Morgan & Chase

Morgan woke with a gasp. Her hand went to her chest, her fingers brushing the long scar that disappeared between her breasts. She had been dreaming of him again. It had been a year since she had received her new heart and every day she dreamed of the same man. He wasn’t the only strange thing that had happened to her. She had found herself very adept at playing the piano. The music had swelled inside her, begged her to run her fingers over the keys of the piano at the music hall she often visited. After the owner had caught her playing he had offered to pay her if she played for him. At first she had refused, not thinking she was really that good, but soon relented at the pleading look in his eyes. The concert was tonight. She checked the clock and saw it was only two. The concert was in four hours so she had a lot of time to burn. read more