Ray & Ivor

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

The cool feel of the metal vanished as Ray wrapped her fingers around it. She pushed heat from her palm, melting it. She let her fingers slide to the other end, grasping it again so the other end came loose and she was able to pull it free. She swung as the nosferatu jumped at her, catching it in the side and twisting her hips to drive the creature away. It staggered, slamming into the side of a black Mercedes. It screeched at her, showing mouth full of two rows of sharp teeth. It came against and she choked up on the pole, calculating the amount of force she would need to send him flying. She braced herself, using gravity to lock herself into place and she swung again, twisting her hips, the sidewalk beneath her cracking. The end of the pole caught him under the chin and sent him arcing through the air and into a fire hydrant. One hand swept up the pipe, heat melting it as she molded it into a sharp spike and approached the dazed nosferatu. It stumbled to its feet and she flipped the pole, holding it like a javelin. She pulled back, pivoting on her back foot and putting as much force into it as she could. It sailed through the air, hitting the monster in the chest and sending it backward and pinning it to a telephone pole. It screeched, hands fighting to pull the pole from its chest. It flailed angrily in denial as blood seeped from the wound and then it was still and silent, it grotesque body falling limp. Ray approached it, her fingers wrapping around the makeshift weapon and she jerked it free so the nosferatu fell to the ground. She pulled out her phone, pushing the number two and send. read more

Tristana & Vala

Chapter One

“Tristana, if you accept one of the offers you’ll be facing Nadia and she’s a bitch, you know that. She hurts just to the point it’s not allowed. I don’t want…I don’t want to see you bed ridden because of her”

“Who says she’ll win?’ read more

Fen & Saffron 2

Chapter One

Saffron woke earlier than normal, surprised that she was up to see the sun just peaking over the horizon through their bedroom window. Her boyfriend Fen was still sound asleep after a long day yesterday making sure everything with the villages mead business was going well. She carefully got out of bed, trying not to wake him. It wasn’t often she succeed but this morning she managed it and decided to get some fresh air. She walked out and saw one of her friends walking around with her new baby “you’re up early Saffron” she said with a bright smile and Saffron responded “the baby wouldn’t calm again?” read more

Alvah & Daray 3

Chapter One

Alvah sat in his living room feeling sorry for himself as he listened to Daray, Gaspare and Darays childhood friend Iom messing around outside. He hated he couldn’t go out to be with him. It was frustrating to the point of tears. He was glad his mate didn’t know he was awake because he didn’t want Daray to know he was crying. He had been sleeping whenever it had been that Iom made his appearance but the mens laughter had woke him so now here he sat, having to listen to them from the living room because nothing he could do could protect him from the sun. Alvah eventually got up with a groan and rushed to his library. He was going to find a way to go out into the sun. He didn’t care how long it took or how much of his funds he had to use he was going to find a way to be in the sun with his mate “there just has to be a way” he said to himself sadly as he began looking through books. read more

Ajmal & Rubie 2

Chapter One

Ajmal jerked awake at his kitchen table, there was the knocking again. He didn’t know somebody knocking on your front door could be creepy until now. He would hear a loud pound then two seconds of silence, a loud pound then two seconds of silence. It just reapted over and over until he answered. At this point Ajmal knew he was dreaming, he had had this dream so many times and he didn’t want to answer that door. At this point he knew what lurked behind it. It would be one of those demons that gave him all these scars. He didn’t want to answer and tried to will himself awake but just like every other time there was no waking up until he opened the front door. read more

Jubal & Delia 3

Chapter One

Delia’s head rested on his shoulder as he drove and he glanced in the review mirror at his cousin Finn who was staring at his iPad. He could sense his nervousness, his fear and worry. Delia’s family had invited them over for a week and Delia had insisted on taking Finn with them since he didn’t get out much. Jubal had had to reassure the boy time and time again that if anything went wrong, he would stop him, but Finn was still terrified. “How’s he doing?” Delia said softly. read more

Aitolia & Flynn

Co written by Breanna Vincent

Chapter One

The fine hairs on the back of my neck rise. My cheeks are flushed as the blood rushes swift and hot to give me away. I can feel them all staring at me, unable to pry their eyes away, even just for a second. I focus on putting one foot in front of another to keep myself moving towards my salvation. Just a few more seconds of torment and I can be free. read more

Rama & Helem 2

Chapter One

Rama shook as he tried to concentrate on the magic, feeling Helem’s eyes on him. He was terrified of unleashing the wolves, of what they might do to Helem once they appeared. “Breathe, Rama.” Helem’s voice was gentle and Rama felt frustration crawling.

“I can’t do it.” He dropped his head in defeat and Helem’s arms were suddenly around him, pulling him close. read more

Evianna & Imogen

Chapter One

Evianna went between checking her phone and looking all around her as she waited at the ticket booth for Imogen. It was their sixth date and Imogen had come to mean so much to Evianna. She wanted to be more serious with her, to have the title of they were dating but that meant she had to tell Imogen what she was and why she was in this world. She was terrified but she refused to start a relationship without having everything in the open. She hoped Imogen was going to take it well. Her thought process was broken when she finally saw her. She was wearing an adorable top with jean shorts. Imogen was gorgeous just as she always was. read more

Marius & Aeron 3

Chapter One

Aeron walked down the city street, heading back to the portal after collecting payment for another wish. He was almost there when he was attacked from behind, something hard smashing into the back of his head. He didn’t go down, but twisted around and pulled out his gun. His vision was blurry, but he could still see his attacker. Before he could squeeze the trigger, a bunch of powder was thrown into his face. read more