Aurelia & Rees

Chapter One

She hobbled as she ran but she went as fast as she could away from her attackers. As far as she knew she had killed them but she couldn’t be sure enough not to run. Two human men had tried to rape her, probably thinking she was a human woman since only her ears would give away she was an elf. It had still been difficult to get away, they had been so crazed and hungry to take her. She wondered while she ran if they had been on some type of drugs. Thunder crashed and rain poured, making it hard to know where she was going but she kept on until she saw a castle. She ran to the door, desperate for help. read more

Derrick & Mae

Chapter One

Derrick groaned as he lay there in the alley, his entire being a universe of pain. He clenched his stomach, wondering if his ribs were broken. He didn’t fight the waves of agony, he let them come, he deserved it. Sorrow washed over him and he curled up there, shivering and crying like the pathetic weakling he was. He heard the sound of footsteps and wondered if the men who had attacked him had returned to further punish him. He wouldn’t resist them, between the alcohol and his shame, he wanted to hurt. “Oh my god, are you alright?” The voice was soft, the tone gentle and warm. He barely manged to turn his head, his eyes colliding with those of a woman, those hazel orbs sparkling with concern and shock. “Who did this?” She asked as she reached out to brush his hair from his face. read more

Rehan & Alpheus 2

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story ~

Chapter One

Alpheus was happy to be a little over half way through his shift. He would soon be with his fiance and away from all these drunks. He smiled as thought of Rehan. They didn’t have a date set for the wedding yet but Alpheus was had been bursting with happiness ever since Rehan had accepted his proposal. Alpheus was wiping down a spill on the bar as he happily thought of going home but the mens conversation that had been mere background noise before now had his full attention, something was wrong in the other kingdom, the kingdom Rehans mother lived in. “yeah, nobody knows where the lot of them came from but jesus they are fierce. I’ve heard some people have died of heart attacks just from seeing them burst out of the ground or seem to simply fall from the sky” read more

Lucy & Soter 2

~ Contributed to by Breanna Vincent

Chapter One

Ross held his sobbing wife despite the fact he was already late for work. Though he was late so frequently since his daughters disappearance most would probably think he was supposed to come in about an hour later than what his start time for the day actually was. If his wife wasn’t falling apart he overslept from staying up all night trying to figure out what happened to his daughter. He had once had hope his wife would come out of her depression but the loss of their daughter had sent her spiraling so far down he didn’t know if he could ever pull her back up unless he found Lucy. read more

Eveny & Osius

Chapter One

Breena and Zaylee were out running wild again in their beautiful world. They still spent a majority of their time together when their husbands were busy. Arrow being captain of the guard and Emeril being a guardsman. It truly didn’t matter how many decades passed the two women felt just as much joy getting lost in nature and going on adventures together. Zaylee was still touched every time she thought of the huge celebration dinner they had at the castle to celebrate her and Arrow being together eighty years. Breena had gotten up to toast them saying how lucky she and her father were that Zaylee stumbled into their lives. In meeting Zaylee her father had found love again and she had found a best friend. She had gone on about all the miniature heart attacks they both had given their husbands while they were having fun and told everyone they felt bad but they wouldn’t change one memory and planned on scareing Arrow and Emeril many times in the future.” read more

Joss & Arnault

Chapter One

Joss needed to go grocery shopping for his sister again. She was an addict and typically used her food stamps to get drugs rather than the food she was supposed to get with it. He knew buying groceries so he’d know she was eating was enabling her problem but he knew if given a choice she would choose drugs over food anytime. It had been that way since she started using. Abella was once a sweet and talented woman destined for great things but one day she threw it all away and became easily angered. He had never heard his sister scream in his life until she became an addict and it was heartbreaking for Joss what drugs were doing to his sister. read more

Losna & Erebus

Chapter One

Snow fell around her car so thick it was nearly impossible to see through. It blanketed the old dirt road and the thick woods on either side of her. The moon reflected off of it, making her nearly snow blind so it was slow going. After Losna’s grandmother’s passing, her old home had been willed to her and she was just now getting around to looking at the place. Her grandmother had been a sweet, loving woman who always had a warm smile on her wrinkled face. Losna missed her with all her heart. She was so engrossed in her thoughts that a large animal darting out in front of her startled her and caused her to slam on her breaks and veer off the road and into the ditch. Her heart was racing and she quickly got out of her car to make sure she had not hit whatever it was. She saw no damage to the front of her car, no fur or feathers clinging to the bumper and thank god she had not killed an innocent animal. read more

Kaelani & Nara

The wind was blowing today making Kaelanis loose brown hair move even wilder as he rode his horse. He had a letter and package to deliver to a woman who lived in the Albelino mountains. It would take him a few days to get there if no problems arose but it was highly unlikely that all demons, monsters and men that he passed would actually leave him alone and allow Kaelani to do his work. He didn’t mind far off jobs though, they paid much more which meant he could give more to his sister. She played music in town and hoped for tips. As an unwed mother a lot of women treated her as a  pariah so she couldn’t really find work in shops or in any service. The scorn she got for being a mother both so young and without a husband didn’t phase his sister a bit which was one of the many reasons why Kaelani had a lot of respect for his sister. She never once begged her former boyfriend for help and she didn’t have a fuck to give about what people thought of her. In general Talitha was a happy person and let nothing get her down. read more

Fatima 30 Lombard 230


Fatima sat on the end of her bed, pulling on the black heels that matched her dress. She stood and grabbed her black double breasted jacket out of the closet, catching a glimpse of herself on the full length mirror. Her face was the picture of sorrow. Unshed tears floated in her eyes, making her eyes look a bright gold. Going to a funeral two days before her birthday was not something she had planned on. Her heart ached in her chest for the man who had raised her with so much love and devotion. Shane Hicks, her greatest hero, had died after his car had skidded into a lake. Unable to break loose from his restraints, he had drowned. There was a knock at her bedroom door and it swung slowly open. Lombard stepped in, dressed in all black. read more

Hern Growing Up: Age 14

~ Prologue ~

Herns father had done really well with spending time with Hern up until his 12th birthday. It sent Azaiah into a spiraling depression. Azaiah and Sonata had made big plans for his 12th and here the king was. A single father on it. He threw himself completely into work. No matter what Hern did he could barely get any of his fathers time. read more