Antigone & Paruush

Chapter One

Paruush truly hadn’t been paying any mind to where he was going when his brother appeared in front of him “Paruush, what the hell are you doing here? Get your ass home”

“I’m just walking”

“right into the territory of known vampire killers. I know you’re hurting and I know Antigone still wont answer your calls or the door when you go to see her but you will destroy mom and dad if you keep doing stupid shit. You need to take care of yourself, if not for you for us” He looked around “I didn’t come here on purpose…I was lost in thought…maybe I was guided here….I hurt her….one more second and I would….I….” read more

Aadi & Remus

Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

Aadi’s breath came out in panicked gasps as she ran, her stomach tied into knots as she heard them behind her, taunting her as they followed her trail of snapped twigs and broken branches. Why had she wandered so far from the campground? The two hunters followed her with ease, gaining on her even as she tried to lose them in the dark forest. She felt a weight hit her back and the ground came up to meet her, the air forced from her lungs as she hit the damp earth. She was flipped over and she began punching and scratching at the man straddling her hips, tears burning in her eyes as she screamed. The other came up behind them, grabbing her ankles while the one on top of her slammed her wrists to the ground. read more

Dakota & Rais

Chapter One

Dakota never knew he could take stairs as fast he was, skipping two or three at a time as he made his escape. Shit, shit, shit. He thought as he tripped and slammed into the wall at the bottom of the steps. He took a couple of calming breaths and started for the front door of the abandoned apartment complex. A set up, it had been a damn set up. He saw a silhouette on the other side of the foggy window and he spun around, going for the alleyway. He slammed against the door, stumbling out and skidded to a halt when he saw the man standing in front of his only exit, a car behind him with headlights on. He started to turn back around when a couple of men came out and he put his hands up. “Alright you got me.” He said. “Want a prize?” read more