Aurik & Brenda

Chapter One

Brenda shook her head when she pulled up into the libraries parking lot and already saw Auriks car waiting. She parked and made her way to the door. Auriks car door soon opened and he followed her “Go away unless you want books” he smiled “we had a nice talk yesterday. You know you like talking to me” read more

Vivian & Noe

Vivian looked through the scope of her sniper rifle. She wore an eye patch on her left eye to help block out any distraction. The Amazon was incredibly humid, beads of sweat ran down her face, causing fly away red strands of her hair to stick to her skin. She lay at the edge of a small drop off, looking down into a clearing. When the cars pulled up her heart raced. It gave her a rush. These men were drug dealers, soulless monsters who helped suck the life out of young men and women. The cars rolled to a stop, six men exiting each vehicle. Her target was Emmanuel Serna a ruthless, cold blooded beast of a man. She studied all the men, her crosshairs finally resting on the man she had been paid to kill. Noe approached the kingpin with a cold confidence. He stared passively at the disgusting pig before him. Being DEA meant becoming someone else. To this man he was a dealer looking for good product. His dark curls clung to his forehead. The heat was overwhelming, the smell of Emmanuel Serna reached his wolf nose and it took everything he had not to vomit. He held out a hand and the kingpin shook it, showing his disgusting yellow teeth. A strange scent reach his nose, feline. He looked around, his eyes settling on a certain area. Vivian stared at the man through her scope as he stared at her. He was handsome, muscular, and looking right at her with amber eyes. There was no way he could see her. His nose flared, he was sniffing. She inhaled the air, her eyes widening when she recognized the familiar scent of wolf. She had to make this quick before this wolf pinpointed her exact spot. She swiveled the gun to Serna, her finger squeezing the trigger. The gun boomed, kicked, and the damn wolf saved Serna’s life. She slung the gun across her back and closed her eyes, allowing the change to roll over her. White fur with black stripes covered her skin. Bones contorted, large paws taking the place of hands and feet. The eyepatch fell from her face, violet eyes staring from the tigers face as she ran read more

Lexa & William 3

Lexa was two weeks pregnant and didn’t know it yet. Her, Tobin and Arashi were playing around in the park while William and Ruuka were helping the local shelter with more rescue wolves from gangs. Lexa hoped they could save them all because on the rare occasion there was nothing William could do, it would rip him apart. It has been four months since Regan moved in with them and he had a much better attitude with people and had even entered college last week. With Lexas blessing and telling her father that Reagan could handle it now Jethro planned on giving the company to Reagan as long as he went to college so he would actually know how to run the firm and be a part of it. It was also under the stipulation that if Lexa changed her mind he would have to accept her as a partner once she finished college. read more