Euphemia & Harlem

Chapter One

Euphemia woke with a gasp, surprised at how weak she felt. It made her question how long she had been bed ridden. The last thing she remembered was the troll that hit her. She remembered how much the contact of his mallet hurt and grabbed her head. It was the middle of the night but Harlem was sleeping by her bed as he almost always did. The movement woke him “Euphemia?” he asked. She easily recognized that voice “Harlem?” read more

Leto & Ethan

Chapter One

Leto jerked awake, her heart quickening at the quiet darkness around her. She reached for Ethan, her hand hitting empty space. “Ethan?” She said and when she received no answer she climbed out of bed and quietly left her room. She followed his scent as she walked down the dark hallway. She found him on the other side of the castle on the library balcony, a cup of what she was sure was tea in his hands, his eyes staring out into the darkness. “Ethan?” He jumped at her voice, the cup slipping from his hand. He managed to catch it, spilling tea all over the place. read more

Eleos & Jonah 2

Chapter One

Eleos stared down at the large book open on the kitchen table. It was about animal cruelty laws in each state and what the punishment was for it. He sighed, feeling depressed. “Something on your mind?” He jumped at the voice in his ear and would have fallen out of his chair if Eleos had not grabbed his shoulders. His heart hammered loudly in his chest and he kept his eyes on his book. read more

Alkon & Anthousai

Chapter One

Anthousai stood on the deck of the large ship, looking over the edge at all the people walking along the port. Her eyes searched the crowd, searching for that familiar face that always calmed her. When she spotted him she took off at a sprint to the gangplank and waited for him at the top. She saw that he had someone new with him and her heart slammed against her chest. She wasn’t good with meeting new people, least of all men. She found herself gripping onto the railing, feeling scared as they made their way up. Alkon looked away from the boy and smiled up at her, making it so she could breathe again. read more

Gloria & Thorn 2

Chapter One

Thorn carried Gloria delightedly across their home land so they could pass into Chthons world. he was excited to show off his mate and let everyone get to know the wonderful woman who had turned him around. “I only stumbled a little. I can walk”

“any excuse to hold you, you know that” Gloria kissed Thorns cheek and he leaned into it. He carried her straight through the portal and all the way to Chthons doorstep. He knocked, beaming and making Gloria feel adored. Kandara, Shri & Suka answered before he even finished knocking. Since they knew Gloria and Thorn were coming they had been excitedly waiting by the door. Kandara hugged her father, somthing that made Gloria smile. Kandara then turned to Gloria and gave her an even tighter hug “thank you for making my dad a better man. It will be nice to have a father in my life.” read more

Cipher & Fotia

Cipher tossed and turned, his skin covered in sweat as his tormentors voice filled his head. Images, horrible and dark shown before his eyes. He screamed, the sound muffled by the crashing waves and pouring rain. His eyes flew open and he sat bolt upright, gasping for air. Tears filled his eyes and he wept, his whole body shaking. He cried himself into exhaustion and he fell asleep leaning against the wall. The next morning a knock woke him and he jerked awake, his heart pounding fearfully against his chest. He got up, pulling on his pants and opening the door to his room. It was Aurel and Diana and both frowned when they saw him. Diana hugged him and he tensed in her arms at first, but finally hugged her back. read more