Virginia & Naor

Chapter One

Naor ached as he laid beside a river under a small bridge. He had narrowly gotten out of that fight, only getting away at all because his father taught him how to tear through into other worlds. It was dangerous but that situation had called for drastic measures. He’d return to where he was from once he had a good nights sleep and could do it responsibly. He was just about to pass out when a woman approached him. He could tell she meant no harm, not a single one of his senses felt any threat, just compassion “excuse me” read more

Arie & Rory 2

Chapter One

“Rory, your mom sent a letter.” Arie said as he walked into their new apartment. They had moved out of the dorm so they wouldn’t disturb their fellow classmates.

“A letter?” Rory looked up from the soup he was making.

Arie walked over and waved the blue envelope in front of his face. Rory reached for it and Arie pulled it away. “Kiss first, then letter.” read more

Wynne & Jantje

Chapter one

“I’m so excited mom”

“I know honey, especially since you’ve told me so many times over this past week”

“I’m sorry, I just really REALLY hope Jantje will ask me to be with him at my party or atleast right after. I’m finally not a child to him.” read more

Aegaeon & Matalia

Chapter One

“Don’t you call me stubborn you idiot wolf, you’re the one with the brain of stone.” Matalia said angrily as she walked downstairs with her bag slung over her shoulder.

“I already told you I don’t want to travel, so why do you keep asking?”

“The last time I asked you was two months ago, two months is long enough for you to change your mind. Forget I asked.” read more

Gloria & Thorn 2

Chapter One

Thorn carried Gloria delightedly across their home land so they could pass into Chthons world. he was excited to show off his mate and let everyone get to know the wonderful woman who had turned him around. “I only stumbled a little. I can walk”

“any excuse to hold you, you know that” Gloria kissed Thorns cheek and he leaned into it. He carried her straight through the portal and all the way to Chthons doorstep. He knocked, beaming and making Gloria feel adored. Kandara, Shri & Suka answered before he even finished knocking. Since they knew Gloria and Thorn were coming they had been excitedly waiting by the door. Kandara hugged her father, somthing that made Gloria smile. Kandara then turned to Gloria and gave her an even tighter hug “thank you for making my dad a better man. It will be nice to have a father in my life.” read more

Hern Growing Up: Age 18


It had been four years since the last time he saw his father, four years of hardly a thought for the man who so easily threw him away. He visited Fallon often, but she didn’t speak much about Azaiah, but only said very cryptically that everything was as it should be. He had grown into a very strong man, all muscle from top to bottom with a nice rack of antlers. A scar ran from his chest to his abdomen. It was one he had earned fighting and killing a rogue Minotaur. It had hurt and taken over a month to completely heal. He was well versed in the ways of the wild, knowing every plant and animal, good or bad. Fallon expressed pride in his intelligence and often had him walk with her and tested his knowledge. She could still see that he was not completely happy even though he said he was, but she knew he had to do things on his own or not at all. read more

Nigel & Vina

Nigel was just traveling the worlds now that Chthon had Ruth and a happy family that only seemed to get larger everytime he came back to visit his dear old friend. Nigel was having a great time exploring all there was to see and meeting new people. A friend he met in Piticimer told him of a world called Qwerxi. The more Peter described the landscape and people he met from there the more Nigel wanted to make that the next place he visited. He decided he would make his way to the portal that could get him there tomorrow. Peter told him it was only half a day away. After this journey he would make another trip back to the castle to see how Ruth and Chthon were doing. read more