Aadi & Remus 2

Chapter One

Remus growled at the male, his teeth bared, his body placed directly between him and Aadi. He could smell the wolf on him and he didn’t like the speed at which he had approached. “What do you want?” He asked.

The young wolf stepped back, his hands coming up in a placating way. “Please, I wasn’t trying to frighten you.” read more

Lachlan, Teague, & Kennedy

Chapter One

Kennedy sat in the alley, the hunger beat through him, pounded like a drum, causing tremor after tremor to run through him as he forced himself to stay put in the dark corner of the alley. The urge to feed whispered to him like a siren, tempting him to the pedestrians, to the sound of their hearts and the rush of blood just beneath the surface of their warm skin. He whimpered, fists clenching as he felt his canines lengthen. He didn’t want this, didn’t know what he had done to deserve this curse. He remembered the attack, the feel of being hit from behind, the fingers bunching in his hair and wrenching his head back, the sharp pain blossoming at his throat. No one had cared for the strangled cries of one young man, no one had come to save him as he slipped into the terrifying abyss of nothingness. Then he had woke face down, cold cement beneath his cheek, rain soaking into his clothes, the taste of blood on his tongue. read more

Freya & Edmond 8

Chapter One

Freya paced around her living room as she worried about her daughter Jayna again. The last time she had seen her it had ended on bad terms because of her boyfriend. He treated her so horribly and as her mother it had become impossible to stay silent about it. She and her husband Edmond had gone off the handle with him during the last visit and the two left. Her daughter had said they weren’t coming back to visit ever again but Freya hadn’t believed that. Now almost three months later she did and she was heartbroken. Jayna had always been so headstrong like her dad and now she was letting this man walk all over her. It made no sense to Freya or Edmond why she would allow herself to be treated this way. read more

Jessica & Johar 2

Chapter One

Johar paced, mumbling under his breath about his parents and their demands to meet Jessica. He had hoped he might be able to avoid it all together, his vain attempt to protect Jessica, but they had insisted and then ordered him to set up a date. He didn’t know what they would say when they found out he and Jessica hadn’t had sex yet, they’d probably act like he was some sort of coward, but he didn’t want to push his love into something she wasn’t ready for simply to gain the approval of his parents. His phone rang and he dug it out of his pocket, nearly dropping it as he answered it. “Hey beautiful.” He said, his voice warming. read more

Vedrick & Rebecca 3

Chapter One

Rebecca stepped into the living room where her teenage boys were playing video games “Okay boys, last chance, anything you two want from the store?”

“Fruit roll ups!” Andel yelled, not looking away from his battle tank. “anything for you Royce?” she asked her seventeen year old. “I can’t think of anything I want mom but thanks” read more

Nila & Guy

Chapter One

Her feet slapped against the wet pavement, the rain soaked her hair and clothes. It was dark with the exception of the occasional street light she passed under. Her face stung from her tears, her heart was broken. They couldn’t be dead, it was impossible, it had to be a nightmare. The toe of her shoe caught on a crack in the pavement and she braced for impact. Arms, warm and strong wrapped around her, halting her fall. She was pulled into a rock hard body, the smell of Old Spice washing over her. Guy, her savior, her protector had come for her. She pressed her face into his chest, crying even harder than before. read more

Jessica & Johar

Chapter One

As much as Jessica enjoyed books she was growing bored of standing with her parents in the book store so ask “Can I go look at some shoes. I have my cellphone, please”

“sure baby” Stella answered before Jasper could get overprotective about Jessica being in a place packed with men. When Jessica walked off Stella said “don’t you say a word. She is sixteen and you need to let go some. You’re smothering her and it isn’t fair. You would have let Cade go” he kissed his wifes cheek “thank you for not letting me be crazy with her” Stella laughed “I’m sure our daughter appreciates it more.” He chuckled and quickly stifled it since they were in a book store. read more

Cora & Abel 6

Chapter One

It finally happened, the serial killer that had been traveling across the United States had made it to his town. It wasn’t as if Abel had wanted this maniac to come but he knew it would happen eventually since he hadn’t been captured yet. All they knew about the killer was that he was male, had aids and only killed happily taken men. It didn’t matter if they were married, engaged or just dating. If they were truly happy and treated their woman with respect they had a target on their backs with this guy. read more

Sharon & Alke

Chapter One

Sharon needed rest from dancing with her friends so she grabbed a cup of punch then leaned against the decorated wall of their gym. She smiled and slightly shook her head at the goofy way a few of her friends were dancing. Despite Sharon being the most popular girl in school her close friends were a bunch of nerds. She preferred them to the preppy, snotty girls most people thought she ought to hangout with. She had few male friends but that was largely in part that she couldn’t respect them. Sharon was a female wolf among all humans and she missed her pack. When she was fourteen her father challenged the alpha of their pack and lost so they couldn’t remain members any longer. She had to leave her boyfriend which hurt deeply for the first year but she had long since gotten over him. Sharon still thought of Jespin from time to time but the pain that once came with memories of him were gone. As her mother often told her when they first had to leave she had only been dating Jespin a few months anyhow. Sharon wished there was anyway to rejoin their old pack but was never angry at her father. Christopher challenging their leader was precisely what she adored and missed about wolf males. She loved how tough and headstrong they were. Most of all she loved how they always went for what they wanted no matter how hard it was to achieve. She found their traits sexy while these human men she was now surrounded by fell short. read more

Desidaria & Trevor 3

Chapter One

Desidaria sat in the bathroom ready to cry again. She had been cramping so knew her period was probably coming but had deeply wished and begged the heavens it wasn’t. Their first child had just turned five last month and she still hadnt conceived another wolf pup. Having this disappointment yet another month was heart shattering, especially after one of the other she wolves comments. One of the many women her husband had slept with during his days of shoving himself in all the women he could was in their pack, had been when he had sex with her so of course was still there now. Every now and then she would get snotty and make negative comments about the fact Desidaria couldn’t seem to get pregnant again. Her most recent one being “good thing for you we aren’t back in the old days. An alphas mate that couldn’t produce babies was knocked out of her position and replaced with an actually fertile female” Most time she could brush off catty women but it didn’t help her that Trevor had so easily thrown her away before and could honestly do it again. read more