Elowen & Birch

Chapter One

Mei smiled back at little Tod as he buckled up in her backseat then drove away from the school “How was your day?”

“Great! Is mommy home yet?”

“Just two more nights” He just continued to smile as he began to look out the window so she put in one of his CD’s and put her attention back on the road. Mei was his live in nanny, had been since he was four and it was the best job she had ever taken. Tod was the sweetest boy anybody could ask for and his mother paid her far more than any other live in nannies she knew, especially when she took business trips. She had grown so fond of Tod over the past five years she’d probably even watch him for free at this point. She loved him like he was her own. The nice room, comfortable life and amazing income were just perks now. read more

Otho & Sudie

Chapter One

Sudie kept rowing in her small boat, looking for the man or whatever he had been that saved her. Once she had had a second to calm down guilt replaced her fear but he was already long gone. Days passed and she couldn’t forgive herself for reacting to him the way she did when all he had done was save her life then leave her safely on shore so she had bought a small boat since that was all she could afford then went back out to sea. She needed to find him, to tell him how sorry she was and most importantly actually thank him. She didn’t know if he could hear her cries for him from the boat but she wouldn’t stop trying to look for him. “Please! I’m so sorry! I just want to tell you that to your face! You were so kind to me” she was starting to tear up again “I would have died if you hadn’t helped me. There’s no way I could have swam all the way back to land. I’m so sorry…I just…I hate myself for being so scared of you..I was an idiot…please” She wished she had a name to call but her panic had sent him away so quickly. read more

Evelina & Holly 2

Chapter One

Holly and Evelina swam happily at eachothers side. They were coming back from a deep dive in the Marianas Trench where most of the sea dinosaurs lived. Recently Holly had learned that not all the dinosaurs had actually gone extinct. When the people of the sea realized that the new race of humans were lethal, selfish beings and could not be trusted the dinosaurs realized the same thing. They were smarter than human history had depicted, they had speech, a society, they were amazing and unlike other animals. Truly should have been considered another type of being as demons, fairies and mermaids were. The merpeople helped guide the ones in the sea to the trench so they could live in peace, far from the new species that plagued their earth. read more

Seth & Acantha

Chapter One

When Seth came to this world over thrity years ago he had let go of everything he thought about everybody since few people were the same here as they were where he came from. However, there was one person that was not getting the benefit of the doubt when Seth saw him at the pub he frequented. Seth waited for the bar tender to take his break then followed him into the alley behind the bar. The bartender hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact he and Seth had a pretty good relationship but Seth was too enraged seeing Thelonous again to be thinking about anything but protecting his mom. He shoved the bartender into the wall, holding tight to him. Panic instantly filled his eyes “Seth what’s wrong?” Seth looked furious and Adam couldn’t think of what he had done. “I’m not taking the time to explain it. I’m geting that fuck away from here. That man in the red and black clothes at the bar. You are going to ruffie his drink” read more

Cipher & Fotia 2

Chapter One

Not many go to the world below Tresnia due to it being one of the most uncivilized and dangerous worlds known to demons, fairies, dragons and vampires. Cipher wanted to go though and he wanted to go for Fotia. Aside from being the most uncivilized world it produced the most gorgeous diamonds if you knew the right caves. He knew of this because Peony used to send people to their death just to fetch them for her. He had seen their beauty first hand and wanted to make a ring for Fotia using one. No other diamond was precious enough for her loving, amazing hands. He wanted to marry her but only if the ring was good enough and no diamond would be aside from one in the world below. Abraxas and Assaku didn’t like this idea one bit but knew he would be fool enough to go on his own if they refused so they were willing to accompany him. read more

Charles 21 Sophie 20

~ Prologue ~

Charles is now 21 and needs to go on his coming of age journey to prove himself a man to the village. Charles has been trained hard up until this past week where Arch has had mercy since Charles wont see Sophie for a long time. They’ve spent every second of the day together. This begins on the morning of Charles departure out into the wild to collect an emerald from the dragon. Charles hates having to leave feeling as though he’s proved how much of a man he is many times over the years but this is a custom in their village he must follow. read more

Suri & Hern 5

Things have been really peaceful for about three years. Ryker was learning fast and well from his father and Nico was doing well with his clan. A far off rivalry was going on between the Bourhns and Noxcals. Bourhns we’re fearsome and powerful beasts while Noxcals we’re cunning and could manipulate the mind. What they were bets known for is trapping people in their own heads. They could lock memories away making you lose as many years as they chose. read more

Suri & Hern 4

Suri and Herns sons were now 13 and as wild as ever. Ryker recently fell head over heels for a girl he met. Suri wasn’t sure how old she was but her antlers were almost precisely the same size at Rykers so she had to only be a year or two apart in age. The name Dahlia was almost all he ever said. Nico was jealous of her. The boys had always been close and did everything together but Ryker now liked alone time with Dahlia. She did like her though. Dahlia was fun and really sweet. Suri absolutely adored them and thought it was cute Ryker wouldn’t admit his feelings for her. She could tell how much her son cared for her. read more

Rapunzel & Casimer

King Gabriel Henri was near the end of his days. He had recently became very ill and knew he wouldn’t be living much longer. As hard as the best healers in the land worked they couldn’t make Gabriel better. It was time to choose which of his nine children would be his successor. In this world it didn’t simply go to the eldest but it did however typically get passed down to a male descendant. Gabriel hated to say it but none of his boys were fit to guide his kingdom. He didn’t trust them to run his kingdom for a day, let alone forever. He wanted his second youngest daughter Rapunzel to lead the kingdom. She was his bright, Skilled with a bow and sword, was very fair with a sound head on her shoulders. read more

Charles & Sophie

It’s the morning of Sophies 21st birthday and she couldn’t be more excited! She lives in a village named Tresnia in the land of Barense and on a persons 21st birthday to be truly named an adult they must set out on a quest to obtain emralds from the dragons cave in the foggy mountains! She’s been longing for this day since she was 13 and couldn’t believe it was time. She must rush to town to get ready for the long journey ahead! read more