Maureen and Joey 3

Chapter One

“I bought the tickets Maureen, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I can understand how it doesn’t make a lot of sense to you Joey but they were the only parents I knew. I mean, I grew up with mine until I was three but as even they will admit they were too busy trying to start their careers to really be with us. That was my nannys whole reason for kidnapping me. She figured why not since she was raising me anyway and I was young enough to forget. I just..I need to hear more about it. It’s been explained to me I know but…they were good parents Joey and while I hate them for what they did it’s hard because I loved them so much for so long. All I want to do is have one meeting with them to talk. After that I just want you to see where I grew up. I want you to experience the things I did. I think it will be fun. Paris is a gorgeous place” read more

Raisa & Silus 2

Chapter One

Raisa jerked awake at the sound of her phone ringing, she reached for it and realized she was held tightly against Silus. “Baby, let me go please.” She said drowsily and he groaned and released her. She moved over and grabbed her phone, seeing her aunts number and answering. “Aunt Madge?” read more