Marissa & Nick

Here’s a story we’ve been working on with Breanna Vincent the past two months 🙂 Started March 15th and it ended on May 19th

Chapter One

She slowly raised the hose up her calf, over her knee, and up her thigh. She repeated the motion with the other foot, moving mechanically, lost in thought. She focused on the way her fingers felt on her flesh and wished they were another’s. She closed her eyes and envisioned the perfect body before her. He was lean, with his skin tight over his muscles. His skin was naturally tanned, his hair course and dark. As he towered over her, slowly leaning in she could feel the heat from his body coming closer and closer. All she wanted was to feel his touch.
Beep Beep Beep! read more

Antigone & Paruush

Chapter One

Paruush truly hadn’t been paying any mind to where he was going when his brother appeared in front of him “Paruush, what the hell are you doing here? Get your ass home”

“I’m just walking”

“right into the territory of known vampire killers. I know you’re hurting and I know Antigone still wont answer your calls or the door when you go to see her but you will destroy mom and dad if you keep doing stupid shit. You need to take care of yourself, if not for you for us” He looked around “I didn’t come here on purpose…I was lost in thought…maybe I was guided here….I hurt her….one more second and I would….I….” read more

Zane & Belle 7

Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

“Please Mr Koopmann” The young man fell down to his knees “Please teach me. I have no father and you are my idol sir. I want to be an assassin “I only teach my children. Maybe if I hadn’t retired but I retired for a reason. I worked many years, I spent so many days and nights away from my Belle and our children. My life is now completely devoted to them. I will not use my time with family on you no matter how you beg or how much you pay. Go home or maybe take some lessons from my son ZJ. He teaches a class” read more

Cipher & Fotia ~ Revised by Carrie Frost

Chapter One

Cipher tossed and turned, his skin covered in sweat as his tormentors voice filled his head. Images, horrible and dark shown before his eyes. He screamed, the sound muffled by the crashing waves and pouring rain. His eyes flew open and he sat bolt upright, gasping for air. Tears filled his eyes and he wept, his whole body shaking. He cried himself into exhaustion and he fell asleep leaning against the wall. The next morning a knock woke him and he jerked awake, his heart pounding fearfully against his chest. He got up, pulling on his pants and opening the door to his room. It was Aurel and Diana and both frowned when they saw him. Diana hugged him and he tensed in her arms at first, but finally hugged her back. read more

Hern Growing Up: Age 7


Herns mother is now visibly very ill. Fallon stays in the castle with them to tend to Sonata as much as she can. She helps ease Sonatas pain and tries everything she can think of to save her. Hern sleeps with his mother every night while the king barely sleeps atall. The once beautiful and radiant queen lays in her room but a husk of what she once was. read more