Zinlya & Torgan

Written for Melinda Collins

Chapter One

I’m excited, exhilarated even as I run to see my father, the king that will soon step down as I am wed in a few days. I’m ready to run into his arms and tell him all about how wonderful my day was when I’m stopped in my tracks, a gasp caught in my throat so my mouth is just gaping open at the horror before me. He lays dead, his guards all around him. I run, in absolute disbelief he is truly laying lifeless on the floor. I shake him “father! father please talk to me” He’s cold, his skin no longer warm and pink but pale. There’s so much blood on the floor and within me I know he has passed on. This was the day my world fell apart. There was no time for weddings or any type of happiness. Whomever had done this had declared war and my mother, bless her misguided soul was fast to blame a kingdom we had been having some disputes with. They denied her claim but she wouldn’t believe them so now, even years later we are stuck in a war that may or may not even be against the right people. read more

Sylvie & Jarius

Chapter One

Sylvie was sitting with her brother Galt discussing the upcoming ball at their aunt and uncles castle when Jarius came into view, flying towards them. “do you need me to make him go away?” Her brother quickly asked and she answered ‘why would I need that? We’re still friends” read more

Seneca & Isaakios

Chapter One

Seneca almost dropped her ice cream as she laughed at Daffodils joke “Oh stop so I can eat this” her voice was strained from laughing. Daffodil giggled “sorry, oh, you haven’t been this light spirited in a long time. Couldn’t help but take full advantage. Speaking of which what’s going on?” read more

Lyric and Shadow

~ Originally created by Breanna Vincent ~

Chapter One

I closed my eyes, feeling the morning dew on my face. I raised my arms above my head, caressing the soft silky petals of the lily I was nesting in. It was such a beautiful day. I stretched out my gossamer wings as far as I could, inching them to the sky with every breath. They had grown recently, I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to show Shadow when he returned from this voyage. He had flown with Papa to gather food for the families. Oh how I loved spring, it was my favorite season. Full of new life and promises of glorious adventures. I wonder what we will get into this summer, Shadow and I always had at least one momentous exploration. They held tales of danger and excitement, it’s a miracle we didn’t get into more trouble than we do. Papa always scolded us for going so close to the humans. Silly Papa, they weren’t all forceful and savages. Some of them were delicate and gentle like us. I didn’t fear them as I should but stood in awe whenever I thought of them. They were such magnificent creatures but rarely ever used their powers. I wondered why. I pushed off of my lily and sprung into the air, as light as a feather. The light hum of my wings started the day of with a wonderful tune. Every day was music to my ears. read more

James & Ashton 5

Chapter One

“Ashton please, it would mean the world to me if you came.” Howie said, his tone pleading as they talked.

“Howie, you know how dad is.”

“I know, but it’s my engagement party, please and besides you’re going to be my best man.”

Ashton sighed, of course he wanted to see his brother and meet his fiance and he hated he was making him beg. “Alright, what day is it again?” read more

Nolan & Roady 2

Chapter One

Nolan could tell that Roady was still insecure in their relationship, especially after a couple of his old lovers had showed up at the house. One of them had pushed her way in even after Roady had asked her to leave and had made a scene in front of Roady. They had traded words and she had thrown herself at him. She had managed to get a kiss in before Nolan had wrestled her away and out the front door. Roady had hardly spoken about the incident, but Nolan could tell it had upset him. He wanted to make it up to him, so he had booked a trip to England for them and had even gone so far as to buy a small cottage there so they could be alone. He was excited about the trip and hoped Roady would be willing to go. He left his study and headed downstairs, knowing where his wolf would be. He found him out back sitting on the edge of the pool, his legs dangling in the water. Nolan paused for a moment, just admiring him. Roady was the very definition of sexy with bright hazel eyes and blonde hair that had grown long enough to frame his sun bronzed face. Muscles rippled beneath his skin as he laid back on the ground and Nolan inhaled sharply, wanting to touch him. read more

Acenath & Kieran

Chapter One

Acenath finished her breakfast with Kieran, feeling sad her friend Gloria had just left them but understood she had quite a bit going on lately. Besides, it had been a long time since she had a reason to stay with Kieran so she was happy for the alone time. Acenath hoped learning the Kipomika language was as difficult as learning its alphabet was so she could stay in Kierans home a really long time. She hated every time they parted but didn’t have it in her to tell Kieran that she loved him. They walked into Kierans study and sat together on the small, white couch he had in there. His study was a comfortable place, filled with books and papers. read more

Aimil & Hector


Aimil stood by the lake, a light breeze tugging her raven hair from it’s braid and making her dress billow about her. The lake was placid, as smooth as glass and reflected the beautiful moonlight that turned the world a silvery color. She felt an aching in her heart at having to leave this place behind. “Aimil?” She turned at the familiar male voice and smiled sadly as her blue eyes rested upon her love. read more

Cipher & Fotia 2

Chapter One

Not many go to the world below Tresnia due to it being one of the most uncivilized and dangerous worlds known to demons, fairies, dragons and vampires. Cipher wanted to go though and he wanted to go for Fotia. Aside from being the most uncivilized world it produced the most gorgeous diamonds if you knew the right caves. He knew of this because Peony used to send people to their death just to fetch them for her. He had seen their beauty first hand and wanted to make a ring for Fotia using one. No other diamond was precious enough for her loving, amazing hands. He wanted to marry her but only if the ring was good enough and no diamond would be aside from one in the world below. Abraxas and Assaku didn’t like this idea one bit but knew he would be fool enough to go on his own if they refused so they were willing to accompany him. read more

Brandy & Lowell 2

Brandy stared wide eyed at her reflection in the dress store mirror. She looked so beautiful in the long white dress, like a real bride. She suddenly frowned, her thoughts drifting to the night Rex had “married” her in his basement. Even though he was doing much better and the voice of his dark alter ego had been silenced, she was still unable to get past that night and hated it. She was going to be getting married to the most amazing man in the world and she was ruining it by thinking of such dark things. read more