Mae And Lincoln

This story was contributed to by Stacy Meyer. She also had the original concept for it 🙂

Chapter One

Mae put the key in the lock and turned it jiggling it slightly, being told my the owners that the old thing could be quite finicky. The door opened and she kicked the box of belongings inside with a smile on her face. This was going to be the prefect place to set up her law firm. read more

Baek & Zatalia 2

Chapter One

Edith groaned as her phone rang again, whomever was calling was obviously unwilling to go away so she finally grabbed her phone off the night stand and sleepily answered “Hello”

“Finally, are you okay?”


“Edith, go look at yourself in the mirror” read more

Leopold & Theta

Contributed to by Breanna Toutloff

Chapter One

Leopold was into his second year of being a police officer and doing his nightly patrols in his car. He’d just drive around a few neighborhoods then go home. Each officer in his department had a route they’d take after their shift ended. Tonight screaming caught his attention from a house that was fairly secluded, she didn’t have a neighbor for at least a few miles which made the screaming alarm him even more. He slammed on breaks, jumped out of his car and ran up to the womans door, pounding loudly and yelling that he was a police officer and the name of his department. A woman soon came to the door wearing nothing but a towel, her face terrified and he could tell she was exhausted. She looked as exhausted as his parents had when he was a young child and they had dealt with that terrible demon. read more

Reuben & Akari 2

Chapter One

Akari was sitting at her kitchen table with a large cup of coffee as she contemplated what could be going on with her son Derwin. He was acting strange lately but she didn’t know what to do. He was a teenager now, if he was younger, even her daughters age she might demand he tell her but she remembered being a teen. Akari knew it was important to them they felt like adults and he certainly deserved his privacy. He had always been such a good kid. She never got called to school, he never stayed out past curfew, he hadn’t raised his voice to her since he was a toddler or anything of the sort. She loved being a parent and normally felt it was easy now that her kids were so grown but moments like these it felt impossible to decide what to do. read more

Sirabi & Ahanu

Chapter One

Sirabi was making another house call today. In cases like this child she’d see them in their home if she could, understanding how hard it was for the parents to get their child ready and to the hospital she worked at. This child, Charles, had a serve case of autism and only to make this childs life harder it was topped off with muscular dystrophy. Today she was going to help with his therapy and evaluate him. His parents were insistent he was in pain still and needed more medication and of course, before it could be granted she needed to sit in with him. read more

Inside Out

~ Created with Breanna Vincent

Chapter One

The air was cold and crisp and the wind whipped across my cheeks. The cold air always helped to clear my head, to rid my mind of the thoughts that drove me to madness. Images flashed through my mind, tempting me into action. It had been three months since my last relapse. I could still feel the satisfaction as I gave in to my demons, and the remorse that plagued me after it was over. If only there was help for people like me, the dark and twisted of humanity.
I could see her, laying there, waiting for me. The look in her eyes begging for me to join her. Her body was so hot under my hands. Her moans in my ear as I explored every inch of her breasts. It was so different from the look she held in her eyes once I was finished, cold and staring off into nothingness. I wished she would look at me again as she did before, but as my hands closed around her throat, and her body writhed underneath me as I began to climax, I knew she would never look at anyone that way again. He body fell limp under mine as I finished and her muffled screams halted as she drew her last breaths.
I shook my head, nostalgia would only make it harder to control. My head snapped up as I saw someone approaching. There were always runners in this neighborhood, beautiful women pushing themselves for perfection. I turned to lock myself away behind closed walls. Maybe I should move. read more

Leola & Acel 2

Chapter One

Leola cried into Acels arms. They had been living such a happy life in the new world they had run away to to be together. They had raised children, made friends and all but forgot the world they were from but now it was all over, they had to remember. Apparently soon after she ran away with Acel her parents were so furious at being embarrassed they had sent an assassin after her. They’d rather her be dead since she wouldn’t listen and marry the man she was matched to. It was mostly their pride and she knew that. They had never loved eachother and because of that they had never loved her. Their pride was truly all they had and she had wounded that pride by choosing to run away. read more

Darryl & Garret

Chapter One

Darryl looked down at the young man seated in the cushioned chair, his wide green eyes, the splatter of blood staining his shirt and jeans. He looked traumatized, pale like he had see a ghost. He inhaled the air, taking in his scent. The boy was a fairy. Darryl looked back at his boss who was sitting behind his desk, waiting for Darryl to respond. “You want me to watch him?” read more

Eleos & Jonah 3

Chapter One

Jonah stood there with the phone to his ear, frozen, eyes wide a cold sweat dotting his skin. “Jonah?” Eleos’s voice barely registered and he felt the phone taken from him. “Who is this?” Eleos asked as he helped Jonah take a seat on the couch. He looked about ready to collapse. read more

Wren & Odin

Chapter One

Wren walked through the home of Gregory Welter, talking to him about her ideas for it based on his likes. She was facing away from him, talking about the window when he suddenly was up against her and starting to feel her up. She sharply turned, elbowing him right in the ear. The blow landed so hard she knocked him off his feet “I WILL NOT be disrespected like that you creep. We’re done, I don’t work for assholes” she started to leave and with a move of his hand the door slammed “fucking bitch” she heard him say. he was suddenly on top of her, trying to rip her clothes off. “You don’t know who the hell you’re messing with you piece of garbage!” she screamed as she let her wolf take over. read more