Suri & Hern ~Revised by Ashley Spivey~

Chapter One

One day Suri, a 24 year old woman, was walking in the woods outside her home. She loved to go on long strolls in the evening, especially after arguments with her mother whome she rarely saw eye to eye with. Today she decided she was going to go deeper in than ever before, needing to blow off more steam than normal after their most recent fight. Not that heated arguments were anywhere near new, they were just getting more and more common and harder to deal with. Her mother never approved of her, not a single choice she made. Especially because she had never settled down. read more

Lucy & Soter 2

~ Contributed to by Breanna Vincent

Chapter One

Ross held his sobbing wife despite the fact he was already late for work. Though he was late so frequently since his daughters disappearance most would probably think he was supposed to come in about an hour later than what his start time for the day actually was. If his wife wasn’t falling apart he overslept from staying up all night trying to figure out what happened to his daughter. He had once had hope his wife would come out of her depression but the loss of their daughter had sent her spiraling so far down he didn’t know if he could ever pull her back up unless he found Lucy. read more

Lucy & Soter

Chapter One

She felt cold, her entire body shook, waking her. She blinked awake, her eyes resting on the open door that let snow swirl in and around her. What was happening? Where was she? She slowly sat up, her head pounding. “Hello?” She said. “Is anybody there?” Her question was met only by the wind. She groaned, blinked and there was suddenly someone standing just outside the door. She yelped, scrambling back. read more

Langdon & Lashon

Chapter One

Langdon strode angrily beside the preacher who had told him a vampire was refusing to leave his church. It pissed him off when vampires and demons did things like this to the humans that feared them. It made the ones who wanted to live in peace look horrible. He flung open the door and instantly realized the humans had been wrong about one thing so far. This was a vampire but it wasn’t a pure blood. He had Satyr in him. “You, what is your name?” Langdon asked darkly “I am not leaving without my mother!” Lashon yelled angrily, shaking the church and causing a few of the decorations to come off the walls. Langdon paused, his demeanor mellowing. It wasn’t a lie that was just yelled at him, he knew lies when he heard them so he looked at the preacher. “Before I talk to you keep in mind I know lies when I hear them. What is he talking about?” read more

Aegaeon & Matalia 2

Chapter One

Aegaeon screamed as he sat bolt upright in bed, the sound and the quick movement waking Matalia. She moved quickly to her knees and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He was shaking, his skin drenched in sweat so his hair stuck to his face. He clung to her, his forehead pressed against her shoulder and he tried his best not to throw up. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, his voice shaking. read more

Scarlett & Ilios

Chapter One

It had been a year since Humble’s passing and now that she had cried all her tears, she was setting out to fulfill her adoptive mother’s last request. She was to find a man named Chthon, a demon Humble spoke highly of, and ask him to aid her in finding a demon who would inherit Humble’s ability to see the future. At first Scarlett had been jealous of this man, but when Humble had explained that he was the only one immune to the side effects of her gift, she had understood. Humble’s gift of sight had taken years off her life, prematurely aging her in the process. read more

Zaharah & Wade 2

Chapter One

Lamonte searched around the cafeteria as always for his best friend Jenny. He sighed as if in a beautiful daydream as she came into view with her lunch “Hey Lamonte” she greeted as she sat down. “hey Jenny” he could have face palmed with how stupid he sounded yet again saying her name. “I hate I’m late for lunch because I need to talk to you about somthing important today. I told you about my moms cancer last year” read more

Suri & Hern

One day Suri a 24 year old women was walking in the woods outside her home. She loved to go on long strolls in the evening. Today she felt like really walking deep into the woods. She wanted to escape the world because she had just had a fight with her mother over the phone. Not that it was new. It became more and more common. Her mother never approved of her. Especially because she had never settled down. read more

Rain & Fallon

Fallon is turning eighteen in just four days. Rain had been falling madly in love with her since she was sixteen and was dieing to tell her how he felt. He had always loved her growing up but since she became a woman he was falling in love with absolutely everything about her. The way she smiled, laughed, joked around, and everything else. He knew she was dead serious about the man who wanted her had to beat her in all things.He worried he may have trained Fallon too well to be able to win her hand. read more

Mictian & Sonata 2

Mictian was incredibly nervous about the wedding in two days. He and Sonata had barely had a moment alone together since the planning started. Flowers were being arranged, both of them were having clothes made for the wedding. His took longer because they had to be made to fit around his wings. Right now all he wanted was to spend time with her, he wanted to take her flying, but he was hard at work on his vows. He didn’t know how to tell her how much he loved her. She had come to mean everything to him. Every morning he looked forward to her smile and her laugh and every night he looked forward to cuddling with her. Ever since his accident she had stayed with him. He didn’t know if it was for his benefit or hers, but he honestly didn’t care as long as he got to be with her. read more