Vedrick & Rebecca 3

Chapter One

Rebecca stepped into the living room where her teenage boys were playing video games “Okay boys, last chance, anything you two want from the store?”

“Fruit roll ups!” Andel yelled, not looking away from his battle tank. “anything for you Royce?” she asked her seventeen year old. “I can’t think of anything I want mom but thanks” read more

Johnny & Bella 2

Chapter One

“What do you mean he escaped?” Johnny asked, his voice shaking with fear and anger.

“Some of his lackeys attacked the transport van and busted him out.” Evander explained. “He’s sworn revenge on you for ruining him.”

Johnny’s heart was beating overly fast in his chest and he felt sick to his stomach. He couldn’t let this happen again, not to Bella. “What do we do?” read more

Rashad & Ceana

Chapter One

“You stay with me you hear?” Ceana said over the sound of gun fire as she put pressure on the wound in her partner’s chest. A bullet whizzed past her head and struck the building next to her. “Listen Colin, listen to me. I have to keep these guys back so don’t you fucking die on me.” read more

Epione & Mick

Chapter One

Her head swam, her vision rocked, making her feel sick to her stomach. Where was she? She didn’t know. How had she gotten there? She couldn’t really remember. Small flickers of memory rose to the surface, but quickly descended back down into the darkness of her confusion. She groaned as her senses began to work again. She could feel the coldness of the cement floor beneath her and smell some sort of chemical. It didn’t take her long to recognize that it was bleach. Next her hearing came back, but there was nothing but silence and then finally her vision cleared and she could see that she was in a dimly lit room behind bars. She pressed her palms against the floor and slowly pushed herself up. Her head spun and she grabbed the bars, holding herself up. “Hello?” She yelled. “Is anyone there?” She pulled herself onto her knees and that’s as far as she could go. Her head touched the top of the cage. “Please, is anyone there?” read more

Cora & Abel 6

Chapter One

It finally happened, the serial killer that had been traveling across the United States had made it to his town. It wasn’t as if Abel had wanted this maniac to come but he knew it would happen eventually since he hadn’t been captured yet. All they knew about the killer was that he was male, had aids and only killed happily taken men. It didn’t matter if they were married, engaged or just dating. If they were truly happy and treated their woman with respect they had a target on their backs with this guy. read more

Lupin & Brigid 4

Chapter One

“You will hire my brother or I walk! he’s a good man and has cleaned up his act.”

“He’s a liability to this firm Jasper. You know his history. Hireing him will make the whole firm look bad. Most are going to assume he’s shady”

“aren’t some of the lawyers here already” read more

Nikolai & Pandora

Chapter one

The liar was there, he knew it, he felt it. The murderer, the sick monster who had raped and tortured eight girls. He walked along the line of men, pausing to stare each of them in the eye for a brief moment. They were uncomfortable with him, terrified even, that’s what he wanted. He stopped in front of another and froze, he could see it all, hear it all, every scream and terrified word. He grabbed the man by his throat. “You, it was you. I can see and smell the blood on your hands.” He squeezed a little tighter. “You have no emotion, no guilt, no regrets. You must think you’re a real monster.” The police ushered everyone else off, ordering them back into the dormitory. read more

Jonathan & Isabella

Chapter One

The nightmare was always the same. He was chasing her, reaching for and she would look back at him smiling. Just as he would get close enough to touch her a large gaping chasm would open between them. He could see her reaching out for him, but they were to far apart. Her face was covered with tears, so many tears he could drown in them. Johnny jerked awake with a gasp, covered in sweat, his eyes flying open and seeing only the darkness of his room. Some one shifted next to him, a woman he didn’t really know. She was nothing, just a distraction he had picked up at a bar. She wasn’t her, the woman he had lost, the woman he had killed. The men who had taken her life had done so because of him. They hadn’t killed her outright, they had forced him to watch her endure being violated again and again before they had slit her throat. He had gotten involved in a case that had held more dangers than he had realized. First had come the threatening phone calls, then a dead animal or two left on his porch and still he had persisted. He had given no thought that he might be putting his beloved in harms way. After her death, he had quit, had turned in his badge and gun and drank himself into oblivion, but no amount of debauchery could erase her face, her torment from his memory. read more

Lupin & Brigid 3

Chapter One

Brigid pointed her gun down the firing range, squeezing off round after round, the loud noise muffled by her earplugs. All her bullets hit the target center mass so there was a nice sized hole in the paper. “Brigid.” She heard her name yelled and stopped firing to pull out her earplugs. It was her partner. read more

Reuben & Akari

Reuben had just graduated from the police academy and moved into his new apartment in Charlotte NC. He went to school in Raleigh but the nearest police force that had an open position was in Charlotte. Swan Run Apartments was a small complex, only had a first and second floor. Reuben chose the first floor so his German Shepard Inca could run around to her hearts content. He would rather have a house but just starting out in the police force so he didn’t make enough money yet. read more