Nolan & Roady

Chapter One

Roady leaned against the kitchen counter as he waited patiently for his canner to finish cooking. He glanced at his watch, there were only a few minutes left. He had been at it since early that morning, wanting to restock on everything they had used from tomatoes to jalapeno jelly. This was a batch of the blackberry jam Nolan liked so much. He sighed when he thought about the man he had come to love most of all. Nolan had always been kind to him, had given him a home, but the one thing Nolan could never see was the pain he was in. It was getting harder and harder to mask his jealousy, so hard that two weeks ago when Nolan had brought a woman home he had left before he bared his teeth at her. He had run off his frustration and when he had returned home the woman was gone and Nolan had said nothing about his disappearance. read more