Techne & Nyx 2

Chapter One

Nyx looked up from her book when she heard the door to her shop open and smiled at the woman who stood standing there. She was beautiful, long brown hair fell a little past her shoulders and intense blue eyes looked around the room. “Can I help you ma’am?” Nyx asked and the woman’s eyes jumped to her face then looked her over as she crossed the room.

“You have his smell on you.” The woman said, a frown pulling at her lips.


“Techne, he’s been here recently hasn’t he?”

Nyx wasn’t surprised this woman knew Techne, he had been quite the womanizer before meeting her. What did worry her was that the woman could smell Techne’s scent, which meant she was not human. “May I ask who you are?”

“I am…”

“Tatijana.” Techne’s voice startled Nyx, but Tatijana merely smiled and turned to the door.

“So you are here. Is this woman another play thing then?”

Nyx glared at the back of the woman’s head. “I’m his mate actually.”

Tatijana laughed. “Mate?” Techne moved from the door and over to Nyx, putting himself partially between them. Tatijana turned, her eyes never leaving him. “This hound has taken a mate? How amusing.” There was no humor in her eyes.

“What do you want Tati?” Techne asked.

“To talk to you.”

“About what?”

“You broke my heart incubus, but that is not what is important right now. Twenty years ago, after you left me, I found out I was pregnant. I had a boy, our son. I know you may not care for him, but I do and you were the only one I could turn to. He has been taken, far enough that my psychic sight cannot see him anymore. I am not one for begging, but he is my child, so I ask for your help.”

Techne swallowed. Though Nyx had said she did not care for his past, he still feared this experience may hurt their relationship. “Did you see who took him?”

“The images of his captors filled my head like a nightmare. I woke screaming for him, but when I went to where he had been taken, I could find no scent. They covered their tracks well. I can tell you how far they went before my sight no longer reached him.”

He took a deep breath and looked at Nyx. “What do you think?”

“He’s your son Techne, we should help him. I can close the shop until we return.”

He nodded then turned back to Tatijana “take us then”

“you’re really taking her?”

“she’s my mate Tatijana, If I go shes coming” Tatijana was seriously surprised “huh, I figured you’d see this as an opportunity to get into my pants.”

“I’m different than I used to be but thats none of your concern. Lets find your son”

“our son” Tatijana corrected. Nyx came up beside Techne “you two play nice for practice around your kid. What’s his name?” she was asking Tatijana. “His name is Ade”

“get along for Ade. You obviously resent him and hes obviously majorly unvomfortable but its damaging for kids when their parents just bicker”

“he’s no child”

“still, it’s been twenty years apparently so lets all just get along. He really is different and I know you have no reason to take my word or his but hopefully that will help you get along with Techne”

“I just want our boy back.”

“I will find him.”

Nyx laced their fingers. “Will I need anything?”

“No love, I’ll provided for you while we’re away.”

“Then let’s go.”

Nyx drew the blinds and grabbed her keys before flipping the open sign to closed. She locked up, checked the door, sure that no one would break in, but it was better to be safe. Techne lifted her into his arms and Tatijana glanced between them. Nyx could tell she still didn’t trust Techne. “We’ll follow you.” Techne said and Tatijana took off a fast paced walk. Techne stayed behind her, his arms holding Nyx protectively.

“I don’t think she’ll hurt me.” Nyx said softly.

“What I did to her was wrong, being with you has helped me see that, and I don’t want you punished for my sins.”

She reached up and stroked his cheek. “She’s a mother who is scared out of her mind, please try and trust her.”

He leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss. “I don’t deserve you.”

Nyx smiled at him “don’t be stupid” Her words were warm and eased him a little. Though Nyx didn’t know the boy she was still worried about him. Not only for what danger he was in now but she wondered how who his dad was affected him. He didn’t know his dad was a different man but who was to say that even mattered. She hoped that maybe Techne and Ade would form a relationship. True lots of kids became good and happy people without both parents but Nyx thought it would be good for both of them if Ade came around.

When Tatijana had lead them out of sight, she used her magic to open a doorway between the two worlds. She looked over her shoulder at them. “You may feel weird going through the first time.” Her words were directed at Nyx.

“I’ll be fine.”

“Just tell me if you feel sick.” Techne’s voice was warm as he spoke to her.

“I will, don’t worry.”

They stepped through and Nyx felt a wave of dizziness hit her. She felt Techne hold tighter to her and squeezed her eyes closed. “We’re through.” Techne whispered and she opened her eyes. Bright moonlight shown through the tree tops and Nyx couldn’t help but look around. Her eyes rested on the small house tucked back in the trees.

“I need to grab a few supplies, you may come in if you wish.”

Techne walked with Tatijana until they reached her door. He looked at Nyx with questioning eyes and she nodded, knowing wordlessly he had wanted to be sure she was comfortable going in. The house felt so homey, somehow without pictures and very little decoration it had that homey feeling. Nyx didn’t know a ton about demons but she was sure such a loving mother and child relationship among them was rare. Seeing this home made her feel glad, glad that despite being abandon by the father Tatijana had moved on with her head high and enjoyed the gift of being a mother rather than squandering it.

They weren’t in the picturesque house long before Tatijana was ready to go again “I keep things for travel ready and near eachother so I can leave quickly if needed. Today I’m especially glad for that.” She didn’t say it like she was looking for any sort of response so they just followed again. “here we are” she finally said after quite a bit of travel. She had looked serious this whole time but now it was more guarded, like she wasn’t comfortable expressing around them how distressed she obviously was.

Techne lowered Nyx to her feet, but retained possess of her hand. “This is where you lost him?”

“If I had had your nose, they would have been easier to track, but I don’t.”

Techne inhaled deeply as he let his senses flare out into the woods. He searched for his and Tatijana’s scent, the mix that made their son. “There is a slight trail, the scent subtle. You were right when you said they covered their tracks well. Perhaps some sort of magic? No, more than likely a concoction meant to confuse.” He turned to Tatijana. “Do you know why they took him?”

“From what I heard in my vision, he had been spotted by a slaver. He is a beautiful child, hair like yours, eyes just the same. They wanted him, to sell him. They were professionals.”

“They waited until he was vulnerable. He must have some of my powers, why did he not use them to force them to let him go?”

Tatijana swallowed. “Because he knows what you did to me. He refuses to use them as you did, as I’m sure you still do.” Her eyes flicked to Nyx.

“He’s only ever used it on me once and with my permission. I’m practically immune to his power.” Nyx said.

“What does she mean? She is no Succubus.”

“It’s her focus, it blocks out my power. I am just me when I am with her and I have not used my powers since then. They are only for protection now, nothing more.” He sighed. “Whether you believe me or not Tati, I am sorry and I will find our son.” He jerked his head. “This way, we can follow his scent where I can find it.”

Tati looked at him a few seconds then simply said “guide me please” Techne nodded and followed his sons scent. Tatijana paid attention to Nyx and Techne as she followed them. He really wasn’t using anything at all on her. She truly of her own accord was with him. If he was ever using his powers on her he would have to maintain it to keep her so maybe he was a changed man. If he was she wondered if their son Ade would want to get to know him. Ade had always held a lot of anger at Techne but if he was different she didn’t know if that would change her sons feelings since it wouldn’t change how she had been treated twenty years ago.

She walked, silently thinking until Techne and Nyx stopped “whats wrong?” she asked. A moment passed before he answered “lost the scent for a second but I have it again”


“are you okay back there?” Nyx asked and Tatijana answered “My son is with sex traffickers. I wont be okay until I have him back”

“I guess it was a dumb question”

“No, it’s alright. You’re a kind woman”

“If you’d like to talk so you dont have to stress you can talk to me” They were already walking again as they were speaking. “what would we talk about?”

“I don’t know, anything”

“How did you and Techne meet?”

He gripped Nyx’s hand, but his mate just smiled. “He came into my studio hoping to get some and found out that I was immune to his powers.”

“Oh, so he was being himself.”

“We got to know each.”

“I fell for her rather quickly and I confessed everything.” Techne added. “She saw right through me immediately.”

“He was rather transparent, charming, but transparent.” She cleared her throat. “So how about the two of you?”

“I was buying some food at the market and he was out on the hunt I would guess and I accidentally ran into him. I knew what he was the moment our eyes met, but I let him into my life anyway.”

“I always made it clear there would be nothing more Tati. I didn’t love anyone, it wasn’t who I was.”

“I know, but it still hurt. I knew that hoping was stupid, but I did and Ade could see it. I should have kept my feelings to myself then maybe he would have used his powers.”

“If he wishes to learn then I can show him, but I understand his hesitation.” He stopped again and tilted his head before frowning. “I lost it again and I can’t find it.”

“What do we do now?” Nyx asked, seeing how worried Tatijana was.

“You should rest and I will walk a bit to see if I can find it again.”

“I’m fine, I can keep going.”

He brushed his fingers through her hair and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “My sweet Nyx, please rest for a bit, I’ll see about finding you something delicious while I search for the scent.”

“Okay, as long as you’re sure.”

“I am, Tati will keep you safe. She’s a good person and wouldn’t let harm befall you because I was an ass”

“I wasn’t worried” Techne smiled at her “you never are” He walked away and Nyx sat down “sit too please, we should both rest”

“I can’t stop stressing enough to sit”

“Just think about it as recouping some strength you might need when we find him” Tati knew she was right and sat down. “are you going to let your son learn how to use his ability?” Nyx asked. “It would have helped him so of course Regardless hes a grown and intelligent man. I only get involved in his choices if he asks me.”

“I think with something like this he would. I haven’t seen you two together but you obviously have a good relationship.”

“we do, I love him so much. Until you’re a mother you can’t understand how intense that love is. You’ll love your babies more than their father”

“My parents have told me that”

“do you want children?”

“eventually, sure”

“It’s obviously not too big of a want currently though”

“well if I found out I was pregnant today I’d be happy but I don’t yearn to be a mother quite yet if that makes sense”

“It does, I wasn’t yearning to be a mother when I got pregnant but I was happy and once I had him I was over the moon”

“So I obviously know how he was born but do demons just kind of have the baby wherever or…” Tati smiled “I was alone when I went into labor but it went fine”

“In my world most people go to the hospital but theres other ways too. Water birth and such”

“water birth?” Nyx and Tati were still talking when Techne came back. with food ready to cook “I’m still looking but I wanted Nyx to eat. She’s only human and needs to” Once the food was done and the girls were eating Techne left quickly to continue searching. “he didn’t even give me time to protest him leaving”

“hes in a hurry, I think more so out of fear I’ll scare you away from him”

“I’m sure hes worried about his son”

“I know he is concerned but I can see the fear he has over you talking to me”

“I know who he was in the past but I forgave him. Nothing he did in his past will change my mind”

Chapter Two

“I’ve never seen him as anything but confident, it’s so strange.”

“He has a good heart.”

“Why hasn’t he changed you yet? You have a much shorter life than our kind.”

Nyx gave a small laugh. “He doesn’t want me being a Succubus. He’s worried other men will start paying attention to me. I’m not worried, but he’s so protective and I don’t want him killing some guy so we’re waiting until we can get someone else to do it.”

“I don’t know how much you know about male demons, but I should tell you that they can be quite possessive of their mates and they have really high sex drives. Someone like Techne, and Incubus, feeds off of sexual energy, it makes him feel energized. You might feel overly tired sometimes so you should make sure you always eat and juice can’t hurt.”

Nyx reached over and grabbed her hand. “Thank you.” She knew most of that already, but it was nice having Tatijana speak to her in such a friendly tone.

Techne had a myriad of emotions running through his head as he moved further and further out, the top of which was worry. He worried for his son, about what the slavers were doing to him. An Incubus was a prize, even he himself had been offered work and had had to fight off men who thought to overpower him. The difference between himself and his son, was that he was an expert at using his power. He could charm his enemies into ending their lives if he wished, not that he had, but he was skilled enough. He also worried about how Nyx would look at him at the end of all this. He had been lucky so far, but now she was face to face with a woman he had wronged and he was sure Tati would tell her everything if she asked. It was one thing for him to say he was a bastard, but a whole other thing when it came from another. He sighed. Nyx had said everything would be okay, but he still feared losing her.

His sons scent finally hit him and it hit him hard. Maybe the slavers had thought they had gone far enough to quit using the magic. His son was nearby, near enough to just go ahead and go. Nyx was merely a human and he felt he could do this without Tatijana’s aide so he ran on, feeling confident that Nyx was safe with Tatijana.He went as fast as he could go until he was almost upon them then started to walk, getting his charms started so he’d be at full advantage. Techne saw that Tati wasn’t kidding about their son, he truly was his spitting image. Even the scowl he wore was just like that of his father’s.

“Gentlemen.” The slavers froze at the sight of the male demon, their swords instantly drawn. He smiled. “Now you don’t want to do that to me do you?” He moved closer, his power washing over them. They blinked, their skin flushing and heart rates spiking. “Now I want you to release the boy, please.” They let Ade go and Techne took one of the slaver’s dagger and cut his son loose.

“What are you doing here?” Ade asked when his arms were released.

“Your mother asked for my help.”

“My mom? Did you…”

“I haven’t charmed her if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s better to explain later.” He turned his attention back to the men who were waiting patiently for his next command. “Like puppies.” He said. “Drop your weapons, there’s no reason to use them on anyone.”

“What are you doing?” Ade asked.

“Using my powers to seduce them into obeying. It’s really easy once you have a handle on it.” The men dropped there weapons and Techne bent down and picked them up then tossed them. “Now, people like you should know better than to lay your hands on someone who doesn’t care for the attention.” He was in the leaders face. “You made a mistake.” He stroked his chin. “It would please me greatly to punish all of you for your crime, but I have a mate to get back to and they boy’s mother is worried about him. I don’t want to keep either of them waiting so instead of removing your manhood, I’m going to give you a warning. Walk away and never lay your hands on another being again. If I hear of you kidnapping anyone, I will come back and I will make you kill each other in the most gruesome way possible. Do I make myself clear?” They all nodded. “Good boys, now sit and stay here until morning.”

He started away and Ade followed, his eyes boring into his father’s back. “So why did mom get you?”

“My nose is stronger and she has no one else, I was the last resort.”

“And you came just like that?”

“Yes, my mate also wanted you safe.”

“Mate or toy?”

“Mate, you’ll see her soon.”

“I hate you, you know?”

“I know.”

“Then why?”

“Because you are my son and your mother was worried and rightly so.”

Ade scoffed and Techne said nothing. He hadn’t expected a thank you and hardly deserved it. This was the least he could do for him and his mother. He felt his sons angry eyes all the way back to the women. Tatijan’s eyes widened and then she jolted up, running past Techne to her son. “You went without us” Nyx said as she stood. Techne hugged her “don’t be mad. The scent was so close and there was no reason to bring you two. You were safer here and I could handle it.”

“Okay, I guess I wont hold it against you” Ade was done hugging his mother and went to Techne’s side “are you really his mate of your own will?”


“HOw can I be sure?”

“hang around us and you’ll see. Your father is a different man than when he knew your mom”

“he’s probably tricking you”

“well as I said, hang around us and see” Tatijana cleared her throat to interupt her son before he spoke again. “did you thank Techne”


“son, he didn’t have to help” The boy was obviously stubborn but gave into his mom “thank you for helping”

“I know it was the least I could do Ade. I’m sorry for how I treated your mom all those years ago, I really am”

“it’s whatever as long as you go away after I see that you’re not manipulating this girl too. It would be on my shoulders if I left her to you without making sure she was really with you of her own will”

“so you wish to spend time with them?” his mother asked and Ade answered “yes”

“Can we visit you two here Tatijana until Ade gives us the clear?” Nyx asked.

“Its okay with me if it’s okay with my son”

“It’s fine, don’t you leave with her Techne until I say so” Ade said seriously.

“He’s certainly your son.” Nyx said with a laugh. “He’s making your face.”

Ade blushed and Nyx laughed harder. “Shut up, I’m not anything like him.”

“You should look in a mirror, that’s the same face he makes when I have to work with a male client.”

Techne lifted her and kissed her cheek. “Hush, you’re embarrassing him.”

“And you, you’re just as red.”

“Let’s get back.” Tatijana felt a softness growing in her heart for Nyx and the way she talked to Techne. She was very honest and unafraid which seemed to throw Techne off balance.

“Would you like me to carry you mom?” Ade asked.

“No, I’ll be fine sweetie.”

“Are you sure it’s safe to let him in the house?”

“He’s already been there so yes I’m sure.”

They started walking, Ade glancing at his father and Nyx every few feet. “So do you draw or paint Ade?” Nyx asked with a smile.


“Would it be okay if I did a sketch of you?”

“I guess.” His eyes flicked to her then away. “What’s your name?” He looked a bit embarrassed at himself.

“It’s Nyx.”

“That’s a pretty name.

“Thanks, I like your name too.”

“what do you do in your world?”

“I have an art shop”

“Does Techne work in it too?”

“sort of, he helps me when needed”

“How can you trust him?”

“He hasn’t given me a reason not to. None of us can help who we were in the past, we can only change our futures. You should let him teach you how to use your powers so you can protect yourself?”

“I don’t want to, please don’t ask me again” Nyx nodded, backing off the subject. He had just been through a lot and harbored a lot of anger at his father. Pushing him at this moment would lead to no progress. They made it back to Tatijana’s house and she showed them where the spare blankets and pillows were then gave them a brief, instructional tour about where things were.

“May I have a pencil and paper?” Nyx asked and Tatijana retrieved some for her then left to make them something to eat. “Thank you.” She sat down in front of the coffee table, Techne taking his spot behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder. He loved watching her draw. Ade was curious so he moved closer, instantly blushing when he saw his face taking shape. She drew him like she had spent days studying him rather than hours.

“Isn’t she amazing?” Techne said, his voice full of admiration. He pressed a kiss to her cheek and she smiled. She startled Ade when she suddenly looked up and grabbed his chin, turning his head. She looked back down her pencil moving quickly.

“What was that?”

“She was studying you to make sure she got everything right.” His arms tightened around her. “Can I show you something?”


“Just watch.” Techne let his power wash over her and Ade started to tell him to stop, worried for Nyx. “Nyx love, put down the pencil and kiss me please.” Techne said softly in her hear. Ade was shocked when she ignored him and continued drawing.

“But, how?”

“It’s her focus, she blocks out the whole world when she’s creating.”

Ade felt a little ashamed of himself for his previous presumption. She really was with him of her own accord and it amazed him. “Finished.” Nyx suddenly said and held up the picture. “This one’s for you Tatijana.”

Tatijana came into the living room and took the picture. “Thank you so much.”

“I would really love for you two to come and visit my studio.” She smiled up at Ade. “I could teach you how to draw and paint and sculpt just like I’m doing with your father. I also want to paint you two together and immortalize those twin scowls.”

Tatijana laughed. “I think I’d love that.”

“I could also show you how to use your powers.” Techne offered and Ade frowned.

“I don’t know.” He looked at his mother. “What do you think?”

“Ade, all I care about is your safety. I could have lost you.”

“It would only be for your protection. Seduction is the greatest weapon for creatures like us.” Techne explained. “If someone has a gun in your face you use your charm, you take the gun, and then you leave them confused as to how they lost.”

“But, what if I can’t turn it off and I hurt someone?”

“I swear that won’t happen, I’ll make sure of it.”

“Who would I practice on?”

“My nephew’s mate has this friend, an actress, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.”


Techne chuckled. “It’s easier to call him that. He’s one of my descendants. You’d like him and his mate.”

“Alright I guess.”

They had dinner together, Tatijana enjoying the small talk and getting to further know Nyx and the new Techne. The next morning Ade hugged his mother and looked a little apprehensive. “It’s okay sweetie, go and spend time with your father and make sure you learn well, I want you safe.”

“I love you mom.”

“I love you too.”

Chapter Three

Ade’s eyes widened a little when he finally set foot in Nyx’s shop and he actually spun in a cirlce to take it all in. “Wow, you are good. I’ve never seen art this beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Nyx said with a happy smile.

“She’s magic.” Techne said as he pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. “I’m going to give Pricilla a quick call.”

“Okay love.” He left the room and she turned her attention to Ade.

“So what all do you do exactly?”

“I do jobs for clients like paintings and sculptures, I do gallery exhibits, I teach art classes, do some photography. Your father has modeled for me a few times and for some of my classes. He gets a bit jealous when I work with other men though.”

“It’s the way they look at you.” Techne said as he slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her temple. “And you touch them when you sculpt.”

“Only their faces. You see there are some things that I have to touch to really see. Like a scar or a dip. I want it perfect.”

“I should be the only model you touch.”

She giggled. “He’s really a sweet heart, he’d never attack anyone, he just gets this air about him.” She kissed his chin.

“So when do I meet that woman?”

“She wants to meet you tomorrow over coffee.”


“It’s a drink, you’ll like it.” Nyx replied.

“We’ll be going to her place.”

“She’d really let me in so soon?”

“We trust you so she trusts you and besides, if you do something she doesn’t like, she’ll let you know. She’s no push over.”

“Okay.” He was still nervous. “So where will I be staying?”

“At our home. Techne bought a bigger place so there’s plenty of room for you.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

His eyes stared out the passenger window of Techne’s car, a bit wide as he took in the amazing new world around him. Nyx was sure this was a bit overwhelming, but he didn’t say anything. When they got him home he was just as amazed at their house. It was bigger than he was used to. “If at any time your mother wishes for a larger home she has but to ask.” Techne said.

“She likes her home.”

“Good.” Techne took Nyx’s hand and they lead him inside then showed him a room and told him to come and get them if he needed anything. Techne then lifted Nyx and took her to their room, quickly stripping both of them down before pulling her into bed.

“You okay?” His arms tightened around her and he moved so he could bury his nose in her hair.

“Thank you for still loving me. I was worried.”

“Well now you know not too, I swore to always love you and that won’t change. Now you have to see about gettine me changed so we can make it forever.”


The next morning they woke early and Techne let Ade borrow some of his clothes since they were the same size. They stopped for bagels, something he’d never had before and ate slowly in his nervous state. They had tried to assure him it would be alright as much as they could, but he remained apprehensive. “Here we are.” Techne said and he could hear his son’s hear rate increase. “It’s alright Ade, she won’t hate you.”

“I know.”

“Then breathe.”

They got out and headed up to the front door where Techne tapped lightly. The woman who answered the door had Ade staring. She was gorgeous, her hair dyed a pastel pink, violet eyes smiling at them. “Techne, it’s good to see you and Nyx.” She hugged them both then turned to Ade. “My, he is your son, even has his mouth hanging open.” Ade blushed and snapped his mouth shut, making her laugh. “I’m teasing, Techne never let his mouth hang open.”

“This is Ade.” Nyx said with a smile.

“What a beautiful name. Please come in.” She moved aside then closed the door behind them and disappeared into the kitchen as they all got comfortable. She brought out cups of coffee on a tray with sugar and cream in little containers so they could make it how they liked. “So, how old are you Ade?”

“Twenty ma’am.”

“And polite. Techne said you wanted a safe place to practice your powers.”

“If you would like me not to then I won’t.”

She waved a hand in the air. “It’s not like I’m scared or anything, Techne and Nyx are here to make sure I don’t rip your pants off.”

“I wouldn’t let that happen.” He blurted out.

“How cute.”

“I’m not.”

She smiled as she took a sip of her coffee. “You and Techne make the same face when you hear something you don’t agree with.”

“We’ve heard.” Techne said.

“So why learn now?”

“I was kidnapped by slavers and both my mother and father thought it would be a good idea to learn so here I am. I’m scared of using my powers, I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“I’m pretty tough, I dance and act for a living.” She winked and it got a small smile from him. “I’ll have to get you tickets to one of my shows.”

“I’d like that.” She aske dhim more questions while they finished their coffee, her constant teasing making him blush and scowl in intervals that she found adorable. When they were finished drinking, she took the tray to the kitchen then came back, smiling at his nervousness.

“So, what now Techne?” She asked.

“Ade, I need you standing in front of her.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t.” He said.

“It’s okay, I already told you she won’t be mad.” Nyx reassured.

“You have my permission so come on.” Ade got nervously to his feet and stood in front of Pricilla who gave him a gentle smile. “Relax.”

“Okay, now I want you to focus Ade, feel that power flowing through you. Since you are half Incubus, it’ll be easier. Believe you are irresistible, that no one can say no to you and project it out.” Ade breathed slowly, his eyes locked with Pricilla’s and he suddenly felt that strange energy moving out from him. It hit her and he watched in amazement as her cheeks flushed. He could hear her heart beating quickly and her pupils grew large. She went for him and he took a step back as Techne grabbed her around the waist and hauled her back. “Pull it back son, just shut it off like a light switch.”

Ade swallowed as he forced the energy back and Pricilla blinked, confused at first then a smile pulling at her lips. “Whoa.” She said, sounding dazed.

“Easy, you might feel dizzy.” Techne said as he helped her sit.

“I’m sorry.” Ade said and Pricilla gave a small, breathy laugh.

“It’s alright, it wasn’t that bad actually, kind of exciting.”

“See, she’s fine.” Nyx said.

“And that’s all there is too it. With practice you’ll get better and soon you’ll be able to turn it on without any effort. The next time someone tries to take you, you’ll be ready.” Techne reached out and squeezed his shoulder. “He can come here and practice right?”

“Sure, as long as you two come. As cute as he is, I don’t want to traumatize him.” She teased and they knew she was going to be okay. At the end of their visit, Ade apologized again and Pricilla gave him a hug and told him once again that it was okay and she hoped to see him again.

“When will we come back?” Ade asked when they were on their way.

“Like her do you?” Techne said as he glanced into the rearview mirror.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Maybe in a couple of days.”

By the end of the day, Ade seemed more comfortable with the idea of training. “You are such a good dad.” Nyx said when she and Techne were cuddling under the covers.

“Am I?”

“Of course.”

“I’m going to call Nolan soon to change you then maybe we can have some children of out own.”

She smiled. “Really?”

“Being with Ade has made me want children. I want to be a good father to him and show him I can be a good father to any siblings he has. Plus, he’ll make an amazing big brother.” Nyx kissed him.

“I love you Techne, forever and always.”

“I love you too my beautiful, patient Nyx.”


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