Tatjana & Bleddyn

Breanna Toutloff contributed to this story

Chapter One

Bleddyn was working on another piece of art for his gallery when his butler came in “I’m sorry sir but that man who has been calling is now at the door, even more persistent than he is on the phone” Bleddyn chuckled “I guess I’ll see him. I admire someone this passionate” read more

Nebi & Nathan

Chapter One

“I brought more blankets.” Nebi said as he entered Nathan’s safe house without knocking. “I know you destroyed the last ones.”

“You know you shouldn’t be here, it’s still the full moon.” Nathan said as he took the blankets from Nebi and headed down to the basement where the cage that had been put together for him was. read more

Eliora & Emrys

Chapter One

Eliora rushed in the house, having the horrible feeling that she just might throw up again. It was why she was home from work hours before she was supposed to be. When she ran in and straight to the bathroom she was so occupied with the need to spill her stomach contents she didn’t notice the small brunette in her living room until she was walking out of their downstairs bathroom. Eliora was startled but the girl was small, looking no older than thirteen so she was able to be calm enough to see the girl was afraid too ‘Honey, what’re you doing in my house?” she was trying to be as calm as possible, this was just a child after all. The girl didn’t say anything and before she could press further her husband came in, seeming a perturbed himself “what’re you doing home?!” he asked angrily. “I’m sick and what kind of greeting is that? Who is this little girl?” read more

Nolan & Roady 3

Chapter One

“Nolan, who’s Isao?” Roady asked as he held up an envelope.

“Isao?” Nolan took the envelope and opened it, pulling out a letter. “I haven’t talked to him in a long time.” He glanced at Roady. “Do you remember when we took that trip to Japan?” read more

Akmon & Eirene

Chapter One

Akmon stood there staring at the naked woman laying unconscious in the snow, surprised that she was even there. He inhaled, taking in her scent and finding rabbit. He shifted to his human form, white fur melting away as he reached out to roll her over. His eyes were immediately drawn to the wound at her shoulder. It looked like she had taken an arrow and in her escape it had dislodged itself. He sighed as he lifted her, holding her limp form close as he made his way back through the snow to his cave. She was ice cold and pale, her breathing barely there, but at least she was still alive. He put her down on his bed of furs and covered her then went to retrieve something to clean and bandage the wound with. Once finished that, he got a fire going, building it up so it would quickly warm the cave. She shivered, a small groan pushing past her lips then she fell silent again. He shift back to his wolf form and pushed beneath the blankets, curling up close to her. If he wanted her to survive long enough to give him answers then he was going to have to get her body temperature up. read more

Lorena & Alonzo

Chapter One

It was so strange being back home, being able to look out the window of the castle all the way out to the sea. It had seemed like a lifetime ago, but now things were in her brother’s hands and he had fixed the damage caused by their father and Chad, even Gwin and Vesuvio had returned to visit and the kingdom had come to trust them. She knew she should feel at peace, but a part of her was restless and she didn’t know why. “My princess looks troubled.” Lorena started at the voice, a blush tinting her cheeks as she turned to face Alonzo. read more

Julian & Lucius 3

Chapter One

There was something wrong with the old castle, Julian’s wolf could smell it as he, Lucius and Uri moved through the dusty interior. They had been told loud screams could be heard coming from the inside at night and people had witnessed someone running past the windows in a seemingly panicked state. Julian inhaled, taking in every scent and separating them out. “Perfume.” He said. read more

Fen & Saffron 2

Chapter One

Saffron woke earlier than normal, surprised that she was up to see the sun just peaking over the horizon through their bedroom window. Her boyfriend Fen was still sound asleep after a long day yesterday making sure everything with the villages mead business was going well. She carefully got out of bed, trying not to wake him. It wasn’t often she succeed but this morning she managed it and decided to get some fresh air. She walked out and saw one of her friends walking around with her new baby “you’re up early Saffron” she said with a bright smile and Saffron responded “the baby wouldn’t calm again?” read more

Aadi & Remus

Breanna Vincent contributed to this story

Chapter One

Aadi’s breath came out in panicked gasps as she ran, her stomach tied into knots as she heard them behind her, taunting her as they followed her trail of snapped twigs and broken branches. Why had she wandered so far from the campground? The two hunters followed her with ease, gaining on her even as she tried to lose them in the dark forest. She felt a weight hit her back and the ground came up to meet her, the air forced from her lungs as she hit the damp earth. She was flipped over and she began punching and scratching at the man straddling her hips, tears burning in her eyes as she screamed. The other came up behind them, grabbing her ankles while the one on top of her slammed her wrists to the ground. read more

Wolfric & Merle

Chapter One

Wolfric woke on his couch, hoping yesterday didn’t happen and it was all some terrible dream. He had fallen asleep crying and absolutely embarrassed. He had developed serious feelings for a friend whom he thought was interested in him in return but he quickly learned upon confessing his feelings that he had completely misinterpreted everything. What made the matter worse was that he didn’t simply say no. The man who had meant so much to him mocked Wolfric and then went on a long, disgusted rant about somehow not realizing he was gay and that two men being together was repulsive. Wolfric honestly didn’t even know how he hadn’t known he was gay. It wasn’t like he went into rooms announcing it but it wasn’t a secret. read more