Diya & Romanus 2

Chapter One

He was tired, especially after tonight, after he had found something far worse than he had imagined. The lamp in the living room switching on startled him and he was surprised to see Diya yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “Diya?”

“You’re home.” She gave him a sleepy smile. She stood, stretching. “Are you hungry?” read more

Violet & Dian

Chapter One

The gangly, curly haired youth bursting through Violet’s door nearly made her drop her book. She glared at the boy, telling him with her eyes that it was more than a bit rude to walk into a house uninvited and to do it in a way that nearly knocked pictures off the wall was even more reprehensible. The look took him by such surprise that he seemed to forget what he had been going to say and stood there frozen for a moment opening and closing his mouth like a fish on the bank of a pond. read more

Antoni & Rhona

Chapter One

Rhona Age 8:

She ran, her hand clutching tightly to the teddy bear, her breath and the sound of her bare feet crunching on the snow beneath her the only sounds. She glanced behind her and screamed when she saw it. It was dark, like a living shadow and it was too fast. Tears stung her cheeks as they slipped from her eyes. She tripped, falling hard and flipped over to see it stalking toward, its sharp teeth dripping with saliva, its milky eyes watching her hungrily. It crouched, readying itself to pounce when a pop filled the silence and it jerked back, its screech so loud she curled into a ball and covered her ears. Please, she thought, I want my mommy, please. read more

Actaeon & Semele

Chapter One

The journey to the crypt had been a long one. Desert sand clung to her eyelashes and dusted her clothing, making them look like ruddy copper rather than the bright red and gold they had been. She reached out a hand, her fingers splaying over the smooth stone of the entrance, her eyes closing as pale blue light traveled from her to the locked door. “Bats’yek.” Open. She said and heard the sound of creaking gears and straining ropes. There was a thunk and then the doors slid open, grinding against the floor before sticking. Darkness greeted her and she slipped through and whispered a command so an orb appeared before her then floated slowly down the shadowed hallway. Dust had long settled here on the coffins set in alcoves along the walls and the subtle scent of long dried up oils permeated the air. This crypt housed many a long dead warrior, buried with their most prized possessions, but the thing she sought was in the room at the end, the thing they supposedly guarded even in death, the one she needed. read more

Zeric & Amorie

Chapter One

Zeric and his father laughed happily as they walked back home “I can’t believe you turned eighteen last week son”

“that’s all you’ve been able to talk about”

“you’ll understand when you’re a parent…it’s weird to have your child become an adult” Zeric decided this was a good time to ask his father “can my girlfriend stay the night tonight?” read more

Marissa & Nick

Here’s a story we’ve been working on with Breanna Vincent the past two months 🙂 Started March 15th and it ended on May 19th

Chapter One

She slowly raised the hose up her calf, over her knee, and up her thigh. She repeated the motion with the other foot, moving mechanically, lost in thought. She focused on the way her fingers felt on her flesh and wished they were another’s. She closed her eyes and envisioned the perfect body before her. He was lean, with his skin tight over his muscles. His skin was naturally tanned, his hair course and dark. As he towered over her, slowly leaning in she could feel the heat from his body coming closer and closer. All she wanted was to feel his touch.
Beep Beep Beep! read more

Leevo & Brynlyn

Chapter One

Leevo had about enough of this nightmare or whatever the hell this was. Everything felt weird as he looked for his fiance. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what he was feeling, simply everything felt wrong. Even his own body felt wrong, different. He finally saw someone he knew, his best friend “Hey!” his friend looked at him confused “hey” he spoke it as though it was a question rather than a greeting “where is Brynlyn” Now his best friend was looking at him like he was crazy but that wasn’t his concern right now. Brynlyn hadn’t been answering his texts and when he called her the number was invalid. He had gone everywhere she liked to go and not a sign of her “where is she?” he prompted again read more

Maksym & Poppi

Chapter One

Maksym was almost to his brothers mansion so he decided just to relax a bit. It was time to check on him again and make sure he wasn’t doing anything he shouldn’t to anybody or to the land around him but he was tired and he wasn’t quite sure he was mentally ready yet to deal with whatever crap Lakopa was doing now. Lakopa was older by about twenty years and just like him, he looked a lot like their mother. However, he was more like their father in attitude. Maksym knew his parents never had much more than a sexual relationship but still, he wasn’t sure how his dad even ever got his mother in bed with him. He didn’t think on this too long, instead he just enjoyed how beautiful it was in this area. read more

Azriel & Vrai

Chapter One

Most might think it was the frigid cold that would make this trek hard but it was mostly the unforgiving winds this high on the mountain. It stung any bit of exposed skin and made walking it even more tiring than it should be since they had to push against them it was so bad up here. What made it worse was knowing they weren’t even halfway to the point the reports said the three headed trolls were living. Their king and Queen had been informed a large group of giant, three headed trolls had taken over this mountain, refusing anybody entry after they destroyed the homes of the people who were daring enough to live in a place like this. They had already found the reports were true of a bloody take over on these mountains. Dead bodies laid in the snow, covering surrounding areas in crimson. read more

Ray & Ivor

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

The cool feel of the metal vanished as Ray wrapped her fingers around it. She pushed heat from her palm, melting it. She let her fingers slide to the other end, grasping it again so the other end came loose and she was able to pull it free. She swung as the nosferatu jumped at her, catching it in the side and twisting her hips to drive the creature away. It staggered, slamming into the side of a black Mercedes. It screeched at her, showing mouth full of two rows of sharp teeth. It came against and she choked up on the pole, calculating the amount of force she would need to send him flying. She braced herself, using gravity to lock herself into place and she swung again, twisting her hips, the sidewalk beneath her cracking. The end of the pole caught him under the chin and sent him arcing through the air and into a fire hydrant. One hand swept up the pipe, heat melting it as she molded it into a sharp spike and approached the dazed nosferatu. It stumbled to its feet and she flipped the pole, holding it like a javelin. She pulled back, pivoting on her back foot and putting as much force into it as she could. It sailed through the air, hitting the monster in the chest and sending it backward and pinning it to a telephone pole. It screeched, hands fighting to pull the pole from its chest. It flailed angrily in denial as blood seeped from the wound and then it was still and silent, it grotesque body falling limp. Ray approached it, her fingers wrapping around the makeshift weapon and she jerked it free so the nosferatu fell to the ground. She pulled out her phone, pushing the number two and send. read more