Eira & Alarick

Contributed to by Stacy Meyer

Eira pulled her cloak tight around her as she moved slowly through the snow covered forest, shivering with every gust of wind. Snow clung to her and her feet and hands stung and ached with how cold they were. She was lost, she had to admit that to herself. The storm had blown through and she had gotten turned around in all the white. She stopped, her breath puffing out in clouds as she caught her breath. What was she going to do? Her mother was probably terrified. read more

Eliora & Emrys

Chapter One

Eliora rushed in the house, having the horrible feeling that she just might throw up again. It was why she was home from work hours before she was supposed to be. When she ran in and straight to the bathroom she was so occupied with the need to spill her stomach contents she didn’t notice the small brunette in her living room until she was walking out of their downstairs bathroom. Eliora was startled but the girl was small, looking no older than thirteen so she was able to be calm enough to see the girl was afraid too ‘Honey, what’re you doing in my house?” she was trying to be as calm as possible, this was just a child after all. The girl didn’t say anything and before she could press further her husband came in, seeming a perturbed himself “what’re you doing home?!” he asked angrily. “I’m sick and what kind of greeting is that? Who is this little girl?” read more

Alois & Frona

Chapter One

“That has got to be the lamest pick up line in existence” She said, still laughing at his attempt. She knew it was rude to laugh at him but it had just struck her as hilarious. He held his hands out to the side, smiling “I think I’m going to plead I was trying to make you laugh” read more

Ghislain & Scipio 2

Chapter One

Scipio was reading the news online when he saw it again, savage attacks on people vacationing in Ireland. As much as he wanted to ignore it he opened the most recent article and yet again it looked like something one of his species would do. He knew most Dobhar-chu’s were highly aggressive. They didn’t even have to be provoked they just had a foul temperament and would attack because it felt like it. Dobhar-chu’s killed without any remorse and most he had known were complete sociopaths. He didn’t know how he had become so normal, especially considering his parents were just as savage as most of their kind was. He had left Ireland when he did because he was nothing like his family and wanted to break away from them but now, now they seemed to be more vicious than ever and he couldn’t turn a blind eye. read more

Julian & Lucius

Chapter One

Julian whistled as he walked down the empty road, his fingers laced behind his head, feeling happy after another good heist. It had been so easy, as it always was. Loner that he was, he was still good at charming the ladies. He was about as interested in them as he was at meeting a group of circus clowns in a dark alley, but it was easy to get close to their husband’s money when he talked them up. A sad story, a smile here, some flirting there and he was immediately invited in. They were always so embarrassed, their cheeks red as they blushed over his fawning. They would give him a tour of their homes and he would sniff out their husband’s safe. Once he knew where it was, it was easy to steal the valuables within. They had known what hit them, until it was too late. He smiled and stretched his arms above his head, feeling the small weight of his satchel as it rested against his hip. Money he could spend quickly and jewelry he knew he could easily pawn no questions asked. read more

Cody & Ruvel

Chapter One

Cody leaned against her van as she waited for the real estate agent to get there. She had really loved the house she had found and couldn’t wait to get inside and look it over. She checked her watch. He had said he might be a few minutes late since he was coming over from another showing and her excitement far outweighed her impatience. When his car pulled up, she pushed off of the side of the van and walked over to greet him. He looked a little confused when he got out. “Cody Marshall?” read more

Jessica & Johar

Chapter One

As much as Jessica enjoyed books she was growing bored of standing with her parents in the book store so ask “Can I go look at some shoes. I have my cellphone, please”

“sure baby” Stella answered before Jasper could get overprotective about Jessica being in a place packed with men. When Jessica walked off Stella said “don’t you say a word. She is sixteen and you need to let go some. You’re smothering her and it isn’t fair. You would have let Cade go” he kissed his wifes cheek “thank you for not letting me be crazy with her” Stella laughed “I’m sure our daughter appreciates it more.” He chuckled and quickly stifled it since they were in a book store. read more