Gildhardt & Feran 3

Chapter One

Feran was bored waiting on Gildhardt to return to their little home between kingdoms so he decided to go on a walk before his desires got the better of him and he marched to the castle to demand his husband back. Feran knew that he was getting too old to indulge his every whim anymore and certainly getting too old for Gildhardt to hoist him over his shoulder and carry him off every time he went somewhere he wasn’t supposed to. He guessed they were planning something for his birthday. It was really the only explanation as to why they were being so secretive and weird lately but it was annoying. read more

Grace & Ardan 3

Chapter One

Ardan sighed as he watched his reapers in training. There were four of them in total, two teenagers ages sixteen and seventeen and two adults, a man and a woman. The children had run away from their foster home where they were being abused and the man and woman had made a deal with him. He had told them that one of the greatest qualities of being a reaper was talking to people. You couldn’t just walk up to a soul and drag them unwillingly along because that could very easily result in poltergeist activity. The teenagers had been partnered with his mother and Grace while the adults were practicing on Maynard and his father. They would cycle out soon since talking to men and women were different. It had been an odd experience asking humans to become reapers, but since they had no family, they had agreed easily. He had promised to spend more time with Grace and his daughter, Adamaris, and after her fifth birthday he had hired these people to help him out. read more