Maureen & Joey 4

Chapter One

Marit couldn’t believe her eyes, her very own laptop. She had thought her backpack was heavier when she grabbed it from her locker. She didn’t need it in her last two classes of the day so often stashed it there so she wouldn’t have to lug it around for no reason. She had no idea where it came from, all it had was a sticky note on it that said “our little secret”. She didn’t even care, a million possibilities began rushing through her head. Her parents were so nosy about what she did online and wouldn’t allow her a Facebook because it was too dangerous ,dangerous? Really? She wasn’t stupid. She could handle herself with a Facebook. read more

Sirabi & Ahanu

Chapter One

Sirabi was making another house call today. In cases like this child she’d see them in their home if she could, understanding how hard it was for the parents to get their child ready and to the hospital she worked at. This child, Charles, had a serve case of autism and only to make this childs life harder it was topped off with muscular dystrophy. Today she was going to help with his therapy and evaluate him. His parents were insistent he was in pain still and needed more medication and of course, before it could be granted she needed to sit in with him. read more

Morgan & Chase 2

Chase woke feeling amazing. He stretched then turned on his side to look down at his wife. Morgan was so beautiful, her blonde hair fell across her face and he brushed it gently aside. Everyday he fell in love with her all over again. He kissed her lips softly then moved down across her cheek and chin. He nibbled at her collar bone and she smiled as she started to stir. He sucked at her breast, his teeth nipping her so she gasped. He moved his hand over her, tracing the scar between her breasts and moving lower. He rubbed his fingers against her and then slid them inside of her. She moaned, rocking her hips against his hand. His lips found hers and her fingers tangled in his hair. read more