Gloria & Thorn

Gloria sat at her kitchen table with her head resting in one of her hands. She wondered if Thorn would ever return since he had been gone a few months. He had quite a few names on the list of women he gave her and he would of course have to find them to ask forgiveness but she couldn’t help but wonder if she wasn’t worth the trouble and he decided to move on. It was so odd to her, the monster Thorn had professed to being. This kind, gentle man she came to know and love turned out to be a rapists who didnt just rape and leave, he would stay with the women he liked so he could rape them repeatedly. If anyone but him would have told her that she wouldn’t have believed them for a second. She knew she hurt Thorn when she ran away and didn’t come back for awhile but it was such a shock and a horror to her brain. The whole situation was painful and hard to deal with but she loved Thorn too much to stay away which is why she decided to give a chance if he would prove he was sorry. read more

Lispin & Rika 2

Thorn could barely make himself move as he made his way to Chthons castle. The last woman he apologized to beat him severely and he was still feeling it even though his body had mostly healed. He only had two more women to go and he could have hope for a chance with Gloria. Since the day he could understand language his father taught him women were toys to be used so he spent most of his teen and adult years violently raping women until he wanted somthing new to look at. About a year ago he fell in love. He met a woman he didn’t see as an object. He saw Gloria as a magnificent, wonderful woman and he wanted to be with her always. He wanted to make her feel loved and make love to her instead of raping and taunting her like he had done with so many women before. read more