Lethe & Aura 2

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

“Lethe, did you hear me?” Aura said as she waved her hand in front of his face.

“Hmm?” He had been staring off into space again. He was exhausted after a long week of posing and pictures that had given him little to no time with Aura. read more

Lethe & Aura

Chapter One

Aura sat in the chair she had been given, sipping at her water as she watched Lethe posing with another model for a magazine cover. He looked so handsome, his smile one of amusement as if he was always thinking of something funny and even that looked sexy. Even though the media made him look like a bad boy, he was actually the sweetest man she had ever known. All he asked was that he was never given eggs since he was allergic. He always invited her to his place to watch movies and just hang out and they had developed a close bond over the three years she had been working for him. She had even found that some women were jealous of her because she worked closely with Lethe. The photo shoot ended and Lethe thanked the female model then turned his gaze on her, his eyes becoming warmer as he made his way to her. read more