Tatjana & Bleddyn

Breanna Toutloff contributed to this story

Chapter One

Bleddyn was working on another piece of art for his gallery when his butler came in “I’m sorry sir but that man who has been calling is now at the door, even more persistent than he is on the phone” Bleddyn chuckled “I guess I’ll see him. I admire someone this passionate”

“are you sure it isn’t time to get the authorities involved”

“He’s harmless, I’ll just talk to him. Have him come in here, I can’t stop right now”

“yes sir” it wasn’t too much later the butler returned with Tatjana’s father “I am so sorry about this and I swear to you I’m not a crazy person. I’m just a man who loves his daughter immensely. She’s leaving for college in a few months, this is the last birthday I’ll have with her before she’s an adult out there living her own life. Please, I’m not asking you to make an appearance at some party. I just want to give my daughter the gift of meeting you. I can bring her here or you could come to our house or just anything. You are who inspired her to paint and she’s become a great artist and thats not even just my opinion. She’s sold quite a bit already and has quite a few fans. My daughter is a beautiful soul and it would mean the world to her and myself if you’d just meet her. I’ll even pay you to spend some time with her…let me give her the best birthday gift she’s ever had”

Still painting Bleddyn said “can I see her work? Do you have a picture on your phone?”

“ye yes” her father pulled out his phone and went to the website one of Tatjanas friends made her to sell what she creates. He handed the phone to Bleddyn after he wiped his hands clean of paint. He smiled which made her father hopeful “she is a beautiful soul. You can see so much about a person in their art”

“so you’ll meet her. I really will pay you” he kept silently going through the page. Eventually he handed the phone back “No need to pay me, I want to meet her now. I’d like to take her on a date, is she single?”

“a date?” Bleddyn smiled “yes, you said you wanted me to meet her right?”

“we..well yeah um…she is single, has been for a little over a year now”

“that must have been when she painted that deep blue one”

“wow..it was”

‘as I said, you can tell everything about a person when you see their art. Tell my butler where you live and what her number is. Do you think I could take her on a date tomorrow? It will be somewhere nice, I promise you. I’ll treat her like the lady she obviously is. I’m sure with a daughter as kind natured as her you’d be a protective father but I am a gentleman”

“o..okay, she doesn’t even know I’ve been harassing you” Bleddyn chuckled again “well tell her tonight and if tomorrow wont work for dinner just have her call me and I’ll figure something else out. Thank you for pursuing me”

“you’re thanking me?”

“as I said, I’ve learned a lot about her from that page and I’m quite interested now” After the father left his butler said “you’re actually going to spend time with a lady?Do you remember how, it’s been a number of years sir”

“of course I do. I can’t wait to see what she looks like”

“there was no photo of her?”


“want me to look the young lady up so you know more for the date?”

“No, I’d rather be surprised”

Tatjana hummed along to the music playing in her ears as her brush moved over the fresh canvas. The beautiful landscape was starting to take shape, the playground her parents had taken her to often as a child. She wanted to leave them a gift when she left for college. They had given her so much, supporting her every step of the way. Her father had even taken his tools out of the shop and converted the building into an art space for her. The shop door opened, spilling light into it and she reached up, pulling one of her earbuds out. “Daddy?” She said without turning.

“How did you know?”

“It’s the way you open the door. Mom’s always carrying something like food, so she does it slower, like she doesn’t want to interrupt me, but she really wants me to eat.”

Her dad chuckled. “And how do I open it?”

“Like you know I don’t care if you’re in here.” She rinsed her brush, sat it down, and switched off her music.

“How’s that one coming along?”

“Really good, I’m excited about it.” She turned and smiled at him then noticed he looked a little nervous. “Is everything okay dad?”

“yeah, I just did something as a birthday present and I’m not quite sure if you’ll be happy or mad at me for harassing your favorite artist. I thought I’d get time to explain but he wants to see you tomorrow. Her dad nervously chuckled ‘more than see honestly, he wants to take you on a date which makes me nervous in itself.”

“Bleddyn?” she sounded astonished “yeah, I started out calling him near daily, trying to get him to talk to me. I finally broke him down but then he said no”

“he doesn’t make appearances, he likes to be alone besides a super small group of people”

“well Tatjana I just couldn’t stop until I got him to meet you so I went to his house”

“You didn’t go to Bleddyns house” now she sounded embarrassed with a hint of mortification. She knew how persistent her dad could be, especially when it came to something for her. “I did but it turned out good. He finally agreed to meet you and before you ask that date was his idea. He looked at your art and saw how amazing you are through it.”

“so its real date? Not just as meeting?”

“Yes” She blushed, a little in disbelief “so tomorrow, why so soon?”

“If he caught even a glimpse of what i see in your sweetheart of course he was eager to meet you”

She couldn’t believe her ears. Bleddyn really wanted to meet her, not just meet but date! For a moment she wondered if this was real, or some sort of joke. She looked up at her father and knew in an instant that this was no joke. Her father would go to the ends of the earth for her and she had no doubt that this was real. Before her mind could fully process what was going on her lips spoke for her, “Yes, of course I will go” she responded. She couldn’t believe she was agreeing to go on a date with her favorite artist. “Does he even know what I look like?”
“Well, erm, no. He only saw pictures of your artwork and was instantly enthralled to meet you. He said he could tell a lot about you just by looking at your art.”
Tatjana thought about this for a moment and couldn’t decide if this was good news or bad. Her nervousness grew until she finally couldn’t take it anymore.
“I’m sorry, thank you Dad. You have no idea how much this means to me. I have to paint now, my feelings are all over the place and I need to settle them down. This is the only way I know how.”
Her father placed a kiss on her forehead and smiled down at her, feeling accomplished. “I love you Tatjana.”
“I love you too Dad”.

Her father went back in the house, worried and excited for his daughter. He had hated having to listen to her cry when her ex boyfriend left her and he could only imagine the pain she’d go through if things got serious with Bleddyn then he dumped her for possibly the same reason. When he told his wife she sighed “you could have been arrested”

“This is her last birthday with us before she’s off to college. I just wanted to make it unforgettable and we live in the same town as him, me doing this was unavoidable really.”

“well, it turned out well so I wont fuss beyond that. You really are the sweetest father in the world. I swear I fall in love with you all over again near every day because of how you are with her” he smiled, kissing his wife tenderly. When he broke the kiss she said “I know you and I know you’re worried. She’ll be fine, even if her hearts broken again she’ll be fine.”

Tatjana didn’t come in until dinner time and when she did she gave her father a tight hug “thank you” she just had to thank him again. She was going to meet Bleddyn, she was truly going to meet the man who inspired her to paint. “so the date is for dinner tomorrow” her dad informed her and she nodded “did he say where or if he’s going to pick me up? Does he knew where we live?”

“I don’t think I asked but you can call him. He’s waiting on it anyway”

“He’s waiting on it?”

“Incase you didn’t want to date him or tomorrow didn’t work for you”

“Oh…I guess I’ll call so theres no confusion with the plans” she blushed again, her heart thudding but she breathed through the nerves. Bleddyn was just a man, just like any other friend she had. She could call him. After dinner her father gave her the private number he had found for Bleddyn then she went to her room with her cellphone. He answered so fast, making her heart stutter. He must have actually been waiting “He’s just a man, he’s just a man” she reminded herself in hopes she wouldn’t sound like an idiot on the phone.

“Umm hello?” She managed to say. “It’s…”

“Tatjana.” His voice sounded amused, but held a gentleness that helped calm her.

“Yes, I was just calling about tomorrow.”

“Do you not want to go?”

“No…I mean yes I do, it’s just I was wondering where we’re going and if you need my address.”

“The first is a surprise and if you don’t mind me picking you up, I would love your address.”

“Okay.” She rattled off her address, hating that her voice shook a little.

“I look forward to meeting you.”

“Should I wear anything special?”

“Whatever is comfortable for you.”

“Okay, about what time should I be ready?”

“Is six okay?” He was acting like she was the famous artist. It was a little surprising for him to be so concerned what she was comfortable with. Of course being a famous artist wasn’t the same as being a famous actor or anything but still, her father had pestered and pestered this man obviously and he didn’t act like he had been hassled into this at all. “six is perfect, we actually just finished eating dinner so that’s normal for me” He smiled, he enjoyed the sound of her voice. “so the number you called me on. Your dad never called me on it, is it your cellphone?”




“I’m just happy to have a number I can reach you directly on. Especially since I hear you’re moving”

“Oh” she stuttered and felt a little more embarrassed because of it.

Bleddyn smiled, finding her nervousness to be quite adorable. He had not even seen her yet, but already he wanted to tease her, to see her blush. “Do you have an preference for food in case I have to adjust my plans?”

“No, anything’s fine. I’m not picky really.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow at six and if you change your mind, please don’t be afraid to call me.”

“I won’t…I mean, that would be rude. I’ll be here waiting for you, I promise.”

He chuckled. “Alright, get some sleep, I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you spent a good portion of the day painting.”

“Good night then.”

“Sweet dreams, Tatjana.”

Tatjana’s face was burning when they hung up and she flopped down on her bed and buried her face in her pillow. What was she going to do? That had just been a phone call and she was already ready to hide. How was she going to talk to him in person without making a fool of herself?

Chapter Two

Bleddyn saved her number to his contacts as soon as they hungup. He didn’t think he could possibly forget to but he wanted to make sure. After seeing her soul through her art he felt stupid for turning her father down as long as he had. His wolf longed to meet this woman and he wondered what it would tell him when they were face to face. All this time, he could have been pushing off meeting his mate and if her dad hadn’t been so persistent he could have missed her completely. He could be wrong and that would be fine too, he’d want to meet her anyway after seeing her art but still it was odd for the wolf within him to stir this way. In the morning Tatjana took a long shower, even shaving which she hardly ever did anymore, at least when it came to her legs. She was meeting Bleddyn and she still could barely believe it. When she came down for breakfast she gave her dad a long hug, thanking him again.

‘I’m going to remind you of this the next time my stubbornness annoys you Tatjana” she laughed “You’re really the best dad in the world”

“well, you make me really proud Tatjana. I pushed as hard as I did because you deserve this. Your art is so good and I couldn’t think of anybody else in the world you’d rather meet. You’ve been idolizing that man since you were a child” She blushed “I was such a mess on the phone. I’m worried I’ll look stupid tonight”

“Thats not possible Tatjana”

“It is dad”

“well if he laughs at you or makes you feel bad just let me know and I’ll give him a bloody lip”


“bloody nose?”


“Something will be bloody so you may as well pick a part of him” She laughed, continuing to talk to him over breakfast. Afterwards she went to the store to buy some make up. She basically only wore it for weddings but meeting Bleddyn was certainly an occasion she wanted to look her best for. She hoped maybe if she stuttered of fan girled too hard he wouldn’t mind if she looked half decent.

“What do you think?” Bleddyn asked his butler as he looked through the online catalog of flowers. “Roses or lilies?”

“For Miss Tatjana?”

“Yes.” He pulled up her art in another tab. “What does her art say?”

“Neither sir.”


“Carnations sir.”

Bleddyn looked at her paintings again. “You’re right, something extravagant would be too much and roses are so common. Carnations are simple yet beautiful.”

“That’s something you tend to catch. You’re really interested in her aren’t you?”

“I am, I haven’t even met her yet.”

“I’m glad I let her father in. I was tempted just to call the police instead of bothering you but I figured I ought to let you make your own choice about the man since even his endless calls didn’t seem to annoy you. How he got your cellphone I’ll never understand. Only three people have that number that I know of”

“Four now, his daughter did call me last night to confirm everything” His butler, Eldon Cyra caught the smile as he mentioned her call and felt happy for him. It wasn’t healthy for anybody to be alone as much as he was and they had grown close over the years. Bleddyn didn’t even want him calling him sir but he really wanted to give him the respect he deserved for giving him a chance. Not many people would offer a job to someone who had tried to rob them. “so, she’s a human though. I know our species have been integrated for a long time now but you not being human isn’t something anybody but a select few know. I mean, the internet speculates since you havent aged and people aren’t stupid but are you going to tell her right off the bat you aren’t human? I’m mostly just curious”

“If I feel how I think I’m going to feel about her then I’ll tell her before the date ends. I want us to start out right so I need to tell her I’m a Akhult” The curious look on Eldons face made him explain “My wolf wants to meet her pretty bad”

“so she might be your mate then? Wolves just know that right?”


“is that why you said yes?”

“Partly, I would have wanted to meet her anyway. Her art, she is such a kind person. You don’t find people as good as her every day.”

“Not that you were looking every day.”

“True, I tend to keep to myself.” He grabbed his phone and called the flower shop, ordering a bouquet of carnations and asking that it be delivered to Tatjana’s parents house. He hung up as soon as he knew everything was perfect and then turned to Eldon. “Now you have to help me decide what to wear.”

“I’m sure she’ll like you in anything.”

“I know, but I want to make sure I look my best.”

Tatjana painted through the afternoon, making sure to wear an apron to keep herself from getting too messy. She was sure a little bit of paint on her hands wouldn’t bother Bleddyn since he was an artist as well, but she wanted to look nice. Painting helped her nerves and the picture she was going to gift to her parents was starting to look more and more complete.

When her father stepped into the shed she used she threw a sheet over her work so far, wanting him to be surprised later. She didn’t even get to question why he was in there when he handed her flowers “these came to the door. They are from Bleddyn”

“wow” she was completely surprised. “I can’t believe he’d send flowers” she finally said after a long pause. “well, I’m glad he did. Makes me feel more confident he’ll be a gentleman tonight”

“this is just so surprisingly sweet for a man who doesn’t know me”

“Maybe he’s a man that understands all girls deserve flowers. I gave your mom flowers on our first date and I barely knew her then”


“I’m sure he’s the type of man who is going to pay for everything tonight but would you like some just incase money?”

“I have plenty from my art sales dad but thank you”

“Okay, and Tat..”

“Yeah dad?”

“I don’t want to embarrass you but I really feel as your dad I need to say this before you go tonight…I know the last one broke up with you because you wouldn’t have sex with him but it’s okay to wait for marriage. A man who is worth your time will wait for you”

“Like you waited for mom”

“yeah, like I waited for mom. If he asks I dont want you to say yes because you’re scared of having your heart broken again” She hugged him, this was embarrassing to talk to her father about but it made her feel loved that he had wanted to talk about it. “but you know it’s also fine to…you know…I just…it would kill me to ever find out you lost your virginity because you felt like you had to to keep someone and I know some girls..after being broken up with like you did end up having sex with the next guy because they don’t want to be hurt like that again”

“You know I’m you, I’m too stubborn to let that change me. I want my first to be the person I’m going to be with forever like mom got to have with you. No amount of rejection is going to change that”

Tatjana did her make up an hour before Bleddyn was supposed to arrive and paced nervously the rest of the time. She jumped when a knock sounded at the front door and then froze, her heart tripping over itself. “Honey, are you going to answer the door?” Her mother asked and she blushed as she hurried to pull it open. His smile stopped her in her tracks and she resisted the urge to slam the door in his face.

“Uh, hey.” She said, her voice shaking a little.

“Tatjana.” He said, his voice warm as he looked her over. “You look amazing.”

“Thank you um thank you for the flowers, they were beautiful.”

“Good, I’m glad you liked them.” He held out his hand. “Shall we?”

“Y…yes, of course. Just give me a second.” She went into the living room and gave both of her parents a hug and kiss. “I love you two, I’ll try not to come in too late.”

“Don’t worry about it baby, just call us if you plan on staying over.”

Tatjana blushed, glancing back at the door where Bleddyn waited patiently for her. “Come on mom, not so loud.”

“Sorry sweetie, we love you too.”

“Stay safe and call if you need anything.” Her father added.

“I will, I promise.”

When she returned to the door he offered his hand again, hoping she would take it. She did and the feelings that rushed through him was all the evidence he needed. This was his mate, this beautiful, young, human artist was his mate and she had been right in the same town as him all this time. She could have gone off to college, could have found some other man and he might have never known her in this lifetime of hers. It was far too easy to miss the one you were meant to be with but luckily for him Tatjanas father had made sure that didn’t happen. He walked her to his car then opened the passenger door for her, causing her to blush again. So far he was the most thoughtful man she had ever met.

She had of course been dealing with teenage boys and while she didn’t know how old he was he certainly wasnt her age. Nobody really knew how old he was or what he was but she didn’t really care. She was on a date with an amazingly sweet man who happened to be her idol. She almost laughed at herself when the cliche thought crossed her mind that she might wake up at any moment and none of this would have been real but it didn’t make sense to her. Bleddyn, famous for keeping to himself was about to drive her out to dinner.

“so, when do you start school?”

“In a month”

“that soon?”

“yeah, I’ve already met my roommate too. She friended me on Facebook and we’ve been talking a lot, I really like her”

“will you come back here often?” he tried to keep his voice normal, not sound too needy or sad. She wasn’t a wolf, she was a human woman so unlike him she had no idea they were soul mates. “Oh yeah, I’m too close to my parents not to. Especially my dad, I’m going to miss him so much. He’s my best friend and such a big supporter of me. He used to have a shop behind our house but he made it into a place for my art”

“That sounds like a man who would pursue me the way he did”

“I’m so sorry about him. I know he can be a bit much. He doesn’t always know when to stop”

“To be honest with you I’m glad for that” she blushed and he cleared his throat “You’re just…I like your work and you’re..you’re beautiful” Was Bleddyn actually nervous around her? “you really like my work? You don’t have to say that to be nice”

“I mean it, I do”

“I love painting. I’m hoping after college I’ll be good enough to support myself on my art”

“well, I could give you lessons from time to time. Maybe a few times a week until you leave for college and then when you come home to visit”

“I doubt we could afford lessons from you but thank you”

“I’d get to spend time with you. I wouldn’t want your money for that”

Chapter Three

“You must be joking.”

“I’m serious, give me a time and I’ll have everything set up for you.”

She couldn’t believe it. She was really going to get lessons from her idol. “So, where are we going?” She asked.

“I told you, it’s a surprise, but you’re going to love it…I hope.”

She tried to think of what he might have planned, her heart thumping against her chest. He pulled to a stop a few minutes later in front of on of the city’s art museums. “We’re going in there?”


“It’s not closed?”

“Not to me.” He got out and hurried around to her side of the car, pulling the door open and handing her out.

“What about dinner?”

He chuckled. “You’ll see.”

He kept her hand as they walked in since she didn’t seem to mind. She was amazed when she saw the inside of the museum she had been frequenting basically her entire life so far. It had always been beautiful to her but now, candles lay all around, giving the entire place such a warm, romantic glow. “being a fellow artist I know all this fire might be concerning but I assure you, it’s not actually real. It’s magic”



“are you causing it?” His smile was warm again as he asked “why would you ask?”

“You don’t age, you’re obviously something non human. You don’t have to tell me what. If you wanted the world to know they’d know but are you causing this?”

“yes I am and of course you can know what I am, I’m an Akhult, basically a wolf and an orca but with certain abilities. I was also told we had fairies in my bloodline a long long time back but then the people in my family before me went back to just mating with our own kind”

“Thanks for explaining, otherwise I wouldn’t have known what that was” He huffed with laughter “I figured, Akhult aren’t common”

“why don’t you tell anybody in interviews”

“When your famous people tend to know everything about you. I like to keep private what I can”

“Oh…” she blushed, he was once again treating her like she was special despite the fact he didn’t know her at all. “I wont tell anybody”

“I figured you wouldn’t, you’re a sweet, genuine soul”

“well…this is beautiful..I can’t believe you went through so much trouble”

“My butler helped me and so did another friend of mine. It wasn’t so bad and I wanted our date to be nice. This also guaranteed me one on one time with you” Her happiness wilted just a bit with worry, she hoped the evening wouldn’t end up ruined by him wanting to have sex with her. It meant a great deal to her to wait for the man she was going to marry and nobody else, even a lot of women in her life couldn’t seem to understand that. He guided her to the table he had asked to be brought in that had their meal already set out and ready for them to eat, even the bottle of wine and the pitchers of tea and water he asked for. He didn’t know if she liked wine so he wanted to have back up drinks for her.

“How did you do all this?” She was amazed at the effort he had put into everything. In the back of her mind, she wondered if this was him trying to butter her up.

“Money, it’s easy when you donate a hefty sum.”

“How hefty? I mean it’s just a date right?”

He gave her a confused look. “Are you alright?”

“O…of course, it just seems crazy to spend so much over one person.”

He gave her a warm smile. “You’re not just anyone, Tatjana, you’re…well you’re special.”


“Yes, special. I could see you in your art, your love and happiness, even anger and sadness, your very soul was right there and I had to meet the woman behind it. You’re more than just a date.” His heart skipped a beat when he realized he was rambling, his inner most thoughts slipping out before he could stop them. “So, hungry?”

She smiled at him, feeling more assured he really was just this sweet of a man. He had never come across as an ass in any post she saw of him online and he had agreed to this date not knowing what she looked like. She didn’t take pictures of herself and her profile was private on facebook so he couldn’t have known what she looked like before hand to plan all this just to get her in bed. Here it would be more like the museum floor but, tomato tomato. She decided just to try and relax, to trust him instead of questioning his motives. Maybe men like how her father was still existed. The food was delicious and she ate it happily, even having him open one of the bottles of wine he had set out “so you do like wine?”

“Yeah, only Moscato though”

“To be honest I only brought this one because it went well with this meal. I’m glad to know that for the future though…I mean, you will be taking me up on those lessons right?”

“I’d be an idiot not to. Is it just until college or will you let me drop in when I come back to visit my mom and dad. I’m only going to be two hours away from here”

“You’re welcome in my home anytime” She blushed and he realized again he was letting too much of how he was feelings show in his voice and face. He was just so enamored by her, his beautiful mate Tatjana. He just wished she was a wolf so he wouldn’t have to hold back at all like this. He wished she knew they were meant for eachother.

“So, who is your favorite artist?” He asked.

“Um, well…” she felt her cheeks reddening again. “It’s you.”


“Yeah, I know that’s stupid and probably weird, but it’s true.”

“Hey.” He reached out and rested his hand on top of hers. “I’m honored, I mean it. To have someone like you say something like that makes me happy.”

“It does? It doesn’t sound too crazy?”

He chuckled. “It doesn’t sound crazy at all.”

Her heart did a little flip and she knew he could hear it. It was embarrassing. “Do you think maybe we could walk around for a bit?”

“Of course.” He stood and held his hand out to her, helping her to her feet and not letting go once that started moving around the museum.

“What about you? Who’s your favorite artist?”

“You know it used to be Sargent, he made some of the most beautiful oil paintings, there was also Christy, but I think that now it’s probably you.”

“No way, I’m not that good, you’re just saying that.”

“I’m not, you do stunning work. You pour everything that you are in that moment into your paintings.”

“I’m working on something for my parents right now. Even though i really wont be far I can tell how sad they are so I’m making a painting of a park they always took me to as a kid. I hope having something like that to put on their wall will make them feel better”

“I assume you have a lot of good childhood memories. I don’t know much about your mother but your dad seems exceedingly kind and loving towards you”

“They both are but dad definitely has always been the one to go above and beyond. He’s fussed over me since the day I was born. Mom sometimes jokes they only had one because dad might have stressed himself out too much over two’ Bleddyn chuckled “I can see that logic”

‘Thank you for not calling the police on him”

“I knew from the start he was nothing to worry over. Besides, wolves tend to handle thing on their own if they don’t have a pack to turn to”

“You don’t have a pack then?”

“Akhult’s dont tend to have a pack. Thats mostly only full blooded wolves or Akhult that mate with a wolf already in a pack”

“do you think you’ll end up marrying another Akhult?”


“You answered that so fast, how can you be sure?” He blushed and the way he was looking at her changed “I just know Tatjana, my mate isn’t an Akhult”

“How do you know?”

“Because the wolf knows. It’s like finding the other half of your soul and my wolf can feel it.”

“So you’ve found her then?”


She frowned. “Then why would you bring me out on a date instead of spending time with her? I mean if you know who she is then why aren’t you there? It’s kind of wrong isn’t it?”


“She’s really lucky to have someone as wonderful as you.”

He let out a small laugh then sighed. “You are such an amazing woman, you know that? Do you really think she’d feel lucky?”

“Of course.”

“Do you think I should tell her?”

“I do.”

He nodded. “Alright I will after our date.”



“Okay but please make sure you do. I wish more than anything I could find the person I’m going to be with forever.” His gentle smile didn’t waver as they walked around and talked about the art. He loved finding out that she not only was a gifted artist but incredibly intelligent when it came to it. He could have real conversations about different art styles and the artists themselves. He wasn’t incredibly social but he did know that just because you were a good artist didn’t mean you could carry a good conversation about art. At the end of the evening she asked “so, are you going to tell her Bleddyn?” His smile was more nervous now and it hit her even before Bleddyn pressed his lips into hers.

It was a short kiss and an incredibly sweet one “you’re my mate Tatjana. I felt like you might be after I saw your art but then when I saw you in person…I didn’t have a doubt I had found my other half. I love you….I would have honestly waited longer to tell you since your only human and can’t feel it the way I do but I told you I’d tell her so I have. Your my mate and I hope that doesn’t scare or overwhelm you”

“Me?” it seemed so crazy to her “yes”


“But what? You don’t want to be my mate?” He looked and sounded so broken hearted she quickly said “I’m just surprised. I mean…why…why would I not? You’re handsome and…and” she was blood red and he asked “may I kiss you again then?” she nodded and he brought her lovingly into his arms as he kissed her. “will you be mine Tatjana? I promise to make you happy for eternity”

“I’d…yes, yes I want to be your mate’ He hugged her and she asked “are you going to visit me a lot in school then?”

“I’ll rent an apartment or something close by so I can see you between classes. Just so you know you’re welcome to stay where ever I rent but I also wont rush you. We’ll take this as slow as you need me to”

“Thank you”

“Thank you for being mine and taking us being mates so well”

“are you kidding…this is a dream come true”

“It is for me too Tatjana. I feel blessed to be given such a gorgeous and intelligent mate” He struggled against his wolf when he took her home that evening. The wolf wanted to be selfish and take her to his home and just keep her there but he knew she wanted to return to her parents house. He gave her one last kiss goodnight then watched her walk into her home. His wolf whined and he spoke to it “love is giving your mate what they need, not just doing what you want. In time she’ll be ready” He drove home, excited about his future with her. He had a mate and he was exceedingly pleased it was a woman like Tatjana. He just didn’t know what he was going to do about this whole mortality thing. He didn’t know how to fix that but he did know that there was no way he was ever going to let his mate die. He guessed figuring that out was something he could do while she was in college.

~ The End

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