Abella & Corus 2

Chapter One

Corus sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at his beautiful mate. She slept so soundly, her breathing soft. He leaned down, letting his lips brush over hers and smiled when she stirred. “Good morning, Abella.” He said softly as her eyes focused on him.

“Corus? What time is it?” read more

Ariane & Jairo 2

Chapter One

“Listen here you jackass!” Ariane shouted angrily, her friend had now left out of fear of Jairo “How dare you treat him like that or speak to me that way and especially how fucking dare you try to ever tell me what I can and can’t do. I go on this trip every single year and I will continue to do just that. He is my friend, nothing more and you need to grow up. I’m serious Jairo, I’m going, you’re welcome to go but only if you learn how to behave. I am so disappointed in you right now, we’ve been doing so well and now you’re letting your jealousy get the better of you” read more

Varuna & Somnus 2

Chapter One

“I’m home.” Somnus said as he walked through the front door, exhausted after a long day of meeting with walk in clients.

“In the kitchen.” Varuna called back as Somnus kicked off his shoes and loosened his tie. “Hello gorgeous, you look tired.” Varuna was cooking dinner, but that didn’t stop him from reaching for Somnus and pulling him close. read more

Marissa & Nick

Here’s a story we’ve been working on with Breanna Vincent the past two months 🙂 Started March 15th and it ended on May 19th

Chapter One

She slowly raised the hose up her calf, over her knee, and up her thigh. She repeated the motion with the other foot, moving mechanically, lost in thought. She focused on the way her fingers felt on her flesh and wished they were another’s. She closed her eyes and envisioned the perfect body before her. He was lean, with his skin tight over his muscles. His skin was naturally tanned, his hair course and dark. As he towered over her, slowly leaning in she could feel the heat from his body coming closer and closer. All she wanted was to feel his touch.
Beep Beep Beep! read more

Nolan & Roady 3

Chapter One

“Nolan, who’s Isao?” Roady asked as he held up an envelope.

“Isao?” Nolan took the envelope and opened it, pulling out a letter. “I haven’t talked to him in a long time.” He glanced at Roady. “Do you remember when we took that trip to Japan?” read more

Milos & Huxly

Chapter One

Milos drove his motorcycle into town with a heavy heart. It had been at least thirteen years since the human he dated destroyed his heart but he was still scared to see him again. Huxly had been the first man he ever loved and Milos guessed he should have known something was up since Huxly would never be in public with him and kept their relationship a secret from his parents but he had been foolish, young and very much in love so he didn’t let himself see Huxly was ashamed. He could still remember the day he ran back into the deep woods and never looked back on the human town. The pain was still so fresh it may as well have been yesterday. It almost pissed Milos off that he still loved Huxly but he had never been able to stop. The day they broke up it had been because Milos kissed him on the cheek in front of his friends. read more

Maksym & Poppi

Chapter One

Maksym was almost to his brothers mansion so he decided just to relax a bit. It was time to check on him again and make sure he wasn’t doing anything he shouldn’t to anybody or to the land around him but he was tired and he wasn’t quite sure he was mentally ready yet to deal with whatever crap Lakopa was doing now. Lakopa was older by about twenty years and just like him, he looked a lot like their mother. However, he was more like their father in attitude. Maksym knew his parents never had much more than a sexual relationship but still, he wasn’t sure how his dad even ever got his mother in bed with him. He didn’t think on this too long, instead he just enjoyed how beautiful it was in this area. read more

Lee & Tenjin 2

Chapter One

Lee leaned against the entrance to the library, watching Tenjin as he moved along the shelves. Lee had had more added to accommodate Tenjin’s collection when he moved in. Tenjin had been incredibly quiet after going to visit his parents. Lee wondered what they had said to him to make him look so down. Tenjin let out a sigh and Lee couldn’t keep himself from moving across the room. It startled Tenjin who turned, looking surprised that he had not noticed Lee’s presence. “L…Lee?” read more

Ediva & Chapin 3

Chapter One

Ediva soared through the sky, her enormous wings pushing them through the air. Her husband Chapin and her son Malchior sat confidently on her back, experts at riding her so that she didn’t have to worry about either falling off. They had gotten stir crazy in the village and decided to just leave for awhile, no real destination in their heads. They were now flying into areas none of them had seen before so all three of them were enjoying the amazing view from so high up in the sky. Something caught Malchiors eye below so he yelled “Mom! Mom there’s something I want to see! Can we land please?” She roared then slowly began descending to earth. Flying with her husband and son was amazing but she was eager to look at whatever it was that caught Malchiors attention. read more

Tristana & Vala

Chapter One

“Tristana, if you accept one of the offers you’ll be facing Nadia and she’s a bitch, you know that. She hurts just to the point it’s not allowed. I don’t want…I don’t want to see you bed ridden because of her”

“Who says she’ll win?’ read more