Techne & Nyx

Chapter One

Nyx stood in front of the clay, her fingers moving deftly over it, her eyes glancing at the photo of the dog her client had sent her. It was going to be a gift for his daughter, something to remember the old doberman by. She wanted to capture the dogs joy and love perfectly so she took her time. She was nearly done then all she had to do was fire it. When she was finished she carried it to the back where her kiln was. She got the kiln started and stuck the sculpture inside. She would stay here until it was done cooking, had even set up a cot in the back room so she wouldn’t have to go home when the fire was burning. She set the alarm on her clock for eighteen hours then checked her schedule. Tomorrow people were coming in to model for her. She was doing sculptures of both the nude male and female form. Most people weren’t comfortable getting naked in front of a stranger so she was sure she would get under the number she had advertised. Her stomach growled so she pulled up the number for Domino’s and called, ordering a small pepperoni pizza.

She paid the delivery guy once he showed up and even gave him a tip. She locked up then went into the back and ate before laying down. She was excited about tomorrow since the pieces she made from her models would be put in a gallery. She set another alarm for in the morning then let herself fall asleep. She was woke by the song Psychotic the next morning and switched it off. She got up, stretched then changed into the clean clothes she had brought with her. She brushed out her hair, brushed her teeth then checked the time. She decided to walk down to the bagel shop and get breakfast before her models arrived.

Techne checked the address and the time on the flier he had found while out on a date. The thing that had caught his attention was the photo of the artist. She was beautiful with a lovely smile and hazel eyes. She was asking for models to photograph so she could make sculptures for a gallery showing. He stopped for coffee then headed for Nyx’s studio. He pulled up just as she was walking through the front door and stepped out following her so she turned around and smiled. “Excuse me are you Nyx Graham?” He asked, smiling back.

“Yes and you are?” He held up the flier. “Oh, an early bird.” He started to open his mouth when four others walked in. He frowned, not liking being interrupted. Nyx grabbed some sheets she had in the back and came back out. “There is a bathroom in the back, please get undressed and wrap yourselves in these, we’ll start with face shots and move from there.”

Each one of them took turns getting undressed and coming back out. Nyx grabbed her camera and set up a curtain then a stool. Techne decided to go last so he could spend some time with her alone so waited patiently as she took pictures of the other models. When it was his turn he sat down on the stool and smiled at her, turning on the charm. “You have amazing bone structure.” She said as she moved closer and gently grabbed his chin. She turned his head to the side then moved back and snapped a photo. “You’re going to look absolutely amazing as an exhibit.”

“Thank you, I really like your hair.”

Nyx smiled. “Thanks, I had a friend do it. She’s a stylist, your’s is cool too.” He was also handsome, dangerously so. She had never seen anyone like him. “Alright, drop the sheet please.” He stood up and dropped it, making her heart leap in her chest. “Your muscles are very well defined.” He didn’t understand why she wasn’t really flirting back, only complimenting him on his looks. It was strange and threw him off. “Turn around please.”
He did, still confused by her, She wasn’t a succubus or a demon of any sort so she should be powerless while he allured her. This made her even more interesting to him and made Techne determined to get to know her. At the very least he needed to figure out why she could resist him. “I’m done, thank you for coming” she said far too quickly, how was she done so fast? He also considered maybe he was thinking so much his mind wasn’t keeping accurate track of time.

“What’re you going to do now?”

“Pay you” she said as she started walking away. He smiled then spoke again “With your day in general”

“Oh, why?”

“You seem interesting”
She arched an eyebrow at him. “Oh wait I see.” She sat her camera down. “Let me guess, you find my work interesting and would like to discuss it alone in your room on your bed.” He was honestly shocked and didn’t know how to respond. He had never been talked to like that by anyone other than Lorenzo which he let go since they were related. He rubbed the back of his neck and she started laughing at his bewildered expression. She moved closer and grabbed his chin. “Put your clothes on and let me pay you.”

“I don’t need money.”

“Oh so you came here in hopes you’d get some, how whorish. Are you sure you don’t want any money, I mean you pay whores right?”


She smiled. “I’m just teasing you know, lighten up.” She let go of his chin and grabbed her camera. “I can’t go out right this minute anyway, I have a statue in my kiln and I can’t just leave it.”

“Then how about I pick up something for us to eat and we spend the day here. You can show me your work.” Techne said as he pulled his clothes on.

She shrugged. “I have to work today, just a few things here and there. If you don’t mind doing most of the talking then sure, I’ll eat with you.”
“That’s fine with me”

“Thai please”

“Thai it is. I’ll be right back” She gave him another smile and he returned it before walking out the door. She had made his heart stop with how she was talking before and honestly it hurt. It was the truth he was a whore. It was somthing he was normally unashamed of but for whatever reason it hurt even in joking to be called that by Nyx. Techen didn’t eat Thai a whole lot so he searched Thai places on his phone and read reviews before choosing one.

He drove over and wished he had asked Nyx what she wanted before leaving. He just picked what he wanted then bought her the same thing, hoping it was somthing she enjoyed eating. He set the food in the passenger seat and stuck the drinks in the cup holder before almost nervously driving back to Nyx.
“Oh you actually came back.” She said when he walked through the door. “Something smells amazing.”

He sat the food and drinks on the counter and handed her one of the takeout cartons. “I didn’t know what you liked so I got us both crab rangoon and spicy basil fried rice.”

“Sounds good, thank you.”

The alarm on her phone went off part way through lunch and she got up and shut off the kiln then took the statue of the dog out to cool. Once she had it on the baking rack she went back to Techne who seemed absorbed in his own thoughts. She grabbed her camera and snapped a picture, surprising him. “Why did you do that?”

“Because your expression was just perfect, it’s a face I don’t imagine you make a lot. I wish I could have got one of your confused face, it was pretty cute.”

“Sorry, I don’t get confused often.”

“I noticed.” She sat down and smiled as she ate. He was really something to admire. Everything about him was perfect and she had never had a more amazing model. It wasn’t just his looks though, there was something different about him she couldn’t quite put her finger on and it made him very interesting. He was incredibly flirtatious and she could tell that he was someone who relied on charm to get him by.

“So how long have you been into art?” He asked.

“It’s not just something I’m into, it’s something I’m passionate about. I’ve wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember and everyone always told me how steady my hands were and how wonderful my attention to detail is. Have you ever been really and truly passionate about something?”

“Not really.”

“When you find that something then you’ll understand my love for art.” She closed her takeout boxes and took them into the back where she had a mini fridge. “Okay, back to work.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have been commissioned to do a painting of a panda for a little girls eighth birthday and then after that I have to start working on the statues of today’s models, yours included. I’m going to be doing an exhibit on the human form and then the day after tomorrow I’ll be teaching a class about the same. You’re welcome to come, it’ll be at the community center.”
“I’d like to”

“Sure you would. Lots of women will be seeing what you look like naked” She couldn’t read his expression well but knew it wasn’t happy “I’m still joking. Even if you are one of those whore types I dont care. I’m not picky when it comes to friends. Your body, your life.”

“I guess I’ll have to get used to your teasing”

‘I tease everyone I know so yeah” Techne watched Nyx as she worked. Her face was gorgeous as she concentrated. He could tell she was lost in her work due to her passion for it so he was barely even there to her. He let his eyes travel up and down her once before then studying her work. She was amazingly talented. It was obvious and he wondered why she wasn’t famous. In his mind she deserved much more recognition in the art community.
“I bet you’re the artistic type.” She said and his heart gave a little stutter. He was so confused by the effect she had on him.

“Why do you say that?”

“I know you said you’re not passionate about anything, but you do seem like the type with a lot of passion in his heart. So I bet you could make some beautiful artwork if you took the time.”

“I’m good at being charming.”

She laughed. “Well even I can be charming, but it’s easier for me because I have tits. It’s kind of stupid when you think about it, how some guys will go absolutely wild for a pair of boobs.”

“Some guys are boob men, some are butt men, and some are the I like everything men.”

“And which are you?”

“Number three.”

“I guess that’s good.” She went silent again and he moved a little closer to her, looking over her shoulder. She didn’t even seem to notice so he let his powers loose to wash over her. She didn’t even register it was happening, just continued to paint. He smiled, realizing it was this intense focus that gave her complete immunity to his charm. She literally blocked everything else out, a mountain lion could easily sneak up on her.

“This panda is starting to look so life like. It’s like I could reach out and touch it.”

“Please don’t you’ll smear the paint and I’ll have to kill you.” He chuckled.

“Would you really kill me?”

“Depends on how fast you begged for forgiveness.” She teased.
He chuckled happily again and let her finish working since she had a deadline with the sculptures. She set the panda where it could dry with no fear of it breaking or somthing smearing it. “Time for the sculptures. You sure you’re not bored yet?”

‘No, I’m enjoying the small amount of talking and getting to watch you create”

“It is nice having sombody here. You’re welcome to do this anytime”

“You’ll be seeing a lot of me then”

“I’ve already seen all of you” she said with a grin, causing his own to widen. he wondered if he could create beautiful art like she did. Most of his time was spent screwing since he could have whomever he wanted without any effort so he didn’t know much of anything else he could do besides lure people to his or their bedrooms. He would have to figure out some things to be interested in tonight before she asked. He was for the first time ashamed to admit most of what he did was have sex, especially since some were married. He knew she might not think too much of him since without the consent of these married women he’d use his charm, have them and not even bother to meet any children he fathered since he never bothered to even use protection.

Chapter Two

“I guess we’ll start with your sculpture, might as well see how accurate I can get.” She went into the storage closet and grabbed a big block of modeling clay and carried it to the table she used. He sat down on one of the stools and watched as she unwrapped the clay and grabbed all of her tools. She went completely in the zone as she used the clay to make the layout of a human. She grabbed her tools, her hands moving quickly, but carefully as she made each detail. “Hey can you lean closer.” She said and he slid his stool over and leaned in. She brought her hand up to his face and closed her eyes. She traced the lines of his face with her fingers, memorizing every dip and hollow. She opened her eyes and went back to the sculpture. “Take your shirt off.”


“Take it off please.” He pulled his shirt over his head and sat it on the table. “Stand up please.” He got to his feet and she got to hers, closing her eyes and letting her hands move over his torso.

“Do you do this with all of your clients?”

“No, but since I have the chance I might as well take it.” She opened her eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry I won’t ask you to take off your pants.”
He smiled in return “well if you need me to” he said and she laughed “No, but thank you for the offer” She got to work with a bright smile on her face that slowly shifted into that look of being absorbed by her work. He stayed shirtless, not really having a reason or want for it on. He could still feel Nyx’s hands on his face and body. He craved more and not like normal. He just wanted closeness with her, not the thrill of rolling around and achieving orgasm.

He tried to calm his rapid beating heart as he watched her work but it was proving difficult. He heard Nyx’s stomach growl a few hours later “want me to get more food?”

“Would you mind?”

“Of course not, what now?”

“I picked lunch”


“Sure, BLT please”

“Alright” He leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss on Nyx’s cheek, praying it wasn’t too forward.
She smiled as she worked, making his heart flutter. He pulled his shirt on before leaving and didn’t like stepping out onto the street away from her scent and the warmth of her shop. He sighed, really not understanding his actions or his wanting to be with her. He got into his car and pulled away, trying to sort out his jumbled thoughts before he got to Wendy’s. Once he was there he quickly ordered and didn’t even notice he was being stared at by the girl at the window. He paid and pulled away, eager to get back to Nyx.

He could hear loud music coming from her shop when he stepped out of his car and when he walked in she was still intensely focused on the statue of him. He sat their food down on the counter and walked up behind her, brushing his nose against her cheek. She jumped in surprise and tried to elbow him, but he caught her arm and pulled her tightly against him. “It’s me.” He said in her ear and she turned her head.

“Sorry.” She said over the music and quickly pulled out of his arms to turn the music down.

“You should pay closer attention to your surroundings, I could have been a rapist or robber.”

“Sorry I almost elbowed you and I can defend myself if the need arises.”

“I just don’t want you getting hurt.” He took her hands in his and her heart did a little flip. He was different from when he had first walked into her shop.

“I just get really absorbed, it’s just how I work. Music or not, I wouldn’t have heard you.”

“Then I’ll just have to come in every day to watch your back.”
“I’d appreciate that” Nyx went to her sink and cleaned herself up before sitting down to eat with Techne. “do you eat out a lot?” Techne asks “yeah, I’d rather be working on art than cooking. I can afford to so why not”

“I could bring you a lunch tomorrow if that would be fine”

“Thanks, that’s really sweet.”

“I’m not amazing at cooking but I’m alright at it”

“Home cooking is always better than take out. I really appreciate you doing that for me”

“what time will you come in tomorrow?”

“I’m probably spending the night here again”

“Here?!” he asked, obviously upset by that. “I’ll be fine”

“Please let me stay.”

“You cant cook for me here”

“I’ll leave tomorrow to cook and then bring it in. I don’t want you here at night by yourself”

“I’m sure you’ve got a life. Don’t make yourself my personal body guard. I lock up”
“Either I stay in here with you or I sleep in my car.”

“Man you’re stubborn.” She threw her hands up in the air. “Fine, if it’ll make you feel better. I still have work to do since I spent so much time on your sculpture so you can either watch me or go to bed.”

“I think I’ll watch you for awhile.”

Nyx locked up and pulled the curtains closed then dimmed the lights and flipped the open sign to closed. She gently lifted Techne’s sculpture and took it in the back where the kiln was. Since it was always so hot in the room it would aid in drying the clay. She went back to see him walking around the room admiring her art, a smile on his face. She printed out the pictures of her other models and grabbed more clay. Every time he moved on to another painting or vase or sketch she had made she glanced up at him. Every time she caught a glimpse of his face he had that pleased look on his face. Once he had walked completely around the store he came and sat down next to her.

“You are going to have to teach me how to sculpt.” He said, his chin resting in his hand.

“Do you want to try now?”

“I don’t want to ruin one of your statues.”

“Any mistake you make can be fixed before the clay dries.” She moved her stool out of the way and pulled him over to stand next to her. “This is of a woman, I’m sure you are familiar with the female form.” She grabbed the picture and placed it where he could see it. “I’ll help you so don’t worry.” She slid her hands over his and they worked the clay together. She helped him smooth it out and shape the initial layout. “If it makes it easier, imagine your touching the actual person. Are they soft or hard, do they have rough skin or smooth skin?” She grabbed one of his hands and brought it to her face, pressing his palm against her cheek. “Feel my skin, remember the texture. This woman is the same age as me so her skin probably feels the same.”
Both their hearts had rapid, irregular beats as he felt her. He slowly, reluctantly took his hand away from the heat and comfort of her skin to get back to work. He was enjoying this but it was Nyx he’d rather be looking at, not this naked woman in the picture. He cherished every time Nyx touched him to help guide his work. His heart actually began to hurt while his stomach grew ever sensitive from the constant flutter within him. “I need a break” he said and she smiled. “I’ll finish her up then. Its close to done. You did really well for your first time”

“Can i help you again tomorrow?”

“Yes, just get clean for now” Nyx was a little disappointed not to be touching Techne any longer but soon it left her as she focused. He didn’t know where she wanted him to sleep as he came out of her bathroom so he just went back to watching her, enjoying how happy she made him feel by simply being in the same room.
She yawned after awhile and stretched her arms above her head. “Damn, I really wanted to start the last one, but I guess I should get to sleep and start again in the morning.”

“When is the gallery showing?”

“Lets see, the day after tomorrow is the art class so the showing is the day after that. I’m going to do some sketches and paintings as well so people can see the human form in different media.” She yawned again. “You can come as my date.”

“Really?” He knew he might sound too eager, but he couldn’t help it.

“Yeah, I mean the artist is supposed to show up with someone good looking on their arm. I guess you’ll do.” He cracked a smile. “Oh good, you’re getting used to my sense of humor.”

“Where would you like me to sleep tonight?”

“I only have the one cot so I guess you can sleep with me.” She switched off the front room lights then grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room where she kept her supplies. She pulled off her shoes and set and alarm on her phone. “Well come on.” She said and he kicked his shoes off. They climbed onto the cot and he wrapped his arm around her waist, spooning with her.

“Is this okay?”

She gave a soft laugh. “You are way different from the flirtatious confident guy that walked in this morning. Do I make you nervous?”

“You intrigue and confuse me. I’m not like normal people you know. I have a way of getting what I want immediately and I’m not used to my charm not working.”

“I knew you were a bit strange from the moment I saw you, I also knew you were flirting, but when I work it doesn’t have an impact on me. You exude this energy, I could feel it.”

“Yeah, but it hit a wall.” He tightened his hold on her. “If I told you I wasn’t human, what would you say?”

She laughed again. “I’d absolutely believe it.” She fell asleep before he could say more so he pressed a gently kiss onto the back of her neck and closed his eyes.
Her alarm began to blare before he knew it. Even with such a rude awakening Techne felt better when he woke that morning than he had ever remembered feeling. Nyx rubbed her eyes sleepily and shut her phones alarm off. “Morning” she said softly. “Morning” Techne said and planted another kiss on her neck before he could stop himself. She made a small, content sound “let me go so I can get ready for the day”

“You have clothes here?”


“You obviously stay here too much”

“Well, I dont have a boyfriend so I dont really need to go home. its seeming like you want to fill that position though, unless you’re the type to just kiss girls because they are girls. The way you were before I can tell you’re a player, or atleast were. maybe I’m conceited but the way you have changed with me makes me think I’m not just another tik to add to the probable hundreds”

Chapter Three

He frowned and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling incredibly uncomfortable. “You being able to read me sucks, it really sucks. What’s worse is how horrible I really am. Last night you said if I told you I wasn’t human, you would believe it. Well I’m not, I’ve been around for a long time.”

“How long?”

“A really long time and in that time I’ve slept with a lot of people and fathered children that I’ve never even met. Only one of my descendants came looking for me and our relationship started out kind of rocky. He didn’t approve of my lifestyle.”

“Well that’s understandable. When you screw anything with a vagina and move on you’re viable to leave some pissed off people behind you.”

“I feel like I should scrub myself until my skin is gone. I feel guilty when you touch me, but also incredibly happy and content.”

“So if you’re not human, what are you exactly?”

“Are you not concerned with my whoring around?”

“Are you ever going to do it again?” She asked.

“No, of course not?”

“Do you have any std’s?”

“I can’t get them, I’m immune.”

She shrugged. “Then consider this me wiping your slate clean. You get to start over, those others are in the past, what you did is over and done with. I hereby absolve you of your sins. Now, what are you?”

He was honestly surprised by her reaction. There was no disgust or condemnation. She was genuinely curious about who and what he was and could care less about his past no matter how sordid it was. “Uh, well…you kind of threw me off there.” She smiled and took his hands.

“Tell me Techne.”
“I’m an Incubus” She paused only a few moments “No wonder you’ve done so much whoring. Its easy. I’ve read about your kind before. Unless sombody is one hundred percent committed to someone they absolutely cant say no to you. Sucks for all the people and no doubt relationships you’ve ruined but as I said, I’m willing to forgive you. Having your powers could easily go to someones head.” Techne pulled Nyx into a tight embrace and kissed her head. “Thank you so much”

“If you’re really going to be a changed man you deserve forgivness.”

“I can be anything for you” He said with a blush. He felt her smile against him “You want to be with me don’t you?”

“I know i never want to leave you”

“Then I wont leave you” She moved and gave him a real kiss. He slid his hands in her hair, allowing his tongue to mingle with hers. He didn’t deserve her and he knew it. This didn’t even make a little sense but he was glad the world wasn’t making sense just for him. When they pulled back from eachother they were both breathless “I’ve got to do my work”


“I started it”
“I should go home and change. Do you want me to grab you some breakfast?”

“A bagel with cream cheese and coffee if you don’t mind.”

“Anything you want.”

“Keep saying that and I’ll make you poor with buying me art supplies.”

He smiled and kissed her nose. “You would have quite a bit of money to go through so spend until your hearts content, besides I’m going to want to spoil you.”

“Sweet man, you better go before I push work to the side.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll be back shortly.”

He let her go and pulled on his shoes then got up and left before he got completely lost in her. He hurried home, showered and pulled on clean clothes then stopped for bagels and coffee before going back to Nyx’s store. She was working on the last sculpture, looking far too cute in her gypsy crop top, blue jean shorts, and knee high socks. “Breakfast beautiful.” He said and she turned away from her work with a bright smile. She crossed the room and kissed his cheek.

“My hero.” She ate quickly, wanting to finish the last sculpture and any other work she had so she could spend time with Techne. She grabbed her phone once her bagel was gone and called the client of the panda painting to let them know it was finished and waiting. She then hung up and went back to work on the sculpture. Techne sipped on his coffee as he watched her, feeling completely content to just admire her.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said even though he knew she wasn’t paying attention to him. “I could spend forever just watching you and be completely happy.” She leaned over and kissed him, surprising him, then went back to working on the clay figure before her. “So you were paying attention.”

When she was finished with the sculpture she put it in the room with the kiln then started on her paintings for the gallery showing. It didn’t take her long to pump them out and as she was finishing the last one the panda painting client showed up. The woman paid her and Nyx wrapped the painting before handing it off. “Time for the sketches, want to be my model for the male drawings?”
“of course, do you need me nude?”

“Yes” He stripped quickly for her and she smiled in almost an aroused way. “thanks” She may have been just weak enough to have sex right there with Techne if she didn’t want to get to work. He could sense that moment of desire in Nyx and felt happy he could attract her on his own. Just as he had all day he gazed at Nyx lovingly as she worked. He was glad it didn’t bother Nyx that his eyes were constantly watching her.

When she was done she stood ‘let me wash up. Get dressed and we’ll do somthing together” He did as he was told them waited for his radiant Nyx to come back to him. “what would you like to do?” She asked when she returned to him. “why don’t we buy you some of that art stuff you were talking about”
Her eyes lit up and she jumped into his arms and gave him a kiss. “You really know how to sweet talk.”

He chuckled and gave her a squeeze. “I wasn’t aware I was sweet talking.”

“You definitely were.” He let her go and followed her out of the store. She made sure her door was locked then followed him to his car. He pulled the passenger door open and she kissed his cheek before getting in. He was growing more and more fond of her affection, craved it even. He got behind the wheel of his car and she rested her head on his shoulder. “I like that you’re so interested in my art. I don’t think I’ve ever had a guy sit there for so long and just watch me. You have the patience of a saint.”

“It has nothing to do with patience and everything to do with admiration. I love watching you work, I love how focused you get and the way your hands move to shape every curve and indentation. You are truly a gift Nyx.”

“It kind of makes me happy that I’m the first to see this side of you.”

“Honestly you confuse me and excite me and make me want to do whatever it takes to keep you.”

“I told you I wouldn’t leave, I want to be with you always.” When they got to the art store she became even more excited and he quickly found a parking spot so she could get out. He followed her inside and grabbed one of the baskets by the door. She picked out the paints she wanted and some new brushes and canvases. He loved the happiness in her eyes and was glad he could do this for her. She picked up a sketchbook and looked it over. “So, what’s it like when you use your powers on someone?” She asked as she put the sketchbook in the basket then picked up the canvases.

“Uh well, it amplifies ones desire for me both physically and mentally.”

“Hmm, interesting.”


“Yeah, could you show me?”


“Not here obviously, that would be weird. The poor ladies behind the counter would probably have heart attacks.”

“Well I don’t really feel comfortable manipulating you.”

She waved her hand. “I’m giving you permission, no reason to feel bad. Should I get the red pencils or the blue pencils.”

“Blue, they match your hair.”

“Good point.”
Techne was nervous about how Nyx might react when he used his abilities on her. It would crush him if she freaked out and he lost her when he had only just gotten her. He followed her with a busy mind until they finally checked out. “would you rather charm me in my home or yours?” She asked once she had put all her new supplies away. “where would you be more comfortable?”

“My home”

“Then that’s where we will go if you’re sure”

“I’m sure, don’t worry. I’ve given you my permission”

“I just cant lose you. Only saying it hurts my heart”

‘I’m not going anywhere. I want this. Lets take your car and leave mine here”

“alright” Nyx guided the extremely nervous Techne to her home then they went inside. It was a small but gorgeous apartment thanks to all her works of art. She took his hand and guided Techne into her bedroom. “Ok, do it” she prompted.
“You’re incredibly cool with this.”

“I trust you.”

He took a deep breath and projected his powers outward, letting it wash over her and completely envelope her. She gasped and he could hear her heart speed up and see her cheeks flush. She was on him in a second, her arms going around his neck and her lips finding his in a hungry kiss. He fell back and she straddled him, her fingers gripping his shirt and tearing it open so buttons went flying. He grabbed her wrists and rolled her beneath him, pinning her down and pulling his energy back. She blinked up at him, smiled and then started laughing.

“Holy crap, I tore your shirt. I’m sorry.”

“Are you okay?” He released her wrists and she wrapped her arms back around his neck.

“Of course baby, that was actually exciting.” She kissed him and he relaxed. “Don’t be so worried, I’d tell you if something made me uncomfortable.” She slid her hands down and under his shirt as she bit his ear.

“What are you doing?”

“You made me horny, blame yourself.” She teased.
They began kissing again. His large, strong fingers began to move over her, exploring her soft skin. He wasn’t going to use his powers to thrill her, he was actually going to do this on his own. He started hungrily at her neck. Licking, biting, taking in that intoxicating scent or her pleasure. His tongue slide up until he had her earlobe in his mouth. He gently massaged it with his tongue and teeth. Her moans increased with desire, making his now throbbing cock even harder. “Ride me backwards?” He asked huskily. They completely stripped then she straddled his broad hips, letting his length plunge into her tight crevasse. Both their moans were nearly yells of ecstasy.

Nyx became weak as Technes hand slid over her hip and down until it was rubbing her most sensitive area. When she could no longer pump him he sat up and pushed her onto the bed to finish doggy style. He burst into her rift, instantly feeling regret that he had yet again not used a condom. He lifted Nyx and got them both under her covers “I’m sorry” he whispered “for what? That was the best sex I’ve ever had”

“I didn’t use a condom”

“I’m on the pill, don’t worry”
He stroked his knuckles over her cheek. “Still I…”

She pressed a finger against his lips. “Hush, I don’t want you getting upset.” She kissed him and he felt his worries slip away. He had never felt so content in his life, had never felt so much love for a single person.

“I need you again.” He whispered against her lips. “You make me hungry.”

She smiled. “You can have me as many times as you want.”

He allowed himself to become oblivious to all else except for his beautiful Nyx. He was consumed by love and lust, the entirety of his being was being taken over by this woman and her easy acceptance. “I love you Nyx, I love you more than anything.”

“Me too.” She whispered back.

They lay together, her laying limply on his chest and him running his fingers lovingly through her hair. “Stay with me forever?” He asked softly.

“Is that even possible?”

“I can have someone change you into a demon.”

She raised her head. “Why can’t you do it?”

He frowned. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

She pondered this for a second then started laughing as she rested her head back on his chest. “I see, I’ll become a succubus right? Are you afraid I’ll be overly attractive to other men and women?”

“Yes, I don’t want to have to kill someone.”

“So protective, how sweet. Fine, you can get someone else to change me and I’ll stay with you forever.”

He moved so she was laying on the bed and he could see her face. “Really, you’d stay with me forever?”

“Forever and ever, for all eternity or until you get tired of being my model.”

He kissed her, every cell in his body singing with joy. “I’ll never get tired of being your model. I love you so much Nyx, thank you for loving me back.” He held her in his arms and she fell asleep, her soft breathing and warm body bringing him true bliss. He smiled as he followed her into a restful sleep, unwilling to ever let her go.


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