Rehan & Alpheus 2

~ Breanna Vincent contributed to this story ~

Chapter One

Alpheus was happy to be a little over half way through his shift. He would soon be with his fiance and away from all these drunks. He smiled as thought of Rehan. They didn’t have a date set for the wedding yet but Alpheus was had been bursting with happiness ever since Rehan had accepted his proposal. Alpheus was wiping down a spill on the bar as he happily thought of going home but the mens conversation that had been mere background noise before now had his full attention, something was wrong in the other kingdom, the kingdom Rehans mother lived in. “yeah, nobody knows where the lot of them came from but jesus they are fierce. I’ve heard some people have died of heart attacks just from seeing them burst out of the ground or seem to simply fall from the sky” read more

Jayna & Walter

Chapter One

Jayna sat in the audience next to her parents as they all waited for Jovani to come on stage. He had been asked to participate in a small duet for a concert by one of his friends when his accompanist had called in sick. Since Jovani was always looking for a reason to play, he had readily agreed. She was excited for him and that excitement only increased when the curtain was pulled back and he was standing there with a happy smile on his face. She waved to him and he winked at her. Her eyes moved to the other man sitting at the piano next to him and she was immediately frozen to the spot. He looked so serious, his ice blue eyes staring straight ahead, his long hair pulled back in a ponytail so the audience could see his face. Jovani tapped him with his violin bow and he looked at him then out at the audience when Jovani pointed at them. Her heart nearly stopped when his eyes swept over her. He had such an intense aura about it. read more

Caine & Rajin 2

Chapter One

“Rajin, why don’t we go to Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon” Rajin had expressed the desire to go and help spirits move on again. Caine had visited the tunnels once for his blog and the stories broke his heart. So many sad and horrible things happened in them and he hated knowing spirits were trapped there, left to suffer with how they died for eternity. If they were going to help more spirits, he really wanted it to be them. “Alright, Oregon it is. Lets go spend some time with my parents then leave in the morning” Rajin picked up their house phone and dialed his mother “Hey baby” read more

Argos & Aella

Chapter One

Aella’s eyes widened when she saw him, Argos, the man she had loved and who had unintentionally broke her heart. He was standing there, talking to her brother on the front porch of her parents house like he had all those years ago. She was so shocked she just stood there staring at him. He must have sensed her gaze or saw her out of the corner of his eye because he looked right at her and smiled that same boyish smile she had fallen for all those years ago. “My god, as I live and breathe, it’s Queen Aella.” read more

Julian & Lucius 2

Chapter One

“So you just didn’t tell him you were coming out here?” Uri asked as he and Lucius walked down the old cobblestone path to the abandoned house. There had been reports of strange noises coming from inside, screams and the sound of chanting.

“Why would I, it’s just work.” Lucius replied. read more

Octavia &

Chapter One

Octavia and her sister Phoenix traveled side by side down the seemingly endless dirt trail. The light brown dust making their legs itch as the wind picked up sand. The people who raised them, Kieran and Acenath had wanted to come with them on this journey but Octavia had been insistent they not come. If she could have gone completely alone she would have but Phoenix wasn’t about to let her still human sister travel by herself when so many powerful beings lived in their world. Unlike her siblings who all lived happily without the parents who sold them off, Octavia had never been able to move on from it. Phoenix guessed it was because everybody else knew what reasons their parents had had when they sold them to the vampires that came to their villages looking for children and offering money. Octavia had been only four and the last thing her mother had ever said to her was be good and you’ll get to come back home. Those last words hadn’t been more than a lie so the young Octavia would stop crying. read more

Lotus & Zenon

A Collaboration between us and Caylie

Chapter One

Arian sat talking with Zenon again in his cage “I wonder if my sister is worrying yet. Theres really no telling since I’ve gone this long without seeing her before..I get caught up when I help people and somtimes forget to get in contact and let her know I’m still doing well” read more

Jessica & Johar

Chapter One

As much as Jessica enjoyed books she was growing bored of standing with her parents in the book store so ask “Can I go look at some shoes. I have my cellphone, please”

“sure baby” Stella answered before Jasper could get overprotective about Jessica being in a place packed with men. When Jessica walked off Stella said “don’t you say a word. She is sixteen and you need to let go some. You’re smothering her and it isn’t fair. You would have let Cade go” he kissed his wifes cheek “thank you for not letting me be crazy with her” Stella laughed “I’m sure our daughter appreciates it more.” He chuckled and quickly stifled it since they were in a book store. read more

Snow & Barnum

Snow could hear the deer walking through the forest, could smell its fur as it drew closer to her. She pulled back on her bow, waiting patiently. A shadow passed over her and the deer raced away. She let her arrow fly, missing it by an inch. She looked to the sky, glaring angrily at the blue dragon. She stepped out of the woods. “Hey you stupid idiot, what do you think you’re doing?” She yelled. The dragon turned its gaze on her and circled toward the ground. It landed and shifted into a man with red hair and intense green eyes. read more