Cade & Holly

Chapter One

Cade had finally decided to head to bed when he heard Cliona crying in her bedroom. His heart sank, with the television as loud as he had it she could have been crying for hours. He kicked himself for not thinking she could possibly be emotional tonight after accidentally hurting him again today. She was such a sweet little girl and the most recent one he had adopted out of the foster system. He often took the troubled children, the children nobody else would keep since he felt they needed saving from the system the most. He opened her door but she didn’t notice she was so upset. “Cliona” he said gently as he sat on her bed. He wanted to hold her but she had been horribly physically abused by her birth parents and was easily scared. He knew it wouldn’t bring her the comfort he would be intending to give. “I’m sorry” read more

Argos & Aella

Chapter One

Aella’s eyes widened when she saw him, Argos, the man she had loved and who had unintentionally broke her heart. He was standing there, talking to her brother on the front porch of her parents house like he had all those years ago. She was so shocked she just stood there staring at him. He must have sensed her gaze or saw her out of the corner of his eye because he looked right at her and smiled that same boyish smile she had fallen for all those years ago. “My god, as I live and breathe, it’s Queen Aella.” read more

Alice & David 2

Chapter One

It had been a year since David and his siblings had been accepted into the city. He changed Alice and her family into wolves and was now living in utter bliss with his love. He laid next to her on the bed, grinning at her sleeping face. She was so beautiful, so incredibly perfect that there were times he couldn’t believe he had got so lucky. “Alice, it’s time to wake up.” David said as he brushed his finger lightly over the tip of her nose. He watched her wiggle it, thinking she looked like an adorable little bunny. “Come on baby.” He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers, making her let out a little moan and wrap her arms around his neck. read more

Faye & Uther

Chapter One


They stood at the top of the cliff, Uther between Faye and the angry officers. Guns pointed at them. “Just give us the little harlot Uther and you can go free.”

Uther glared back defiantly, dark eyes spitting at these men who would hang her over lies. “You’ll have to kill me first.”
Faye grabbed his arm, not wanting him to die for her. The priest had caught her dancing naked in the forest, had caught her casting spells of protection and good fortune, had twisted her good will into lies. “Uther, it’s okay.” read more

Donna & Jovani

Chapter One

Freya, Edmond, Jayna, Alvaro and Jovani fought hard against the last two dragons destroying these elven peoples world. They had been called here to help when the dragons had come in and were seemingly destroying this place for no reason. Edmond and Freya tried multiple times as the elven elders had to talk to these dragons and ask why but they wouldn’t speak. All this group of fire and ice breathers wanted was to destroy and kill so they had been knocking one by one out. Most they had knocked out and threw them back into the portal they came which of course they’d reseal but two they had to kill. They were hoping these last two they could simply send back home but they were tiring and it didn’t seem likely. read more