Tir & Lao 2

Chapter One

Lao sat on the edge of Tir’s bed, admiring the young prince as he slept. He let his fingers drift over his cheek, pushing his hair back and he leaned down to kiss him. Tir started to push him away in his half asleep state, but Lao laced their fingers together and pinned his hands next to his head. He felt Tir’s skin warm and he pulled back with a grin. “Good morning my prince.” read more

Lachlan, Teague, & Kennedy 2

Chapter One

“Are you sure?” Teague asked as he read the letter Lachlan had received. The message was short, simple: I know who you are, please come see me. “I mean it could be a trick and what if they don’t mean what you think they mean?”

“I’ve thought about that, but what if we have a chance to learn how we happened, to get a better grasp of what we are.” read more

Nebi & Nathan 2

Chapter One

“Wakey, wakey my precious wolf.” Nebi said as he brushed his fingers through Nathan’s hair, pushing it away from his sleeping face. He knew he would get an earful from his mate, but he couldn’t help but come into the cage once the moon had passed. “Nathan.” read more

Nila & Guy 2

Chapter One

Guy walked at a leisurely pace down the road between home and one of the major cities. It was one of the biggest trade routes and had been plagued by bandits of late. His father and cousin covered his flank and all three of their senses were wide open, taking in every smell and sound. The sound of rustling brush on either side of them caught their attention, but they continued onward, pretending like they were nothing more than travelling merchants. They had disguised themselves accordingly, not wanting the bandits to realize who they were attacking. When the leader stepped out into their path, they all came to a stop, standing tall even when bandits circled them. read more

Zorion & Renato 2

Chapter One

“You want to take a week away?” Renato asked.

“Yeah, just you and me. Cam and Neith said they would watch the pack and that little group of protesters.”

“I’m sorry about them.”

“Hey, none of that.” He took Renato’s hand and drew him closer, grinning at the way his heart stuttered. “Besides, a couple of the wolves have been taking them cookies, it’s pretty amusing.” read more

Lorena & Alonzo

Chapter One

It was so strange being back home, being able to look out the window of the castle all the way out to the sea. It had seemed like a lifetime ago, but now things were in her brother’s hands and he had fixed the damage caused by their father and Chad, even Gwin and Vesuvio had returned to visit and the kingdom had come to trust them. She knew she should feel at peace, but a part of her was restless and she didn’t know why. “My princess looks troubled.” Lorena started at the voice, a blush tinting her cheeks as she turned to face Alonzo. read more

Wolfric & Merle

Chapter One

Wolfric woke on his couch, hoping yesterday didn’t happen and it was all some terrible dream. He had fallen asleep crying and absolutely embarrassed. He had developed serious feelings for a friend whom he thought was interested in him in return but he quickly learned upon confessing his feelings that he had completely misinterpreted everything. What made the matter worse was that he didn’t simply say no. The man who had meant so much to him mocked Wolfric and then went on a long, disgusted rant about somehow not realizing he was gay and that two men being together was repulsive. Wolfric honestly didn’t even know how he hadn’t known he was gay. It wasn’t like he went into rooms announcing it but it wasn’t a secret. read more

Fino & Allon 4

Chapter One

“You’re late Nebi.” Fino said as his contact sat down next to him.

“Hey, I get busy.”

“You said it was important and then you show up late.”

“It is important, but so is my other work.”

Fino snorted. “Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not.” Nebi held out an envelope and when Fino reached for it he snatched it away, grinning. “You are going to tell your wolf right?” read more

Abigail & Christian 3

Chapter One

Abigail helped her children pack their bags for a trip to grandma and grandpas house while her husband finished up his last job before their vacation. After they dropped the kids off they had a plane to catch for Cairo. Abigail wanted to spend their anniversary not only enjoying Egypt but she also wanted to see if Baron’s Palace was truly as haunted as they say. Since she could see spirits she could easily find out if it was all gossip or if everything she had read online was true. read more

Fen & Saffron

Chapter One

Saffron ran as fast as she could, her heart beating fearfully in her chest as she listened to the wolves pursuing her. “Here little bunny, don’t be afraid.” One of them growled out and she let out a whimper. Why did she choose to go on her walk alone today? She always went with her brother, there was safety in pairs, but he had been busy and she had become restless. She looked behind her and that’s when the world fell out from under her and she was tumbling and sliding. When she hit bottom, she just laid there, her entire body hurting. She didn’t know how she had survived, she could see the drop off from where she lay and the wolves at the top pacing back and forth. She slowly sat up, pain radiating through her. She had cuts and scrapes all over her. She had to get out of sight before another predator came for her. She managed to get up and limp away, not daring to stop in case the wolves had decided to come down after her. She started crying when rain clouds moved over her and it only got worse when drops of rain fell on her. She was soaked by the time she found a cave and she sat down, pulling her knees up to her chest and shivering. She couldn’t believe this was happening. read more