Dwyn & Alvar

Chapter One

Alvar didn’t like setting foot in the dimly lit brothel. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as a cloud of incense smoke hit him in the face. He hated the way he smelled after leaving here and scrubbed himself clean after every visit to get rid of the stink. “Focus.” He whispered to himself as he moved across the room to the man sitting behind a counter. read more

Ruth & Chthon

Andras was leading a new member of the sex trade into a graveyard to show him the ropes on resurrections. These demons belonged to a group that resurrected dead human women to sell them as sex slaves and toys to other demons in many dimensions. They’d choose human women who had been dead for at least two hundred years to make sure they had noone alive that would care enough to save them or that they could run to. Having girls with no more living relatives who would know them made it easier to make them submissive and serve whoever bought them. read more