Talitha & Anthony

Chapter One

“hey, what did you call me for?”

“you know that girl you keep bringing around and her mother Talitha?”

“That’s a bit of a stupid question but yes, go on” He rubbed the back of his neck “I have grown to love Wynnes mother and I want to ask her out on a date. Since you like spending so much time with her daughter anyway I was hoping you could babysit for said date”

“Of course, why are you so nervous. You know how much I care for Wynne. I’m with her all the time anyway. I just finished spending a month straight in their home. I only leave because eventually I feel like Talitha might want her home to herself.”

“Lets go on over so you can ask her out. I have somewhere I want to take Wynne anyway. Make it a long date.” Anthony laughed “I was thinking of taking Talitha to the white wood. Maybe it could be a couple day long date.”

“Perfect, her mom trusts me with Wynne so she wouldn’t mind leaving me with her.”

“I’ve actually been meaning to ask you. Why’d you go talk to Beth?” Jantje blushed “You know why anybody goes to her. I wanted to see what Wynne will be like as an adult and what place I could have in her future.”

“You love her and are waiting for her to be a proper age aren’t you?”

“Yes, she is too young for now but Beth showed me that if things stay just how they are I have a future with her. All I have left is to ask when it would be appropriate to be with her”

“she’s twelve now. She’ll be an adult in two years”

“I know, I’m not worried about it. We spend all our time together and thats all i want. I just want her to stay by my side and she already does that.” Anthony smiled “you know the greatest thing about my gift is that i can see the truly good people from the bad. It’s not even a sexual thing, that thought hasn’t even crossed your mind+. You just honestly love Wynne. I don’t know how people live without being able to know for a fact when someone is being truthful or to know their true intent no matter what they say to you. What you just said about Wynne you meant so purely that it’s touching”

“why would anybody think of a child sexually. I mean…shes become beautiful” he began tripping on himself and Anthony laughed “your mind and soul are much too pure to understand, I know this and it’s why i like your company so much but there are perverse people out there who would think on her sexually because you are right, she’s a beautiful young woman, especially for her age. Though I swear I’ve only had thoughts for her mother”

“Better stay that way. Wynne is mine”

“just enable me to have a nice date with her mom”

“done, lets go see them”
Talitha sat on the front porch of their home with Wynne, both of them making bracelets. Wynne’s was for Jantje and Talitha’s was because Wynne had asked her to make bracelets with her. They both smiled when Anthony and Jantje came walking up and Wynne quickly put her unfinished bracelet down to hug Jantje. “Hey beautiful girl.” He said with a warm smile.

“I’m making you a bracelet, it’s not finished, but I hope you’ll love it.”

“I’m sure I will.” He turned to Talitha. “I wanted to know if I could take Wynne away for a couple of days. I would keep her by my side at all times.”

“I don’t see why not, you’ve always proven yourself trustworthy. Where were you planning on going?”

“If you don’t mind ma’am, I’d like to keep it a surprise.”

“Alright, I understand. When will you be leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning if that’s okay.” Talitha nodded. She trusted Jantje implicitly, especially since she could easily use the stone he had give n her to get a hold of them if something happened. “Thank you Talitha.”

She smiled and turned her gaze to Anthony who looked nervous. “You okay Anthony?”

“Huh, oh yeah. I needed to ask you something.” She smiled, making his heart leap in his chest.

“Then ask.”
“would you like to go on a date with me while Jantje and Wynne are gone? I have some amazing things planned if you’d say yes” Talitha felt herself grow warm but no blush was evident on her face “A date sounds nice. I’d love to” the prospect of a date made her nervous, especially with a man who could read people so well. It definitely didn’t help her nervousness that he was so handsome and had those alluring purple eyes. “Could I stay here tonight then like Jantje does so we can have our date the second he leaves?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t have you go home just to come all the way back here tomorrow” her smile widened, causing his heart to leap a second time. “lets finish our bracelets mom” Wynne said and sat back down with the one she was crafting for Jantje. The men sat on the porch and talked to them while they finished. Wynne slid hers on Jantjes wrist “you like it?”

“I do, I wont be taking it off” Wynne gave him a tight hug then kissed his cheek. “come here Anthony” Talitha said. Anthony stood and walked over “you want this? I only made it because Wynne wanted me to make one too” He held out his arm so she could place it on him as Wynne had done for Jantje. ‘thank you”

“someone may as well have it. Come in and I’ll make us all some cookies” Wynne took Jantje by the hand and pulled him inside. Anthony walked behind them smiling. With his ability he knew Talitha had been hoping he would want the bracelet when she asked if he did.
“May I help you Talitha?” Anthony asked and she glanced at him.

“You don’t really need me to answer that do you?”

He frowned. “No, but I like to hear you say it.”

“Oh, then yes.” He followed her into the kitchen while Wynne and Jantje sat down in the living room. Talitha got the oven preheating then pulled out everything they would need for sugar cookies. She told him how much she needed of certain ingredients while she mixed, making him happy that she was actually letting him help. Once they got the cookies in the oven and had the timer set they joined Wynne and Jantje in the living room.

“So where are you taking me on our date?” Talitha asked softly.

“It’s a surprise.”

“What is it with men and their surprises?”

“We just like to see the look on your face when you see that we’ve done something special. I promise you’ll love everything I have planned.”
“I know i will. You know me so well at this point. How long have you wanted to ask me out?” Anthony smiled at her question. ‘Eveytime I’ve been with you I’ve liked you a little more. It was just recently that I began to have more serious feelings for you. When I realized I had fallen in love I began planning a date for us. When i had a nice date planned I asked Jantje if he’d take Wynne somewhere fun so I could take just you on the date.”

“Oh” Talitha answered nervously now. It scared her to think Anthony loved her. Especially since she knew Anthony never lied. Since nobody could lie to him he didn’t think it fair if he lied. If he was saying he loved her then he meant it and it caused her heart to fearfully beat. Her oh had told his love scared her and he frowned. “I’m sorry to scare you Talitha. You asked me how long I’ve wanted to go out with you and you know I don’t lie. I wanted to wait until well into our date to say I love you but that question lead me into it. I would never hurt you like Wynnes father did. Please still go on a date with me”

“I know you are nothing like Wynnes father. It’s just” she stopped, not wanting to say more and knowing she didn’t have to. “I understand Talitha. Just let me show you that I can make you happy and that opening your heart to me doesn’t have to be terrifying”
“I’ll try, I really will.” She sat there feeling nervous and got lost in the conversation her daughter and Jantje were having. She was trying as hard as she could to pry the details of their trip out of Jantje and he refused to give her even a small hint. It was cute and Talitha could tell how much he loved Wynne. She knew he would treat her daughter with the respect she deserved. When the timer for the cookies dinged Talitha got quickly to her feet and Anthony followed.

“Please don’t be nervous Talitha.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be.”

Anthony could see she was shaking a little and took the spatula from her. “Let me, you might burn yourself.”

“Thank you. I feel so stupid.”

“Don’t, your apprehension is understandable.” He finished moving the cookies onto a plate then picked it up and took it into the living room where Wynne and Jantje started eating the minute the plate touched the table.

“You always make the best cookies Talitha.” Jantje said.

“Well Anthony helped this time so he made them too.”

“I just poured the ingredients, nothing more.”

“Still delicious though.” Wynne added with a happy smile that sent Jantje’s heart rate skyrocketing.
Wynne began to talk again which Talitha was grateful for. She hadn’t been nervous atall for a date with Anthony at first but now he had told her that he loved her and it scared Talitha. She wasn’t sure why since she knew Anthony was a good man. She just hadn’t dated in so long and despite Talitha knowing Anthony wasn’t Wynnes father it remained that the last man that claimed to love her ditched her when somthing happened he wasn’t pleased with. Talitha didn’t want to speak since all it took was a single word for Anthony to hear what was on your mind. She didn’t want to hurt him with her fear though she was sure he had already heard all of what was on her head.

“mom?” Talitha broke from her thoughts at Wynnes words “yes baby?”

“You ok?”

“Yes, just thinking”

“ok, if you’re sure you’re fine”

“I am, sorry for not listening”

“Maybe you need some fresh air again Talitha? Come with me outside and we’ll leave these two alone. Jantje listens closely enough to Wynnes words to equate the world listening to her. Jantje blushed, markedly wanting to punch Anthony. “ok, I guess” Talitha got up and went outside with Anthony. He tucked some hair behind her ear “Hey, don’t be afraid to hurt me Talitha. What’s been going on in your head is being screamed to me every time you speak. You were hurt by a lousy man and I’m going to show you what a good one is like. I’m going to make you love me every ounce of the amount I love you. You aren’t hurting me with your fear because I know you and know you went through a lot of pain even though you were so tough when left alone. You were tough enough to be an amazing mom and raise a wonderful daughter after some jerk pretended to love you and got you pregnant. He abandon you and nobody gets over abandonment easy Talitha”

Chapter Two

“I’m sorry, I’m being stupid again. You are such an amazing man and I’m already having doubts.” She grabbed his hands. “You knowing what I’m feeling and thinking can be a bit overwhelming as well.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be intrusive.”

“I know, it’s just the way you are and I appreciate you always being honest with me. It saves me from having to be suspicious of your every word and action.”

“I promise to never, ever lie to you Talitha for any reason.”

“And I’ll try to be open about my feelings.”

He smiled and leaned in, kissing her cheek and making her blush. “Sorry, you’re just so beautiful and I’ve wanted to do that for quite some time. I hope it doesn’t freak you out.”

“No, not at all.” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. “Please, do it as much as you like.”

“Would you like to take a walk with me, just a short one?”

She smiled shyly. “Sure, just let me tell Wynne and Jantje.” She let go of his hands and pushed the door open. “Wynne, Anthony and I are going for a walk.”

“Okay mom, have fun, love you.”

“Love you too sweet heart.”
As they started to walk away from the house Talitha asked “Why did you fall in love with me? I think it’s only fair I know since you obviously know all the reasons I care about you” A winsome smile stretched over Anthonys face. “How strong you are for one. It really does impress me how you’ve done on your own. You were basically shunned in your village, only having your brothers help and rarely taking it. You struggled and did what you could to provide yourself and Wynne with all your needs and never pitied yourself. The only thing you ever get upset about is Wynne not having a dad. You feel she’s getting robbed of somthing because she lacks a parent, further showing what an amazing woman you are. No matter the struggle Wynne has always been your world and priority. You devote yourself to those you love as I will devote myself to you if you ever decide to be with me.”

Anthony paused to kiss Talithas hand since she had given him permission to kiss her as much as he liked. “I’m really glad someone gave you so much money so you could live the life you’re deserving of with Wynne. To clear your head about Wynne having a dad, she is a really amazing girl as I’ve already said. You did just fine on your own and as far as I’ve heard from her and her mind she doesn’t care that she doesn’t have a dad. She’s happy because you’ve been such a good mother and Jantje will make sure she’s happy once she’s a woman”

Talitha smiled “I know without your gift how much Jantje loves her. It’s sweet. He’s going to ask her out at her coming of age party right?”

“Yes, he adores your daughter and purely loves her. It wouldn’t be possible for another man to love your Wynne more than he does. I’m glad for my gift so I know the feeling is mutual. I’d be worried about Matthew if I didn’t know Wynnes heart was Jantjes.”

“That young man is attracted to her?”

“Oh yes and not nearly as purely as Jantje. He somtimes has a dirty mind around her which is why I’m so mean to him.”

“I was wondering about that. You’re nice to everyone aside from him. I figured it was because Jantje gets jealous somtimes when Wynne is hanging out with Matthew. Should I worry about him?”

“No, I dont like his thoughts but truly he wouldn’t hurt her or try to force anything. His thoughts have never indicated anything like that or I would have told you”

“Thirteen year old boys, perverts”
He chuckled. “They’re not all that bad and besides full grown men like me can be just as bad.”

“You’ve never shown any indication that you have ulterior motives.”

“I don’t, I hide nothing from you and you’re not just some conquest. I want to spend the rest of my life showering you with love and maybe the occasional bouquet of flowers.”

She smiled, the action lighting her face. “I haven’t had anyone give me flowers in a long time.”

“Well then I’ll start today.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her to just outside of town where some wild flowers grew. He plucked one and turned towards her, putting it in her hair. “There, your first flower and it looks absolutely beautiful in your hair.”

She blushed, looking at her feet. “Thank you.”

He grabbed her chin between his thumb and forefinger than tipped it back. “Please let me see your face, there’s no reason to hide it.” He moved in slowly and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “I really love you.”

“I know, thank you.” She swallowed when he continued to study her face. “What are you doing?” His eyes settled on hers and she felt her heart give a leap.

“Sorry, I got completely lost in you for a moment. I’m surprised I haven’t walked into something yet because every time you’re around I can’t focus on anything but you.”

“Well, be careful, I’d for you to fall face first into the ground because of me.”

He shrugged. “The fall would be worth it.”
she smiled again, tugging at his heart. He hoped it wouldn’t take him long to get Talitha to open her heart to him. Regardless he was far too in love with her to ever give up trying. He loved her and it would be worth any amount of time and effort to get Talitha to be with him. He had to show her how amazing she was and make her see what a relationship could be like with a guy that was truly in love with everything about her.
Anthony hooked his fingers through hers as they walked around just enjoying each others company. Talitha’s skin was warm the entire time and his constant smile didn’t help calm her thundering heart. “I think we should head back.” She finally said and he turned them back around without question.

“Dinner time already, oh well, at least I have the next couple of days.” He turned his eyes on her and she felt a stirring of emotion at his adoring look. He was the only one who looked at her like that and it made her feel happy. When they got back to her house Jantje had Wynne lifted on his shoulders so she could see a bird nest in a lower branch of the tree next their house.

“Wynne, would you like to help me make dinner?” Talitha asked.

“Sure mom.” Jantje lowered her to the ground and they all went inside, Anthony and Jantje taking a seat in the living room while Talitha and Wynne went into the kitchen to cook.

Chapter Three

“What did you and Wynne get up to?”

“Just talked, played around, explored nature a little. You two weren’t gone all that long. I didn’t appreciate your commentary before Anthony” Anthony laughed “she can tell you hang on her words without me pointing it out. Wynne isn’t blind Jantje”

“you enjoy your walk with Talitha?”

“Yeah, I wish I could really read minds so I could truly know where she stands. As of now I still make her really nervous”

“It’ll work out.”

“You’re just happy you have a reason to take Wynne somwhere”

“Well yeah but I don’t need a reason. Talitha trusts me. You know I’ve taken Wynne off many times before.”

“Yeah yeah, I have to yank your chain. You know that”

“I think you live for it somtimes” Anthony chuckled and playfully tussled Jantjes hair “Now listen here young man. It’s a father in laws job to mess with his son in law” Anthony winked and Jantje blushed. Talitha had been blending during this part of the exchange so Wynne heard non of it. It was the only reason Anthony would venture to joke like that so near Wynne and Talitha.
“So mom, how do you feel about Anthony telling you he loves you?” Wynne whispered. Talitha shrugged. “Oh come on mom, he’s really sweet and kind and he has eyes only for you. Have you seen the way he looks at you, it’s like there is no one else in the world.”

Talitha looked behind them at the kitchen door then whispered, “I know, I’m just scared is all. After your dad and how everyone treats us because I’m an unwed single mother, I’ve been avoiding being in a relationship. It’s a mental block.”

“He’d never hurt you.”

“I know and he makes me feel, I don’t know, happy I guess. I love the way he talks to me and how gentle he is, I just need to tell myself he’s not your father or those people. He’s just Anthony, loving, honest Anthony.”

“My honest opinion, I wouldn’t mind having him as a step dad. He’d treat us right and he’d never lie to you or cheat on you. He’s perfect for you, plus he and Jantje are friends.”

“I hope you and Jantje get married, you already make the cutest couple.”

“We’re not a couple yet, not until I’m of age.” Wynne smiled. “I hope he asks me to marry him someday.”
Talitha smiled happily “I’m sure he will and I’m glad that you are aware of how much he loves you”

“well, he certainly acts like he loves me. I wish I was old enough. I don’t like that he sees me as a little kid”

“My smart, observant girl. Don’t rush your childhood. You only get it for a fleeting time.” Wynne shrugged “whats so great about childhood” Talitha laughed “you’ll realize all the things that are great about it when you are an adult. I am excited about your coming of age party. I’ve already started planning it”

“You always throw me the best birthday parties, even when we didn’t have money you found a way to make the day amazing” Talitha kissed her daughters head “because nobody will ever be more precious to me than you. You are worth the scorn I’ve received.” Wynne smiled “it will always be everyone elses loss” They finished cooking then worked together to set the table and serve dinner. Talitha sat down while Wynne ran out to get the men “dinners ready’ she said with her bright smile. No matter how often Jantje saw it her lips forming a smile would never stop making his heart flutter.

They all went and sat at the table to eat. “amazing as always ladies” Anthony said after swallowing a portion. Talitha gave a twee smile that caused Anthony to stare at her again. “finihs your food Anthony” Talitha said gently as she went back to eating. Anthony swallowed then emptied his plate. “can i help you wash the dishes Talitha?” Anthony asked “sure, go relax in the living room or outside Jantje and Wynne”

“so you think doing dishes will charm me?’ Talitha asked as they got started “well no but if you’ll let me be with you I’ll help you clean up dinner every night. I’m not much of a cook but I can help with this”

“thank you” Anthony leaned over and kissed her cheek. “anything for you” Talitha blushed and he saw her pupils widen subtly. He just grinned then went back to helping her clean up. When it became time to sleep Wynne showered since it would probably be her last opportunity for a real shower while she was out with Jantje. Jantje went in after she was finished, having the same idea and always wanting to look as good as possible around her. Jantje hated how sickly he always looked in the face. It honestly made him feel he wasn’t very attractive but he took comfort in knowing Wynne was a wonderful woman and his sickly looking face didn’t detract her from him atall. He knew if he just kept loving her and treating her how she deserved that she would say yes when he asked her to be with him after her coming of age party.
“Where would you like me to sleep?” Anthony asked.

“The guest room, I’m sure Jantje has told you he sleeps in Wynne’s room. We got him a pull out bed that slides under hers.”

“You don’t have to explain things to me, I know he’s trustworthy and very protective of Wynne.”

Talitha smiled. “He’d kill someone before he let my daughter get hurt.”

Anthony took her hands and brought them to his lips, pressing a kiss onto her knuckles. “I love you beautiful, sweet dreams.”

She swallowed. “Sweet dreams Anthony.” He smiled sweetly at her before heading to the guest room and stripping his clothes off before climbing into bed. Talitha’s heart was thumping quickly in her chest and she was warm from head to toe. She hurried into her room, quickly changing into a nightgown and crawling under her blankets.
In the morning Wynne woke both early and excited. She shook Jantje “come on! Its our day!” He smiled, holding back his soft laughter “alright, want to make breakfast together if your mom isn’t up?”

“how often does she get up early?” Wynne responded and Jantje laughed. They changed into day clothes, brushed out their hair then went into the kitchen. “I want sausage and cheese biscuits” Wynne said and Jantje answered “Then start on the biscuits and I’ll do the meat.” The smell of breakfast woke Anthony. He stretched, pulled back on clothes then went out “where’s Talitha?”

“sleeping, you can go wake her” Jantje answered. Anthony knocked on Talthas door “Hm?” she answered “Jantje and Wynne are making breakfast and it smells really good”

“Oh, sorry, coming” Anthony smiled then went back to the kitchen “want me to set the table guys?’

“thanks” Wynne answered so Anthony set to it. After breakfast they all hugged and said their goodbyes “you two have fun. Don’t rush her home if he’s told you how long our date will be. I know she’s safe as long as she’s with you but dont forget that stone incase we need to communicate for any reason” Talitha said then kissed her daughters head. Wynne pulled it out of her pocket “I always have it”
“Good, I love you, be careful.”

“I will mom, I promise.” Talitha watched from the front porch as Jantje lifted Wynne into his arms and took to the sky. Even though she knew Jantje would never drop her, her heart still gave a leap of fear. She felt arms wrap around her from behind and she jumped.

“She’ll be safe.” Anthony whispered in her ear then kissed her cheek.

“I…I know that.” She felt her cheeks grow hot at his closeness and the intimate touch of his lips against her skin.

“Are you okay?”

“If you could hear my heart right now it would sound like someone is rabidly beating a drum.”

“Sorry, I’m being to forward. I’ll slow down, I just really wanted to hold you.”

“It’s okay, really. It’s nice so hold me as much as you like and tell me where we’re going on our date.”

“It’s a surprise remember, everything we do is going to be a surprise.”
“I’m just hoping you’ll slip up and tell me if I ask enough”

“can I carry you like Jantje does Wynne? It will take us too long to get where we are going if we have to walk”

“You can” he lifted her in his arms “its ridiculous how tall you are” Talitha said, making Anthony chuckle. “as long as you like it thats wonderful”

“of course i do” she blushed and he couldn’t resist kissing her cheek again. Anthony flew up into the sky making Talitha give a small gasp. “No wonder Wynne asks Jantje to take her up so much. This is amazing”

“after this I’ll fly with you as often as you want. It takes the same amount of effort as walking with you would” Tailtha held tighter to Anthony though she did trust him. “want to be any higher?” he asked “yeah” he smiled and flew a bit higher so she could have more of a view. Anthony slowly descended when they drew near the white woods. He didn’t have to go as slow as he was going but he didn’t want to be too fast on her first flight. When he didn’t set her down Talitha blew a small amount of air out of her nose as she smiled, holding in that small laugh. She laid her head on Anthonys shoulder “are you sure you’re alright with this Talitha?”

“You know I was honest with my answer before”

“I know, things could change though”

“I’m only going to want to be closer to you, not further” His heart stuttered at the truth in her words. “Thank you, I thought this was going to be harder. You’ve been hurt so much by everyone and I worried it would be a struggle to make you comfortable and to love me in return”

“well for starters you are Jantjes friend which makes you highly recommended. Plus, you’ve never been anything but sweet. You’ve gotten on my nerves a few time since you always know what people mean but it’s nice to know you’ll always understand what I’m trying to say”

“I know, I can’t control it though. Every time anybody speaks I hear what they mean without effort” Talitha was just trying to gather the courage to give him a kiss in return for all the kisses he had given her when Anthony set her down infront of the woods. Talitha turned “wow”

“beautiful isn’t it. Have you been to white woods before?”

“never” he smiled ‘I’m glad I’ll be the first to be with you in them” he took her hand “let me be your guide my beautiful Talitha” Talithas eyes traveled around as her head tilted in different directions to see everything. Aside from watching where he was going Anthony was absorbed in Talitha, loving how delighted her eyes looked. He sighed happily causing Talitha to ask ‘what?’

“you are just so beautiful and I love seeing you happy. I’m so glad this is a hit” Talitha stopped “what? I called you beautiful before, whats that face?” Anthony asked nervously. Talitha was trying to get herself to kiss his cheek but actually just decided at the last moment to meet their lips. Anthony wanted to press Talitha against him but didn’t feel like pushing his luck. When Talitha pulled back they were both beat red. “wha?” was all Anthony could say and Talitha giggled ‘i’ve left you speechless”

“That was an amazing kiss”

“I wanted to kiss you back”

“don’t hesitate” he said in such a way that made her laugh again “you are a sweet man Anthony”

“and you a phenomenal woman”

“are you so sure you want to be with me?”

“absolutely, i want you always. I’ll make you happy and never leave. I want children, adore them. We could have more together if the thought of that isn’t too much for you”

“I have loved everything about being Wynnes mother though i’m not sure I’m quiet ready for kids yet…though, I’m a woman in my thirties so i cant wait too long I guess if i want to give you a child” Anthony chuckled “I’m a fairy Talitha”


“Oh, you don’t realize then. If I married you you’d live forever, you’ll even get wings”

“are you serious?’

“yes, of course I am. We can wait as long as you wish Talitha. You didn’t realize that when Jantje marries your daughter he’ll make her into a fairy”

“I dont know, fairies keep to themselves so much how am I to know whats rumor and whats true”

“well you and your daughter will always live if you’ll just let us love you”
She looked at her feet and played with her hair. “I thought I was letting you love me.”

He placed his fingers under her chin and tipped her head back. “There is still a part of you that has doubts. You must let me love you fully, without inhibitions. I want you to open up to me completely, I want to know your deepest thoughts and desires.”

“But you can already read me, I don’t have to tell you those things.”

“I know your emotions, true and whether or not you are telling me the truth, but I want to hear the things you desire most. What means the most to you, what kind of lover you want me to be, how do you want to be touched? These things are important to me so be honest. Let me show you what real love is.”

Her lip quivered and he slipped his fingers into her hair and kissed her. He didn’t want her crying, her tears would kill him. “I’m sorry, I’m happy, really. Wynne’s father never talked to me so sweetly.”

“I’ll tell you how much you mean to me every day, my heart and body are yours.”

“I’ll let you love me, I’ll try not to let my fears get in the way.”
“thank you” Anthony kissed her again, letting himself linger. “lets enjoy more of this day before i get too lost in you” Anthony whispered with his forehead pressed into hers. “we’re not in any hurry” she answered and he smiled. “You don’t want me getting too lost in you just yet Talitha.” That night when Wynne and Jantje found a nice place to sleep they made a fire and Jantje surprised Wynne with marshmallows. “when did you throw those in our bag?”

“after you were sleeping. I thought it would be a nice surprise” Wynne hugged Jantje then grabbed two sticks to roast the marshmallows with. Jantje couldn’t stop smiling at how happy Wynne was as she enjoyed the marshmallows. They made sure to not eat a whole lot so they could enjoy the marshmallows every night they were out. With full stomachs they pulled the thin blankets they brought along out and laid down. “night jantje, thank you for a fun day”

“Night Wynne.” Jantje responded softly. Talitha and Anthony were laying side by side stargazing until Talitha began to yawn. “we didn’t bring a bag of any sort” Anthony pointed out. “yeah I know, how forgetful of us”

“since we dont have blankets or anything I could hold you if that’s alright” Taitha blushed “ok” Anthony closed the space between them and laid down with Taltiha in his arms. “are you comfortable?”


“Could I have another kiss?” Talithas blush deepened “yeah”

“don’t be so nervous beautiful” Anthonys lips began moving against Talithas, loving her taste and the way hers moved against his. They both could barely breath when he pulled back, just as it was earlier that day. “Tali?”


“When will you marry me so I can make you a fairy? I only ask because I want your immortality to start and I also would like you to be able to fly away if danger comes near you. You and Wynne aren’t very strong humans and I hope saying that doesnt offend you but I’ll feel so much better when you have wings like me” Talitha looked away nervously. “Talitha, I’ll always make you happy. I’m never going to leave. I’ll never even want to. You know I never lie Tali”

“I know, it’s just marriage is so big.. but…I did tell you I’d let you love me and it would be nice to fly whenever I wanted and not have to ask or wait for you to come back to me” Anthony smirked “like I’m ever leaving you now”

“You have friends. There will be guys nights”

“You are just as much a friend as them but I guess who knows. MAYBE we might be apart at somepoint” Talitha laughed ” Wynne also likes mother daughter dates” Anthony gave her a brief kiss “well then I guess we’ll definitely will be apart from time to time. Have as many of those as you like. ”

“we go out just the two of us about once a month. You haven’t noticed?’

“I guess i haven’t since I don’t stay there as much as Jantje”

“Do you know where he has taken Wynne?”

“No, he didn’t say”

“Doesn’t matter, Wynne will tell me all about it when she’s home”

“Lets get married as soon as this is over” Talitha smiled “alright, wait until after Wynne tells me about her trip though to announce it to them”

“Ok” Anthony hugged Talitha against him “I’m so glad this wasn’t as long of a struggle as I thought it would be”

“I’ve known you a long time Anthony. You have shown yourself to be nothing but a goodhearted, annoying man” Anthony chuckled “you know how annoying I am is part of my charm”

“yeah, sure” They both laughed then kissed again, both fading to sleep with happy thoughts of their wedding and life beyond that. Talitha knew her daughter would be excited and couldn’t wait to see the look on her face.

~ The End ~

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