Ambrose & Demeter 2

Chapter One

Ambrose sat there drinking some water, sweat running down his face as he took a break and watched Demeter practicing. There was something wrong, he could tell, and there had been for a few days. She slashed and blocked, spun and ducked, but she seemed exhausted, her form off and it worried him. He could even hear that her breathing was off, like she was struggling. It was when the other soldier knocked her sword out of her hand, shocking the both of them, that he stood and went over to her. Demeter was gripping her wrist and the young man was apologizing. read more

Sylvie & Jarius

Chapter One

Sylvie was sitting with her brother Galt discussing the upcoming ball at their aunt and uncles castle when Jarius came into view, flying towards them. “do you need me to make him go away?” Her brother quickly asked and she answered ‘why would I need that? We’re still friends” read more

Lillie & Cory 3

Chapter One

Lillie sat in the bathroom of the studio she worked at, her eyes wide as she stared at the pregnancy test in her hands. Her heart was beating quickly in her chest, equal parts excitement and fear. Was she even cut out to be a parent? Would Cory be happy? It wasn’t like they had really discussed children in depth or anything. She wondered how her mother and brother would react. Would they be excited too? There was a tap on the bathroom door and she nearly dropped the test. “Lillie, are you okay in there?” Her best friend and co-worker’s voice brought a measure of calm to her. read more

Nila & Guy 2

Chapter One

Guy walked at a leisurely pace down the road between home and one of the major cities. It was one of the biggest trade routes and had been plagued by bandits of late. His father and cousin covered his flank and all three of their senses were wide open, taking in every smell and sound. The sound of rustling brush on either side of them caught their attention, but they continued onward, pretending like they were nothing more than travelling merchants. They had disguised themselves accordingly, not wanting the bandits to realize who they were attacking. When the leader stepped out into their path, they all came to a stop, standing tall even when bandits circled them. read more

Nesoi & Crius 3

Chapter One

Crius watched nervously as Nesoi swam into the deeper water, his heart twisting in his chest as he watched for sharks or aggressive seals. She was searching for shells for a project she was working on and he had insisted on accompanying her. She dipped low and picked up another then turned and made her way back to him. “Can we go back now?” He asked as his eyes moved to her slightly rounded belly. read more

Alvin & Westyn

Chapter One

Alvin and Westyn talked happily as they laid cuddled together in bed until Alvin started yawning. Westyn kissed his head tenderly before saying “Go to sleep handsome”

“I don’t want to”

“but you look so tired”

“hey, you always look tired and I don’t push you to sleep” read more

Leto & Ethan 2

Chapter One

“Excuse me, are you Ethan Kincaid?” The voice startled Ethan and had him spinning around and putting himself between Leto and the stranger.

“Who are you?” He asked and the man held up his hands to show Ethan he wasn’t armed nor was he looking for a fight.

“I have a message for you.” read more

Antigone & Paruush 2

Chapter One

Antigone and Paruush were playfully messing around in their bedroom, filling it with laughter. Their four year anniversary was coming up soon, four years of a wonderful, blissful marriage and seven years of the most magical relationship either had ever been in. It only took them so long to get married because they had an impossible time picking where they wanted to get married and coordinating the days the venue was available with when all of Paruush’s family could come proved difficult. It meant a lot to Antigone so much of his family wanted to see them married she didn’t mind it made them keep pushing the date back. read more

Suri & Hern 2 ~Revised by Ashley Spivey~

Chapter One

It’s been a year since Hern proposed to Suri and still she faces a lot of hatred for being a human girl. She’s won a majority of the creatures over but there were still so many stuck in their ways and judgmental thoughts. They just got married last week and were planning to set out on their honeymoon. Hern was going to take her to a beautiful mountain which has the most beautiful valley he had ever seen. His Aunt had a small cottage there she was going to let them use for a few days. read more

Divina and Rowan

Story inspired from Breannas mind and co written with Carrie and I

Chapter One

She felt the magic lace down her fingertips, weaving together in soft swirls. She wove her hands in and out of the air, softly caressing the element. The colors started to change as her thoughts wondered as if a dark cloud had been summoned. The sparks flitting in front of her face brought her back to the present and she quickly waved the spell away. There was no point on trying to be calm when she was furious. Hundreds, thousands of elves had lost their lives already in the war. How many others had to perish? What if Rowan was one of them? She couldn’t bare the thought. She let her mind settle on his face and her heart softened. The rage melted away and sorrow filled its place. She loved Rowan and he loved her. There was nothing that could come in between them but they were never short of obstacles. He was a dark elf and she a high elf. The two races fought viciously, sworn enemies since the high elves decided they wanted part of the dark elves land. She knew her people were in the wrong but just because she was a high elf didn’t mean she agreed with everything that they did. This futile feud now kept them apart for fear of charges of fraternizing with the enemy. Even worse they would be cast out of their homelands and rejected. Their only ally was the shadows and the shadows always kept their secrets. read more