the neighbor girl needing some ingredient for her mother or just to visit as she somtimes did. Zaylee knew the cookies wouldn’t burn in the time it took to answer the door so she went straight to it.

Arrow looked at her shocked expression nervously “Hey Arrow, I swear i havent bothered that man again. if he says i did he’s lieing”

‘That’s not why I’m here. Could I come in and spend some time with you?”

“Like company time? Like friends?”

“we’re friends right?” He asked hopefully. Zaylee smiled ‘we are. Please come in. I was actually just making cookies to snack on while I worked on my mothers blanket. Sit down on the couch while I pull the sugar cookies out of the oven.” He walked in and sat down while she disappeared into her kitchen. Zaylee was practically soaring at the idea Arrow thought of them as friends. It was indescribable the happiness she felt knowing she wasn’t a nuisance to him. Zaylee divided the cookies between two small plates then poured them each some lemonade. The only thing she had seen him drink that she had was lemonade. She took his drink and plate out first and handed it to him with a smile that only sent his heart beating faster “I need to grab mine now. I hope you like them. Please go ahead and eat one”

He looked at the cookie for a moment. “Did you put drugs in these?” He asked, trying to tease her.

“A whole bunch, enough to take out a horse.” She answered as she sat down next to him and gave him her electrifying smile.

“I’m sure it will take more than that to knock me out.”

“You always have such a serious look on your face. Good thing I know you’re playing.”

He ate and drank while she made a blanket for her mother. He kept glancing at her from the corner of his eye, watching as she would stom and take a bite of a cookie or a small sip of lemonade. He opened his mouth to say something then closed it, nervously rubbing his neck. “Something on your mind?” She asked, not looking away from her work.

“Plenty, I am the king’s guard after all so I’m always thinking.”

“You have the biggest job of all, you’re the big cheese. Well the big cheese under the big cheese. Anyway, you’re not thinking of work, you’re thinking of something else. You look less flustered when you’re mind is on work.”

“You’ve been paying that much attention huh?”

“I like to know what makes you tick, what irritates you and makes you smile. Is that a crime?”

“Not that I know of.” She smiled and he swallowed nervously. “There is something I have to say and I was kind of ordered to by my goddaughter.”


“No, Ealasaid. She told me I should tell you how I feel about you.”

“And how do you feel?”

“I love you.” She jabbed herself with the needle and yelped. “I’m sorry, are you okay?”

“yeah, it’s just a needle prick. Did I hear you right? You love me?”

“Substantially, it’s why I’ve tried so hard to keep you out of trouble and that man away from you.”

“To think just before you came I was daydreaming about you then reprimanding myself for it since i figured I was nothing more than a vexation for you. I love you too. I think about you all the time and am happy for every chance i get to be with you, even if it’s when you’re upset with me”

“I don’t think you’re wrong for what you do. He’s a cruel man which is why i get so worried. He means his threats Zaylee. He’ll hurt you and I couldn’t bare for him to hurt you. The king is writing up a new law. He wont be able to hit his animals any longer and they’ll be taken away.”


“Yes, I told you the king is a good, level headed man. I talked to him today for you” Zaylee did somthing she had been wanting to for so long. She cupped his cheeks then pulled Arrow in for a kiss. They both gave a soft moan at the same time. Both their faces flushed but Zaylee held Arrow in the kiss. When she parted their lips she said ‘I’m glad you listen to your goddaughter”

“me too. I think about you daily aswell Zaylee. You’re my first thought in the mornings and my last at night” Zaylee gave him the biggest, brightest most heart tingling smile he had ever seen her make “Have you met my parents before?”

“I’ve seen them but have never spoken to them”

“I’m trying to finish this blanket to give to my mother tomorrow. Would you like to visit her with me? I’m way past due to see her since I skipped the last time i was supposed to go. If i miss two visits she’ll worry since I’ve never missed two before.”

“I’d really like that. When should I meet you tomorrow?” Zaylee smiled, she had intended him to stay the night with her. She went along with how he percieved her invitation and said “they live closer to the castle than my house and I normally make sure i arrive at eleven so i can help my mother with lunch. I’ll meet you at the castle a little before eleven”

“I wont keep you waiting”

“don’t worry, I can definitely wait for a tall, dark and handsome man like yourself”

He brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I love you. Try not to get into any trouble before tomorrow.”

“I promise to be good.”

“I’ll hold you to it. I would hate to have to reprimand you for doing something reckless.” He kissed her, lingering for a moment in the sweetness of her lips before pulling away and heading out her door. He smiled as he walked home, feeling the hole in his heart getting smaller and smaller the more time he spent with her.

Zaylee finished the blanket then folded it up and sat it aside. She wanted tomorrow to hurry up and come so she could be with Arrow again. She went into her room and quickly undressed then fell into her soft bed with a happy sigh. It had felt amazing to finally kiss him and to hear him say he loved her. She hugged her pillow, grinning like a lovestruck teenager as she fell asleep. The next morning she woke still smiling. She quickly bathed then dressed and brushed her hair before grabbing the blanket and heading out her door. the sound of mooing caught her attention and she stopped walking. She listened, her heart skipping a beat when she realized the animal was in distress. She took off towards the sound, hoping the animal wasn’t horribly injured. She came upon a cow bleeding from one of its legs.

“You poor thing. Just stay calm.” She said as she ran her hand over its back. “I’ll go get help.” She turned around and froze when she saw Gork standing there with his oldest son. She heard footsteps behind her and she looked behind her as his other two sons came out of the trees, the youngest didn’t look like he wanted to be there.

“I knew letting that cattle wail would draw you near. I didn’t want to have to wait to teach you a fucking lesson.”

“You hurt this cow on purpose just to lure me!?” She asked, more disgusted with this man than ever. “Bring her boys” Gork commanded, not caring to answer her. Zaylee darted away, hoping she was faster than them. They had left a small opening she could get through. Sadly the boys being taller and having longer legs caught up to her. The oldest doing his best to manage her and walk her towards their home. Zaylee wasn’t going without a fight. Sh screamed at the top of her lungs even though it hurt. She flailed and kicked them as the other boys tried to help. “she’s justa fucking woman” Gork said, frustarted with his boys.

“She’s strong” The youngest groaned. He had barely spoken his words when Zaylee got a leg free and kicked the middle son “she’s rabid!” He yelled painfully. Gork walked over and launched his fist hard into her stomach, effectively knocking the wind out of her so she couldn’t scream. He then pounded her in the face as the boys held her until she was no longer consious “that’s how you handle a woman. Lets take her home”

Arrow waited excitedly for Zaylee. he felt honored she already wanted him to meet and get to know her parents. He hoped that was saying somthing to the depth of her affection for him. He decided next he would introduce Zaylee to the king, Aideen, Emery and Ealasaid. Arrow waited and waited until he realized it was starting to get past when she said she would come to him. He worried she may have found trouble on the way here.

He decided to walk to her house and see if she was there. When he got there he knocked on her door and frowned when he received no answer. “Zaylee?” He said as he pushed her door open and stepped. He searched her house which didn’t take long, getting more and more worried. He stepped back outside and started walking then he heard the sound of what he guessed was a cow in pain. He took off at a sprint, guessing she had heard the sounds and went to investigate. He broke through the trees, his eyes widening when he saw the wounded cow and next to it the blanket Zaylee had been working on. He picked it up, his grip tightening on the soft material. Gork had taken her.

Zaylee woke with a splitting headache. She was tied down to a table and she was being stripped. Her anger helped clear her head and she started screaming and bucking, hoping to get loose from the leather restraints. “Scream all you want bitch, no one’s going to hear you.” Gork said as he watched his two oldest sons undressing her. He had sent his youngest to make them something to drink.

“I’m going to kill you, you sick bastard.” She screamed and the oldest boy slapped her. She spit in his face and he hit her again. “Go ahead, I’ll just keep spitting asshole.”

“She’s going to be a tough one dad. I think we should keep her, teach her a lesson to last an eternity.”

Gork walked over, licking his lips at the sight of her nude form. “I think you’re right son, she can be our play thing. We’ll reform you into a proper woman, nice and submissive, only good for one thing and one thing only.”

“Can we touch her dad?” His oldest asked.

“Of course you can, it’s not like she can stop you. Do whatever you want, she’s nothing but a toy now.”

Zaylee thrashed, hoping it wasn’t in vain and she’d find inner strength to set herself free. It was a long shot fantasy but all she had was hope. They just smiled and chuckled at her. The youngest son was just standing upstairs. He knew if he went down his father would make him stay and he didn’t want to watch. He was glad he couldn’t hear what was going on with the door closed. He even debated defying his father and running for help. His dad might beat him to death but was living with monsters worth being alive. He was still stuck at home a few more years unless he just ran away. That still might piss of his father and he still may be found and killed for his defiance. Arrow ran at a determined pace. He refused to lose her, refused to fail the woman he loved again.

This time that rotten animal abuser had set up a trap for her so there was no telling what he had planned. If he could keep himself from killing Gork he would be sure Gork never saw the light of day again aside from what would shine into his prison cell. Arrow was still carrying Zaylees mothers blanket. His grip had become locked on it with his rage and he planned on getting it cleaned for her anyway once this was all over.

The youngest son eyed the knives in their holder, contemplating grabbing the largest one and stabbing his siblings and father. The world would be nicer without them. It was almost the second he thought this that he felt even worse. He was planning murder. Now he didn’t even know if he was any better than the monsters downstairs. He hated himself for thinking of killing them.

He ran from the house, tears running down his face as he screamed for help. He didn’t know if anyone was nearby, but he had to try for Zaylee’s sake. Gork heard his youngest song calling for help and became enraged. “Go get your brother and bring him here.” He ordered his middle son who obediently ran from the house and followed his brother’s screams. “Their mother did what she was told either so I had to get rid of her. The stupid bitch didn’t even have time to scream. I could feel our bond break, it was exhilarating to be free of her.”

“You pig, no that would be an insult to the animal. You’re nothing but a sick monster.” She snapped even as the oldest boy fondled and licked her. He got to close her face and she headbutted him in the nose. It didn’t break it, but it did bloody it. She spat at him and he grabbed her by her throat as he wiped his face.

“You stupid whore, I’ll show you.”

Arrow heard screaming as he drew near Gork’s house. He moved faster, Gork’s youngest son slamming into him as he fled through the woods. “Arrow, they have, you have to stop them before she ends up like mom.” He wailed.

“It’s okay Kindi, I’ll save her, I promise.” Gork’s middle son stepped out of the trees and Arrow shoved Kindi behind him along with the blanket. “You don’t want to do this, don’t be your father’s dog. Kindi said he killed your mother. You must have been old enough to remember.”

“I was going to take Kindi and run when I found him. My father and brother hurt us if we disobey, I didn’t even care for Zaylee, but I had no choice.”

“Run with your brother to the castle. I wont force you to fight your own father with me and I can handle them anyway.”

“You sure”

“I’m sure. Run, I need to go help Zaylee” The two boys ran off without further prompting. They worried about what to say to the king when they arrived. They hoped King Drake wouldn’t be angry at them for their fathers and older brothers crimes. They heard he was nice and fair so they clung to what they were told as they ran. Zaylee was glad she had pissed them off enough to beat her instead of having to deal with their groping and disgusting mouths all over her. She barely felt the pain she was so pissed off and grateful she wasn’t being raped. Zaylee kept screaming and fighting, knowing it was in vain but she couldn’t just lay there and take it.

Above her noise and theirs she didn’t hear the door open or the near rabid Arrow come down the stairs. Zaylee only became aware of him when he attacked Gork. The oldest son wore a look of complete surprise which shifted into rage they were interrupted. The boy went around to help his father fight off this brute who dared interrupt them. Zaylee suddenly felt embarrassed at what she must look like. She was proud of her body normally but right now she was bloody and they had concentrated most the beating on her face so she was sure it wasn’t an appealing sight atall.

Arrow wasn’t sure if it was his anger mixed with adrenaline or if Gork along with his oldest son were truly that weak. Arrow had beaten the lights out of them easily compared to other fights he had been in. Now that they lay out cold Arrow began releasing Zaylee. He did his best not to look at her body out of respect for Zaylee as he moved from restraint to restraint. He looked at her clothes and saw they had bene ripped off. Arrow wished he had kept the blanket so she wouldn’t have to remain exposed after whatever they had done to her. He lifted Zaylee off the table and into his arms where she buried her head in his shoulder then said “thank you”

“You promised you would stay out of trouble.”

“I’ll make it up to you.”

He locked Gork and his son in their basement then took Zaylee away from that horrible place. He was still furious, but also relieved that she was alive. “Lets get you to my daughter Breena, she’s a healer.” He said as he carried her through the woods. She could tell he was furious and she hoped none of it was directed at her. When they made it to the cottage his daughter lived in he kicked the door and she quickly opened it.

“Oh daddy, what happened? Bring her in.” She said and moved out of the way.

“Gork happened, he and his son beat her.” Arrow sat her down on the table Breena used for sick people.

Breena frowned and went to get some of her herbs to make a tea for the pain she knew Zaylee must be in. Zaylee shivered after being carried through the woods with no clothes on and Arrow quickly pulled his shirt off and slipped it over her head. She stuck her arms in the holes and smiled up at him. “Thank you so much.”

“I should have met you at your house, better yet I should have stayed the night.”

“This isn’t your fault. I walked right into their little trap like an idiot.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” He hugged her tightly to him and kissed the top of her head.

“What about those bastards that attacked me?”

“If you promise to stay here with Breena until my return then I will go to the castle and have a few guards go and get them. The two younger boys won’t be charged though, I’ll make sure of that. They’re also victims and I won’t let them rot in a cell.”

“You are such a good man, that’s why I love you so much. Afterwards, could you maybe help me find my blanket?”

He pulled back and smiled. “Kindi has it at the castle, I’ll get it from him. Now promise to stay here.”

“I promise.”

Arrow kissed Zaylee then hugged his daughter. “‘lll take care of her daddy” Breena said giving her father a smile. “Thank you” Arrow said then ran out of the house to return to the castle. When Breena had somthing for the pain ready she gave it to Zaylee. “This will help you feel better”

“Thank you so much”

“So you’re Zaylee then huh?”

“Yeah, how’d you know”

“My father has talked about you on a few occasions.”

“I wish we were meeting under better circumstances”

“Me too, my father’s really fond of you. I bet this was really stressful for him”

“He told me he loved me just yesterday” Zaylee said, hoping it wouldn’t be somthing that upset Arrows daughter. “I’m so glad. Even though he’s only told me of the trouble you have caused i could see plainly that he had fallen in love with you. He’s been alone for far too long, unhealthily long. He needs to love again. You love him too right?” Breena sounded hopeful with her question. “Yes, very much. I’m glad that’s something you’re happy for.”

“My mothers been dead for many many years. He’s mourned, I’ve mourned and it’s time for him to be with someone. Mom wouldn’t have ever wanted him to stay alone like this”


“My mother once went to the human world to tend to their sick. I got my healing powers from her. They called her a witch then a bunch of men raped her then beat my mother to death. My father didn’t get there in time to save her. It’s why this was probably so stressful for him. He ran the risk of losing the woman he loved again to the same thing. ”

“I’m so sorry about your mother”

“I miss her but my mourning is long since done. I’m happy and ever since my dad met you he’s been happy. I know he seems serious all the time but you’ve really brought the happiness back to him. Let me heal your face and what bruises are on your body” Breena gently took Zaylees face in her hands and soon every bruise was gone. “there, feel better?”

“Yes, thank you so much”

“Thank you for making my dad happy. I look forward to getting to know you.”

“Me too”

Arrow made his way quickly to the castle and ordered a group of guards to go to Gork’s house and take him and his son into custody. He found Kindi and his brother Emeril sitting in the courtyard with Emery, Aideen, and Ealasaid. The little girl was jabbering away at Kindi who still clung tightly to the blanket Zaylee had made. They all looked up when he crossed over to them and Kindi quickly stood and held out the blanket. “I cleaned it for you.” He said, eyes on his feet.

Arrow took it gently from his hands. “Thank you Kindi. Have you two spoken to the king yet?”

“I did sir.” Emeril said. “I told him everything that had happened. He said we were welcome to stay here. I told him yes, but on the condition that I got to join the guard and Kindi got to learn how to read.”

“I think you would do well in the guard, I’ll even train you myself.” He then turned to Kindi. “I bet if you asked really nice Ealasaid and Aideen would teach you how to read and maybe you could learn about architecture from Emery. He has a home in the human world he built at it’s pretty amazing.”

“Really?” Kindi turned to Emery, Aideen, and Ealasaid. “Would you teach me?”

“Of course sweetie, we’d love to.” Aideen said with a big smile.

“As for you Emeril, we’ll start training next week. I want you and your brother to get settled first.”

“Alright, thank you sir.”

Arrow left them and went to Drake’s study. He knocked on his door and heard him say come in. He pushed the door open and Drake smiled at him. “Is Zaylee okay?”

“Yes, she’s with Breena.” He sat down across form Drake and took a deep breath. “I thought I was going to lose her Drake, I really did. I was terrified. It was like that night all over again.” He actually felt himself choking up a little. “I would die without Zaylee, I really would.”

“All that matters is that she’s safe. So the law will go into effect tomorrow and then I will have some of the guards deliver the message.”

“Thank you so much. Now we just have to make sure Gork and his bastard son are both kept in prison for a long time. Kindi told me Gork killed his wife. I can’t believe someone would murder the one they had tied themselves to. It’s sick.”

“Go back to Zaylee and try to forget this day. You saved her life and the lives of two severely abused children. Let it end there and spend time with your woman.”

“alright, thank you for everything”

“It’s my job to protect my people and what else would any true friend do” Arrow walked out respectfully then ran the rest of the way back to his daughters house. When he arrived Arrow walked right in, finding both the girls that meant most to him sitting on the couch talking. Zaylee was now dressed in his daughters clothes and they had bowls of ice cream. Zaylee got up and he handed her the blanket “it’s so clean”

“Kindi washed it” Zaylee set the blanket down then hugged Arrow. Arrow held her tightly, still needing to feel she was alive and well. “well she’s fine now dad if you two want to go ahead to her parents so they wont be worried. She told me what your plans were” Arrow let Zaylee go to hug his daughter again “thank you, I can’t thank you enough. We need to all get together. When can we come over?”

“anytime is good. You know I’m mostly home or near home. If I’m gone you also know everywhere I frequent so just find me when you want to have a day together”

“alright, I love you”

“Love you. I like your girlfriend too.” Arrow smiled then moved so Zaylee could hug Breena bye. Breena walked them to the door then took the rest of Zaylees ice cream to finish with hers. Arrow swept Zaylee off her feet and she kissed his cheek “Now this is traveling” She said through her beautiful grin “I need you close” Arrow answered. Zaylee rested her head on Arrows shoulder before saying “I guess my parents have to like you now. Who can dislike a man who saved their daughters life?”

“I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.” She just smiled and relaxed into him even more. When they made it to her parent’s house her mother flung the door open and came worriedly running toward them. Arrow put Zaylee down and she hugged her mother.

“You’re late and with the guard captain, did something happen?”

“I’m fine, I just ran into a little trouble. Arrow helped me.” She handed her mother the blanket. “I made this for you.”

“Thank you sweetie, but then why was he carrying you?”

Zaylee grabbed Arrow’s hand. “Because he’s my boyfriend now.”

Her mother smiled. “That’s great.” She grabbed Zaylee’s other hand. “Lets tell your father. He’ll be happy you have someone to keep you out of trouble.”

A smile tugged at Arrow’s lips when Zaylee rolled her eyes. He squeezed her hand and she smiled warmly up at him. They were taken inside where her father was busy making sugar cookies. “Zaylee it’s about time child. Your mother was frantic.”

“I was not.”

“Pacing back and forth seems pretty frantic to me.”

Zaylee giggled and once again Arrow fought off the smile tugging at his lips. “well anyway, this is Zaylees boyfriend. We finally have someone to look after her”

“I don’t need looking after” Zaylee interjected. Her father laughed “oh, says the girl who only just recently got herself tangled in a tree” Zaylee blushed and Arrow asked ‘tangled in a tree?”

“who knows, she just says long story when you ask her about it. I was going to see if she wanted to go hiking with me and i find her in a tree by her house tangled up in rope. It looked as if the more she struggled the more tangled she became. Once I could stop laughing I helped her.”

“I would have gotten out on my own”

“sure you would have honey” Arrow let out the start of a laugh picturing her fighting with rope, hanging up in a tree. He quickly sucked it in as Zaylee gave him a loving but serious glare. They all sat to eat their cookies after Gaelira put her new blanket away. Arrow found himself slowly relaxing in the company of his girlfriend and her parents. He saw why Zaylee was so adventurous and carefree. Her parents seemed to be the same way. They stayed until well after dinner then all exchanged hugs “you bring him back with you” Gaelira said and Zaylee replied ‘i will mom” Once they were outside Arrow asked ‘would it be too much if I carried you home?”

“My home?”


“That would be incredibly sweet of you” Arrow quickly took Zaylee in his arms and gave her a soft, long kiss. When they parted lips Zaylee asked ‘you’re staying the night this time right?”

‘I’m staying as long as you will let me”

“Forever then, forever sounds really good to me” Arrow smiled and started walking, his heart filling with that tingling feeling she always inspired. When they were nearly home Arrow asked “so how’d you get stuck in the tree”

“Long story”

“well we have forever dont we?” Arrow said with a grin and zaylee laughed “Not long enough” Arrow laughed then let it go. He took her to her bedroom and set her down. “I guess I should have brought clothes to change into tomorrow”

“You’re fine, who needs clothes anyway”

“Well when the captain of the guard is captaining it tends to go smoother when he has clothes on.”

She punched his chest then pulled him into a kiss. “You ass, stop being so serious.”

“I thought I was being sarcastic. I must be really rusty.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pressed his lips hungrily, but a little nervously into hers. They pulled at each others clothes, moaning as they ran their hands over each other. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down onto the bed with her, her legs going around his waist. He pulled back and stared into her beautiful eyes as he pushed slowly into her tight folds. Her eyes widened and she let out a loud whimpery moan, her fingers gripping his back as he filled her.

“You feel so good.” He whispered in her ear as he moved slowly in and out of her depths. He loved watching her eyes fill with pleasure and feeling her insides quivering around him made him moan. Tears filled her eyes and spilled over at the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling. Her back arched off the bed and he quickened the pace so they came together. He pressed soft kisses onto her face, his lips moving over the tears running into her hair. “You okay baby?” He asked as he pulled her to the top of the bed and got under the covers with her.

“Yes, just happy. I’ve never been so happy or felt so whole.”

“I promise to make you feel this happy every day then.”

Zaylee smiled and kissed him again “I know you will. I’m so happy to finally be with you and not just daydreaming about it.” Arrow caressed her face “after work tomorrow I’ll bring my things over so I can always just come home to you. Tomorrow though i would like you to come with me so you can get to know Aideen, Emery, Drake and Ealasaid.”

“sounds fun, when do we need to get up?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll wake you. I have an internal timer for it since I’ve been Captain of the guard so long” Zaylee sighed contentedly. “You sure you don’t want to live in the castle still?”

“Here would be more homey with just the two of us around. If you want to live in the castle we can.”

“No, I’d prefer here. Just making sure you’re really happy here” Arrow looked into Zaylees eyes and said ‘anywhere you are I’m happy” Arrow gave Zaylee a heartfelt kiss then they slowly drifted to sleep in their bliss to finally be with one another.

~ The End ~

Cipher & Fotia

Cipher tossed and turned, his skin covered in sweat as his tormentors voice filled his head. Images, horrible and dark shown before his eyes. He screamed, the sound muffled by the crashing waves and pouring rain. His eyes flew open and he sat bolt upright, gasping for air. Tears filled his eyes and he wept, his whole body shaking. He cried himself into exhaustion and he fell asleep leaning against the wall. The next morning a knock woke him and he jerked awake, his heart pounding fearfully against his chest. He got up, pulling on his pants and opening the door to his room. It was Aurel and Diana and both frowned when they saw him. Diana hugged him and he tensed in her arms at first, but finally hugged her back.

“You should have woken us.” She said as she let him go.

“I am no child Diana.” He replied.

“No one should have to face such nightmares alone.” Aurel added. “The port is in sight so we will be docking soon. The cook has made oatmeal if you are hungry.”

“I’m fine, but thank you. Let me dress and I’ll join you above.” They left and he shut his door. He dressed quickly then grabbed his bag and headed up.

Fotia sat in the garden with her gryphon, enjoying the sun and flowers. Aurel and Diana were coming to visit and she was excited about seeing them. It had been awhile since their last visit and she had just had her seventeenth birthday. Her brother Nero and sister in law Lissana were the most excited, especially since Diana had said in her letter she was pregnant with twin boys. She couldn’t wait to congratulate them.

Cipher felt nervous as he walked with Diana and Aurel to Chthons castle. It wasn’t so much he was scared of them but mainly his irrational fear they could look at him and see everything she had forced him to do, the things she forced him to endure. He didn’t want anybody to know. Cipher was embarrassed beyond all reason that he as a male demon was used as a toy. Diana and Aurel had told him that the only person that should feel shame is Peony but Cipher felt he should have been stronger.

When they arrived a bright eyes, beautiful brunette and what appeared to be her pet greeted them with hugs. Fotia even hugged Cipher though she didn’t know him. “welcome” she said sweetly. “Hey, you’ve grown so much”

“I was still a child last time you saw me”

“I know, what a beautiful woman you have become. We’re sorry we didn’t come celebrate when you became an adult”

“You guys live pretty far away. I don’t blame you. I don’t see why it’s such a big celebration anyway. I feel no different” They smiled as Fotia then turned to guide them inside. Cipher looked to the side, still fighting the irrational fear that she may be able to tell what happened to him.

“Where are Chthon and Ruth?” Aurel asked.

“Dad’s in his study with mom so I would knock before going in.”

“Thank you sweetie.” Diana said. “Would you mind looking after Cipher for us while we talk to them about something important. You know, not baby related.”

“Sure, but you know they’re excited about having more babies to dote over so it might be hard to get off the topic.”

“Believe us, we know. We’ll be back in a little bit.”

Fotia turned to Cipher as they walked away and smiled warmly. It lit up her whole face, making her look radiant and innocent. He looked away, but she caught the flash of pain and embarrassment in his eyes. She reached out for him and he flinched away. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do startle you.” She said softly.

“It’s me who should apologize, being afraid of you is stupid.”

“Don’t be such a man, everyone gets scared some times. Come and sit with me outside, it’s so nice out.” The gryphon standing next to her made a loud chirping sound, agreeing with her. She held out her hand to him and he nervously took it. He felt like he was tainting her just a little by touching her and would have jerked away if he didn’t fear upsetting her.

They walked back to where she had been sitting and settled themselves. “How was the boat ride?” Fotia asked. “It was fine” He said though his nightmares had been terrible. “I love sailing, the ocean is so pretty”

“Do you sail often?”

“No but I should. I’ve just kind of stayed here with my parents and travel not even half as much as i want to. Nothings keeping me, in fact i don’t know atall why i dont travel more”

“Maybe you just dont want to go alone”

“Maybe. I don’t know who I’d even go with. Would say my brothers but Pagos is crushing hard on Duryn. I doubt anything short of knocking him out will get him to travel far away from her.” Cipher gave a small smile, still conflicted about looking at Fotia. She was gorgeous and very pleasant to look at but he felt even his gaze tainted her. Fotia wondered why Cipher seemed so upset and nervous. He truly seemed afraid of her so it maid her wonder if he had been through somthing terrible.He looked as she imagined Rika and Reyna looked before they got over their trauma and then it made her wonder if he had suffered a similar trauma.

She didn’t dare ask though since that ran the risk of making him more uncomfortable. She just tried to kepe the conversation as light as possible in hopes of relaxing him. In Chthons study Aurel said to them “We brought a friend along and we wanted tot alk to you about him first”

“What about him?” Ruth asked. Aurel explained what all he had seen in Ciphers head. Chthon and Ruth listened with horror struck faces. Aurel finished with “we brought him so that Rika and Reyna could help him work through the trauma. The poor man is plagued with nightmares and embarrassed as a male demon for falling victim. We’ve tried to tell him that he shouldn’t be ashamed but he is.”

“We’ll get Rika and Reyna and see if they feel up to talking to him. I’m sure Lispin and Neme will be close by, especially Lispin since Rika is pregnant.”

“Thank you so much grandma and grandpa.” Diana hugged them both tightly.

“After he’s settled in with them we’ll have to discuss these new babies. I’m sure you haven’t found names yet since Aurel is hard to please with that sort of thing.” Chthon said and Diana giggled.

“Yes he is.”

“Why don’t you two go find a room and put your stuff away.” Ruth said warmly.

“Okay, love you guys.”

“We love both of you as well.”

Diana and Aurel went to a room while Chthon and Ruth went to find Rika and Reyna. The former was in her room listening to Lispin read and the latter was sitting next to the underground hotspring while Neme recharged. They explained to them the situation and they both immediately said they would be happy to help. “So do you have any siblings?” Fotia asked.

“I have a little sister. She’s ten and a real sweetheart. How many siblings do you have?”

“Eight, I’m the second youngest and the biggest nag. I try to keep Pagos and Ilios out of toruble if I can. They’re so mischiveous.”

He gave a small smile and she felt like she had made some real progress. “You’re like a second mother then.”

“Pretty much.” She wished he would look at her so she moved closer. “Hey, would you please look at me. It’s kind of awkward to talk to the top of your head.” He swallowed worriedly, but lifted his head. He knew she could see and hated it. He wanted this to all go away. “You have very pretty eyes.” She said and he frowned. He didn’t feel like there was anything great about him. He was just a weak coward.

Fotia kept the smile on her face though she wanted to frown in response to his. She felt crestfallen her efforts were doing little to put him in a lighter mood. She smiled as brightly as she could and kept the conversation light and happy in aspiration to make him relaxed around her. All she wanted was a genuine smile or laugh to come from him. She would do anything it took to make him smile. Soon Rika and Reyna came out. They could see themselves in the unsettled man. They approached gently, knowing since they were female he may be afraid of them. They both introduced themselves and he didn’t look at them but told them his name.

“What’re you and Fotia doing?” Rika asked. “Just talking” Cipher answered. “Do you want to talk to us?”

“If Fotia will stay” Rika and Reyna weren’t sure if Fotia knew or if Cipher wished her to know so couldn’t talk about what they wanted with her there. What he needed most was to feel in control of his own life though so they didn’t protest her staying, they just didn’t talk to him just yet about what they planned on when they came out. Fotia was surprised he wanted her company with how he had been acting but she felt happy knowing he did like her.

“So you’re a friend of Aurel’s? That must be hard work.” Reyna said.

“He was away for many years, but before that he was always pretty quiet. He was kind of a loner, but he let me hang out with him anyway.”

They all three smiled and he rubbed his neck in discomfort. “Are you okay Cipher?” Fotia asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Yes, I’m fine.” He dropped his hand into his lap, wishing he was anywhere but here. Even knowing Rika and Reyna had been through something as terrible as what he had been through didn’t help.

“Here let me rub your neck. You seem really stressed and it’s probably starting to make you ache.” Her warm fingers drifted over his neck and he swallowed nervously. He felt a mix of fear and excitement move through him and had the sudden urge to jerk away from her. He forced himself to sit still, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

“Were you born in Protea like Aurel?” Rika asked.

“Yeah, born and raised.”

“Do you like it there?” Fotia asked.

He clenched his fists. “I did, but not anymore. I have some bad memories about that place.”

Fotia moved to sit next to him. “That’s why you make new and better memories like Rika and Reyna did. Bad memories don’t have to last forever.” Her gryphon chirped and she smiled. “I’m sorry, you must be hungry. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Fotia walked away and Cipher became more uncomfortable. He wanted to plead for her to come back but instead he kept silent as he looked at the ground. “Cipher, we’ve been through what you’ve been through. In fact Reyna went through thousands of years of what you did. It’s ok to be cared and unsure of things. It will help if you talk about it. It helped Reyna and I” Rika said. His eyes still downcast he said “Does Fotia know?”

“No” Reyna answered. Cipher felt some relief. He was glad she didn’t know of his shame “Who all knows?” He continued his questioning. “Just Aurel, Diana, Chthon, Ruth, us and our husbands. Nobody else is going to know unless you want them to”

“Don’t tell anybody else, especially not Fotia. I don’t want her to know my shame. I’ve already embarrassed myself enough with her, tainted her even”

“Tainted her?” Reyna asked and he nodded “she’s so sweet and innocent. My disgusting hands touching hers was practically an abomination. I shouldn’t touch such a sweet woman. Not with these filthy hands. i barely feel like any part of me is mine any longer”

Rika and Reyna both slowly reached for him, each of them grabbing one of his hands. “You are not filthy Cipher and even though we have both felt it, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You were hurt, a part of you was broken and there are so many pieces scattered about that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to put them back together. My es husband was a brutal man. He tied me down for days at a time, he beat me and raped me on a daily basis until I was pregnant. He murdered every little girl I bore him then raped me again until I had our son Zeus. I was like a broken doll, empty and alone with no one to save me. I contemplated suicide, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

“And I was attacked and raped by a demon who just happened to come my way. He kept me for days, but it felt like months. I got pregnant with his child, my oldest daughter Kandara. She is the only thing I don’t regret about that time.” Rika added.

“How did you forget?”

“We never forgot. It’s still in our minds. We found someone who we loved more than anything in the world. I have Lispin who actually kidnapped us women after being decieved by his mother. He turned out to be the sweetest man I have ever met. He’s the father of this baby.” Rika said as she rested her other hand on her stomach.

“And Neme rescued me, he chased away the demons. He is everything to me, my hero and the love of my life. We found someone who we could talk to, who would hold us when we had a nightmare and needed to cry, someone who showed us we had worth and that we weren’t filthy.” Reyna said with a warm smile.

“I can’t burden someone with my troubles, it would only add to the shame I feel.”

“You men and thinking you have to be invincible. You’re a person too and like us you need someone who will always be there when you need them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or lover or girlfriend, but you need someone who will not judge you or make you feel inadequate. Just think on it okay.” Fotian came running back and sat back down beside them with a big smile.

“What did I miss?” She asked happily.

“Nothing dear, Rika and I are going to head back inside. I’m sure Lispin and Neme are worried about us.”

“Okay.” Fotia leaned over and rubbed Rika’s belly. “You be good to your mommy okay baby.” She said, her innocent smile tugging at Cipher’s heart. The baby kicked and everyone but Cipher smiled. “See you two later.”

Fotias gryphon flew off and she waved bye “where’s it going” Cipher asked “She’s mine but she likes to be free somtimes too. She’ll be back later today or tomorrow or whenever. I don’t really know”

“Thats nice you dont trap her”

“”Well she’s a living thing with feelings. She more my friend than anything else. I’m happy for her to go have fun with whatever she goes and does without me”

“You and your family are really nice”

“well if you like it here and don’t want to go back I’m sure my father would let you stay” Cipher didn’t answer. They just awkwardly talked until dinner was approaching. Fotia offered her hand again and he took it. He tried not to feel like he was tainting Fotia but these were the same hands that were on Peony. He felt like he was rubbing that horrible woman into Fotias sweet, gentle palm. He sat by Fotia at the dinner table while her twin brothers sat on her other side. Rika soon sat at his empty side and he felt guilty for wishing she hadn’t.

He was here to get helped. he agreed to it but it was hard. He ate dinner quickly, just wanting to be alone in his room awhile so that he could calm down. Fotia frowned as he seemed to bolt out. Aurel excused himself and followed Cipher since Cipher didn’t know where his room was. She had suddenly lost her appetite, feeling as if she was upsetting him even though she could tell it was somthing deeper. “I’m going to my room. Goodnight everybody” Fptia said then left to grab a book from their library and just read the rest of the evening away so she wouldn’t have to think of how upset Cipher was.

Fotia didn’t linger long in the library since she already knew which book she wanted. They had just went out to buy more and the one titled Dreams of a River Born Serpent caught her attention. She took it and walked to her bedroom, hoping her gryphon would return to her tonight. Once in her bed clothes she dove right into the story, getting lost in the authors world.

Cipher sat on his bed in the room Aurel had directed him to and just stared out the window at the clear, star filled sky. He wished he could fly like Fotia’s gryphon and go somewhere far away where no one could find him. He wasn’t sure if that was even possible. He knew Aurel would come for him, knowing that being alone with his thoughts for to long would be bad. Even now horrible things filled his head, images of Peony taunting and touching him, his body unable to refuse her commands even though he had fought for control. He laid down, his eyes still looking outside. He knew he had to sleep, but he was terrified. He knew he would have a nightmare, but night after night of restless sleep had exhausted him. He fought to stay awake, but he finally fell into sleep.

Fotia’s mind drifted back to Cipher, pulling her attention away from the book. He had seemed so hurt, his eyes betraying his pain. She sighed and marked her place before closing her book and sitting it down. She needed to talk to him, to make sure she hadn’t done anything wrong. She knew she could be very open, her family knew that from her constant reprimanding of Pagos and Ilios. She got out of bed and stepped out of her room, inhaling the air around her. Her father had taught her the importance of remembering the smell of everything around her. She followed Cipher’s scent down the hall and around the corner. She stopped in front of his door and raised her hand to knock just as he screamed.

It startled her, making her jump and freeze for a moment. Another wail came from within and she quickly shoved the door open and ran to him. She grabbed his shoulders and shook him as hard as she could. “Cipher, wake up.” She ordered. He was drenched in sweat and his face was pale. “Cipher, please wake up.” His eyes flew open and he scrambled away from her, falling out of bed and pressing himself into the corner. “Cipher?” She moved around the bed and he pushed himself into the wall as hard as he could. The bedroom light came on and Aurel and Diana, as well as everyone else in the house stopped froze at the sight of the shaking Cipher. Chthon ordered everyone who had not been told of Cipher’s trauma back to bed with the exception of Fotia who was trying to get closer to Cipher. “Cipher it’s okay, everything’s okay now.” She said softly and reached for him.

“Please don’t touch me.” He whimpered.

“Shh, let me have your hand, just your hand.” He shakily reached out and she laced her fingers through his then moved a little closer. “It’s okay, I’m just touching your hand and I won’t go any further until you say so.” She looked back at her family. “I think I’ll stay here tonight. Could you get him some water?”

“I’ll get it” Ruth said then everybody left, knowing Fotia had the kind, tender heart needed to help him. Fotia just sat there holding his hand until her mother returned with a drink. Cipher was too afraid to take it so Fotia did for him. “Thanks mom. Goodnight”

“You don’t need anything else?’

“No thank you” Ruth walked out and shut the door. “Please drink Cipher? I’m sure you’re thirsty” He was actually willing to take it from Fotia though his hand shook when he reached for the glass. He spilled a little from the jerky movement of bringing it to his lips. “Did I get any on you?”

“a little, but it’s only water”

“You don’t have to stay with me”

“I want to. Maybe you should shower to get the sweat off” He looked away from her and she said “it was just a suggestion. You do what you want”

“If you’ll be in here I want to shower. I’ll be back’

“where would you like me to wait?”

“anywhere” Cipher pushed himself up the wall and Fotia backed up to give him space. He felt fear in him with his back to Fotia as he walked to the bathroom but he kept walking anyway. He knew she wasn’t Peony. Fotia was far too sweet to do any of the things to him Peony did. Cipher meant to take a quick shower but images from his nightmare plagued him and he ended up just standing there, letting the water flow down his body, curving into his muscles.Fotia began to worry and knocked on the door. He jumped and she heard his heart rate pick up “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was only worried.”

“I’ll be right out. please don’t be sorry Fotia”

“do you need clothes?” He only then relaixed he hadn’t brought anything into the bathroom. “yes” Fotia went to his bag and collected sleeping garmets before walking back. ‘I’ll just hold them through the door. Is that ok?”

“Yes” She cracked the door open only just enough and stuck the clothes through. He took them and she pulled her arm out, shutting the door. When Cipher was covered he came out, jumping again because she was so near. Do you want me to lay with you? I’ll lay on the floor if you’ll be afraid with me in bed. I just want to be in here for comfort if you have another nightmare”

“I..I don’t know.” He looked at his feet, unable to make eye contact with her.

“Cipher, I’m going to touch you okay. Nothing weird, I promise.” She reached slowly up and tipped his head back by his chin so he was looking at her. “There that’s better. I really love your eyes.”

“You should just leave me here. You’re so innocent and I’m broken and tainted.”

“I’m not going anywhere, you won’t sleep if I leave I can tell. So where do you want me?”

“You can sleep in the bed with me.”

She smiled and slowly reached for his hand, taking it gently and pulling him slowly toward the bed. He stopped when she crawled on the bed, his heart threatening to burst from his chest. She waited patiently, her beautiful eyes looking warmly up at him with compassion. He took a deep breath and crawled in next to her then she lifted the covers over them. She made sure there was space between them, but retained possession of his hand. “Why do you think you’re tainted? Does it have something to do with your nightmare?” She asked as she brushed her thumb over his hand.

“I don’t want to tell you, please don’t make me.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything.”

“It’s just, I’m ashamed. I feel like a coward.”

She moved closer, making his heart race. “I’m not going to hurt you I promise.” She lifted her hand and ran her fingers through his hair, then moved them down to the back of his neck. “It’s okay, just relax. I promise to stay here all night and keep your nightmares away. They can’t get around me no matter what.” She rubbed his neck then slipped her hand down to his upper back, wanting him to relax. “Tell me if I make you uncomfortable and I’ll stop.”

“It’s fine, thank you.” She was close enough he could have kissed her if he had the courage. She was so beautiful and full of light. He wanted to touch her so badly, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. She was too innocent and he was too broken.

“Please don’t look so sad Cipher, it breaks my heart.” She fell asleep with her hand resting on his neck and he slowly moved it and laid it on the bed. He moved a little closer to her and pressed his forehead against hers then closed his eyes, letting the warmth of her skin and her sweet smell lull him to sleep.

Cipher and Fotia slept soundly through the night, both being woken to come eat the next morning. Fotia smiled at Cipher “No more bad dreams?” Her benevolent voice asked. He smiled back, this one looking real to her. “Yes I did. Thank you for staying”

“I’ll sleep in here every night until they go away for good if you want”

“I’d really appreciate that Fotia”

“well, let me go to my room and dress for the day. I’ll meet you at breakfast”

“ok” Fotia moved and let her feet fall to the floor so she could walk out. Cipher stayed still until she was gone, just letting his eyes follow her. When she was out of his room he changed his clothes then went down to breakfast. He picked a place to sit that had a free spot on both sides of himself in hopes Fotia would sit with him. His wish was granted when she walked in and sat with him. A small smile flitted across his lips that Chthon, Rika, Ruth and Reyna caught. Their hearts all warmed, having a feeling somthing could grow between those two that would pull Cipher out of the dark.

After breakfast Pagos left to go visit Duryn for a few days. Ilios looked disapointed but he was making himself get used to the fact he and his brother didn’t do everything together any longer. They were grown men and it would have happened eventually. Pagos meeting Duryn just sped their seperation up a little. Ava as always patted him on the back ‘why don’t you hang out with Assaku and I today?”

“sounds fun” Ilios answered then Chthon chimed in “why don’t we all go to the nearest lake and play around. It will be fun” Everyone agreed but Cipher who still wasn’t speaking to everyone as a group much. Fotia asked ‘want to go with them?”

“you’re going”

“I’ll stay if you dont want to go”

“No, lets go. It will be fun”

Everyone went up and changed into their swimwear, Cipher debating whether or not he should change his mind. He had a lot of scars from Peony’s abuse and they made him feel even more ashamed. He heard a tapping on his door that startled him. “Sorry.” Fotia said from the other side of the door. “May I come in?”

“Uh sure.” He replied and she pushed the door open, his eyes widening at her bikini clad form.

“You haven’t changed yet. We don’t have to go, I see my family every day so I don’t mind staying.”

He looked away, gripping his trunks tightly in his hand. “I’m scared.” He admitted.

“Of what?” She closed the door and crossed the room, tipping his head back up. “You don’t have to tell me, but it would make me really happy if you did.”

He swallowed. “I have these scars and I hate them. They’re why I started wearing a shirt.”

“Would you take off your shirt and let me see?” He shook his head, not wanting her to see. He was sure she now had some inkling of what had happened to him. “Let me be the judge of how horrible they are.” She coaxed softly as she slowly slid her hands under his shirt, pushing it up and then off. He had scars from cuts across his chest and abdomen. There was a burn scar over his right side and even more cuts on his back. She eached out and ran her fingers gently over them. “They look like battle scars, not ugly at all.”

Ciphers bottom lip quivered. He was in disblief she really didn’t find his scars repulsive. She smiled and he very nearly kissed her. Instead he walked into the bathroom to change into his trunks. When he came out she was sittign on his bed, smiling the prepossessing smile. She got up, her boobs giving a slight jigggle that made him look away. “you okay?”


“I told you your scars aren’t ugly Cipher”

“It wasn’t that”

“then what?”

“You’re just so beautiful” He answered truthfully again. A light tint of pink colored Fotias cheek “well you’re very handsome. You can look at me. I like you think I’m beautiful” He looked at her again, not being able to keep himself from admiring her. She giggled “come on, lets go swim” Fotia took his hand and they walked out. He became nervous again since everyone could see but not an eye lingered, nor did anybody act appalled in the slightest. They left the castle and started walking to the lake. Fotia looked up excitedly when her gryphon was coming back “hey!” she called happily. She got a chirp in return as the gryphon flew past ‘she must be going home” Fotia said to Cipher. He just smiled in return of her words.

When they arrived at the lake everyone got in aside from Lupin and Rika who sat right beside the water. Fotia pulled Cipher out until their heads only just stuck out of the water “I love bing deep. Guess what I can do? I was lucky and inherited it like Abraxas”


“He’s my brother. He and his wife aren’t living here right now”

“What can you do”

“Breath underwater.”

“That;s really cool”

“Yep, even better thing about it is anybody I kiss can breath underwater too. Do you want to swim under with me? I’ll kiss you so you can breath” His heart began thundering again. He remembered Rika and reyna telling him he wasn’t filthy, that he needed contact to move on. He also wanted to kiss her so badly, even if it was just a small one so he could breath underwater with her.

He nodded and she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. His heart leapt in his chest and he found himself shaking. He wasn’t sure if it was fear or excitement, but she pulled back before he could decide. “Sorry.” She whispered and grabbed his hand. “Come on.” She pulled him beneath the water, taking him deep down to explore. Being able to breathe under water was amazing and he found himself staring at her more than the things she was pointing at. She swam so gracefully, reminding him of a mermaid. He wanted to kiss her again, to feel her soft lips moving against his and the feeling of his heart racing in his chest. He pulled her into him, his lips finding hers in a nervous kiss.

Fotia felt butterflies brush her insides as his lips touched hers. He held her wrists as if he was afraid to be touched while they kissed. He parted their lips, looking embarrassed as he let her go and swam toward the surface where everyone else was playing. She followed, worrying about him the whole way up. “I’m sorry.” He said once they were above the water.

“For what?” She asked as she grabbed his hand a moved closer.

“You were just so beautiful and being kissed by you was amazing. I just wanted another one. I sound like such an idiot. I used to be good at talking to women, but now…”

She pressed a finger against his lips. “Tell me what happened Cipher, tell me so I can help you. I want you to be comfortable around me, but if I don’t know what’s wrong I can’t do the right thing.”

“I can’t.” He sounded so heart broken.

“How about we go back to the castle where it’s just us. You can talk if it’s just me right?”

Her eyes were full of worry and sadness and it made him feel guilty. She had already done so much and he was hiding things from her. “Okay, as long as it’s just you.”

They swam up to Chthon and Ruth “we’re going back to the castle now”

“alright, bye you two” Fotia kept Ciphers hand the whole way back. Not a word was spoken between them since he was decided how to shame himself infront of her. Cipher didn’t want Fotia to see him as some weakling demon made a slave by a crazy she devil. As he braced he tried to calm down aswell. She had been nothing but a sweet, kind angel that wasn’t even taken back by his scars. In the castle they went into his bedroom where they sat down on the bed. “Talk to me when you’re ready. my family will be gone a long while and even if they do come home they wont come in here”

Cipher gripped Fotias hand tighter “A few years after Aurel left our world this girl he used to sleep with came over to my home. She wanted me to spend some time with her because she was sad over Aurel so I did.” Cipher paused, obviously having trouble even at the start of his story. Cipher sighed then forced his mouth to keep forming the words of his tale. “She cats a spell on me, one that made me have to obey every command she gave me. She kept me for her own amusement. She’d beat me and force me to have sex with her. Somtimes she’d beat me while I was doing sexual acts with her I didn’t want to do. I was…” He started crying. His sobs quickly became worse and worse so Fotia wrapped him in a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry Cipher…no wonder I scare you…” Cipher shook his head trying to stop crying enough to where he could talk intelligibly. “No, you do but you don’t Fotia. I’m so glad I met you and that you kissed me. I love kissing you. It feels so good. Now because of that bitch I’m going to scare you away because I’m but a shell of what i used to be”

She pulled him into a tight hug and he wrapped his arms around as he cried, his face buried in her soft hair. She rubbed his back, letting him get it all out. “It’s okay Cipher, I promise to stay with you no matter what.”

“You say that now, but what about when I wake you up every night screaming?”

“I’ll hold you and kiss you and we’ll make love until you’re so lost in me you won’t even remember what scared you.” He pulled back to look into her eyes.

“Do you have any idea what you are saying? You can’t give yourself to me. These hands and this body touched that bitch and I don’t want to…” She pressed her lips against his, silencing him and exciting him.

When she pulled back she said, “I don’t care Cipher, I want you and only you. I don’t think for a minute you’ll dirty me.”

“But why? Why me, why someone broken and scared?”

“Because I love you.” She was so sincere, her eyes shining with compassion and adoration and need. He swallowed nervously, wanting to feel her soft skin. His lips found hers in a hungry kiss, one hand pinned her wrists above her head while the other pulled at her bikini. She moaned when he shakily cupped her breasts and his fingers tugged at her nipples. It felt amazing to have him touch her, even if he wouldn’t allow her to do the same. He was scared of being hurt again and she understood. His hand moved lower, going down her side to her hip then over to her inner thigh. She gasped when he pushed his hand between her legs and slipped his fingers inside her.

“You’ve never done this have you?” He whispered as he bit at her breasts.

“No, never. I’m glad my first time will be with you.” He kissed her again and she felt his lip quivering. He pushed his shorts off and got between her legs.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered then slammed into her, making her yelp at the pain between her legs. He started crying as he moved, his grip loosening so she pulled her wrists free and hugged herself to him. “I love you Fotia, I love you so much.”

Cipher said when he spilled himself into her confines. He moved to her side and brought Fotia into his arms “I do love you Fotia”

“I love you”

“I feel guilty I had to hurt you”

“It wasn’t bad, just surprising” Cipher kissed Fotia “I hope that’s the only time I ever hurt you”

“I know it will be. Do you want to take a nap?”

“I just want to hold you anyway”

“I love how it feels when I’m with you and in your arms Cipher. I hope you’ll never call yourself disgusting again. Please stop crying” She asked since he was still shedding light tears. “That was just so amazing and like I said, I felt guilty” Cipher managed to make the tears stop as her scent washed over him. Cipher clung to Fotia, desperately needing both rest and her. He had gotten so little sleep over the years so went into a deep sleep at this moment that lasted the rest of the day and through the night. He finally felt safe and was glad to know his mate would be right there if Peony tortured him again in his nightmares.

~ The End ~

Devina & Euchoé

Devina sat outside just enjoying the feel of nature when her meditation was broken by a familiar voice “Devina! My love!” She smiled, opened her eyes then ran into his arms. They embraced tightly “I’m so glad you’re here. i was wondering when your next visit would be.”

“You could always visit me you know”

“Why when you just come here?” he smiled and kissed her cheek. “so I’ve decided somthing Devina. This trip is unlike any other.”

“How so?”

“I will not leave your side until you are my mate. I love you and only you. I know for a fact you love me so don’t deny it Devina. We’re perfect for eachother so this time I’m not just taking the no and leaving. I will be hanging around you as long as it takes” Devina giggled “I don’t want a mate”

“we’d be so happy Devina. You love me right?”

“Of course i do, you’re correct about that”

“In a romantic way right?”


“I’m crazy over you Devina. I want to be your mate and I have about a million things I’m going to try to change your mind” Devina shook her head “Alright, I like when you’re around anyway”


“I’d always be around if I were your mate” She laughed hardily “This is going to be entertaining”

“Maybe to you my love, but to me this is a serious matter. I will use whatever method it takes to make you see I am worth it.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, so prepare to be surprised.”

She shook her head. “Come, lets have lunch.”

“I will cook for you this time so just relax.” She smiled as he followed her inside then headed into the kitchen. She sat on the counter while he cooked, making him smile when she stared at him. “Someone thinks I’m sexy. It must be my amazing skill with a spatula.”

She giggled as he put the grilled cheese on plates. “It must be.”

“I hope sandwiches are okay, I felt like something easy today.”

“It’s fine, thank you.”

They sat together at the kitchen table, him not saying a word and her wondering what he had planned. After they were done eating he silently washed the dishes, making her more and more suspicious. When he turned around she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He smiled against her lips and pushed her back. “Lets go on a walk.” He said.

“To where?”

“Doesn’t matter, I just want to spend time with you.”

Devina smiled “why don’t we walk to my son and his mates house”

“sure, you can gaze upon how happy thye are being mates and finally see the light” Devina laughed and he smiled, wishing she would take this more seriously. He knew it would be a struggle to make her want a serious, long lasting relationship but he was at his breaking point. He loved her with every bit of himself, had for so many years. He needed to be with her, to wake up in the mornings with Devina on his chest. He hated scenting other males in her home, a home that he near desperately wanted to live in with her. He wondered if she knew how serious he was about not leaving her side until she was his mate. If Devina didn’t love him that would be one thing but she did so it only made sense for them to be mates.

She was stubborn but he knew he was more so especially with his need for her and his undying love. Euchoe had tried not to love her, to be ok with being fuck buddies but his love for her was too strong to stamp its flame out. He came to truly realize this after he actually cried over her with another man. He had come to see her four months ago to find her in the arms of another. He felt his heart break in his chest and all he could do was run back home, crying the whole way with frustration and sadness. it was then he knew he had to end this foolish fuck buddy business and get her to be his mate.

Euchoe grabbed Devinas hand as they walked across the desert. She smiled, tightening the grasp. “what’re you planning?”

“It’s surprises my love” He kissed her hand then continued “Just be patient. I will however tell you everything right now if you’ll be my mate”

“I’ll be surprised”

When they got to Bishin and Olivia’s the two smiled happily at seeing Devina with Euchoe. “How have you been?” Olivia asked as she hugged him.

“Just fine, traveling.”

“We’re glad to see you again, we didn’t think you’d ever come back.”

“I have a reason to keep coming back for now.”

Both of them frowned and Devina’s heart gave a lurch in her chest. She was confused at the feeling of worry that suddenly surfaced in her. “Well we hope you will come see us more often. We enjoy your company.” Bishin said.

“I will, don’t worry about that. Anyway, we were just out for a walk and thought we’d drop by.”

“Okay, don’t be a stranger.” He smiled and they left, heading over the warm sand toward an oasis they had swimmed at many times. She wanted to asked him what he meant when he said for now. It made her heart race in fear just thinking about those words. He was smiling, seemingly enjoying her company, but there was a look an emotion in his eyes that she couldn’t quite put a name to. When they made it to the oasis Euchoe found a place under a tree and sat down in the shade then pulled her down to sit between his legs.

“What are we doing?” Devina asked.

“Spending real time together. We always end up having sex when I come over instead of doing things together.”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“Yes so I won’t do it anymore. Not until you love me the way I love you.”

He heart gave another leap. “I do love you.”

“Not enough though. Tomorrow I want to take you somewhere.”


“You’ll just have to wait and see. It’s in another world and you’ll love it.”

“Ok, I have a question though?’


“What did you mean by for now earlier…you’ll stop seeing me one day?” Euchoe kissed Devinas cheek “I can’t be fuck buddies any longer Devina. I’m in love with you deeply. If I try the million things I’ve come up with to make you love me the same as i do you and you still don’t love me eventually I wont be able to come back…I hate to say that..I dont want to give you an ultimatium since this was all just going to be sweet and romantic but you ask so i’ll be truthful. I love you too much to come to your home and see you with another man. It hurts too much Devi, far too much. It hurts to be without you too but it hurts far worse to see you in another mans arms”

Euchoe held Devina tighter as if another male was nearby ready to snatch her up. Devinas heart sank, she hadn’t realized she had been hurting him. She knew he loved her but as a male demon she thought like any other just fucking was fine too. “Have you seen me with another man?”

“Yes…the last time i tried to visit you. I just went back home”

“I’m sorry”

“Don’t be. It’s whats given me this resolve to show you what having a real mate is like”

“We do spend time together though. i hate you feel we dont”

“I know we do. We just have sex more than we do things together is all i was really saying. I guess I was exaggerating a bit” Euchoe could tell Devina was sad “Hey, don’t get sad on me”

“I just didn’t realize i was hurting you and I feel terrible”

“I love you Devina, I love you because you’re a good person. you cna be oblivious at times but I was aware you didn’t realize the pain you were causing me. I barely realized it myself so how could you. I thought i was ok with fuck buddies until I saw you with that other demon”

“Euchoe I…”

“Lets not talk about it anymore, it makes me angry and sad.”

She closed her mouth and just sat there. Anger wasn’t something he had ever expressed, even when she rejected him. He would just say okay and leave. “How long are we going to be gone?” She finally asked.

“All day tomorrow.”

“What world?”

“Just know it’s close by and beautiful.”

He sounded a little sad and worried and she hated herself even more. “Maybe we should go back to my house.”

“If that’s what you want.” He let her go and they got to their feet. Even though he was sad he still held her hand, his thumb brushing over her palm in an affectionate manner.

“So where did you go when you left this time?”

“Protea, it’s beautiful there so I spent awhile enjoying the forest and people.”

“Is that where you are taking me?”

He shook his head. “The portal there is to far away, but maybe someday I’ll take you. Stop trying to get me to tell you where we’re going. I told you it’s a surprise and no matter wat you say I won’t tell you.”

“alright, I’ll stop.” When they arrived at her house they talked of his journeys since he was last there. Him going over every detail. This was normally pillow talk but she did actually enjoy just talking to him in her living room over coffee and cookies. He seemed to be feeling happier as he talked, happy like he always was. Since they were children she had never seen him express any other emotion but happiness and rarely sadness. She was yet to ever see him cry and doubted he ever had about anything. His name may as well be a synonym with happy since he was gleeful from the time he came into the world.

They kept talking through dinner. Afterwards Euchoe said “I’d like to still cuddle with you tonight”

‘Then please do” They went up to her room and he spoke again “please sleep with clothes on. I wont be able to resist you naked and i dont want to have sex”

“Ok, i will” Euchoe hugged Devina “did you enjoy today with me?”

“I loved it. I can’t wait for tomorrow”

“see how nice it can be to have a mate?” He said now pulling back to look into her eyes “I do have to admit it was nicer talking over coffee instead of in bed.” Euchoe smiled then kissed her. When he pulled back he grabbed her hand and placed it over his heart “I know you’ve never realized it Devina but from the time we were children my heart has belonged to you. You’ve always been…well, perfect in every way. Your laugh, that smile. I’m in love with it all Devina. I really am” Devina frowned again “I didn’t know that. You never told me you wanted to be my mate until six years ago.”

“I’ve always known how you felt about relationships…I know how your parents were and it painted a horrible picture of what being mates means but your parents didn’t belong together. They were poison to eachother and I hate thats how you grew up thinking mates were. I’m going to show you being mates can be a happy thing”

Her heart hurt thinking about how he had always been there for her, from the time they were children to when they were teenagers, he would hold her when she would cry and tell her jokes to make her smile again. He never complained, never asked for more. The first time they had had sex she had been sad and had clung to him like a piece of driftwood on the wildest of waves. He had let her, comforting her and telling her he would always be there if she needed him. Even when she was pregnant with her children, he had come by to help her when she needed it, had held her hair back when she threw up, and when they were born he had loved them like they were his own.

“I plan on loving you until you trust me with your heart Devina.” Euchoe said drowsily.

“Maybe I don’t have a heart.” She replied and he chuckled.

“Yes you do and it makes the most beautiful sound.” He fell asleep and she felt herself choke up. She wanted to cry, but she knew he would hear her and forced herself not to. She just lay there listening to his breathing for awhile, wondering why she had been so blind to his feelings. She wondered if every time he left he was doing so out of sorrow and catching her with another man must have been why he stayed away for so long this time. She had missed him and had tried to find comfort in others instead of looking for him. She swallowed the lump in her throat and closed her eyes, not wanting to be exhausted in the morning.

EuchoĂ© woke the next morning before Devina and just enjoyed her being close. He always felt the happiest when he could hold her. She meant the world to him and he wished she understood how happy they’d be if she would be his mate. He would never hit her like her father had her mother, he would never cheat on her or treat her like she was any less. She had had a miserable childhood once her mother married. Before Devina and her mom were happy and carefree then her mother met a man. They were all happy until the day her mother became his mate. The man that was now her step father became an asshole, a completely different man than before he became mates with her mother. read more

Gregory & Kifa


Gregory had this inexorable urge just to walk when he woke up that Sunday morning. He stretched and put two toaster struddles in his toaster. He waited for them to pop then enjoyed his breakfast. When he was done he set his dishes in the dishwasher, finally having enough to run the load so he filled it with Cascade then let it start before he showered and put on some pants and a hoodie. Last thing he had to do was pull his sneakers on before he walked out the door. Gregory decided to let the world direct him. He just walked along, following his instinct on where he should go. Whatever guided him had Gregory walk through the wood and onward until he reached town. He kept walking, past the toy stores, pharmacies, restaurants and clothing boutiques. He kept going until he found himself in a nice looking suburb.

He noticed a snow cone truck giving away free snow cones and decided to approach. The side of the van read Fairy Ice which amused him since he could tell the woman giving out the free snow cones was a fairy hiding her wings. She would ask what flavor they wanted and he could smell the magic as she went where the couldn’t see and made it appear. When all the kids were gone he approached. She jumped, and he could taste fear “I wont hurt you”

“Please go away” She said in a shakey voice, far from the way she spoke to the children. “I promise I wont hurt you, why are you scared?”

“what flavor do you want?” she whispered. Gregory frowned, sad to have upset such a seemingly sweet and beautiful woman so much. “Could I have cherry” She used her magic again then handed it to him. A second later the whole truck vanished. “I’m sorry” Gregory said to the air. Kifa reappeared in front of the woods she lived in and began flying as fast as she could to her home. It had been many years since she saw a vampire. Kifa never wanted to see one again or ever have to see one drain the life out of helpless victims. It brought her right back to the morning she woke to see a man standing at the edge of her room. A man with blood already on his mouth, it was the blood of their dog Trixie. He smiled maliciously then sat on the bed. “Who do you want me to drain first? Your mother or your father?”


“Don’t be annoying or I’ll drain you too. Choose little one”

“Neither” she said then screamed for her parents. They came in and she had to watch the life slowly fade from each of them. They had barely been a match for the vampires strength. She shook and cried on the bed, knowing she was next but he left. She never knew why the vampire didn’t drain her too but he had decided to spare her even though he took the lives of everyone she loved at the time.

Gregory didn’t feel much like a snowcone anymore. His heart hurt from the look of fear that had passed over the beautiful fairy’s face. He wanted to find her and do whatever he could earn her trust. Since she had taken the trouble to make it he decided to eat the snow cone. He took a bite, finding it to be amazingly delicious. He ate the whole thing, his mind only on her. When he was finished eating he walked slowly back home, hoping to catch her scent again. It wasn’t until he made it to the edge of the wood that a slight breeze blew his way and her scent filled his nose.

Kifa sat in her shower, her knees drawn up to her chin as tears slipped down her cheeks. She wanted the memoies to go away. She knew that even though the vampire had seemed nice that underneath that kind mask lurked a predator that knew only how to kill. She raised her face to the water, allowing it to wash away the tears on her cheeks. She stood, quickly washing herself then rinsing and getting out. She dried and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt then flopped down on her couch, feeling exhausted from crying. She stared off into space until her eyelids became to heavy to hold open then fell asleep.

Gregory walked along the edge of the wood trying to pick up her scent again. It was hard when the wind kept blowing and stirring up every smell there was in the forest. He was sure she had chocen this location for that exact reason. He smiled when he finally picked it up again and stepped into the woods. He focused on just her, on her face and her smile as she handed snow cones to children. He had loved that smile and the instant it had vanished he had felt a sadness take ahold of him and twist his heart in pain.

Gregory very nearly lost her scent a few times as he traveled the woods but thankfully he had inherited a strong sense of smell from his father. Even the powerful nose he had from his line of ancestors was just barely enough to keep on her trail. He went over in his head how to apologize for frightening her and how he would explain that he was harmless. He didn’t know why but he needed her to understand and not fear him. He wanted to get to know her and be her friend if he could get her comfortable being around him. He wanted to cause the smiles she was giving the children. Truly he wanted her to look at him in any way other than how she was before. He finally found a small cabin in the woods. It was made of materials in this very wood and most likely added to the trouble he had finding her. He took only two more steps forward when his body was filled with an electric current. He gritted his teeth and suppressed the growl that tried escaping, knowing if she could hear him it would only scare her further.

Upon building her house Kifa had set up an electric barrier that would only shock vampires coming near her house. She had been careful and sure of this spell so that her friends and the wildlife wouldn’t be harmed by her sphere of protection from the monsters that plagued her nightmares. It would keep them in a constant shock until they reached her door. Gregory backed up from the electric current panting. His muscles were tense and his teeth hurt from how tightly he had clenched his jaw. He sighed, realizing this was a barrier meant to keep his kind out. He didn’t know how long it would shock him but he needed to get to her door and talk to her. He would do it even if it meant enduring more current. He knew his body could handle it since he had trained himself before with tolerating electricity. It had only been so bad the first time because he wasn’t expecting it.

He took a few more breaths then mentally prepared himself for the pain that would ensue. When he was mentally ready for the pain he walked in. His legs were heavy as the muscles didn’t want to function but he forced the forward, praying this would stop when he reached her door. On and on he trudged through the unrelenting current until finally he stepped foot on her front steps. He let out a sigh of relief when the electricity quit coming.

Kifa heard footsteps on her front porch, her eyes flying open. A knock sounded at the front door and her heart leapt in her chest. She didn’t know who would be here at this time without calling her first. She got up and walked slowly over to the front door and looked out the peephole. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw the vampire standing there, covered in sweat from the effort it took to force himself through her barrier. “What do you want from me?” She asked, her voice squeaking from fear.

“Please, I just want to talk that’s all. Can I come in?” He replied.

“No, just go away.”

Gregory cleared his throat. “I swear I won’t hurt you.”

“Please, leave me alone.”

He sighed. “Fine, if you won’t let me in then I’ll just sit out here until you do.” He slid down to her porch, resting his back against her front door. “I’m serious, I’ll sit right here until you open up and actually talk to me.”

Kifa backed away from the door, her heart thundering loudly. She knew he must hear it and was probably just taunting her. She knew he could easily break the door down. She knew if she tried to run he would just give chase again so she curled up on the couch, scared out of her mind. Gregory stared out at the woods, watching as blue jays flew by, harrassing each other over who got to sit in what tree. He hummed softly to himself and closed his eyes, allowing the peace of this place to wash over him. He had always loved the woods. Even when his stomach grumbled he refused to move from his spot, he wanted to see her and hoped if he waited long enough she would come out.

As noon passed and night fell Kifa got up and peeked out her window. She saw that he was still sitting there and wondered what he was doing. She knew tonight was going to be cold, she could feel it all the way to her core. She sighed and sat back down, feeling more and more guilty the longer he sat out there. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and got up and pulled her door open, causing him to fall backwards, a look of surprise on his face. “Just come in already.”

She walked away and sat on her couch as Gregory got up. She tensed and waited for him to harm her or do whatever else he planned next to torture her. Having him inside was causing her body to rattle in fear. He shut her door, the sound making her jump and whimper even though he did it gently. His heart sank in his chest. He had known she was afraid as he sat outside but right now she looked more afraid than he had ever seen a person before and he had been on a few jobs with his parents. “I haven’t hurt you have I? Please stop rattling and tensing. I swear i wont do a thing to hurt you.”

“Then you’re just having fun scaring me and wont require anything more? How long are you going to stay in here? The night or do you want my home because I can move if you want this place.” Her voice was small and as shakey as her body but it had a hint of anger was in it  from him making her let him in. “it’s nothing like that. I don’t want to scare you. It hurts my heart that you’re so frightened of me. I don’t want your house either. I would never take anything from you. I’ve got my own home. I just want you to talk to me and get to know me so you wont be afraid. I want us to be friends. I’m Gregory by the way. Can I know your name?”


“Why are you afraid when I’ve done nothing to you?” Gregory inquired and Kifa sighed. She didn’t want to talk about it but knew he’d probably force that too and she’d only be subjecting herself to further torment if she tried not to tell him. Kifa sat there silently as she tried to force the words out but her fear was paralyzing her. He moved closer and she involuntary whimpered again. “Ok, I’ll stay over here” Gregory sat down on the floor where he was standing though his muscles ached and he wanted to sit on the couch with her. When she still didn’t speak he coaxed ‘Please tell me why you’re afraid. Maybe I can work on it so you’ll like me”

“You don’t have vampire friends?” She responded. “Yes I do, I have friends of many races”

“Are you collecting then? You need a fairy? I’ll claim to be your friend if you’ll leave me in peace” Gregory sighed patiently ‘No, I’m not collecting friends of different races Kifa. I don’t normally make friends this way either but I know you wont speak with me any other way and I have to know what’s scaring you so badly if I’m going to work on being your friend. I just feel a need to be with you and I’m sure we can work on whatever reason you’re afraid of me. Please let me try” Kifa was surprised that he had instantly sat when coming towards her had made her whimper and how kind and gentle his voice was. He wasn’t acting at all how she expected a vampire to act in her home aside from the fact he was forcing his presence on her when she had made it clear she wanted him gone.

Kifa looked at his face. He looked like he was in pain, both physical and in his heart like he was claiming. She knew it had to have been excruciating to walk through her barrier. He must have been really determined to talk to her. In a more stable voice than he had heard her speak in Kifa offered ‘You can come sit on the couch if you stay on the opposite end of me. I’m sure you’re aching” He stood ‘thank you”



He sat down slowly on the other end of the couch, giving her a friendly smile and keeping his hands in his lap so she could see them. Gregory wished she would relax. He could tell how tense her muscles were like she was ready to spring up at any minute and run. “If you don’t want to tell me why you hate me, you don’t have to. We can just sit here in silence.”

“Wh…when I was little a vampire killed my parents. He tried to make me choose who should die first, but…but…” her lip quivered and tears filled her eyes. He wanted to hold her and comfort her, but he stayed put. “I couldn’t so I screamed and he killed them both right in front of me. Then he just left.”

Gregory frowned. “I am truly sorry for your loss. I would be devastated if either of my parents died. I can only imagine how you must feel, but not all vampires are like that. My family are all very nice. We protect people all the time from monsters like that.”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth? How do I know that this isn’t some kind of trick?”

“You don’t, you’ll just have to trust me or at least open yourself up to the possibility that I’m not some kind of raging psychopath out for fairy blood.”

She did want to trust him, he seemed so sincere and had even done as she asked and stayed at the other end of the couch, but her mind was still having trouble wrapping around the fact that he wasn’t a blod crazed maniac. “I just don’t know.”

“Let me prove myself to you. I’ll do anything you ask. If you want me to help you with the snow cones I will, if you want to just talk we can do that too. I just want you to see that there are good vampires out there.”

“I was going to the childrens hospital tomorrow. I promised them all a stuffed animal. I can create pretty much anything I want with my magic and I mainly use it to bring children happiness. Their smiles make me happy, especially those of sick ones. I go there once a week with somthing to make their lives a little happier. You can come with me but please, if you aren’t being sincere just hurt me and not the children. I can’t handle children suffering.”

“I wont hurt anybody I swear. Thank you for inviting me. I’ll show you that I’m nice if you just give me your time. Can I stay here tonight or do I need to go home? I don’t mind your couch.”

“I’m very intune with nature and can predict weather. You should stay here tonight. It’s going to be frigid and I couldn’t send you out in that cold. It’s why I let you in.”

“Thank you. Could you make me clothes for tomorrow so I dont have to wear these again?”


“So are you a royal fairy? I know only royal bloods have magic like yours.”

“My great grandpa was a prince who decided to leave the fairy world. He didn’t want to be a royal. So yes, that’s why i can make what i want to.”

“Can I ask you another question?”

“we can talk until I get tired” Gregory smiled as he felt her relax a little more. She was still tense but she was heading in the direction he wanted her to. “Since you were a child when you lost your parents did you raise yourself?”

“For a few years, then Kiminia found me. She could never replace my mom but she’s been a second mother to me. Her son is like a brother to me. I lived with her until i fell in love with these woods. She and her son helped me build this home. I see them both frequently and they’ll be here for dinner tomorrow. I actually forgot about that until just now.”

“You’ll let me meet them?” Gregory asked and Kifa nodded “yes, I will give you a chance. You’ve been nice so far and done what I’ve asked of you so you deserve a chance. I can’t help that you still scare me but I’m willing to try and let you calm me.”

“I wont let you down and look forward to meeting the kind woman who raised you. So has she ever had a husband?”

“No, she was fuck buddies with a man for awhile and then he got serious with a girl and they quit seeing eachother. He has no interest in his son but his son has no interest in him so it doesn’t much matter. Your parents are married?” She asked and Gregory felt her relax just a tiny bit more. His heart was finally rising back up from the depths it had plummeted to “yes, they are madly in love.”

“That’s sweet”

“Yeah, I want a love like they have some day”

“I’m sure you’ll meet a really nice vampire girl” No girl had ever caught Gregorys interest like Kifa had. he had met plenty of gorgeous women but he was drawn to Kifa, felt a connection with her and honestly cared if she was sad or scared. that was why it hurt that she was afraid of him. He wouldn’t say it out loud but from the second he saw her smile he wanted to be the one causing her happiness.

“I doubt it.” He replied and to himself he said, ‘Because I’ve already met you.’

“So do you have any siblings?”

“Yeah, my sister Dania and my brother Sebastian. They’re pretty cool. Maybe you can meet them some day.” He smiled hopefully.

“We’ll see.”

“You’ll love my whole family, I promise.”

They sat in silence for a few moments then Gregory asked, “Would you like me to cook for you?”

Kifa was still scared of having him out of her sight, but she wanted to try and trust him even a little. “Sure, if you want to. I don’t know what all I have though.”

“I’m sure I’ll find something. Why don’t you join me so I have someone to talk to.”

He stood and went into the kitchen and she hesitantly followed, sitting at the table so she could watch him. He went through her pantry and refrigerator and decided on parmesan chicken with salad. He pulled two pieces of chicken out of the freezer and stuck them in the microwave to defrost. He sat down at the table across from Kifa, smiling warmly at her as he waited for the microwave. She had to admit he was extremely handsome, especially when he smiled like that.

When the microwave beeped to tell them the chicken was ready Gregory stood up slowly once again so he wouldn’t upset Kifa. He was happy when no panic came from her. While he cooked there was silence again. He started humming again, just grateful she was allowing him to stay the night with her. Kifa found herself enjoying the sound of his humming. Gregory smiled when he felt her tenseness fading and her going into a relaxed state. He hummed a softer tune, to hopefully get her at full ease. He knew he was far too happy when he actually relaxed her, he would now hum more often if that’s what it took to get her to loosen up around him.

He kept humming until the food was ready and on the table. Kifa took first bite as he looked at her, wanting to know if she was pleased. “you like it?” He asked when she swallowed. “yeah, it was nice of you to make me dinner” He smiled that charming smile again. “anytime” he began eating with her and wished he could hum while they ate. He felt her tenseness rise a little more but not quite to how it was before. It still bothered him though. When they were done Gregory offered to do dishes and she smiled as she waved her hand. The dishes hovered over to the sink where they washed themselves then put themselves away “wow!” Gregory said and she responded ‘we should sleep now. I’ll get you a blanket for the couch”

She walked into her bedroom, grabbing her extra blanket and pillow. She handed them to Gregory and he took them as gently as he could. “sweet dreams Kifa. I will not enter your bedroom i swear so please don’t worry yourself tonight”

“ok, goodnight” Kifa walked into her bedroom quickly, locking the door behind her. He heard the door lock and sighed. He laid down, loving his blanket and pillow smelled like her. He really enjoyed her perfume like scent. He buried his face in the covers, sighing at the comfort it gave him. He wondered how much more amazing it would be to hold her. Grgeory knew he was a long ways off from that if he could ever get there with Kifa atall but it was a pleasant thought. Kifa tossed and turned in her room. She couldn’t get the picture of the vampire that killed her parents out of her head and she knew she was going to dream of him. She dreamt of his horrible face every time she encountered a vampire.



Kifa was so tired from being scared that her exhaustion finally took its toll and she fell asleep even though she fought with all her might to stay awake. His face appeared before her, his mouth and teeth covered in the blood of her parents. Her mother lay crumpled on the ground like a lifeless doll, eyes wide with horror. He drained her father who had fought for his family as hard as he could. Now he gasped and twitched in the vampire’s grasp as the life was sucked from him. She felt tears on her face and heard herself screaming, the sound loud and bonechilling.

Gregory jerked awake when he heard her wail of despair fill the silence of the house. It sent a chill up his spine and his heart slammed fearfully in his chest as he tossed the blanket aside and scrambled off the couch. He grabbed her door knob, wiggling it as he banged on her door. “Kifa wake up!” He yelled, his fist pounding against the door. “Kifa, wake up!” He pulled back and kicked her door in, not caring if she was mad about him breaking it or coming into her room uninvited. He rushed to her side, pulling her into his arms where she fought like a trapped animal. She hit him in the face, busting his lip so he grabbed her wrists in one hand while keeping her close with his other arm. “Kifa, it’s just me.” He said close to her ear.

She froze, hearing a familiar voice through the terror she was feeling. It said her name over and over again, asking her to wake up, that it was just a dream. She told herself to wake up, echoing the words that sounded softly in her ear. “It’s not real.” She said over and over again. “I’m not here.” She jerked awake, her heart pounding so fast she thought it might burst. She found herself looking up into Gregory’s eyes and her heart stuttered.

“Kifa? Oh thank god, you’re awake.”

She noticed his lip bleeding “your lip..”

“It’s ok.” He released wrists and she looked up at him not knowing what she was feeling. She then remembered her door had been locked. She looked over to see her bedroom door laying on the floor. He saw her eye movement “I’m sorry, i was just worried about you. Please forgive me” A few more tears escaped her eyes, breaking his heart. “Thank you..I’ll be ok…you can go back to the couch now” She said even though she wasn’t sure what she wanted. Kifa hated being alone after such dreams and felt like she enjoyed him holding her even though since he was a vapire she felt she shouldn’t. “You sure? I’ll stay and hum for you. It relaxed you so much earlier. I promise to leave once I have you sleeping. Don’t make me leave you like this. You can’t handle the children upset and I can’t handle you being upset. Just let me hold you and hum until you can rest”

She was surprised how pleading his voice sounded. “alright. I am trusting you to leave when I’m resting ”

‘I will not abuse that trust” Gregory pulled her closer and began to hum the softest lullaby he knew. Kifa relaxed more and more until his deep, smooth voice humming the lullaby eased her back into a peaceful rest. He knew she was sleeping but hummed awhile longer to make sure she was deeply out. He also couldn’t lie to himself that he was also still humming to hold her just awhile longer. Eventually he stopped, honoring his word and leaving Kifa for the couch. Gregory grabbed his blanket and settled back in for what was left of the night. He let her sweet scent and the lingering feel of her body take him to sleep aswell.

When morning came Kifa jerked awake, glad to see Gregory had kept his word and left her. It went a ways to helping her trust him. She sat up and used her magic to fix her bedroom door then walked into her bathroom for her morning shower. The shower running woke Gregory. his lip was better just as he expected it to be and his muscles were back to normal. He decided to start on breakfast while she readied for the day. He looked at what she had and decided on home made muffins.

Kifa stood beneath the water, letting the warmth help ease her sore muscles. She had been so tense they had cramped. She let the previous nights events play through her head, the worried look on Gregory’s face filling her head. She had not expected him to pull her from the depths of her worst fears, had not expected him to want to take care of her. No nightmares had plagued her after he had hummed her to sleep, his voice and presences chasing the shadows away. She rinsed and got out, quickly drying then going into her room and dressing. When she opened her door she was greeted by the most delicious smell and followed it into her kitchen.

“Good morning.” Gregory said with a warm smile, his lip completely healed.

“Good morning.” She replied softly. “What are you making?”

“Muffins, I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course.” She sat down at her table, looking at her hands. “I…I want to thank you for last night.”

“You’re very welcome Kifa.” She looked up at him, his smile still warm and sweet.

“Why don’t you go take a shower while I make you new clothes. I’ll watch the muffins.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please go ahead.”

He leaned down so they were looking into each other’s eyes. She swallowed nervously. “If you need me Kifa, please call for me and I’ll come running I promise.”


Gregory walked into her bathroom and she closed her eyes to picture what would look good on him. She opened them when she smelt the muffins were done and took them out before picturing Gregory again in different clothes. She actually started blushing as she imagined him. She finally decided on somthing and made it appear out of the air. Kifa walked to her bathroom door and knocked. Gregory instantly responded “you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m just leaving your clothes in front of the door. The muffins are ready too.’

“Thank you”

“I’m…I’m glad you were here last night to comfort me.”; Kifa said nervously and Gregory could barely believe his ears. He smiled and quickly finished cleaning himself. Kifa walked back to the kitchen table, blushing deeply at her own words. When Gregory was dry he happily picked up the clothes Kifa made him and put them on. They fit him perfectly which didn’t shock him since he knew how good fairy magic was. It was a pure magic given by mother nature herself. He walked out and her eyes refused to move off of him. He smiled at her stare, hoping she would look at him more today than her legs or feet like yesterday. He sat down and took a muffin ‘I like these a lot”

“I’m glad, it took me ahwile to decide what to create for you”

“no more nightmares last night?”

“No more”

“I’m relieved. I hated to leave you but I had to honor my word" Kifa smiled, this one almost like the ones she had given the children. His heart leapt with joy at the progress he had made with her. They finished their muffins then Kifa walked into the living room. She made a bag stuffed with boxes appear then said a few words in the fairies ancient language. “what’s this?” he asked when she was done “Enchanted presents. I promised the kids stuffed animals last time. When I hand them these boxes it will be whatever they are hoping it will be”she seemed unreasonably tired now for a woman who just woke “you ok?”

“Oh yeah, there’s enough for every child in the childrens hospital to have whatever they want. Believe it or not theres a limit to fairy magic and it takes a toll to use this much at once. I have to do the enchantment here all at once because obviously I can’t do it in front of the children. I need to sit down a few moments before i teleport us there. I’ll be fine though, This just takes  alot more magic than you might think”

“I’m sure it takes  alot. Please sit as long as you need.”

When she had her energy back she stood and went to lift the bag, but he grabbed it first. “Please let me, you just get us there.”

“Thank you.”

She grabbed his shoulder and teleported them a block from the hospital in a park so no one would see. “You know a lot of people already know about the existence of creatures like us so you really don’t have to hide.”

“I prefer it that way people can’t take advantage of me. Maybe some day I won’t hide myself, but I know people like us have been targeted for our gifts.”

“I understand, come on then lead the way.”

He followed her up the block, the bag slung over his shoulder like some weid Santa Claus. She waved at the receptionists and headed to the elevator. He stepped in next to her and she hit the button to the second floor, smiling happily as the elevator moved up. It dinged, the doors open and he followed her out, loving how happy she looked to be here visiting the children. When the kids saw her those who could came running. She hugged every single one, her face a mask of happiness.

“I brought you all presents just like I promised.” She said and they all cheered excitedly. “This is my friend Gregory and he will be helping me hand them out. Everyone say hi.”

“Hi Gregory.” They said as one.

“Hey little ones, are you ready for some presents?”



“yeah!” they all said as one. Kifa laughed and talked to the kids as she handed their gifts out. Her face showing true delight when their faces lit up. She got many tight hugs and thank yous from them all while the nurses and doctors enjoyed the happy display. There wasn’t a soul in the hospital that didn’t look forward to Kifas visits. Once all the kids that were out in their play area had their gifts Kifa went to find the children she knew were missing. Gregory could feel her grow sad at the thought of children too ill to leave their beds. The first one they went to see crumbled his heart also as the child was relying on a machine to breath for him. His parents were sitting by the bed looking as if they hadn’t slept in days. The mother looked up and smiled at kifa “Bless you, what do you have for him this time?”

“a stuffed animal he’s been wanting” The father then got up to take it “we’ll give it to him when he’s awake. Thank you so much. We’ve told you before but I’ll tell you again, we deeply appreciate your gifts. It’s one of the few times we see him smile” Kifa steadied her bottom lip as it tried to quiver. “well wishes to him” the father nodded and Kifa left the room with Gregory behind her. They went to the next room which wasn’t nearly as sad. The little girl was awake and watching television. Her dull blue eyes turned to Kifa and some of their brightness returned “Kifa!”

“Mary, why are you in bed?”

“I had my chemo this morning and I still feel sick”

“I brought you your present cutie” Gregory handed Kifa a box which she gave to Mary. The little girl sat up and opened it. All the brightness returned as she looked at Rainbow Dash. “How do you always know! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome sweetie. Please get better for me”

“I’m trying, I love you miss Kifa”

“I love you too Mary” Kifa left and gave the remaining presents to the other bedbound children. Their smiles making her happy but their coditions breaking her heart. When she was done one of the nurses gave her a box “The kids colored you some pictures”

“Thank you” kifa responded as she took the box.

“You are such an amazing person.” Gregory said as they exited the hospital.

“I hate how sick some of them are, I just wish there was more I could do.”

He decided to be bold and pulled her into his arms. “Please don’t cry Kifa, you do so much for them by keeping their hopes up.”

She tensed in his embrace only for a moment, then her emotions overwhelmed her and she pressed her face into his shirt, tears slipping down her cheeks. He ran his hand up and down her back and shushed her. “I’m sorry I’m getting you all wet.” She said as she wiped her face.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. How about we go back to your place and look at those drawings.”

“Sounds good.” They went into the park and she teleported them into her living room. They sat down together on the couch and she opened the box. She very nearly burst into tears again as she looked at the drawings. Some of them depicted her as an angel, others had her handing out presents or holding hands with one of the children.

“They love you with all their hearts.”

“And I love them. I have a binder full of these wonderful drawings.”

“You know they’re right Kifa, you are an angel. A sweet, beautiful angel with the biggest heart.”

Kifa blushed deeply when her eyes met his. It was like they were repeating Gregorys words. His heart wasn’t so much betaing any onger to pump his blood but fluttering with how wonderful and beautiful this woman was. He wondered if she had any inkling of how badly he wanted, maybe even needed to kiss her how she would react. Gregory battled with himself not to lean over and do it. There was still a little fear in her, he could sense it. If he kissed her it might back peddle his progress and he wasn’t sure his lips on hers was worth Kifa looking at him like a monster again.

Kifa found herself unable to pull her eyes away from Gregorys. She couldn’t get enough of that look and didn’t know why or what there was about his eyes that were holding her captive. Much to Gregorys regret he took her hand, wanting desperatly to have some sort of contact. She jerked it away and her eyes moved form his as she moved away from him on the couch. Gregorys heart gave a painful twist adn he worried he’d be kicked out “Oh Kifa, please forgive me. I’m so sorry. You just let me hug you earlier and i thought it would be ok. I’m very sorry”

Kifa didn’t answer him and his stomach twisted along with his heart “Kifa” His tone sad as he spoke her name. She looked at him now “it’s ok, I just wasn’t expecting it”

“I wont do it again. Lets put the pictures away together”

“I’ll just put the box under my bed for now” She put the pictures in then walked to her bedroom. Gregory wanted to slam his head against her table for grabbing her hand. He knew it would be his own fault if she forced him to leave after that hug earlier and now grabbing her hand without permission. Gregory got lost in his own worried head and didn’t hear Kifa come back in the living room. He only knew she was back when she hugged him tightly from behind. “I’m not mad Gregory” She said softly.

“But you still fear me. I can see it in your eyes, that small hint of fear when you look at me.” Kifa hated she had hurt him, especially after seeing him interact with the children she held so dear. “Perhaps I should leave Kifa to spare you.”

“Gregory, I’m sorry. I’m just confused. You are so sweet and nice and I don’t know what to make of it. My head keeps spinning and I can’t help but compare you to the monster who stole my loved ones.”

“And that’s why I should leave. I want you to spend time with me because you want to, because you trust me, not because you fear I will rip your throat out.”

She felt panic creeping in. “You said you would have dinner with me and my friends. Please stay for dinner.”

Gregory sighed. “Alright, I’ll stay and meet your friends.” He felt her tighten the hug and wished this is how she wouls always be. He enjoyed her touch, the closeness of her body, and her amazing smell.

“Thank you.” Kifa hoped that after dinner she could get him to stay another night. When he was near, her nightmares stayed away. His soft humming and the gentle way he held her made her feel completely safe and if she could hold onto that for one more night then she would. “Let me make us lunch.” She said.

“May I help you?” He asked softly.

“I would love for you to.”

On her counter Kifa made all the ingredients appear for them to make home made pizza together. She could have just made a ready to eat pizza appear but she wanted to do somthing with Gregory, have fun with him and try to let go of that last ounce of fear within her. He looked at her cautiously, still wounded from making her jump. “Help me get the dough ready please” he gave her a small smile then they began. As they worked on the pizza the awkwardness of earlier passed and they began talking as if they were old friends. Before Kifa even realized it she was right up against him, their arms occasionally touching from the closeness and she wasn’t even the slightest bit afraid. Gregory noticed though and it was warming his heart that maybe it had finally sunk in that he wouldn’t hurt her if his life depended on it.

He kept his mouth shut on the off chance she was truly just not noticing because they were talking and preparing a pizza. When the pizza was in the oven they cleaned off her counters then washed their hands. “what should we do while it cooks?” Gregory asked. With only a small amount of nervousness in her tone she said softly “I would like to hug you again. I feel bad for hurting your feelings. I haven’t been very fair to you. I can’t help that vampires have always scared me since that night I lost my parents but it isn’t right to be so jumpy and hurtful to a man who walked through an electric field just to talk to me, comforted me last night and left as he said he would, was so caring at the hospital and just everything. You’ve done nothing but show you’re kind and I act like you’re going to murder me”

He walked over to Kifa then pulled her close “I understand, are you saying I’m here now because you want me to be?”

“Yeah, You aren’t forcing yourself in my presence any longer. I want you near…I really do when I never thought I’d say such a thing to a vampire. It made me sad earlier when you offered to leave and I realized how foolish I’ve been. When my family leaves tonight do you want to sleep with me again…I’d really like for you to hum me to sleep. I adore your voice. It’s so soothing”




He smiled. “I guess you kind of like me huh?”

“Just kind of.”

He laughed and pulled her tightly against him so her head rested on his chest. It felt good having her in his arms, her body fitting perfectly with his like they were made for each other. He wanted desperately to kiss her, to feel the warmth of his lips pressed into his. He refrained, deciding that he could try later when they weren’t expecting anyone for dinner later. He didn’t want to ruin the night by overstepping his bounds. “How about we watch a movie.” He said as he pulled back to look at her.

“Okay, do you care what?”

“No, anything you want is fine.”

They went into the living room and Gregory sat down while Kifa pulled open a drawer on her entertainment center and pulled out King Kong. She really loved it even though the ending was so sad. She switched everything on and popped it in then sat down next to Gregory. He smiled when she sat close and draped his arm over the back of the couch. They watched until the kitchen timer went off and Kifa got up and pulled it out. She cut one slice for her and two for him then went back to the living room.

“Thank you.” He said as she handed him his plate. “Smells delicious.” He blew on it and took a bite. “Mmm tastes even better.”

“I think this is the best one I’ve had” She said shyly. He smiled at her then they returned their attention to the movie. When the movie was over Kifa was frowning so Gregory asked ‘can I hold you and hum? I don’t want you to be sad when Kiminia and Rodrick come” She nodded and he scooped her into his lap. He held her close and Kifa rested her head on his broad shoulder. He began to him his favorite love song, one that now he would always think of her when he listened to it. Gregory wanted to keep her close as long as she would allow so would continue humming and holding her until she asked him to stop.

Kifa became so relaxed in his embrace she began needing to fight off sleep. Gregory could hear how slow her heart rate became and wouldn’t object in the slightest if she just slept in his arms until her friends came. It meant more than she could understand to him that he was able to make her this comfortable. Eventually she had to stop him “i need to make somthing for my family. They’ll be here any moment” Her voice a mere whisper. He smiled and kissed her head before he could stop himself. He waited for her to be upset but she didn’t acknowledge it in a negative or positive way. Her whole body was still in a sleepy state from sitting there so long with him humming.

Gregory stood her up and she rubbed her eyes. “I’m really happy you enjoyed that so much Kifa”

“I’ve never been so relaxed” She said warmly. Kifa didn’t want to cook so she used her magic to make a meal appear on the table. It was a foolish idea after making presents, making ingredients appear and then becoming that relaxed because she simply passed out as soon as it was there. Gregory was fast enough to catch her. He carried her over to the couch to let Kifa rest until her family came.

When Kiminia and Rodrick showed up Kifa was still asleep so Gegory answered the door. They both gave him a peculiar look and became worried that a vampire was in Kifa’s home. “Please come in, Kifa’s sleeping. She overexerted herself. I’ll wake her.” They were both glad to see her resting soundly on the couch, their hearts slowing as Gregory sat down next to her and gently woke her. “Kifa, your family is here, wake up.” He said softly and brushed his knuckles over her cheek.

Kifa’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at Gregory. “Is everything okay?” She aksed then she saw Kiminia and Rodrick and jumped off the couch.

“We should be asking you that Kifa dear. Have you come down with a fever?” Kiminia said.

“No, why?”

“You have a vampire in your living room looking like he belongs here. Has he put some spell on you?”

“That’s not my specialty ma’am.” Gregory chimed in with a friendly smile.

“And what is your specialty?” Rodrick asked.

“My intuition, it never steers me wrong. I let it pull me to where it thinks I should be. That’s how I met Kifa. I’m also super fast, strong, and have a very high tolerance for electrical shock. I can create psychic barriers of protection and I’m a telepath.”

“That’s quite impressive and how did you manage to get Kifa to let you in?”

“I walked through her electrical barrier and refused to leave until she gave me a chance.” His honesty had them laughing even though they were trying to be serious.

“I’m still shocked she let you in atall” Kiminia said then Kifa spoke “it was going to be really cold and couldn’t let him suffer.” Kiminia smiled ‘My ever sweet girl. How’re things going between you two then?” Grgeory waited for Kifa to answer “good, I’m glad he made me give him a chance. He’s very nice and we’ve been having fun. He helped me give out toys at the childrens hospital today”

“If she’s fine with you then I’m happy to meet you”

“My name’s Gregory”

“I am Kiminia and my son here is Rodrick. I’m sure kifa told you of us though”

“Yes, I do have a question if you don’t mind?”


“are you dragons? I’ve never met a dragon but I could swear that’s what your scent is. My father has described it to me” Kiminia smiled “yes we are, both pure blooded dragons” They sat down at the table and began eating the food Kifa made appear before she over spent herself. “Now Kifa, what have I todl you about over doing yourself with your magic? It’s not healthy sweetheart.”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking”

“Please, you are an immortal creature but I still dont wish you to do things that are harmful to yourself”

“I know. I love you too” Kifa said with a smile. Kiminia smiled back “I do love you sweetheart. I’m glad you’ve managed to make friends with a vampire. I was worried you’d spend your life terrified of the lot. Not that i would have blamed you for it.” now looking at Gregory Kiminia continued “Poor thing, she was scared even of me when I found her. It was pouring rain and she sat just shivering inside of a hollowed tree. it took a lot of coaxing for little Kifa to let me bring her home where I could warm and feed her. Her magic wasn’t matured yet so she couldn’t just produce anything like she can right now. She looked half starved but no matter what i offered she wouldn’t leave that trunk. Like you i wouldn’t leave until she came with me. I couldn’t leave a small girl like that alone in the wood”

“Thank you for saving her. Without your intervention I would never have met her.”

Kiminia smiled at the sweet way Gregory talked about Kifa. The way his eyes rested on her said he had already fallen in love with her and would do whatever he could to make her happy. “You are very welcome young man.”

“So can you show us your powers?” Rodrick asked.

“Rodrick, what is with you and always wanting to size others up.” Kiminia said in a chastising tone.

“I just want to make sure he can protect my sister.”

“Your sister is sitting right here you muscle head and can take care of herself.” Kifa chimed in, embarrassing Rodrick.

“I don’t mind Kifa.” Gregory said. He stared at Rodrick, his eyes seeming to bore into the dragon’s skull as he slipped into his head. “There’s a girl, black hair, blue eyes. She’s beautiful, sweet, and always smells of flowers. She runs a flower shop, everything grown with love and care. MariAnne, that’s her name. You often help her with hauling heavy things and deliveries just so you can spend time with her. Her husband died of cancer.” He pulled out of Rodrick’s head, the dragon’s expression one of shock.

“wow” he said with a blush while his mother and sister giggled. Rodrick growled at them which only made them laugh more. “You big baby” Kifa said. “She’s still mourning. I can’t tell her how I feel Kifa.”

“Are you sure she’s still mourning or do you use that as an excuse?”

“Excuse” Gregory added making the women laugh again. They had a wonderful supper together. Gregory managed to win over both Kiminia and Rodrick in one meal. Still, before Kiminia left she spoke to Gregory inside of his head “Not saying you will because i can see the love in your eyes when you look at my Kifa but you are to never let any harm become of her or cause her any harm yourself. She may not have come from my loins but she will always be my daughter. You are not a young vampire, nor are you a fool so I know you are aware of the fury a dragons wrath can unleash. I like you, make no mistake. I’m just giving you fair warning”

Gregory smiled and returned ‘i would give my life for her happiness. You don’t have to worry” Kiminia smiled then walked out with her son. “They really liked you”

“I think so too”

“So, have you been in my head?”

“No, your head is your own. Rodrick invited me into his. I dont go into anyones unless I know I’m welcome there. Don’t worry about me listening to any thoughts”

“I was just curious” Gregory sighed happily, his eyes gazing into hers as if she was somthing to be worshipped “will you sit while I take care of your dishes?”

“I can do it”

“No magic, just sitting. Please”

“ok” Kifa sat down and Gregory took care of the kitchen. When he was done he said “You didn’t get very good rest last night and asked a lot of yourself today. Maybe we should head to bed. I’m welcome to hold you while you sleep right? I’ll hum for you” Kifa smiled “I’d really like if you stayed in there all night with me and for all the nights that followed tonight” Though it was impossible Gregory could have sworn his heart danced in his chest “I will stay with you for eternity if you’ll let me.” he closed the distance between them and gently cupped her right cheek “I love you and I hope this means you could atleast grow to love me too Kifa” Kifa smiled up at him then gently tugged him down to kiss her. He let out small moan from how happy it made him to feel his lips on hers. When she pulled back she said with a playful smile “if you dont know what my answer is from that you’re an idiot”

Gregeory laughed and picked her up so he could carry Kifa to bed. They cuddled close, just the contact and knowing she wasn’t afraid and loved him too givng him tingles through his body. He hummed a happy song for her. One that expressed his jubilance that he had earned her trust and love. He hummed long after she was resting. His bliss keeping him awake, her warmth seeping through his skin and wrapping around his heart. He laid there hoping he could make her as happy as he felt in this moment and that they’d truly always be together just as his parents.

~ The End ~

Andrew & Fleur

Andrew got off the bus and walked into the school lunch area to have his breakfast. Ashton always sent him to school with muffins and fruit since Andrew hated the taste of school breakfast. He opened his container and picked a few grapes off the stem. Just as he tossed one in his mouth George and his always following friends Rick and Jason came up behind him. Preschool, elementary and middle had been fun. He breezed through easily and had many friends but this wasn’t the case in High School. The Juniors and Seniors loathed him for being so intelligent and it only fueled some of their fires when they found out he had two dads. Andrew did have friends but they were fellow nerds so were no help when he was pushed around.

“What did your princess of  a father make you for breakfast today?” Rick snatched Andrews lunch and began eating it while George grabbed the back of Andrews chair and flipped him out. Jason then kicked Andrew in the face while he was still down. As Andrew tried to get up a lunch lady came storming out “you leave that boy alone right now!” She seethed. The ever kind Melva worked the register where kids paid for their meals at school and never tolerated them picking on Andrew when she could see it. They knew she would get them in detention so they backed off. Rick dumped Andrews breakfast on the floor as George said “Needing old ladies for your fights is pathetic you scar faced freak”

“get right now or I’ll have you in detention” George rolled his eyes and walked off with his friends. ” Andrew got up and started picking up his lunch “I’ll get it when you leave for class baby. Are you ok?”

“It’s fine Melva. I have enough time before the bell rings”

“This isn’t alright Andrew. I wish the prinicple would do anything about them.”

“I have three more years of High School and I’m done. I’ll be ok. Besides, I told you before. I don’t want to talk about it with the principle because he’ll tell my dads”

“why don’t you want them to know?”

“James is liable to break their necks or those of their fathers”

“I’m sure your dad has more control than that”

“Not if he finds out the way they talk about my dad Ashton. James isn’t known for being level headed when it comes to me or him if someone is hurting us.”

“still, I can’t take the way they treat you” The bell rang and Andrew threw his food in the trash. He hugged Melva “I’ll be ok, just three years and this one will be over before you know it.” Andrew said as he grabbed his bag and headed to his first class. Melva just watched him walk off sadly, wishing High School wasn’t being so cruel. She hadn’t said anything and wouldn’t but she was friends with his parents when the accident occurred. The first day he went through the lunch line she couldn’t even speak he looked so much like his father. The only thing that didn’t was his smile because that belonged to his mother. She started talking to him when she had chances and learned that he was put up for adoption when he was a baby because his parents were in a car accident. She didn’t have proof but she knew in her heart he was the grown up Andrew she had met as a baby.

Andrew paused in the doorway when he saw a gorgeous girl, with the deepest black hair he had ever seen standing in the front of class. She was so beautiful to him he could no longer move, hadn’t even realized he wasn’t moving. A girl class mate shoved Andrew from behind “Move freak” Andrew blsuhed and hurried into the classroom. When everyone was sitting Mrs Heut shut her door then stood by Fleur. “I’d like everyone to welcome Fleur. Her family just moved here from the Netherlands. She speaks English but has trouble with it from time to time so I expect you all to be patient with her since ours isn’t her first language.” The teacher pointed Andrew out making his heart speed up “Fleur, this is Andrew. The school has arranged for you to have all your classes with him since he speaks Dutch. He can help you if you are having trouble with any English”


Fleur smiled at him and Andrew felt all the wind leave his lungs. She walked over and sat “hello Andrew, I’m so glad anyone here speaks Dutch. You are such a blessing” Andrew smiled back as best he could in his weakened state “Don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I speak Dutch perfectly” She smiled “nou dan denk ik dat we Nederlands moeten spreken in elke klasse. We kunnen onze eigen prive-gesprekken waar nieuwsgierige mensen niet kunnen luisteren. Ik eerlijk gezegd niet zoals de meeste andere mensen tot nu toe. Ze zijn vol van zichzelf als de meeste Amerikanen, geen overtreding. Je lijkt lief, maar misschien hoe knap je bent maakt me snel om veronderstellingen over je karakter.”

Andrew laughed then cleared his throat when the teacher glanced his way. “Sorry, just explaining some American uh stuff.” He cleared his throat again and turned to Fleur. “Ik kan eerlijk zeggen dat dit niet een daad. Ik heb niet echt opschieten met veel van de kinderen hier. Ze vinden het leuk om te knoeien met mij, want ik heb twee vaders.”

She frowned and he worried the prospect of him having two fathers would make her hate him too. “Dat is volstrekt onaanvaardbaar. Geslacht maakt niet goede ouders, liefdevol een kind doet.”

“I’m really glad you agree.” He spent the rest of class helping her understand some of the words in their text books, his heart fluttering with every smile and thank you. When the bell rang she followed him to his locker and he retrieved the book for their next class. He then walked with her to hers, barely noticing all the jealous glares being shot his direction. He was to lost in Fleur to even care. He helped her put in her locker code since she said she had had trouble with it the first time around.

“Thank you so much.” She said with her warm, electric smile.

“If you keep having trouble just tell me and you can share my locker. I don’t mind and it would probably be easier to go to classes together.”

“Je bent zo lief, hoe kan iemand die je haat?” She said then kissed his cheek. He blushed a deep crimson and she giggled at his shyness. “Come on, take me to class.”

In their next class the teacher was late so two of the other boys came up to Andrew and Fleurs desks “why are you hanging out with this loser? You’re new here so I guess you don’t know that someone like you is way better than a scar faced freak with two butt humpers as parents” Her previously cheerful face instantly turned into anger. She stood up and got in their faces “He is an amazing man and his face is handsome even though it is scarred. Scars are manly and I would say his face looks much better than yours. You have a big nose and your eyes are too close together. It sickens me you two don’t like his fathers just because they are two men in love. My sister likes girls so you’re insulting her too when you insult his fathers! You schokkens!”

The two boys were baffled and didn’t know what to say. One was about to open his mouth when the teacher came back in ‘what’s going on?”

“Nothing” The boys said and walked away. the teacher looked at Fleur “is there truly nothing?”

“Yes mam, nothing atall” Fleur sat back by the shocked Andrew. “Heeft u ooit de Neanderthalers luisteren. Ik hou echt van je Andrew en ik zal niet tolereren een persoon tegen je praat of over u als dat. Ik zal niet alleen.” she said still seeming angry. “Ik hoop dat je zijn vrienden met me geen zorgen dat je te veel moeite” Andrew said back and she looked at him seriously “Ik zei je toen we elkaar ontmoetten. Je aanwezigheid hier is een zegen. Tegen het einde van dit jaar heb ik al die dwazen daar plaats zal hebben gezet. Mijn vader heeft me vele methoden van vechten geleerd en als ik moet ezels schoppen onwetende mond zal ik dicht. U ahve een goed hart en een knap gezicht. Laat ze je vertellen dat je lelijk of niet de moeite waard befriending bent.”

Andrew smiled back, loving when she reffered to him as handsome. he hoped she truly thought so. At the end of the school day Andrew said “My dad Ashton picks me up after school. Want to come home with me so I can help you with your homework? I’m sure my dad would drive you home afterward” Fleur seemed to be pleased by his offer “I’d love it. I will call my father. He wont mind if your fathers wont mind. maybe we can make it an every night thing if your fathers wont care. Mine will be glad I’m getting help while I finish learning my English”

Andrew waited patiently while she called her father, tuning out her words so as not to seem nosy. Ashton pulled up while she was talking and he waved at him and hurried over to the car. “He buddy, ready to go?” Ashton asked.

“Can you wait just a minute dad, I have someone I want to bring home.” He stepped aside and pointed at Fleur, making Ashton smile.

“She’s cute.”

“I know.” Andrew said out loud then blushed, making his dad laugh. When Fleur finally got off the phone she hurried over to them with a big smile.

“My father said I can stay over as long as I like, but he would like to set up a dinner date with you and your family to get to know you.” She noticed Ashton in the car and smiled said hello. She quickly got in the car and Andrew hesitated, his heart beating a little quicker.

“Take your time Andrew, we’re in no rush.” Ashton said and he took a deep breath then climbed in next to Fleur. He buckled up with shaking hands, feeling like a coward in front of his beautiful new friend.

“Alles goed met je?” She asked and grabbed his hand. Mijn god, je schudden.”

“I’m fine, dad can we go please?”

“Sure, you know your father is making your favorite for dinner. I’m glad he decided to make extra. Oh and Fleur make sure you tell your father that we would love to get together and have dinner. In fact when we get home you can have Andrew put our number in your phone so your parents can call us and we can set up a good day.”

“amazing, you have a very sweet son. I have trouble with English somtimes since I am still learning so he’s been a big help all day. I hope I’ll be allowed over every evening so he can help me understand my homework”

“of course you are” Fleur was concerned for Andrew. He still seemed so nervous. She stroked his hand with her thumb, hoping those boys hadn’t made him feel bad. She truly didn’t see anything wrong with his face and really enjoyed his company. Tomorrow she would knock out anybody who made him feel bad. She wondered if his dads knew he was being bullied. Ashton tried to contain his smile as he drove but as Andrews father he could see the huge crush his son had on Fleur. He knew James would notice aswell and have the same trouble.

When they arrived home they got out, grabbing their backpacks and heading inside. Fleru offered her cellphone to Andrew ‘please put your number in” he put the housephone and his cellphone in hers. She smiled “dank u”

“Je bent van harte welkom. Laat me je voorstellen aan mijn vader James en dan gaan we huiswerk tot het avondeten.” She nodded and they walked into the kitchen. Ashton cleared his throat “Andrew brought someone home” James turned around and smiled “Hi, I’m james.”

“I’m Fleur, I am not from here and am still learning English. Your son has been helping me so much. I’ll be coming over for homework nightly if that’s ok”

“Of course it’s ok. It’s good to meet you” Andrew nervously said “we’re going to my room now to do our homework” James smiled turned to that of a knowing one, already noticing his sons crush “alright, we’ll call you when dinners ready”

“Your fathers are very sweet.” Fleur said as they headed upstairs.

“Yeah, they’re the best.” When they went into his room Sheba raised her head and her tail went crazy. The old dog had watched over him for years, following him wherever she was allowed and cleaning up any food mess he made. She was nineteen years old and still going strong.

“Hallo lieve puppy. Kan ik u pat?” She said and Sheba cocked her head to the side.

“You can pet her, she loves people.”

Fleur reached out and rubbed the old dog’s head, smiling happily at her wagging tail. “She’s a good girl.”

“She’s my best friend.” Andrew said as he pulled his homework out of his bag and sat down on the floor. Fleur followed him, but laid down on her stomach instead. He helped her with her math, which she seemed to pick up on fairly quickly and then her English. He moved so he was laying next to her and helped her pronounce the words she had the most trouble with. It was nice being so close to her, feeling her warmth against him. They smiled at each other, getting lost in each other’s eyes. Andrew started blushing and Fleur let out a soft laugh.

“Je bent zo schattig.” She said softly and he turned and even brighter shade of red.

“Ik denk het niet.” He replied.

“Why, because of those boys? They are nothing but uh jaloers dwazen. Don’t let their bullying get to you.”

Ashton heard them talking as he passed, pausing when he heard the word bullying. He hated to be eavesdropping, but it really worried him that his son might be being bullied. “No, I don’t take what they say to heart. Thank you for standing up for me though, not many people would.”

“I could do nothing else.” He smiled happily at her. “So why were you upset in the car?”

He frowned. “Oh, that had nothing to do with bullies.”

“Then what was it?”

“Um..well. I haven’t made any new friends since going to High School since as you saw today everybody hates me because of my face, my smarts and my dads. I just spend all day trying to avoid the jeers and people stealing my food at breakfast and lunch. I’m just nervous to finally have a friend. It’s weird having someone be nice to me but it’s definitely a good kind of weird.” Fleur hugged Andrew “Like I said, I will start knocking people out who are cruel to you. I wont stand for it. You are too nice of a guy. ” Andrew smiled “lets just finish our homework so we’ll be done by dinner. We only have one subject left”

“alright” Ashtons heart sunk. He had no idea he had been having such trouble in High School and debated if he should tell James or not. He knew James might over react as Ashton felt like doing. They were both very protective of their son. Standing in the hall Ashton decided to tell James tonight since he knew his husband would be mad if he kept somthing like that to himself. Ashton wondered why Andrew hadn’t said anything to them.

Ashton sighed then walked downstairs. James noticed right away his husband was upset “you ok?” James asked, concern evident in his face “yeah”

“don’t lie”

“we have to talk about it tonight”

“did I do anything wrong?” The concern now drenching his tone. Ashton smiled then kissed his husband “Just because I have to talk to you doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong handsome”

“I would just rather know so I don’t drive myself crazy until then with worry”

“Well don’t, you have done nothing to upset me” James went back to cooking with that comfort while Ashton still felt troubled about Andrews situation. When dinner was ready Ashton went to get Fleur and Andrew while James made the plates. Andrew and Fleur had been done with their homework and were just sitting on his bed talking so they could get to know eachother better.

Ashton tapped on his door. “Quit making out and come eat dinner.” He said, making Andrew blush and Fleur laugh. They came out and followed Ashton downstairs and into the dining room. They sat down next to each other, making both James and Ashton smile again. It was cute to see their little man crushing so hard on a girl.

“This smells delicious.” Fleur said.

“Well go ahead and dig in.” James replied.

“Oh would you two like anything to drink. We have lemonade, milk, water, and soda. I would offer you a beer, but you’re both still too young.” Ashton said and both of them asked for lemonade. Ashton got up and poured them each a glass then brought them back.

“Thank you.” Fleur said then they started eating. James and Ashton laughed as Fleur talked excitedly in dutch about the food. Andrew translated, making her giggle when she realized she had gone off on a tangent and no one but him had understood her. “I’m sorry for rambling.”

“Oh it’s no problem, we don’t mind relying on Andrew to translate.” Ashton replied, making her smile again. They finished dinner and Fleur insisted on helping Ashton with the dishes.

“May I ask what happened to Andrew’s face?” She said as she rinsed the plates and Ashton put them in the dishwasher.

“He was in an accident when he was really little. It killed his parents and gave him that scar. It makes it hard for him to get in cars.”

“How sad.”

“He’s doing a lot better than he was when we brought him home. Before he used to panic, but now he just gets a little scared. He’s tough as nails.”

“Yes he is” She realized he had lied about the car. Maybe it was a partial truth and not truly a lie but regardless she understood him not wanting to say to a new friend I’m afraid of cars at sixteen years old. Especially when the rest of school treated him the way they did. After the dishes were clean Fleur went to grab her things then hugged Andrew ‘tonight was so much fun. I’m glad I’m coming back tomorrow and that soon you’ll meet..ugh, I’ve lost my word um”

“parents” Andrew said. Fleur smiled “yes, my parents” She kissed his cheek making his heart flip. “Bye mijn nieuwe lieve vriend”

“Bye Ik zie je morgen” She walked out the door with Ashton. The second Fleur sat in the car she felt sad. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to spend more time with Andrew. At a stop light Ashton really wanted to ask Fleur about what was going on with Andrew at school but didn’t know if he should or not. He didn’t want to pressure her and scare her off from the friendship. At her house Ashton walked Fleur to her door, smiling at her father when he answered “thank you for letting my daughter do homework and have dinner at your home”

“It wasn’t any problem”

“I trust she behaved?”


“Good, Did she tell you i wish to have dinner with your family somtime so i may get to know you three?”

“Yes, she has our numbers when you decide on a godo day to have us over”

“wonderful, goodnight then. Safe travels home”

“Night” Ashton said then went back to his car. Fleur hugged her parents and sister then when straight to her bedroom. A short time later Noa knocked. Fleur yelled “binnenkomen” Noa walked in “je hoeft niet blij. Alles goed met je zus?”

“Ik ontmoette deze echt geweldig jongen vandaag. Zijn naam is Andrew. Ik ben verdrietig omdat ze hem pesten op school en dan vind ik dat hij was in een auto-ongeluk als baby, die hem bang voor auto’s heeft gemaakt. Hij is net zo lief en leuk en geweldig en ik haat dingen voor hem.”

“oh zus heeft een dikke vette crush. Wat deed je in zijn huis?” She began to make kissing noises and Fleur pushed her “klop het af Noa ik die jongen blozen zoveel dat ik zou waarschijnlijk een hartaanval geef hem als ik kuste hem.”

“Hij klinkt schattig”

“hij is”

“Het spijt me de andere kinderen hem pesten”

“Zij zullen niet veel langer. Ik ga ze allemaal op hun plaats te zetten.”

“Goed. Ik moeten naar bed hoor. Ik wilde alleen maar om te controleren op u”

“Ik hou van je. dank”

“Ik hou ook van jou” Fleur laid in bed looking at her ceiling. She decided to fight off her sad thoughts with ones of Andrews laugh and the cute way he blushes. She thought of their entire day until sleep claimed her. Ashton and James climbed into bed. “Now talk to me please. You say i did nothing but I’m still in knotts wondering” Ashton kissed James chest “I was walking by our sons room and overheard he’s being picked on in school”

James’ eyes filled with anger, his face becoming dark as he started to get out of bed to go talk to Andrew about these bullies. Ashton grabbed his arm and forced him to stay. “Let me go, Ashton, I have to talk to him.”

“James please, this is probably why he didn’t say anything. He knows how protective we are and didn’t want us or mainly you to go and beat some teenaged boys into the ground.”

“I won’t touch them, I’ll just make them piss their pants.”


He gave him a pleading look and James sighed then relaxed back in bed. “I just want to help him Ashton. He’s aleady been through enough in his life.”

“How about we talk to him tomorrow after school while Fleur is here. He seems to draw strength from her.”

“Okay, I guess I can handle that.”

Andrew stared up at his ceiling, thinking only of Fleur and how amazing she was. It meant a lot to him to have someone who accepted the fact he had two dads. He never regretted his fathers for a second and couldn’t see himself with anyone else as his parents. He just wished people were more open hearted and open minded. He sometimes felt bad for the boys who tormented him and wondered if maybe their parents had said something to make them hate homosexuals. He turned onto his side and closed his eyes, taking Fleur with him into his dreams.

Andrew woke feeling deeply rested. Fleurs on his mind the second he got up. Andrew quickly took his shower, pulled on his clothes for the day then went down to the kitchen. Ashton and James were having coffee and waiting on him. Andrew set his backpack on the counter and took out the Tupperware container from yesterdays breakfast. The lid had broken from hitting the ground. He sighed “damn, I didn’t even notice that. I’m sorry. I broke another lid. it’s these heavy books in here” Ashton frowned at the lie. He was now sure Andrew wasn’t the one breaking his Tupperware containers when they came home broken. “It’s ok” Just come grab your breakfast for today” Andrew hugged Ashton “I love you. I’ll be more careful”

James got up, needing to hug his son. Andrew also exchanged I love yous with James then ran out to catch his bus. James let show a little more how angry he was “he hasn’t been breaking those damn lids atall” James said through the gritted teeth it took not to go to school. Ashton grabbed his hand we could always go visit Adelyn. She’s off today and maybe her daughters mentioned somthing about what’s going on with Adrew at school since she’s a freshman. Andrew may be a Sophmore but their paths are bound to cross from time to time. She could have atleast heard talk.”

“I don’t know if I should hear anymore. I just want to teach those punks a lesson for picking on my son”

“Just try and remember they are other peoples children. Little jerks but still they are to someone else what Andrew is to us and they wouldn’t appreciate a man as strong as you beating up on their kid or even scaring them until their pants are wet.” James kissed Andrew “i guess we’ll go visit. That way we have a better grasp of what’s going on if Andrew decides not to tell us. If their daughter hasn’t mentioned anything it’ll be good to keep our minds busy so i don’t end up at school.” Andrew got off the bus then went to his normal table. Much to his delight Fleur soon joined him “hey!” I’ve been waiting for you since my mother dropped me off.

“I take the bus here, sorry”

“don’t be sorry. How was the rest of your night?”

“I pretty much went to sleep after you left”

“same as me. I got home then went to bed.”

“How much english does the rest of your family speak?”

“My father speaks it perfectly, my sister about the same as me and my mother hardly atall.” Andrew smiled. “so did you enjoy doing homework with me?”

“I loved it. My father could help me but I’d rather you did” Andrew blushed and she smiled at his adorableness. George came up behind them “i think you’re at the wrong table beautiful. You should sit with us and not some loser” Fleur angrily growled in her throat as she stood “we were having a nice conversation and I’d like to get back to it instead of beating some sense into you. Back off! I’m sitting at the table I want to be sitting at and he’s not a loser, you idiots who pick on him are.’

George blinked in shock then his face contorted with anger and he stomped away. Fleur sat back down, her smile instantly returning the minute her eyes rested on Andrew. “Thanks.” Andrew said and she grabbed his hand.

“We moeten bij elkaar blijven.” She replied softly.

“Je zult een paria zijn als je bij me blijft. Is dat goed?”

“Ik zal genieten van een paria zolang ik bij jou ben.”

He blushed again. “Would you like to share my breakfast?” He pulled out the container and popped it open. “It’s biscuits and gravy with sausage.”

“Let me get a fork.” She went up to where other kids were in line and grabbed a fork then hurried back. She sat down and they ate and talked together. Fleur made him blush whenever she could, loving the way his cheeks turned bright red and he looked away from her for a brief moment as if he was trying to gather his thoughts. When the bell rang he put the tupperware container back in his bag and Fleur dropped her fork off before joining him in the hall.

Andrew wanted very much to hold her hand, but told himself it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. She was so pretty and could have anyone. They went to his locker first where he grabbed his book then they headed to hers. “So, why didn’t you tell me about your accident?” She asked while he opened her locker.

“Because it happened so long ago, I guess I didn’t think about it.”

“Andrew, gelieve niet te verbergen dingen van mij, je vader vertelde me over je angst vour autos.”

He frowned. “Ik wilde niet dat je denkt dat ik een lafaard was. Het spijt me voor je liegt. Vergeef me.”

“Ik begrijp het, ik heb geen leugens tussen ons willen”

“Er zal nooit een ander. Ik beloof het.” They went to their classes and were mostly left alone by the other students. They sat outside for lunch today since the weather was so nice. As Andrew took a drink Fleur took his free hand to hold it nearly causing Andrew to choke on his milk. His heart beat picked up just from her soft touch. “it’s ok for me to hold your hand right?”

“yeah..I mean.I like it” He went into a full bodied blush and Fleur couldn’t help but laugh. Now she really thought she might kill Andrew if she kissed him. The thought of their lips touching made her heart stammer and she smiled. She really liked Andrew and wanted him to see himself how she saw him. A few of the seniors looked at the two of them angrily. One said to the others “Who does that loser think he is holding hands with such a sexy girl. She’s more our league than his”

Ashton and James hadn’t asked Adelyn yet since they didn’t want to come over and start asking questions about their son right away. Now that they sat together eating lunch James decided to ask “So, has your daughter mentioned anything about the High School?”

“oh yeah, how’s your sons face?”

“what?” Adelyn gave them a confused look. “you don’t know? Kattie told me that she talked to Andrew a few months ago about the stuff at school and he said you guys knew but there was nothing that could be done about the bullying. I’ve honestly been surprised nobody has died from how they treat Andrew. We just didn’t talk to you guys because we didn’t want to be awkward and she said Andrew asked her not to bring it up to us” James rested his head on his hand and took a deep, long exhale. Ashton then asked ‘why are you asking about how our sons face is?”

“Well yesterday when George and his friends stole Andrews breakfast again they also apparently flipped him out of his chair and kicked him in the face. She said Andrew got right up after the lunch lady broke things up but that had to hurt.”

“what else has been going on’ James growled. Ashton started rubbing his back “maybe we don’t need to talk about this”

“I dont think so either” Adelyn agreed.

“Yes we do. I want to know everything that has been going on with Andrew. He’s been lying to us Adelyn.”

She sighed and told him about every instance of violence the bullies had dealt Andrew. James was so mad he was actually shaking. “We are talking to that principal today and making him do something. I don’t care if I have to drag him around by his tie and make him do something, this bullying is going to stop.”

“I’ll come too since Kattie was a witness. Maybe we can get Andrew to talk and press charges on the little punks.” Adelyn said.

When Andrew and Fleur got to their next class he realized he had forgot his notebook in his locker. “Hey I’ll be right back. I have to go to my locker before class starts.” He said to Fleur.

“Okay.” She replied with her warm smile and he quickly told his teacher he might be late before rushing out. He ran down the hall, sliding to a stop when he got to his locker. He unlocked it and reached in, hands grabbing him just as he had a hold of it. He was turned around and slammed into the lockers, his heart slamming in his chest when he saw his bullies looking back at him.

“Where’s your little girlfriend?” Jason asked.

“She’s not my girlfriend and she’s in class waiting for me.” Andrew answered.

“So your little guard dog isn’t here to protect you then? That’s to bad, we were hoping to have a little talk with her too. I guess we’ll just have to entertain ourselves with you.” They grabbed him, forcing him down the hall and out the back door of the school to the parking lot.

“So we heard that you don’t like cars.” George said and Andrew swallowed. They pulled him into the parking lot and George popped the trunk of his car.

“No.” Andrew screamed and started fighting. “No, please don’t.” Jason punched him in the stomach and then they tossed him in the trunk and slammed the lid. He banged against the trunk, panicking in the darkness. He could hear them talking and laughing and he started crying since they couldn’t see him.

Ashton and James waited for Adelyn to get ready to leave the house. Ashton had James hands in his own trying to calm him so he wouldn’t take any heads off at school. Ashton was angry too but had found a calm in the need to keep james calm “James” Ashton said softly. “I wish I could give those little assholes a taste of their own medicine and no they aren’t our Andrew. Andrew would never hurt anybody. He’s a sweet kid who would give away everything he owned to help someone else. For them just to berate hiom and push him around just” Ashton kissed him “calm down please. I wont let you go into school like this”

James pulled Ashton into his lap and held him close “I wish he would have told us”

“I know, me too but I can’t talk. Maybe he even got it from me. Remember when I still worked”

“This is not the time for me to remember that”

“I know, but i can understand is all I’m saying. You always think it’s your problem and you should handle it. Especially when you get so angry at people who hurt him or I” James kissed Ashton as Adelyn descended her stairs. She silently waited until they were done then said ‘I’m ready if you two are”

“we’re ready’ Ashton said. Fleur was getting pissed at her teacher since she refused to let her leave. Fleur intterupted her lesson once again “Look, sombody needs to look for Andrew. He should be back”

“One more outburst and it’s the principles office Miss Vliet. Sit down and don’t speak again” Fleur got up out of her seat ‘fleur” The teacher said angrily. “tell the principle. I’m looking for Andrew.” She stormed out of class and in a huff the teacher kept going with her lesson, planning to see the principle between this class and the next about Fleurs behaviour. Fleur ran down the halls, not finding him anywhere setting her heart went into a panicked over drive.

When she got to her locker she immediately became scared when she found it open and his notebook on the floor. She picked it, closing his locker and headed downstairs to the first floor of the school. She peeked into the main office, but didn’t see him she then went to the nurses office, but the woman said she had not seen him. She felt sick to her stomach as she headed out the front door. He wasn’t on the front steps or out in the grass. She turned back around, spotting a familiar car coming up the street. She ran towards it, yelling for Ashton and James.

“That’s Fleur.” Ashton said and James pulled over. They all got out, seeing her panicked face. “Fleur what happened?”

“I can’t find Andrew. He went to get his notebook and vanished.”

“It’s okay sweetie we’ll find him.” Adelyn said.

“James you go to the principal’s office and tell him Andrew is missing, Fleur you come with me and Adelyn and we’ll help you look for him.”

“Okay.” Fleur said. James wanted to help with the search, but he knew Ashton was afraid of him killing someone so he headed inside while they went around to the back of the school. They checked the basketball court  and bleachers, but found nothing. Fleur spotted some people in the parking lot and headed out of the bleachers at a sprint. Ashton and Adelyn followed as quickly as they could. Fleur recognized the boys as she drew closer. They were smiling and laughing, but stopped when they saw her.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t the sexy and ill tempered Fleur.” George said.

“Where is he, where is Andrew? Geef hem terug naar mij nu je varkens.” Andrew could hear who he thought was Fleur yelling in Dutch, but he wasn’t sure in his panicked state. He slammed his hands against the trunk, calling her name and crying. He just wanted out of the trunk so he could go home. They had humiliated him enough.’

When Ashton heard his sons cries coming from the trunk of a car all his patience flew out the window. “you little jerks locked my son in a car!”

“Shut up fairy! He needs to be toughened up anyway!being raised by a couple of fags!” Fleur punched the boy who said that and he actually hit her back. George lost his nerve and ran over to unlock the trunk before they got themselves in serious trouble. Andrew flew from the trunk, his face red and tear soaked. When he saw Rick on top of Fleur all his fear turned into anger and he jerked him violently from Fleur and began giving him a beating. Geroge and Jasons jaws dropped and they didn’t know what to make of timid Andrew fighting back.Adelyn and Ashton had just broken things up as James came outside with the principle.

James shook when he saw his son and Fleur. ‘what’s happened?” The principle asked. “Those three locked Andrew in the trunk of that car.” Ashton said pointing to the car his son lunged from. Adelyn then continued “These three boys along with a few of your other students have been harassing Andrew and frankly we’re disappointed none of the teachers or you have noticed or butted into the situation aside from one of your lunch ladies. The few people who work at this school who did notice just looked the other way. Is this really the kind of school you’re running?”

“I assure you nobody came to me about any of it. I do not allow this kind of behaviour and will see to it that this stops today. you understand me boys?’ They nodded ‘good, now go to my office and you better be there when i go in to call your parents” Andrew had immediately lunged at Fleur and was holding her painfully tight to him as they both cried. It was breaking Fleurs heart how broken Andrew seemed after being in the trunk.

“Are you okay?” Andrew finally asked as he pulled back to look at her face.

“Domme jongen, ik moet je vragen dat.” She answered, wiping her face.

They got to their feet and James and Ashton hugged their son. He held tightly to them for a moment then straightened up and wiped his face. He reached for Fleur and she took his hand. “We should get to the principal’s office and see about calling the cops.” James said, wanting those boys away from his son.

“Andrew, needs the nurse.” Fleur said and held up Andrew’s hand so they could see his cut and scraped knuckles.

“Why don’t you take him Fleur and we’ll head to the principal’s office.” Ashton said with a smile.

“I’ll see if we can get Kattie out of class to talk to the cops as a witness.” Adelyn said and they headed back into the school. Fleur went with Andrew to the nurses office where she cleaned up his hand and put neosporin on it. The whole time Fleur held his hand, hating not knowing what was going on in his head. The nurse asked Fleur if she wanted ice for her cheek and Fleur shook her head. They left the nurses office and headed to the principal’s office. Fleur’s parents were there and they hugged her, her mother cursing in Dutch when she saw the bruise forming on her daughter’s face. The bullies and their parents as well as Ashton, James, Adelyn and Kattie were in the back with two police officers and the principal.

“I guess we should go in there too.” Andrew said. He was sure the police would want to document their injuries and get their statements.

Andrew and Fleur walked into the back and caught the police attention ‘you’re Andrew and Fleur?” They asked and they both nodded. The police had Andrew verify what they had been told and got what he had to add to everything before he was permitted to leave with his parents. The principle let him have the rest of the day out and it was Friday so Andrew would get to be in the security of his home for the whole weekend. Fleur didn’t want to let go of Andrew. She looked up at her father with those big puppy eyes that nearly always got her her way since she used it wisely and never abused it “Laat me naar huis gaan met hem papa” Luuk looked at his wife and she nodded before saying “Wij komen u ophalen vanavond rond acht als dat ok met Andrews vaders”

“They said i could go home with you guys and they’d pick me up at eight. Please can I come home with you?”

“You’re more than welcome Fleur” Ashton answered. Fleur gave her parents a grateful look then walked out with Andrew, Adelyn and his parents. Andrew froze when he saw the car, not sure if he could make himself walk. They all paused, knowing the trauma he must have went through in that trunk. Fleur moved in front of him “I’ll sit really close to you and we can hold eachother the whole way home Andrew. You don’t live all that far from school.” Andrew moved and they moved with him. Fleur got in first, Andrew hesitating for only moments before getting in then glueing himself to Fleur. He buried his face in her hair and held even tighter than he was when he first got out of the trunk.

His breathing was shakey “Ik wou dat je niet mij te zien op deze manier” He said and she kissed his cheek “Ik wou dat die jongens waren niet klootzakken. Ik hou van je Andrew en hoeft u zich geen zorgen te maken over het feit dat bang nu. Niets zal mijn beeld van hoe lief en geweldig je bent veranderen.” Andrew actualyl stopped shaking “Hou je van me? Maar ik ben niet goed genoeg voor je”

“Wat heb ik je gezegd over het niet luisteren naar die dwazen leugens? Je hebt alleen maar lief en leuk geweest sinds ik aankwam op school en maakt niet uit wat je denkt dat ik denk dat je bent ongelooflijk knap.” Not caring that his parents were in the car or that Adelyn sat on the other side of him Andrew pulled back enough to kiss Fleur. He blushed, it being his first kiss.

Fleur smiled and pressed her lips gently into his, her hands framing his face. She could tell he had never kissed anyone before, but she didn’t care. It was so sweet and made her heart flip in her chest. She pulled back and smiled at him, his face turning a deep red. “Ik hou van je mijn lieve verlegen jongen.” She said softly.

“Zoenen je voelde echt geweldig.” He replied shyly, resting his forehead against hers. “Ik ben blij dat ik mijn eerste zoen was met u.”

They stayed like that until James pulled into their driveway. Fleur got out and Andrew nearly bolted from the car. He took Fleur’s hand, allowing her touch to calm him again. Adelyn decided to go home and wait for Enola and tell her what all had happened. She wave goodbye before walking down the street. Andrew and Fleur followed James and Ashton inside, both feeling a lot better. “I think I’m going to go to my room and take a nap.” Andrew said.

“I’ll go with him, if that’s okay.” Fleur added.

“Are you two going to want lunch?” Ashton asked. Andrew shook his head. “Fleur?”

“Tell them, Ik kom achter je aan komen slaapt.”

“She said she’ll come down once I’m sleeping.”

“Okay, rest well.” Ashton and James gave him another hug then let him and Fleur go upstairs.

“I’m glad he beat that kid half senseless.” James said, pride evident in his voice.

“Everyone was surprised, but the moment he saw someone attack Fleur he just lost it.”

“I’m glad he’s got that lion in him to protect who he loves.” Ashton smiled then hugged his husband. Upstairs Fleur and Andrew took off their shoes and got into Andrews bed. Fleur pulled him so that his head rested on her chest. Andrew wrapped around her, legs going over her legs and arms holding her as if she would be stolen away. It was a tight grasp, but sweet and loving at the same time. Fleur ran her fingers through his hair and he sighed contentedly. “You said I was your blessing when you arrived at school but if we’re being honest you are my blessing Fleur”

“we are eachothers blessing then. I’ve never met a man as sweet and wonderful as you before Andrew. You need rest though. Please fall asleep”

“that will be easy like this” he said softly and nesteled his head into her softness. Her heart did a flip again and she smiled. He slowly fell asleep, he felt exhausted from his panic and now deep happiness at having a woman as amazing as Fleur in his life. To top it off the bullying would finally be over and it was all thanks to this beautiful, dutch rose that stumbled into his life by chance. He was grateful to whatever had brought her parents to America and took those happy thoughts into his dreams.

When he was out Fleur gentle pushed him off of her then kissed his cheek “you are heart meltingly sweet Andrew. I hope you are always this way” Fleur said softly then went to join his fathers until Andrew woke, She smiled, knowing nothing but happiness laid before them now.

~ The End ~

Theo Henri & Laura Meet

Theo walked aimlessly around the castle, not sure of what to do with himself. He noticed his mother standing on a stool trying to reach somthing on a high shelf. His eyes widened and he ran to her. Theo picked Cantaly up and set her on the floor. “Mother! You are nearly six months pregnant! That is very dangerous. You know what father would say if he saw you reaching like that. You have able bodied children and servants to assist you.” Cantaly sighed, wanting to scold him for speaking in such a tone to her but she knew she shouldn’t have been doing that. “I’m sorry, I just wanted the book of Balthasar Gerard for Belle. She moves a lot when I read it to her. I think she enjoys it. I’ve read it to her many times”

“what’s it doing up there?”

“I dont know. The servants know when they clean our room to leave the book. I guess it was the new one, Bridgette who put it up there.”

‘I will go talk to the servants then and remind them you want that book left in your room. Please dont’ do that again mother. I don’t want you or Belle hurt. May I kiss Belle?” Cantaly smiled “Of course you can” Theo got down and kissed Cantalys stomach “you be good to mom today and I want you to give her a good jab in the kidney if she does somthing like that again” Cantaly laughed and Theo smiled playfully at his mother. He got back up and kissed his mothers cheek “I love you mom. What made you read such a book to Belle? Balthasar was an assasin. It doesnt seem fit for a baby”

Cantaly giggled “I wasn’t trying to read it to her at first. You know how I prefer to read out loud rather than to myself. I got curious of his history because Mishep brought little Zane into the castle because Leena left him again. He requested one of the servants read about Balthasar to Zane while him and Gabriel met to discuss his job. I heard a small portion and wanted to learn of him myself.”

“But Zayne is only just turning four next month. Why isn’t he just out playing?” Cantaly frowned “his line has been serving us for countless generations. The first born is groomed to be an assasin. He doesnt have a choice like his siblings will have. He wont be able to play like other children. He will spend his growing years reading and hearing of great assasins while practicing how to kill and be agile. It’s not fair by any means but it is the life he was born into. He will be the next assasin for the royals. On a different note before thinking of Zane makes me too sad, what’re you doing today?”

“I don’t know, I can’t think of anything to do”

“Why don’t you pick up a new skill?”

“Like what?”

“Magic, it’s an amazing ability”

“Hm, that would be a good use of my time. Do you know of anybody I could learn it from?”

“Laura is only two years your senior but she is the best I’ve seen. You’d be wise to ask her to teach you” Theo smiled “alright then. Where do I find her?”

“I will send Sparrow to find her and bring her to you.”

“Thank you mom, I will find Sparrow though. You go off and relax, read to Belle” Theo said as he handed her the book. She took it then hugged her son again before walking off. Theo went to the kitchen where Sparrow often was at this time a day. “Yes sir?” Sparrow asked when he noticed Theo approaching. “I need you to find Laura for me. My mom didn’t give a last name.”

“I know who she’s speaking of. May I ask what for?”

“To teach me magic”

“Very wise of you to learn, especially from her. Tani! Take over” Sparrow commanded then Sparrows attention went back to Theo “want to walk with me?”

“lead the way”

When they arrived at Lauras home Sparrow bowed “is that all sire?”

“No, I forgot to talk to the other servants before leaving. It seems someone took my mothers book from her room. She could have hurt herself and my unborn sister trying to retrieve it. She is not upset but I very much am. I want you to tell them that they aren’t to remove books my mother has in her room.”

“I’m so sorry sir. I will see to it that it wont happen again”

“Thank you” Sparrow left and Theo approached the door, giving a loud knock. Laura answered and he couldn’t help but notice she had spots of flour and what looked like blueberries on the apron she was wearing. When she realized who it was she gave a small bow “What brings you to my home prince Theo?”

“are you busy currently? It appears your baking.”

“yes, I am prepping blueberry pies for the oven. My father loves them and I wanted to give him a special thanks since he chopped firewood for me. I can do the task but I hate it” Theo found himself distracted by her pretty blue eyes. He missed words here and there but caught what she said for the most part. “would you like to finish before i speak with you?”

“If you wouldn’t mind sire” Theo gave her a look “we are almost the same age. I don’t feel comfortable with all this sire and prince. Would you call me Theo, please?” Laura smiled ‘alright Theo, come in.” Theo stepped in and followed her to the kitchen. Her home was small and very quaint. He guessed it hadn’t been made knew but rather she inherited it somhow. It was beautiful, as he thought most older styled houses were. He felt a bit bad that her entire house was about the size of his bedroom.Somtimes he would forget what a pampered life he lead. Theo sat and tried not to watch her as she cooked. He worried he would have a hard time learning from such a beautiful woman. Especially since her clothing showed off her stomach and the upper part of her breasts. He could also see her legs since she only wore what seemed to be cloths the hung down on her lower body. He hoped she wore knee high boots so she wouldn’t be quite so alluring as he learned from her.

Without knowing he began to stare and turned red as a beat when he realized and quickly appologized “what are you saying sorry for?”

“I was staring” Laura laughed “I didn’t notice, thank you for not being a degenerate royal. You aren’t the first I met and some men of high blood feel they can oggle as they please. I am not shocked though. You are king Gabriels son and he is a truly noble man. I would proudly serve him any way he saw fit. If its somthing for him that brought you here the answer is yes”

“Yes, my father taught me to respect women and that no amount of royal blood makes it right to treat people poorly or to make beautiful women feel uncomfortable” She put the pie in the oven then turned “what brought you to my door?”

“I have come to request that you teach me magic. It truly is a request so dont feel you have to because I’m a prince. I will add that I’m planning on paying you so your full attention can be on lessons rather than having to worry about still providing for yourself”

“Sounds fun, I’d love to teach you. I’m actually a bit proud you would choose me to teach you”

“My mother says you’re the best” Laura smiled “How is your mother? Is carrying Belle giving her any problems?”

“No, it’s been an easy pregnancy. Belle rarely even makes her sick.”

“That’s good, your mother is such a sweet woman.”

“I know, She has always been a good mother to me and my siblings”

“I’m surprised she keeps having more. I only ever want one.”

“Yeah, I dont plan on a lot of kids either” Laura just smiled “when would you like your first lesson?”

“Can we start after you bake the pies?”

“well, I still have to take it to my father and we eat together. You could join us if you’d like. Since I made two there is plenty.”

“Thank you, I’d love to come”

“If you dont mind my asking, how did things go with that Dukes daughter, Emilia I believe it was.”

“Do not spread this but she annoyed me so badly. It was hard to spare her feelings when it came down to deciding if we had any future”

“aw, I’m sorry”

“It’s not a big deal” They talked until the pies were done and finished cooling. Theo was actually disappointed he wouldn’t have her to himself any longer. He really enjoyed her conversation. She was funny and stimulating to talk to. He didn’t worry though, learning magic wasn’t easy so he would have many opportunities to sit and talk with her. He hoped she found him just as engaging. The walk to her parents wasn’t very far and they went in without knocking. When her parents saw Theo they both gave a small bow just as Laura had “welcome prince Theo”

“Just Theo, I hope you don’t mind my company”

“Of course not.”

Her parents made for good conversation aswell as they all ate pie together. Theo was very glad he listened to his mother and went to see Laura. After awhile of laughter and talking Laura said “oh so sorry Theo. We better go, I’m giving the prince his first lesson”

“Oh no, don’t rush. I’m having fun. We can start tomorrow” Her father swallowed what was in his mouth and asked “you’re giving lessons to Prince Theo?” Laura smiled at her father “I will be teaching him magic. He’s going to be paying me too.” He smiled proudly “I’m glad you think so much of my daughters skill”

“She came highly recommended from my mother and a smart son knows to always heed his mother.” Lauras mom smiled and they all began talking again. They spent the rest of the day there and Theo walked her home afterwards. “when should I come to you?”

“Does eight sound ok? We can have breakfast together.” Laura almost blushed, surprised at herself for inviting him to breakfast. He had been so much fun to spend time with today and it only made it better how chiseled he looked. His brown hair looked so soft and touchable. Those purple eyes were enough to make her skin produce goosebumps. He smiled back, even that was charming and causing her to stand unsteadily. “I would love to meet you for breakfast. Would you like me to bring anything?”


“alright, goodnight then” Theo walked home under the blanket of stars that didn’t seem quite as beautiful tonight. The only beautiful thing he was thinking of was Laura and how happy he was she invited him to breakfast. It made him feel that she must have enjoyed his company too. Theo found a servant “could you wake me at six please.”

“Yes sir”

“Thank you, goodnight”

“Goodnight prince Theo” When six came and the servant knocked Theo about soared out of his bed. He quickly went to his washroom and cleaned himself before dressing in somthing comfortable. He brushed his hair and teeth then pulled on his boots. He let out a long breath of air, hoping he would be appealing to Laura. He got ready a little faster than anticipated but it gave him time to put money in a small bag to start her off. He had no idea how much money Laura had or what she did for a living so just incase he would start her out with money so she wouldn’t be struggling if she ever did. He wasnt foolish enough to think that just because she lived in a quaint house it meant she was poor. Lauras clothes actually seemed really nice and of high quality.

Theo cheerily walked out the castle and set on his path to get to Lauras. When he arrived he knocked and she yelled for him to come in. He walked inside to see she was nearly done serving breakfast. “morning” she said as she set biscuits on the table. “can I help?” If he were anyones son but Gabriels she would have been shocked but she just smiled “if you’d like to pour us some juice into the glasses by the fridge I’d appreciate that” he walked over and did just that as Laura set sausages down then took her seat. They began to eat and Theo found he liked her sausage much better than any he had eaten before so he asked “is there somthing different you do to your meat? It’s amazing” Laura smiled “only the women in my family know that secret so you’ll have to eat with me to enjoy that” Theo smiled back. Maybe I could have breakfast with you daily or atleast the days you are willing to teach me”

“How many days a week do you want?”

“How many can you give me. I’ll come every day if I’m welcome”

“Then every day it is. If I dont have to work then I am available to teach you every day” Theo smiled, thrilled to hear it. “speaking of which I’m going to go ahead and give you your first payment. He pulled the bag out of his pocket and handed it to her. She wore a shocked expression ‘this feels like much more than my times worth”

“then you need to meet yourself” Theo said and Laura started laughing. It was a hard but sweet sounding laugh that almost made him drop his fork. He smiled as she wiped a tear from her eye “sorry, that just sounded so funny to me”

“do not be sorry for filling your home with such a pleasing sound” He boldly said then instantly reprimanded himself. He worried he was being forward to the point of being rude. Laura blushed but Theo was too busy being upset at himself to notice. He helped her clean up after breakfast which shocked her despite him being Gabriels son. He noticed and said “my mother makes us once a month help our staff do the chores for a day so we know what they go through to serve us. She says its good for our character” Laura smiled and then they went outside.

“There’s a field I’d like to start you in. Some people are born with magic waiting to jump out. Those can cast in theri first day of learning. Even though it will come out you wont be able to control it and I dont want anybody getting hurt. If you hit me with somthing I’ll be fine but a regular person you could seriously injure.”

“You think i might be natural?”

“it’s impossible to tell but I prefer to be safe than sorry. You have potential to be a natural magician since your grandfather was on your mothers side.”

“How do you know so much about my family? Of course my parents are the king and queen but you seem to have intimate knowledge of my family” Laura smiled ‘you truly never did notice me, I thought so. I escort high blood families. I’ve been doing it since I was 15. I’m a natural so my magic is very powerful and I was able to defeat just about anything from a young age. I’ve escorted your family six times. Ask your mother. You just never paid any attention to me. I felt as if you never even saw me among the knights and I see now I was correct” Theo couldn’t help but frown. He felt extremely guilty. He just was always so interested in his family he didn’t pay much mind to the people escorting them when they traveled. “I’m so sorry” was all he could say and Laura just smiled “don’t be sorry, it wasn’t my place to speak so I didn’t. I only spoke to Cinderella and Cantaly because they would always start conversation with me.”

“You still shouldn’t have been invisible to me.” He couldn’t help but feel a sharp pang of guilt in his heart. She grabbed his shoulder and stopped “Theo, it’s really ok. You were always talking and laughing with your family. I thought you were sweet. i wanted to speak with you, i would have if you ever talked to me”

‘I wish you would have tried” His voice sounded as sad as he felt and made her feel bad for mentioning it but that was why she knew so much about his family. “could I hug you?” Theo asked. Laura just hugged him in response. He looked so sad, surprisingly sad. She didn’t think that would be upsetting for him to hear atall. “I deeply apologize. No excuse you give me can make up for not seeing you. That is horrible and I’m ashamed that I don’t recognize you. You accompanied us to Luverence just two months ago didn’t you?”

“Yes but its alright” He jerked a little, as if he might cry which shocked her even further. No tears came so she guessed she imagined it. “you’re a really sweet guy” Laura said softly as the hug just continued. He finally let her go “That is nice of you to say. I truly feel bad”

“I can see that and you’re forgiven. Don’t be upset” As they continued to walk he felt stupid. His mother had only used her first name like he should know her and Sparrow knew who Cantaly was speaking of with only a first name. He should have caught on that she was someone he should have known. He really must have seemed like a self centered prince to Sparrow whom he showed obviously too that he had no idea who Laura was. They arrived at the field and Laura said “first you need to learn how to connect with mother nature, she is who grants us the privilege of using magic”

Laura sat down and Theo sat in front of her “close your eyes and feel nature. You’ll know when you’ve connected with her.” Theo closed his eyes but after about twenty minuets he still didn’t feel anything. Laura spoke again “push all thoughts out of your head. Your aura tells me you’re still upset. It truly isn’t a big deal. you wont be able to connect like this” he opened his eyes and she said “why don’t we just go on a walk and talk like we did yesterday. We’ll do lessons tomorrow when your minds at peace”

“sounds good to me”

“you better be able to let go tomorrow” Theo smiled and stood. He then offered his hand to help her up. She took it and was quickly on her feet. They walked side by side and talked until lunch “eat with me at the castle” Theo offered and Laura accepted. They walked back to the castle where they joined his family in their meal. Cantaly got excited “Laura! So good to see you”

“It’s good to see you too”

“how’re my sons lessons going?”

“Honestly they havent started yet. We’ve spent the past two days just hanging out” Cantaly smiled brightly “I’m glad you two are hitting it off then.”

Theo couldn’t help but feel the guilt rise up again seeing how close Laura and Cantaly seemed. They talked and laughed together as though they were sisters. When lunch was over Laura “I’ll see you tomorrow Theo. Please feel better”

“see you tomorrow. Same time?”

“Yes” She smiled and walked out. Gabriel spoke “Speaking of feeling better, why did you look so upset over lunch?”

“I’m ashamed of myself. I found out today that she has escorted us places. I never noticed her before and i feel horrible about it.” Cantaly had a shocked look like she couldn’t have even fathomed her son didn’t know who she was talking about when she suggested he take lessons from her. Gabriel didn’t know what to say “she doesn’t seem bothered by it”

“She isnt and when I apologized she told me it was fine but I cant help but feel guilty”

“It’s good you feel guilty. It is bad that you had no inkling of who she was since shes been with us on so many trips. A good king is observant son. A great king remembers all his subjects, especially those who have helped him.” Gabriel wasn’t trying to be mean to his son or make him feel worse but he knew he’d have to pass the kingdom one day and so far none of his children were fit for it. He had considered Theo briefly but this was yet another example to him of Theo not being suited for the task. It was disappointing, especially since Laura had protected him from a lion attack when he was 14. He couldn’t understand Theo not remembering her after she had saved him from being mauled. It was the same reason why Cantaly was so floored by the fact Theo hadn’t remembered Laura. She did however wish Gabriel hadn’t poured salt in Theos wound, He obviously did feel terrible about it so she felt he didn’t need his father telling him how it made him a poor choice for king.

Theo got up “may I go to my room?”

“yes” Theo quickly left and Cantaly sighed “Why did you have to rub salt in the wound. He was already upset about it Gabriel”

“How cna he forget a woman who has ensured his safety on six travels. One who could have gotten herself killed when Theo was being disobedient and run off. Laura didn’t get hurt but that isnt the point. It’s just frustrating Cantaly. Who am I going to give the kingdom to at this rate? Snow is too spiteful, Richard don’t even get me started on, John has expressed he has no interest and even if he did he doesn’t posses the intellect, Malachai is too child like, I know hes little but i can tell he wont be serious enough. Theo is the one I had any slight hope in and he’s only been showing me he isn’t fit either.” Cantaly rubbed his arm “shh, one of the children may hear you Gabriel. You know you don’t wish to hurt their feelings”

“I don’t, I’ll appologize to Theo. Maybe I was mean to him. I’m sorry Cantaly. Will youf rogive me my dearest love?”

“Of course, i understand your frustration but we’re far from done having kids. One of them is bound to be able to take your place when you need them to.”

“this is true” He leaned over and kissed her “Let me go apologize to our son.”

“Just so you know I do think it’s bad he doesn’t remember her. I just dont think he needed you to say that just then”

“I know my love” Gabriel said as he kissed her again. When he pulled back he said “Will you go get ready so we can go somewhere nice together. I need to unwind and get out of the castle”

“I’ll be waiting in our room” Cantaly said, standing with a smile. They went their separate ways. Gabriel sighed and knocked on Theos door. “yes?”

“It’s your father”

“Come in” Gabriel entered, seeing a feint trace of tears on Theos face. Gabriel sighed “I camt to apologize. I was upset and I didn’t need to make you feel worse when you were already down. I love you very much. You know that right?”

“I do dad”

“Do you want a hug?”

“I need one” Theo stood from his sitting position on the bed and the two men hugged. Gabriel actually feeling guilty now. He loved his children, he was just scared fir the future somtimes. He hoped one of his future children with Cantaly would prove fit for the throne. He decided to stop stressing and just hope. He would  continue to guide his children the best way he could and try his best to pass down his knowledge in everything he did know about. He was proud when Cantaly told him that Theo was going to learn magic, He was glad to see him take interest in learning somthing. Nearly everything Theo knew was the result of Gabriel giving him no choice but to learn it.

Gabriel held the hug until Theo let go “thank you dad, I’m sorry for disappointing you.”

“You are never a disappointment. You let me down somtimes but I am always proud of you. I’m sorry if I make you feel that way. Please know that I love you and always will.” Theo nodded and Gabriel left to be with his wife. That night Laura laid in bed thinking about Theo, their fun talks, his laughter and smile. She also thought of their hug. He held her so tight, so lovingly. He seemed deeply sad that she had met him before and he just didn’t remember or pay her much mind when she was around before. She wasn’t sure why that upset him so much since she wasn’t offended by it. She smiled to herself, thinking just how sweet he was and how she was looking forward to all the time they’d spend together while she taught him.

The next morning when Theo arrived at Lauras door he was greeted with a smile that made him give a genuine smile back. When he was inside Laura said ‘you dont have to knock. I know you’re coming”

“alright, if you’re sure it’s fine for me just to come in”

“it seems as though you feel better today”

“I’ve been trying, I’m glad you aren’t upset” Laura laughed “it’s all good, I swear” He smiled, feeling as if a load was lifted. She really wasn’t hurt atall. He was determined to pay more attention to people that aided him. He should have all along. He could have gotten to know Laura much sooner if he paid more attention. When breakfast was done they went back out to the field Laura took him to before. They both sat and this time Laura took his hands. She just relax and become one with mother nature. She let go “I would hold your hand but when you connect, if you’re a natural that is whatever your main element is will come out in someway. Like I said yesterday, thats why we’re out here.” They both closed their eyes. This time Theo was able to let go and actually connect.

“Ok stop” Theo heard Laura say as she stood and stepped back. He opened his eyes, surrounded by some sort of purple ooze “what the hell” he said getting to his feet. “it’s ok, you are a natural and your element is poison. Thats why I backed up. You’ll make me sick.”

“How is poison an element? Isn’t it just water, fire and air. Stuff like that”

“In magic a few other things can be elements, especially for naturals. You can control it though. I’ll just have to teach you.” He was happy to see it atleast stopped oozing from his hands. “why has that never happened before?”

“You never connected to our mother. She’s made you able to use your gift”

“How is somthing that can hurt you a gift?” She smiled “once you can control it you’ll never hurt me with it. I just panicked when I first noticed. I’ve never seen someone who can use poison magic that isn’t a demon. There’s no record of you having a demon in your line anywhere. You are just incredibly rare Theo. One of a kind” Theo smiled back “what do we do now?”

“Let it flow again”

“But it’s only just stopped”

“It stopped on it’s own. You need to learn to start the flow of poison and stop it”

“what if I hurt you?”

“I’ll be ok. I’ll block if it bursts or somthing.”


“Stay calm and try to start the ooze” Theo looked at his hands, his eyes going from one to the other. Suddenly it started again and he panicked, afraid of it. It began to swirl and then became a gas “ok stop You’ve got to stop it Theo” He clenched his eyes closed, begging it to stop and it did “what happened to it?”

“You made it into poison gas. Once you gain control you’ll be able to make your poison do amazing things, some are extremely deadly like that gas though. We can’t go home now that you’ve unlocked it. You could make poison gas in your sleep and kill your family by mistake. You can breath that gas but other people who aren’t poison will die.”

“would you die if you took it in?”

“yes but I’m going to go home and get a special cloth for my face. It’s enchanted and will make sure you don’t poison me. I’m going to change my garb too so that while I help you your poison wont hurt me if it gets on me. I have many enchanted things in my home”

“Then please run. I’m really afraid of hurting you” He truly did look terrified and she felt bad. All she had caused Theo so far was upsetness. She wanted him to be happy. Poison magic is the most powerful you can have, to be natural was astounding. She had never seen a natural poison user that didn’t have any demon blood. She went home as quickly as she could. Not wanting Theo alone and cared for too long. She changed and made sure to grab the cloth for her face incase he made the gas without trying to again. She also grabbed her dagger to kill with incase they had to be out there for an extended amount of time. She didn’t want to have to keep coming home and leaving Theo alone.

When she arrived he was sitting on the ground, holding his head in his hands. She was now in blue pants and a long sleeved shirt. They were both the color of her hair just as her other clothes had been. The cloth in her hand which he assumed was to cover her mouth was a glittering gold. She approached the poison on the ground and touched it, about making Theos heart leap into his throat until he saw it simply vanish into thin air. “You see?”

“Good” She smiled. “I’ll only wear this cloth on my face when I need it or we’re sleeping.”

“so we’re staying out here?”

“we need to until you have control”

“I’m sorry I’m trouble”

“No, this is actually cool to me. I’ve never worked with poison. I know how, I just haven’t done it yet. Lets take a break and kill somthing for lunch”

“I’ll do it” Laura handed him her dagger “Ok, but lets head into the woods and find a nice place to settle. This field isn’t good to linger in”

“alright” They walked a ways until Laura decided on a good spot. She sat down and Theo ran off to find somthing for them to eat. He decided on a simple kill since he was so stressed and killed two rabbits. He prayed over them, thanking them for their lives before taking them to Laura. She already had a fire going. Theo gutted them and preparred them for cooking before handing them off to Laura. She quickly preparred them with what she had then they both ate. “So you’re good at hunting. You came back very fast”

“Yes, my father and some of his friends have taken me since I was very young”

“It shows” she said with a smile. Trying to do somthing to make him feel happy. He needed praise after how bad she had made him feel yesterday and today. It was true he came to her wanting to use magic but she still felt guilty it turned out to be somthing he didn’t want. She wanted to see that handsome smile, not that sad frown that broke her heart.

“what’re we going to do now?” Theo asked when lunch was over. Laura put out the fire, feeling hot in so much clothes “I think you need a break. You were so upset. We can just talk, I really enjoy talking to you.”

“I really enjoy talking to you too Laura… You’re an amazing person and I hate that I’ve wasted years I could have known you.” Laura smiled and they began just to go on and on talking about everything. Night came upon them, much too fast for both their tastes. They ate what was left of their rabbits for dinner then Laura put the cloth around her face. “goodnight Theo” Laura said softly “are you sure I can’t hurt you?”

“absolutely positive”

“Goodnight then” Theo said, sounding nervous. Laura just laid down. He was amazed how fearless she was. He laid down too but he was scared to sleep. He didn’t want to risk hurting her. Theos upset energy made it to where she couldn’t sleep. She sat up and his attention turned to her “Theo, I told you I’ll be ok. You can’t hurt me with your poison. You saw what happened before.”

“I’m sorry, I knwo i shouldnt be worried but I am” Your important to me was the last part of the sentence in his head but he stopped at am with his words. “come lay your head in my lap” Laura said as she sat against a tree “but, I’ll be touching you”

“Just do it Theo. As your teacher I’m commanding you” He smiled, nobody but his parents have ever commanded anything of him. He went over and laid his head in her lap. “close your eyes” He did and she began to gently rub his head “You wont be able to stay awake if I do this long enough”

“How will you sleep?’

‘against this tree. Not much different than trying to sleep in the grass and dirt”

“I’m sorry”

“don’t be, you paid me well to teach you. Much more than I deserved for this job. I counted it last night. I don’t see how my time is worth that much. Thats more than I make at an escorting job even if thats all your giving me in a month” He smiled “You deserve the money, especially after all this. I’m so glad to know you and that you took me on as your student. You truly are amazing” Laura smiled too “rest, you’ll need energy tomorrow. I wont go easy on you any longer. We have to get this poison under control.”

“alright” Theo said softly, her rubbing was already taking effect.” she kept going until he was sound asleep. She admired him for a short while, just taking in how incredibly handsome he was. It was almost unbelievable that she was spending so much time with an incredibly good looking man whose personality she also liked. It was always one or the other but this man had both. She couldn’t get over how sweet it was that he held so much concern for her. It almost made her wonder if maybe he felt the same. Gabriel was a very open man. He would accept his son marrying a commoner. Her thoughts halted at that and she blushed. She was embarrassed she had that thought even though nobody else could hear it. She decided to get some sleep before she got too tired and crazy.

Theo woke first, his eyes slowly drifting open. He got up very carefully, not wanting to disturb her. When he was in an upright position he sighed, part of it relief that she was breathing and part of it just how gorgeous she was. He got to his feet even though he would love to stay. He wanted to have more food ready before she woke. He found two more rabbits and brought them bak. Laura woke while he was preparing them for cooking. She smiled “see, everyone lived” He stopped briefly to smile at her “I’m glad” Laura made a fire to cook them over and they had their breakfast. “You ready to control that poison of yours?”

“as ready as I can be. I’m much more comfortable after making it through a night of being so close to you”

“Good, now lets get back out in the meadow.”

It took a few days but Theo began to be able to make his poison come and go without any strain. All it took was his whim. Laura hugged Theo in excitement “great! Now we should check in with your parents so they know you’re ok. I know you’re grown but I’m sure they’ve been worried since you haven’t been home.”

“alright, lets go” They went to the castle as quickly as they could. They were soon greeted by Gabriel “I was wondering when I’d see you again Theo. What have you been up to?”

“I’m a natural at magic but my natural ability is poison. Laura kept me away until I could control it so I wouldn’t accidently hurt anyone”

“smart woman, thanks for awakening it in him and teaching him control over it Laura” Laura smiled “well we aren’t done yet but atleast it wont have a mind of it’s own any longer.” Gabriel nodded “are you being paid to teach him?”

“yes sir, I actually feel he’s paying me more than my time is worth”

“Nonsense, I’m sure whatever he is paying you, you are well worthy of. I want to stay and talk, thank you for checking in but I have very important businwaa to attend to. Godo luck son and thank you Laura” They both smiled and king Gabriel rushed by. “I think you shoudl take a break and relax in your comfortable home for the remainder of the day Theo. You’ve earned a break.”

“I dont need one” Theo said, not wanting to be away from Laura. She smiled “You do need one. Want to come to my home and I’ll teach you how to play Spit? I really enjoy that card game”

“that would be fun” Theo felt warm hearted. She was inviting him to play somthing with her which told him she didn’t just think of him as her student, but as a friend. He grasped how to play quickly and they spent the rest of their evening laughing, playing and talking. It was amazing to them both how they could just keep talking without a pause and how easily they could make eachother laugh. Laura really liked Theo being here and he could tell she looked sad over dinner. “are you ok?”

“yeah, I’m fine. So you’re going home when we’re done eating?”

“if you want me to. I kind of thought I’d stay since we’ve been staying together all these days…I have no qualms going and I guess I shouldn’t have assumed.”

“I’d love for you to stay.” Theo smiled “where shall I sleep?” She sighed, tired of not asking things or saying things she wanted to. “This dance is getting tiring, atleast for me. Maybe you are an unwilling participant in this little dance I’m doing but I really like you Theo, I love when you’re around me. I’ve never laughed or talked so much with any man. You are very sweet and very atrractive. I’m not of any regal birth but I…I’d like to really be with you. If you dont feel the same I understand if you want to quit learning from me but I had to tell you how I felt or it was going to drive me crazy” Theo just looked shocked at first which worried her but then he got up and lifted her out of the chair and into a hug.

“Oh I’m so happy to hear that. I didn’t believe it for a second. You are very beautiful aswell and I too have enjoyed our talks and spending time together. You are a remarkable woman and it would honestly be an honor to me if you’d have me. I’ve caused you so much grief and I didn’t even see you all the times you were in my life before. Could I live here with you?” Laura smiled “Yes, I love my home and I really don’t want to live in a big castle.”

“Not even if my father names me king?”

“if he does then I will but I don’t want to ever get rid of this house”

“Then we wont”

“Maybe we can give it to our child if we end up in the castle.” Theos heart warmed, he loved hearing her mention a kid with him. “that sounds like a good plan. I’m not sure who he will give the throne to but I’m pretty sure it will be me. I wont be offended nore upset if it isn’t though. Especially since you don’t even want to live in the castle.”

“I could get used to it. I just prefer somthing tiny and warm rather than somthing vast like a castle. It’s so big.” Theo chuckled “yeah, imagine how big it is to a child. It overwhelmed me a few times. There were times a maid had to help me find my mother because I was sat on the floor crying because I couldn’t find her”

“aw” Theo let her go then moved in to kiss her, hoping she wanted to kiss him too. Laura wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing her lips to move with the motion of his. When they pulled back they just looked into eachothers eyes. Both sets were dazzling with elation. “Let me go tell my mother I’m coming here and we’ll get my things” Theo said and Laura responded “In a hurry I see”

“why wouldn’t I be? I get to live with you” They both just looked into eachothers deep pools of a light blue and a soft purple. Just wanting to stay lost in one anothers gaze. Theo ended up laughing “how long has it been since I said lets go?” Laura laughed and took her arms from around his neck. They locked hands and ran to the castle in their excitement.

~ The End

Faline & Victor: The Day They Met



Faline lay on her towel on the beach, soaking up the sun. She had her eyes closed and was completely relaxed. She could not start her hunt for the chupacabra until night fall so she was enjoying the warm sand and soft ocean breeze while she could. The demon had been attacking people on the border as well as in the jungle. She sighed, hoping she would get to enjoy more of this place before having to go home. A shadow suddenly obscured the sun and she opened her eyes, glaring up at the very good looking man standing over her. For a moment she was rendered speechless which as odd for her. She had always been outspoken, never hesitated.

“Can I help you?” She finally asked and he just kept staring at her. “Seriously what do you want?”

“You aren’t wearing sunscreen. You should put some on before you burn. This sun can be brutal.” He answered and she arched and eyebrow at his concern.


He smiled and walked away, leaving her wondering who he was. He had this sweet, calm air about him. She had never seen someone so sincere and he had not even tried to hit on her. She sat up and searched the crowd for him. She didn’t see him, but she was sure that if she wanted to she could track him by scent. She finally laid back down and fell asleep. Two hours later he was shaking her awake. “Falling asleep on the beach can be dangerous. Someone might try taking advantage of you.”

“Thank you again.”

“My name’s Victor. I’m here on business.” He said as he sat down in the sand next to her.

“Why are you introducing yourself? Chances are we will not see each other again.”

“You never know. Fate has a way of working these things out.”

That made her smile. “I’m Faline.”

“Nice to meet you Faline. Business or pleasure?” He returned her smile with one of his own. She couldn’t believe how polite and handsome he was. She found herself wanting to know more about him. She felt drawn to him. She mentally shook herself. She could not allow herself to get close to a stranger. She didn’t want to accidentally put him in harms way.

“Mostly business.”

“But you’re trying to get as much of this place as you can huh? I don’t blame you, it really is gorgeous.” There was a beeping sound that shattered the tranquility. He lifted his arm and shut off his watch. “Well Faline, time for me to get ready for a meeting. If you ever feel like talking to someone whose name you know, I’m staying in that hotel over there.” He pointed at a big white hotel close to the beach. “Room 207.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.” He got up and walked away, walking at a leisurely pace along the beach. She stared at him until he disappeared from view then stood and picked up her things. She had not had the guts to tell him she was staying on the same hotel.



Victor showered quickly, washing the sand and sea water from his skin. His mind drifted to the beautiful woman he had met not he beach. He had been inexplicably drawn to her like a moth to a flame. She had been suspicious of him when he had first approached her, thinking him just another guy who wanted to flirt with her. She was the most gorgeous sight he had ever seen, but he had been more worried about her getting a sunburn or being felt up by some random guy. He stepped out of the shower and dried then pulled on his work uniform.

He wanted to see her again even if it was for a second. He had enjoyed spending company with her. He knew it would be short lived since he would be leaving at the end of the week, but something about her had called out to him. He sighed and grabbed his room key before leaving for the conference room on the first floor. He pushed the button to call up one of the elevators. It dinged and the doors slid open. He was shocked when he saw her standing there.

“Faline, are you staying here too?” He asked.

“Uh yeah, I thought I told you.” She answered.

“You didn’t tell me anything actually. What room?”

She stepped out of the elevator and pushed him in. She hit the number one and smiled at him. “Bye Victor.” The doors closed and he just stood there, wanting to go back to her.

Faline hurried down the hall to her room, her hands shaking as she used the key card to unlock the door. He had been far to happy to see her and she had been equally happy to see him. It was a strange sensation being so attracted to him, wanting to know him as more than just a name. She threw her towel on the floor and flopped down on the bed. His scent was stuck in her nose, the image of his concerned eyes stuck in her head. She couldn’t believe her room was just down the hall. She would have to be extra vigilante about avoiding him.

Victor was distracted the whole meeting. His boss kept shooting him dirty looks, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t an important part of this meeting anyway. He was more of an assistant for this one than anything. He and his boss always seemed to bump heads no matter what he did right or wrong. He finally met his boss’s gaze when he felt him staring and smiled at him. He handed him a folder full of papers. It was a proposal for a business deal with some people he didn’t care about. Faline was all he cared about at the moment. Now that he knew she was not only staying in the same hotel, but was also on the same floor, he would be able to find her. The meeting didn’t end until the sun was almost all the way down.

Faline dressed in a pair of spandex pants, a tank top, and a sweater. She tugged on a pair of hiking boots and pulled her hair up in a ponytail. To the average person it would look like she was going out to do a bit of night time exploring. She was sure she would be told many times to look out for predators and she would simply wave it off. She was after a more dangerous predator than any the natives may fear. She decided to take the stairs to keep from running into Victor again. The last thing she needed was for him to follow her and get himself hurt trying to protect her.



She moved through the dark jungle, listening closely to every sound. She could still see the city and the tourists who were still wondering around. A young couple walked down happily down the road not far from where she was hiding. Underbrush rustled close by them and she ran as quickly as she could. Two glowling eyes peered through he thick leaves and she jumped, landing on the back of the chupacabra just before it could jump out. They rolled through the brush, startling the couple who moved quickly away. The chupacabra was an ugly, thin, long limbed creature with sharp canines and superhuman strength. This demon was a lot wilder than most and did not have the ability to take a human form. It had a sharp barb on the end of its tongue that it used to puncture holes in its prey. The creature threw Faline off and attacked her like a rabid, starving dog. Sharp claws barely missed her face as she back pedaled. She had not expected it to be so fast.

It screeched at her, jumping into a tree then down at her. It landed on her hard, making her slam her head on a sharp rock. Her vision spun, but she managed to punch the chupacabra in the stomach. It yelped in pain and ran. She pushed herself to her hands and knees, frustrated that she had lost the monster even though she had found that its abdomen was its weak spot. She got to her feet and rubbed the back of her head. It was bleeding a little, but not bad enough that she had to worry. She followed its scent until she came to a river. It had crossed over, leaving nothing behind. “Damn it!” She screamed and punched a tree. She started back for the city, needing a shower and a drink.

Victor waited in the lobby, wanting to catch her the next time she came through. She walked in the front door and he jumped up, catching her attention. She was covered in leaves and had a few scratches on her face. He rushed over to her, grabbing her and examining her. “Are you alright?” He asked as he looked her over.

“I’m fine, have you been waiting for me?” She answered and he nodded. He noticed blood on the back of her head and parted her hair.

“What happened?”

“I was exploring and lost my footing.” She lied.

“Come on, you need to get cleaned up.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the elevator. They went up in silence and when the doors opened he pulled her to his room. She resisted and he turned to her with a frown. “I don’t know which room is yours so come on. Don’t worry, I’m not some creepy stalker rapist. I’m just concerned.”

She sighed. “My room has my clothes.” She pulled him down the hall to her room and unlocked the door. “Just find a place to set. I’m going to take a shower.” He nodded and took a seat on the bed. She watched him out of the corner of her eye as she pulled clean clothes out of her suitcase. Him being on her bed was far to intimate. She hurried into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She switched on the shower and stripped down then stepped under the warm spray. It stung the small cut on her head and the scratches on her face, but it felt amazing everywhere else.

Victor lay back on her bed, a little tired after the meeting he had had. Her scent surrounded him, relaxing him. He laced his fingers behind his head and closed his eyes, his head filling with images of Faline covered in water. He inhaled sharply, not meaning to let his mind go there. His hands itched to touch her, he longed to kiss her. She was so incredibly beautiful. He would give anything to spend the rest of the week with her. He had three days left and he wanted to get to know her as best as he could. Even though they would never see each other afterwards, he still wanted her and only her.



When Faline came out she was a little surprised to see him laying down. She crossed over to him quietly, leaning down to look at his face. She reached out to touch him and he grabbed her wrist, his eyes flying open. She blushed and he smiled. “You thought I had fallen asleep didn’t you?” He asked and she jerked her hand away.

“What kind of person just lays down on someone else’s bed?” She glared at him and he sat up, laughing.

“I’m sorry, next time I’ll ask.” He grabbed her wrist again and pulled her closer so she stood between his legs. “Lets get a drink.”

“Are you planning on getting me drunk to get in my pants?”

“Well yeah, what else would I be trying to do? I just want to get to know you. You are all I could think about today.” It was the truth. From the first moment they had made eye contact, he had wanted her in his life. He would think up any excuse for them to spend time together. “Please have a drink with me.”

“Oh fine, stop making that face damn it.” He let her go and she pulled on her shoes. They left the room and headed out of the hotel. He knew a place not far from where they were that served good booze and delicious food. They walked in silence, him enjoying the night air and her searching for any sign that the chupacabra might be lurking nearby. When they made it to the bar he waved and smiled at the bartender as they took a seat at one of the tables.

“Are you hungry?” He asked and she nodded. He went to the bar and ordered tamales and a glass of beer for both of them. His order was brought out quickly and he took everything back to the table. “I hope regular beer is okay. I guess I should have asked first.”

“It’s fine thank you.”

“So, tell me about yourself.”

“There isn’t really much to tell. My parents are divorced, have been for a long time. I work for my father. He owns his own company. I don’t have any siblings. I am very adventurous and haven’t found a single thing I fear.”

“Are you in a relationship? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Maybe both?” She grinned and shook her head. He nodded and seemed to be thinking about something. “What about you Victor?”

“No girlfriend for me. I haven’t had much luck with relationships lately because none of them felt right.” He took a bite of his food then drank some of his beer. They finished what they had and Faline asked for another drink. He went back to the bar and had their glasses refilled. They drank, talked, and laughed for hours. She finally stop when she knew she was drunk.

“Shit,” she said, “I have had way to much.”

“I told you to slow down.” Victor replied and left for a moment to pay for everything. “Come on, you’re staying with me tonight.”

“Pffft whatever psycho.” He lifted her into his arms and she giggled. “You are really strong.”  He did his best not to laugh at her.



Victor took Faline back to his room and lay her on the bed. He took her shoes off and started to cover her when she grabbed him and pulled him down on top of her. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and she pulled him down into a very aggressive kiss. He grabbed her arms and pulled at them, but she wouldn’t let him go. “Faline, you’re drunk.” He said.

“I’m sober enough to say yes.” Her mouth found his again and he felt his control quickly slipping away. She slipped her hand in his pants, her fingers wrapping around him, stroking him. He moaned into her mouth and pushed up her skirt, his fingers moving past her panties to rub her. He kissed and bit at her neck then down to her shoulder. He slid his fingers inside her and she moaned loudly, moving her hips against him. “Please Victor, I need you.”

He worked his belt loose then unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. He pulled off her panties and thrust into her, surprised at how tight she was. He pushed up her shirt and bra, sucking at her breasts as he pumped into her hard and fast. Her loud cries excited him, sent a thrill though him that had his heart thundering in his chest. She clamped down around him and he whispered her name as he spilled himself deep inside her. He kissed her one more time and she smiled up at him as she drifted off. He pushed himself off of her, shocked at what he had just done.

“Don’t hate me in the morning please.” He said softly as he brushed her hair off of her forehead. He pulled her clothes off and tossed them on the floor then pulled the covers over her. He needed a shower and to gather his thoughts. He grabbed a pair of sweats out of his suitcase and went into the bathroom, turning on the water and switching on the shower. He scrubbed himself clean and pressed his forehead against the cool tile of the wall. “I’m such an idiot. She’s definitely going to hate me tomorrow. She’ll say I took advantage of her and maybe I did.” He slammed his fist against the wall. “Shit.” He got out and quickly dried then pulled on his sweats and went back out. He smiled at her peacefully sleeping form. He would take the recliner tonight and let her have the bed to herself.

He grabbed an extra blanket out of the closet and switched off the lights before sitting down and kicking the chair back. He closed his eyes, exhaustion finally getting the best of him and pulling him down into sleep. His mind filled with images of Faline writhing beneath him, her cries of ecstasy echoing through his head. He wanted to hear those sounds every day, wanted to have her in his arms when he slept.

The next morning Faline woke with a splitting headache. She cursed herself for getting drunk and sat slowly up. She realized she was naked and pulled the blanket up, holding it to her chest. Victor slept soundly in the recliner next to the window. Seeing his face made her remember the previous nights passion. She had practically attacked him, he had resisted, but her persistence had broken his resolve and they had wound up having sex. She groaned and flopped back down, the sound waking Victor. She blushed and buried her face in her pillow.

“Are you okay Faline?” He asked as he sat down next to her and ran his hand up and down her back. His touch gave her goosebumps.

“I have a horrible headache and I am so thirsty.” She managed to answer.

He got her a glass of water and she had no choice but to set up and take it for him. She drank with an averted gaze, feeling better by the time she finished it. “I’ll go buy you some Tylenol, you just relax and order room service.” He pulled on a tank top and his shoes then grabbed his wallet and room key. “Please stay here.” He left before she could say anything else. She lay back down and covered her head with the blanket. It felt like someone was smashing a brick against her brain.



Victor was shaking as he bought Tylenol. The cashier asked if he was alright and he explained it was just the heat and the he was going to get out of the sun as soon as he left. He replayed the previous night in his head again and again. He felt like an idiot. He had taken advantage of a drunk woman and knew he should have fought harder. He had wanted her, had craved the softness of her skin. Even worse he had not used protection. In spite of all this, he had still felt an amazing connection with her. Being with her like that had brought him immense pleasure and joy. He walked through the front door of the hotel and crossed the lobby, using the elevator to head upstairs. He went quickly to his room and was relieved to find her sleeping. He sat down next to her and gently shook her.

“Faline wake up, I have Tylenol.” He said softly. She groaned and pulled the blanket off of her head.

“I feel so sick.” She replied.

“Just rest okay, I’ll take care of you. This is my fault after all.”

She smiled at him, making his heart sing. “I could have said no to drinks and I could have listened to you when you told me not to drink so much. Don’t blame yourself for anything that happened last night.”

“Faline, I should have fought harder. I should have…” She pressed her index finger to his lips, silencing him.

“Just take care of me like you said you would.”

Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she was glad he was there. Even though she was sick, she had not regretted her actions. He had been so sweet to her from the moment they had met that she couldn’t hate what had happened between them. He went and got her more water then gave her a couple of Tylenol. He switched on the TV and put the pillows behind her so she could sit comfortably. “Are you hungry?” He asked and she nodded. He called room service, ordering her a banana nut muffin and himself a blueberry muffin with orange juice. It didn’t take long for their food to be brought to them and he handed her her muffin before taking a seat in the recliner. He was giving her space.

“Victor would you please come and sit with me?” He looked at her for a moment then jumped up and went around to the other side of the bed.

“Are you feeling any better?” He asked.

“No, but it was good to get some food in my stomach. Thank you. Can I have a drink of your juice?” He handed her his glass and she took a sip. It tasted delicious.

“You can have it.” He glanced at her then back to the TV. “Would you like me to get you some clothes?”

“Am I that hideous?”

“No, not at all. You are absolutely gorgeous. I loved seeing you.”

“Oh really?”

“I just blurted that out, but it’s true. You are so beautiful and you smell and feel amazing. I want to touch you and kiss you again.” The sincerity on his voice and the adoration in his eyes sent a tingle of happiness up her spine. No one had ever looked at her in such a way. She knew she should leave and tell him to go away, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She needed him in her life, wanted him to fall so madly in love with her that he would not be able to live without her. She knew she still had a job to do and as soon as she felt better she would be back to hunting the chupacabra, but afterwards she wanted to be with him.



“Is it okay if I stay here with you for a couple of days?” She asked.

“I would really like that. I enjoy being with you.” He answered with his sweet, sincere smile. She sat her muffin and the glass of juice on the bed side table then leaned in and kissed his cheek. His eyes widened and she saw his pupils dilate. He sat his muffin down and tangled his fingers in her hair, kissing her gently on the lips. He pushed her back onto the bed and pulled the blanket off of her, raining kisses down her body. Her skin grew hot as she blushed from head to toe. He tugged at her nipples with his teeth, suck greedily at her breasts. She gasped his name as he moved lower. “Is this okay?” He asked.

“Yes, please don’t stop.” He kissed his way to her hips, giving her a soft bite. He pushed her legs as wide as they would go and licked her. She gripped the sheet as his mouth covered her, his tongue sliding over and then in her, tasting her. “Victor.” She cried, exciting him. She tasted wonderful, sweet and exotic. He would never get enough of her. Her legs shook with the force of her orgasm, her back arching off the bed. She had never felt like this with anyone. He kissed his way back up her, his mouth finding hers in a hungry kiss. She could feel how hard he was against her thigh and wanted return the favor. She slid lower, pulling his sweats down and swirling her tongue around his tip. She took him into her mouth, relaxing her throat so she swallowed all of him. He thrust into her mouth, moaning loudly. She slid her hands in his shirt and ran her nails down his back so he shivered. He burst in her mouth with a loud cry and rolled onto his back, panting. She swallowed what was in her mouth and took a long drink of orange juice before kissing him.

“That was amazing Faline. It was so intense, so mind blowingly hot.” He managed to say.

“Good, now you know how you make me feel.”

“Glad to know I’m that good.” He pulled her down into another kiss and they both smiled, getting lost in each other’s eyes. He was sad he would be leaving in a couple of days. He had to get her to fall on love with him before then. They stayed in his room all day, talking about their lives and their futures. They seemed to both tiptoe around the idea of being together, but never actually voiced it. By the time the sun started to go down, she felt a little better. Her stomach was still on knots and her head still pounded a little, but she was at least able to stand up without getting dizzy. She invited Victor to take a bath with her and he followed her into the bathroom without hesitation. After a dinner of salad and more juice, she slowly started to drift off wrapped in his arms.

“I love you Faline.” He whispered and her heart skipped a beat. He obviously thought she was sleeping. She stayed still, not wanting him to be embarrassed that she had heard his confession. He kissed the top of her head then relaxed completely, his breathing becoming soft and slow. As soon as she finished her job, she would tell him how she felt. She allowed herself to drift into sleep, dreaming of his sweet and loving words.

The next morning Faline woke with her headache gone. She still felt like throwing up and groaned. The sound woke Victor who turned on his side and looked at her with concern. “Still not feeling well?” He asked.

“I feel sick to my stomach.” She answered, her voice sounding pathetic. He pressed the back of his hand to her forehead.

“You don’t have a fever at least. Do you want me to get you something?” She shook her head. “How about I get you some pepto. It might make you feel better.”

“If you want to. I can’t believe how sick one night of drinking made me. I will never pick up another beer again.” He chuckled then kissed her cheek.

“Just rest, I’ll be back before you know it.”

“You are such an angel. Thank you for taking care of me.” Victor dressed quickly and grabbed his wallet and room key. He kissed her once more before hurrying out the door.


When Victor came back she was leaning against the headboard watching TV. He sighed happily as he crossed the room and handed her the bottle of pepto. She smiled up at him, her eyes dancing with warmth as she opened the bottle and took a big swig of the pink liquid. He leaned down and kissed her and she smiled against his lips. He couldn’t believe she was still here, was afraid he would wake up somewhere in a drunken stupor and that this would have been a figment of his imagination.

“You are so beautiful Faline.” He said softly, his fingers curling around the nape of her neck. He pulled her onto another kiss and she sat the bottle on the table next to her. She gripped his shirt and pulled him down on top of her. He pushed the blanket down and ran his free hand over her. He couldn’t believe how soft she was. “Wait.” He said against her lips and pulled back. She looked up at him confused.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I don’t have any protection,  I don’t want to get you pregnant.”

“You’d just be stuck with me if you did anyway.” His eyes widened and she started laughing. “I’m on the pill, don’t worry. I just have to make sure to take today’s dose.”

“I can go get them for you.”

“Stop thinking about it, you can get them after.” She rolled him beneath her, taking him by surprise. “I need you now Victor.” She pulled his shirt off and ran her hands along his chest and down to his abdomen. She traced his happy trail, making him inhaled sharply. She slid off the bed and tugged his shoes and socks off. He took off his pants and pulled her back on top of him.

“What a sight you are, so sexy and tempting. It’s not fair.” He said as he cupped her breasts, pinching and tugging at her nipples until they were hard. She moaned and he sat up, sucking and biting at them. He gripped her hips and speared her, moaning against her breast as her tightness enveloped him. She lifted and lowered herself and he flexed his hips so he went deeper, making her cry out his name. Her back arched as he took her over the edge again and again. He tipped her back onto the bed, never breaking contact with her. His hips took on a quicker pace, making her moan loudly.

“Victor.” She repeated his name over and over again, her pleading voice his undoing. He came hard and fast, his whole body quivering, his loud cry of ecstasy mingling with hers. He rolled onto his back, taking her with him. They lay together, bot of them completely limp. “If we keep doing that, we are both liable to die of pleasure.” She whispered.

“It wouldn’t be so bad, at least we’d be together.” He replied and cleared his throat.

“True.” She nuzzled his chest and he wrapped his arms around her.

“I’ll be leaving you soon Faline, you know that right?”

“I know.” She said sadly. She wanted to say she loved him and that she wanted to be with him, but she was worried about how he would react. Maybe he didn’t want a committed relationship. “When are you leaving?”

“The day after tomorrow. I don’t want to, but I have to.” She kissed his chest and moved to lay beside him. They didn’t talk about him leaving anymore. She stayed in his arms until he drifted off then got up and went into the bathroom, needing a shower and time to think. She washed herself and allowed her mind to work. Tomorrow night she would continue her hunt for the chupacabra and then the morning after, she would tell Victor her feelings and hope he wanted to be with her too. She knew loving a human could be dangerous, but she had never wanted anything this bad in her life.



“Hey sleepy head wake up.” Faline said and shook Victor. He blinked up at her and smiled then stretched.

“Do you need something sweetness?” He asked and she couldn’t help but smile.

“My pills, you know the important ones that keep my ovaries from having a mind of their own.”

He laughed and pulled her down on top of him. He pulled her down into a kiss then pressed her head against his chest, just enjoying the closeness. “I love the feel of you against me.” He ran his fingers through her damp hair and kissed the top of her head.

“You are a very sweet man.” She kissed his chest then rolled off of him. “I feel a lot better by the way.”

“Good, see I make a great doctor. A little Tylenol, some pepto and mind blowing sex were all you needed. You can thank me later.” She punched his chest and he grabbed her wrists, pinning them next to her head as he straddled her hips. “It’s not nice to hit the man who is taking care of you. I might just have to punish you later.”

“What are you going to do, spank me?”

“No, something a lot more fun.” He kissed her nose and got off of her. He dressed quickly and grabbed her room key. “I shall return.” He said dramatically, making her laugh.

Victor hummed as he moved down the hall. He was practically soaring he felt so happy. He unlocked her door and went directly to her suitcase. He unzipped it and flipped it open. He decided to grab her some clean clothes as well as her pills. He rifled through everything until he found the wheel of pills and stuck them on his pocket. He grabbed her clothes and was about to close her suitcase when he spotted a picture tucked in one of the pockets. He pulled it out and looked at it. It was a picture of her, maybe about fourteen or fifteen years old standing next to a man. He didn’t like that man very much. He looked so cold and unemotional as he stared at the camera. Faline smiled happily, her eyes glowing with her happiness. He was sure this man was her father. He slipped the picture back in and headed back to his room. He wondered how her father would react to him if he ever got to meet the man.

Faline jumped into his arms when he walked back through the door, making him drop the clothes. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs tightly around him. His lips found hers and he pressed her into the mattress. He smiled against her lips and pulled back a little as he reached into his back pocket and held up her pills. “Take this please.” He said and kissed her once more before slipping out of her arms.

“You really worry to much.” She replied as she popped one of the pills out and put it in her mouth. She swallowed it and sat the package down.

“As your caretaker, it would be wrong of me to neglect the important things for a few moments of pleasure.”

“Thank you for taking care of me my valiant knight.” Her stomach growled and he laughed. “It’s your fault. You make me hungry with all of this exercise.”

“Then I will order us BLTs and make sure you are well fed and well rested.” He picked up the phone and called for room service. He ordered them food and soda, Pepsi for him and sprite for her. She wasn’t sick to her stomach anymore, but she didn’t tell him. He wanted to take care of her and she was willing to let him. When their food came, they ate and chatted while they watch TV. He leaned in and licked some crumbs off the corner of her mouth and she blushed. When they were finished he made her lay down on her stomach and he rubbed her back and neck until she became drowsy. “Feel good?” He asked.

“Amazing.” Was all she could say. He turned her onto her side and pulled her back against him. He kissed the back of her neck, making her smile.

“Rest now okay.” He whispered. She laced her fingers through his allowed herself to doze off.



The next morning Faline woke before Victor. She admired his face, smiling at how he looked peaceful even on sleep. She wanted to make love to him again, to see that look of wonder on his face as he sank into her. She had fallen so in love with that her heart thundered excitedly in her chest and her body grew hot with need at just the sight of him. She had to hunt today, she had to finish her job. She slid slowly and silently out of bed and pulled on the clothes he had brought for her. She scribbled a quick note on a piece of paper, thanking him for all he had done and promising she would return. She left it on her pillow then kissed his cheek before grabbing her room key and hurrying out of the room. She went to her room and redressed in her athletic gear. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail, grabbed her cell phone, and hurried out of her room and downstairs. She didn’t want Victor waking up and finding her gone while she was still in the building.

Victor turned to hold her and opened his eyes when his arm his open space. She was gone, a note resting there in her place. He picked it up and let his eyes run over the short message. It did nothing to ease his sadness. He wondered if he had done something wrong or if she was becoming to overwhelmed by him. Even though everything in him told him to go after her, he stayed put. He didn’t want her to feel trapped by his need for her. He sighed and got out of bed. He had to find something to keep himself occupied. He had to believe that she was going to come back.

Her mind was occupied with thoughts of Victor as she moved out of the city and into the jungle. She had never felt so loved by anyone in her life. He made her feel special and beautiful. All the men her father had picked for her were all idiots, especially Archer. She couldn’t stand him and his egotistical bull shit. The words that came out of his mouth made her want to strangle him. Her father thought he was wonderful, that he was just what she needed. She didn’t want a man who would dominates her, who would want to break her and take away who she was. The man she wanted was sleeping in a hotel room after exhausting himself taking care of her. She found her way back to the place she had last seen the chupacabra by lunch time. It had come back to this place after she had left, probably drawn by the smell of her blood. It had left footprints and fur, giving her a nice trail to follow.

She hurried through the jungle, jumping over fallen trees and ducking under low branches. She startled a bunch of birds which shook a snake out of a tree. It landed on her and she tossed it as far as she could. The last thing she needed was to be bit by something venomous. She wouldn’t die, but she didn’t want Victor to have to take care of her again. He had worked so hard to make sure she felt better. As night fell, she wondered what he was up to and of he was mad at her for slipping away. She promised she would make it up to him, would do anything it took to make him happy. She heard a skittering noise and came to a stop, cocking her head to one side to listen. A loud hiss filled the darkness and she felt something jump at her rather than heard it. She rolled out of the way, coming up n her feet facing the chupacabra. It was on all fours, it’s eyes glowing with rage and hunger. It wanted to devour her. it jumped at her again, its clawed fingers grabbing for her and its sharp teeth snapping at her throat. She punched and kicked at it trying to find its weak spot again. She finally connected with it and the monster yelped. It tried to run, but she jumped on it, clinging tightly to it as they rolled across the ground. She hit it again and again until it was screaming n agony. It bit into her arm and she head butted it in the face. She planted her feet in its abdomen and launched it through the air and into a tree. It hit the ground with a loud thud, completely limp.

“Stupid monster.” She pulled out her cell and speed dialed her father. “Send someone to pick this thing up. I’ll leave my blood as a beacon.” She hung up before her father could say anything. She didn’t want to deal with him right now. She knew he wasn’t going to be happy about her dating a human. She got to her feet and went over to the chupacabra, allowing her blood to drip onto the beast. She ripped a bunch of vine off of a tree and tied it up. It would probably be unconscious for awhile, but she wanted to make sure it couldn’t get lose and slip away. She hoped she could find a good excuse for the bite marks and blood on her arm.



Victor paced back and forth in the lobby as he waited. He hoped she was okay, that she had not fallen and hit her head again. He had a feeling she would be giving him many heart attacks on the future. He ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes jumping to the door every now and then in the hopes that she would walk through the front door. When she finally came in he ran to her and wrapped her in a tight hug. She was covers in dirt and leaves, dry blood covered her arm and hand. “What happened?” He asked and pulled back to look at her face.

“I was attacked by a dog. I fought it off.” She answered and he kissed her softly on the lips before lifting her into his arms and asking the receptionist for a first aid kit. He got it and sat it on Faline’s stomach. He carried her to the elevator and used his elbow to hit the button and stepped in when the doors opened. “I was so worried about you.” He kissed her cheek then her chin and down to her neck, making her shiver.

“I’m wounded here and you’re turning me on.” She said in a whisper.

“I’m sorry, but when ai woke up and you were gone, my heart nearly exploded. I didn’t do anything wrong did I?” The elevator doors opened and he stepped out, heading to his room.

“Of course not, you’ been very good to me. You took care of me when I was sick and now you’re taking care of me again. I need to pay you back.”

“No you don’t. I’ve enjoyed doing things for you. Your company is enough.” He sat her on her feet and unlocked his door. “Lets take a shower then I can bandage your arm.”


He sat her on her feet and let her put the first aid kit on the counter before undressing her. He couldn’t help but run his hands over her skin. He cupped her breasts, tugged at her nipples so she gasped his name. “Sorry, lets get you clean.” He pulled his own clothes off and turned on the shower, making sure the water wasn’t to hot. “You still have your hair up.” She reached up and took her ponytail holder out, letting her hair cascade down her back and over her shoulders. “You look like a goddess.”

“A wounded goddess.” He laughed and they stepped under the warm water. He ran his hands loving over her, washing away the dirt and blood that covered her skin.

“No more wandering off alone.” He kissed her shoulder then gave it a soft bite.

“I’ll try not to.” They got out and he dried them both then pulled her into the room and made her set on the bed. He bandaged her arm, his touch gentle. It nearly moved her to tears. “So, you’re leaving tomorrow.” She said as he put the last piece of medical tape in place.

“Yeah, around noon. I managed to get a seat. The rest of my colleagues left today.”

“Oh, how sad.” He tipped her head back and kissed her softly before hugging her. “I’m going to sleep here tonight. I want to cuddle with you.”

“Okay, sounds good.” Neither of them said what they were really thinking and soon fell asleep. The next morning Victor kissed her and packed his things. He left her a note, telling her how much he loved her and that he had truly enjoyed their time together. He went to the airport, feeling depressed when his flight was called and he took his seat next to the window. He stared out at the tarmac, wanting to go back to her.

“Running off an leaving a note. Was that some sort of payback?” His head snapped around and he blinked to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

“What are you doing here?” He asked as Faline sat down next to him.

“I changed my flight last night while you were sleeping.”

“Why?” She arched a quizzical eyebrow at him.

“Because you told me you loved me when you thought I was sleeping and in that stupid note. The truth is, I really love you too, even if you did try and leave without giving me a proper goodbye kiss.” He pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth with his. She smiled against his lips and pulled back to smile at her.

“Does that mean you’re coming home with me?”

“I plan on spending a lot of time at your house. Maybe I’ll spend forever there. How does forever sound?”

“Forever sounds amazing as long as it’s with you.” He kissed her again and then they buckled up. He laced his fingers through hers and she rested her head on his shoulder, both of them feeling happy and complete.