Aurelia & Rees

Chapter One

She hobbled as she ran but she went as fast as she could away from her attackers. As far as she knew she had killed them but she couldn’t be sure enough not to run. Two human men had tried to rape her, probably thinking she was a human woman since only her ears would give away she was an elf. It had still been difficult to get away, they had been so crazed and hungry to take her. She wondered while she ran if they had been on some type of drugs. Thunder crashed and rain poured, making it hard to know where she was going but she kept on until she saw a castle. She ran to the door, desperate for help. read more

Faye & Uther 2

Chapter One

“Can I say this kind of hurts my brain?” Lewis said as he walked next to Uther. “I mean really hurts.”

Uther chuckled. “That’s why she’s taking us to another world, to show you.”

“I’m sorry if it all sounds a bit insane.” Faye added. “It’s just you’re his friend and he didn’t want to be dishonest.” read more

Lindsey & Varick

Chapter One

“Varick, are you awake?” Her voice in his head snapped him out of his half asleep state and he sat up, yawning and stretching to help wake himself fully.

“Yeah, is something wrong?”

“I had a nightmare.”

“Everything’s okay, Lindsey, he can’t get to you anymore.” He hated she was still having nightmares and wished he could take them away. “Want to come here and stay with me for awhile?” read more

Faye & Uther

Chapter One


They stood at the top of the cliff, Uther between Faye and the angry officers. Guns pointed at them. “Just give us the little harlot Uther and you can go free.”

Uther glared back defiantly, dark eyes spitting at these men who would hang her over lies. “You’ll have to kill me first.”
Faye grabbed his arm, not wanting him to die for her. The priest had caught her dancing naked in the forest, had caught her casting spells of protection and good fortune, had twisted her good will into lies. “Uther, it’s okay.” read more

Carrie & Harlan 2

Chapter One

Carries fourth book was due to hit shelves in only a week so she, Harlan, Corina and Draven were having a small celebration in their living room. They no longer all lived together on the farm Harlan and Draven started but they all still worked on it together. With Corina and Draven having two children now Carrie and Harlan thought it best if they bought a house of their own and lived in it. Currently their oldest daughter Melia was babysitting their younger daughter Grizelda. Melia was only thirteen but she was responsible and could handle her seven year old sibling. It had taken Carrie a long time and a few petitions from her fanbase to write and release this fourth book because she had gotten so lost in the enjoyment of having her soulmate again. It was still amazing to her they had managed to find eachother in another life. It wasn’t without a lot of work from Charles but it was still no less amazing they were together for eternity again. read more