Theo Henri & Laura Meet

Chapter One

Theo walked aimlessly around the castle, not sure of what to do with himself. He noticed his mother standing on a stool trying to reach somthing on a high shelf. His eyes widened and he ran to her. Theo picked Cantaly up and set her on the floor. “Mother! You are nearly six months pregnant! That is very dangerous. You know what father would say if he saw you reaching like that. You have able bodied children and servants to assist you.” Cantaly sighed, wanting to scold him for speaking in such a tone to her but she knew she shouldn’t have been doing that. “I’m sorry, I just wanted the book of Balthasar Gerard for Belle. She moves a lot when I read it to her. I think she enjoys it. I’ve read it to her many times”

“what’s it doing up there?”

“I dont know. The servants know when they clean our room to leave the book. I guess it was the new one, Bridgette who put it up there.”

‘I will go talk to the servants then and remind them you want that book left in your room. Please dont’ do that again mother. I don’t want you or Belle hurt. May I kiss Belle?” Cantaly smiled “Of course you can” Theo got down and kissed Cantalys stomach “you be good to mom today and I want you to give her a good jab in the kidney if she does somthing like that again” Cantaly laughed and Theo smiled playfully at his mother. He got back up and kissed his mothers cheek “I love you mom. What made you read such a book to Belle? Balthasar was an assasin. It doesnt seem fit for a baby”

Cantaly giggled “I wasn’t trying to read it to her at first. You know how I prefer to read out loud rather than to myself. I got curious of his history because Mishep brought little Zane into the castle because Leena left him again. He requested one of the servants read about Balthasar to Zane while him and Gabriel met to discuss his job. I heard a small portion and wanted to learn of him myself.”

“But Zayne is only just turning four next month. Why isn’t he just out playing?” Cantaly frowned “his line has been serving us for countless generations. The first born is groomed to be an assasin. He doesnt have a choice like his siblings will have. He wont be able to play like other children. He will spend his growing years reading and hearing of great assasins while practicing how to kill and be agile. It’s not fair by any means but it is the life he was born into. He will be the next assasin for the royals. On a different note before thinking of Zane makes me too sad, what’re you doing today?”

“I don’t know, I can’t think of anything to do”

“Why don’t you pick up a new skill?”

“Like what?”

“Magic, it’s an amazing ability”

“Hm, that would be a good use of my time. Do you know of anybody I could learn it from?”

“Laura is only two years your senior but she is the best I’ve seen. You’d be wise to ask her to teach you” Theo smiled “alright then. Where do I find her?”

“I will send Sparrow to find her and bring her to you.”

“Thank you mom, I will find Sparrow though. You go off and relax, read to Belle” Theo said as he handed her the book. She took it then hugged her son again before walking off. Theo went to the kitchen where Sparrow often was at this time a day. “Yes sir?” Sparrow asked when he noticed Theo approaching. “I need you to find Laura for me. My mom didn’t give a last name.”

“I know who she’s speaking of. May I ask what for?”

“To teach me magic”

“Very wise of you to learn, especially from her. Tani! Take over” Sparrow commanded then Sparrows attention went back to Theo “want to walk with me?”

“lead the way”

When they arrived at Lauras home Sparrow bowed “is that all sire?”

“No, I forgot to talk to the other servants before leaving. It seems someone took my mothers book from her room. She could have hurt herself and my unborn sister trying to retrieve it. She is not upset but I very much am. I want you to tell them that they aren’t to remove books my mother has in her room.”

“I’m so sorry sir. I will see to it that it wont happen again”

“Thank you” Sparrow left and Theo approached the door, giving a loud knock. Laura answered and he couldn’t help but notice she had spots of flour and what looked like blueberries on the apron she was wearing. When she realized who it was she gave a small bow “What brings you to my home prince Theo?”

“are you busy currently? It appears your baking.”

“yes, I am prepping blueberry pies for the oven. My father loves them and I wanted to give him a special thanks since he chopped firewood for me. I can do the task but I hate it” Theo found himself distracted by her pretty blue eyes. He missed words here and there but caught what she said for the most part. “would you like to finish before i speak with you?”

“If you wouldn’t mind sire” Theo gave her a look “we are almost the same age. I don’t feel comfortable with all this sire and prince. Would you call me Theo, please?” Laura smiled ‘alright Theo, come in.” Theo stepped in and followed her to the kitchen. Her home was small and very quaint. He guessed it hadn’t been made knew but rather she inherited it somhow. It was beautiful, as he thought most older styled houses were. He felt a bit bad that her entire house was about the size of his bedroom.Somtimes he would forget what a pampered life he lead. Theo sat and tried not to watch her as she cooked. He worried he would have a hard time learning from such a beautiful woman. Especially since her clothing showed off her stomach and the upper part of her breasts. He could also see her legs since she only wore what seemed to be cloths the hung down on her lower body. He hoped she wore knee high boots so she wouldn’t be quite so alluring as he learned from her.

Without knowing he began to stare and turned red as a beat when he realized and quickly appologized “what are you saying sorry for?”

“I was staring” Laura laughed “I didn’t notice, thank you for not being a degenerate royal. You aren’t the first I met and some men of high blood feel they can oggle as they please. I am not shocked though. You are king Gabriels son and he is a truly noble man. I would proudly serve him any way he saw fit. If its somthing for him that brought you here the answer is yes”

“Yes, my father taught me to respect women and that no amount of royal blood makes it right to treat people poorly or to make beautiful women feel uncomfortable” She put the pie in the oven then turned “what brought you to my door?”

“I have come to request that you teach me magic. It truly is a request so dont feel you have to because I’m a prince. I will add that I’m planning on paying you so your full attention can be on lessons rather than having to worry about still providing for yourself”

“Sounds fun, I’d love to teach you. I’m actually a bit proud you would choose me to teach you”

“My mother says you’re the best” Laura smiled “How is your mother? Is carrying Belle giving her any problems?”

“No, it’s been an easy pregnancy. Belle rarely even makes her sick.”

“That’s good, your mother is such a sweet woman.”

“I know, She has always been a good mother to me and my siblings”

“I’m surprised she keeps having more. I only ever want one.”

“Yeah, I dont plan on a lot of kids either” Laura just smiled “when would you like your first lesson?”

“Can we start after you bake the pies?”

“well, I still have to take it to my father and we eat together. You could join us if you’d like. Since I made two there is plenty.”

“Thank you, I’d love to come”

“If you dont mind my asking, how did things go with that Dukes daughter, Emilia I believe it was.”

“Do not spread this but she annoyed me so badly. It was hard to spare her feelings when it came down to deciding if we had any future”

“aw, I’m sorry”

“It’s not a big deal” They talked until the pies were done and finished cooling. Theo was actually disappointed he wouldn’t have her to himself any longer. He really enjoyed her conversation. She was funny and stimulating to talk to. He didn’t worry though, learning magic wasn’t easy so he would have many opportunities to sit and talk with her. He hoped she found him just as engaging. The walk to her parents wasn’t very far and they went in without knocking. When her parents saw Theo they both gave a small bow just as Laura had “welcome prince Theo”

“Just Theo, I hope you don’t mind my company”

“Of course not.”

Chapter Two

Her parents made for good conversation aswell as they all ate pie together. Theo was very glad he listened to his mother and went to see Laura. After awhile of laughter and talking Laura said “oh so sorry Theo. We better go, I’m giving the prince his first lesson”

“Oh no, don’t rush. I’m having fun. We can start tomorrow” Her father swallowed what was in his mouth and asked “you’re giving lessons to Prince Theo?” Laura smiled at her father “I will be teaching him magic. He’s going to be paying me too.” He smiled proudly “I’m glad you think so much of my daughters skill”

“She came highly recommended from my mother and a smart son knows to always heed his mother.” Lauras mom smiled and they all began talking again. They spent the rest of the day there and Theo walked her home afterwards. “when should I come to you?”

“Does eight sound ok? We can have breakfast together.” Laura almost blushed, surprised at herself for inviting him to breakfast. He had been so much fun to spend time with today and it only made it better how chiseled he looked. His brown hair looked so soft and touchable. Those purple eyes were enough to make her skin produce goosebumps. He smiled back, even that was charming and causing her to stand unsteadily. “I would love to meet you for breakfast. Would you like me to bring anything?”


“alright, goodnight then” Theo walked home under the blanket of stars that didn’t seem quite as beautiful tonight. The only beautiful thing he was thinking of was Laura and how happy he was she invited him to breakfast. It made him feel that she must have enjoyed his company too. Theo found a servant “could you wake me at six please.”

“Yes sir”

“Thank you, goodnight”

“Goodnight prince Theo” When six came and the servant knocked Theo about soared out of his bed. He quickly went to his washroom and cleaned himself before dressing in somthing comfortable. He brushed his hair and teeth then pulled on his boots. He let out a long breath of air, hoping he would be appealing to Laura. He got ready a little faster than anticipated but it gave him time to put money in a small bag to start her off. He had no idea how much money Laura had or what she did for a living so just incase he would start her out with money so she wouldn’t be struggling if she ever did. He wasnt foolish enough to think that just because she lived in a quaint house it meant she was poor. Lauras clothes actually seemed really nice and of high quality.

Theo cheerily walked out the castle and set on his path to get to Lauras. When he arrived he knocked and she yelled for him to come in. He walked inside to see she was nearly done serving breakfast. “morning” she said as she set biscuits on the table. “can I help?” If he were anyones son but Gabriels she would have been shocked but she just smiled “if you’d like to pour us some juice into the glasses by the fridge I’d appreciate that” he walked over and did just that as Laura set sausages down then took her seat. They began to eat and Theo found he liked her sausage much better than any he had eaten before so he asked “is there somthing different you do to your meat? It’s amazing” Laura smiled “only the women in my family know that secret so you’ll have to eat with me to enjoy that” Theo smiled back. Maybe I could have breakfast with you daily or atleast the days you are willing to teach me”

“How many days a week do you want?”

“How many can you give me. I’ll come every day if I’m welcome”

“Then every day it is. If I dont have to work then I am available to teach you every day” Theo smiled, thrilled to hear it. “speaking of which I’m going to go ahead and give you your first payment. He pulled the bag out of his pocket and handed it to her. She wore a shocked expression ‘this feels like much more than my times worth”

“then you need to meet yourself” Theo said and Laura started laughing. It was a hard but sweet sounding laugh that almost made him drop his fork. He smiled as she wiped a tear from her eye “sorry, that just sounded so funny to me”

“do not be sorry for filling your home with such a pleasing sound” He boldly said then instantly reprimanded himself. He worried he was being forward to the point of being rude. Laura blushed but Theo was too busy being upset at himself to notice. He helped her clean up after breakfast which shocked her despite him being Gabriels son. He noticed and said “my mother makes us once a month help our staff do the chores for a day so we know what they go through to serve us. She says its good for our character” Laura smiled and then they went outside.

“There’s a field I’d like to start you in. Some people are born with magic waiting to jump out. Those can cast in theri first day of learning. Even though it will come out you wont be able to control it and I dont want anybody getting hurt. If you hit me with somthing I’ll be fine but a regular person you could seriously injure.”

“You think i might be natural?”

“it’s impossible to tell but I prefer to be safe than sorry. You have potential to be a natural magician since your grandfather was on your mothers side.”

“How do you know so much about my family? Of course my parents are the king and queen but you seem to have intimate knowledge of my family” Laura smiled ‘you truly never did notice me, I thought so. I escort high blood families. I’ve been doing it since I was 15. I’m a natural so my magic is very powerful and I was able to defeat just about anything from a young age. I’ve escorted your family six times. Ask your mother. You just never paid any attention to me. I felt as if you never even saw me among the knights and I see now I was correct” Theo couldn’t help but frown. He felt extremely guilty. He just was always so interested in his family he didn’t pay much mind to the people escorting them when they traveled. “I’m so sorry” was all he could say and Laura just smiled “don’t be sorry, it wasn’t my place to speak so I didn’t. I only spoke to Cinderella and Cantaly because they would always start conversation with me.”

“You still shouldn’t have been invisible to me.” He couldn’t help but feel a sharp pang of guilt in his heart. She grabbed his shoulder and stopped “Theo, it’s really ok. You were always talking and laughing with your family. I thought you were sweet. i wanted to speak with you, i would have if you ever talked to me”

‘I wish you would have tried” His voice sounded as sad as he felt and made her feel bad for mentioning it but that was why she knew so much about his family. “could I hug you?” Theo asked. Laura just hugged him in response. He looked so sad, surprisingly sad. She didn’t think that would be upsetting for him to hear atall. “I deeply apologize. No excuse you give me can make up for not seeing you. That is horrible and I’m ashamed that I don’t recognize you. You accompanied us to Luverence just two months ago didn’t you?”

“Yes but its alright” He jerked a little, as if he might cry which shocked her even further. No tears came so she guessed she imagined it. “you’re a really sweet guy” Laura said softly as the hug just continued. He finally let her go “That is nice of you to say. I truly feel bad”

“I can see that and you’re forgiven. Don’t be upset” As they continued to walk he felt stupid. His mother had only used her first name like he should know her and Sparrow knew who Cantaly was speaking of with only a first name. He should have caught on that she was someone he should have known. He really must have seemed like a self centered prince to Sparrow whom he showed obviously too that he had no idea who Laura was. They arrived at the field and Laura said “first you need to learn how to connect with mother nature, she is who grants us the privilege of using magic”

Laura sat down and Theo sat in front of her “close your eyes and feel nature. You’ll know when you’ve connected with her.” Theo closed his eyes but after about twenty minuets he still didn’t feel anything. Laura spoke again “push all thoughts out of your head. Your aura tells me you’re still upset. It truly isn’t a big deal. you wont be able to connect like this” he opened his eyes and she said “why don’t we just go on a walk and talk like we did yesterday. We’ll do lessons tomorrow when your minds at peace”

“sounds good to me”

“you better be able to let go tomorrow” Theo smiled and stood. He then offered his hand to help her up. She took it and was quickly on her feet. They walked side by side and talked until lunch “eat with me at the castle” Theo offered and Laura accepted. They walked back to the castle where they joined his family in their meal. Cantaly got excited “Laura! So good to see you”

“It’s good to see you too”

“how’re my sons lessons going?”

“Honestly they havent started yet. We’ve spent the past two days just hanging out” Cantaly smiled brightly “I’m glad you two are hitting it off then.”

Theo couldn’t help but feel the guilt rise up again seeing how close Laura and Cantaly seemed. They talked and laughed together as though they were sisters. When lunch was over Laura “I’ll see you tomorrow Theo. Please feel better”

“see you tomorrow. Same time?”

“Yes” She smiled and walked out. Gabriel spoke “Speaking of feeling better, why did you look so upset over lunch?”

“I’m ashamed of myself. I found out today that she has escorted us places. I never noticed her before and i feel horrible about it.” Cantaly had a shocked look like she couldn’t have even fathomed her son didn’t know who she was talking about when she suggested he take lessons from her. Gabriel didn’t know what to say “she doesn’t seem bothered by it”

“She isnt and when I apologized she told me it was fine but I cant help but feel guilty”

“It’s good you feel guilty. It is bad that you had no inkling of who she was since shes been with us on so many trips. A good king is observant son. A great king remembers all his subjects, especially those who have helped him.” Gabriel wasn’t trying to be mean to his son or make him feel worse but he knew he’d have to pass the kingdom one day and so far none of his children were fit for it. He had considered Theo briefly but this was yet another example to him of Theo not being suited for the task. It was disappointing, especially since Laura had protected him from a lion attack when he was 14. He couldn’t understand Theo not remembering her after she had saved him from being mauled. It was the same reason why Cantaly was so floored by the fact Theo hadn’t remembered Laura. She did however wish Gabriel hadn’t poured salt in Theos wound, He obviously did feel terrible about it so she felt he didn’t need his father telling him how it made him a poor choice for king.

Theo got up “may I go to my room?”

“yes” Theo quickly left and Cantaly sighed “Why did you have to rub salt in the wound. He was already upset about it Gabriel”

“How cna he forget a woman who has ensured his safety on six travels. One who could have gotten herself killed when Theo was being disobedient and run off. Laura didn’t get hurt but that isnt the point. It’s just frustrating Cantaly. Who am I going to give the kingdom to at this rate? Snow is too spiteful, Richard don’t even get me started on, John has expressed he has no interest and even if he did he doesn’t posses the intellect, Malachai is too child like, I know hes little but i can tell he wont be serious enough. Theo is the one I had any slight hope in and he’s only been showing me he isn’t fit either.” Cantaly rubbed his arm “shh, one of the children may hear you Gabriel. You know you don’t wish to hurt their feelings”

“I don’t, I’ll appologize to Theo. Maybe I was mean to him. I’m sorry Cantaly. Will youf rogive me my dearest love?”

“Of course, i understand your frustration but we’re far from done having kids. One of them is bound to be able to take your place when you need them to.”

“this is true” He leaned over and kissed her “Let me go apologize to our son.”

“Just so you know I do think it’s bad he doesn’t remember her. I just dont think he needed you to say that just then”

“I know my love” Gabriel said as he kissed her again. When he pulled back he said “Will you go get ready so we can go somewhere nice together. I need to unwind and get out of the castle”

“I’ll be waiting in our room” Cantaly said, standing with a smile. They went their separate ways. Gabriel sighed and knocked on Theos door. “yes?”

“It’s your father”

“Come in” Gabriel entered, seeing a feint trace of tears on Theos face. Gabriel sighed “I camt to apologize. I was upset and I didn’t need to make you feel worse when you were already down. I love you very much. You know that right?”

“I do dad”

“Do you want a hug?”

“I need one” Theo stood from his sitting position on the bed and the two men hugged. Gabriel actually feeling guilty now. He loved his children, he was just scared fir the future somtimes. He hoped one of his future children with Cantaly would prove fit for the throne. He decided to stop stressing and just hope. He would  continue to guide his children the best way he could and try his best to pass down his knowledge in everything he did know about. He was proud when Cantaly told him that Theo was going to learn magic, He was glad to see him take interest in learning somthing. Nearly everything Theo knew was the result of Gabriel giving him no choice but to learn it.

Chapter Three

Gabriel held the hug until Theo let go “thank you dad, I’m sorry for disappointing you.”

“You are never a disappointment. You let me down somtimes but I am always proud of you. I’m sorry if I make you feel that way. Please know that I love you and always will.” Theo nodded and Gabriel left to be with his wife. That night Laura laid in bed thinking about Theo, their fun talks, his laughter and smile. She also thought of their hug. He held her so tight, so lovingly. He seemed deeply sad that she had met him before and he just didn’t remember or pay her much mind when she was around before. She wasn’t sure why that upset him so much since she wasn’t offended by it. She smiled to herself, thinking just how sweet he was and how she was looking forward to all the time they’d spend together while she taught him.

The next morning when Theo arrived at Lauras door he was greeted with a smile that made him give a genuine smile back. When he was inside Laura said ‘you dont have to knock. I know you’re coming”

“alright, if you’re sure it’s fine for me just to come in”

“it seems as though you feel better today”

“I’ve been trying, I’m glad you aren’t upset” Laura laughed “it’s all good, I swear” He smiled, feeling as if a load was lifted. She really wasn’t hurt atall. He was determined to pay more attention to people that aided him. He should have all along. He could have gotten to know Laura much sooner if he paid more attention. When breakfast was done they went back out to the field Laura took him to before. They both sat and this time Laura took his hands. She just relax and become one with mother nature. She let go “I would hold your hand but when you connect, if you’re a natural that is whatever your main element is will come out in someway. Like I said yesterday, thats why we’re out here.” They both closed their eyes. This time Theo was able to let go and actually connect.

“Ok stop” Theo heard Laura say as she stood and stepped back. He opened his eyes, surrounded by some sort of purple ooze “what the hell” he said getting to his feet. “it’s ok, you are a natural and your element is poison. Thats why I backed up. You’ll make me sick.”

“How is poison an element? Isn’t it just water, fire and air. Stuff like that”

“In magic a few other things can be elements, especially for naturals. You can control it though. I’ll just have to teach you.” He was happy to see it atleast stopped oozing from his hands. “why has that never happened before?”

“You never connected to our mother. She’s made you able to use your gift”

“How is somthing that can hurt you a gift?” She smiled “once you can control it you’ll never hurt me with it. I just panicked when I first noticed. I’ve never seen someone who can use poison magic that isn’t a demon. There’s no record of you having a demon in your line anywhere. You are just incredibly rare Theo. One of a kind” Theo smiled back “what do we do now?”

“Let it flow again”

“But it’s only just stopped”

“It stopped on it’s own. You need to learn to start the flow of poison and stop it”

“what if I hurt you?”

“I’ll be ok. I’ll block if it bursts or somthing.”


“Stay calm and try to start the ooze” Theo looked at his hands, his eyes going from one to the other. Suddenly it started again and he panicked, afraid of it. It began to swirl and then became a gas “ok stop You’ve got to stop it Theo” He clenched his eyes closed, begging it to stop and it did “what happened to it?”

“You made it into poison gas. Once you gain control you’ll be able to make your poison do amazing things, some are extremely deadly like that gas though. We can’t go home now that you’ve unlocked it. You could make poison gas in your sleep and kill your family by mistake. You can breath that gas but other people who aren’t poison will die.”

“would you die if you took it in?”

“yes but I’m going to go home and get a special cloth for my face. It’s enchanted and will make sure you don’t poison me. I’m going to change my garb too so that while I help you your poison wont hurt me if it gets on me. I have many enchanted things in my home”

“Then please run. I’m really afraid of hurting you” He truly did look terrified and she felt bad. All she had caused Theo so far was upsetness. She wanted him to be happy. Poison magic is the most powerful you can have, to be natural was astounding. She had never seen a natural poison user that didn’t have any demon blood. She went home as quickly as she could. Not wanting Theo alone and cared for too long. She changed and made sure to grab the cloth for her face incase he made the gas without trying to again. She also grabbed her dagger to kill with incase they had to be out there for an extended amount of time. She didn’t want to have to keep coming home and leaving Theo alone.

When she arrived he was sitting on the ground, holding his head in his hands. She was now in blue pants and a long sleeved shirt. They were both the color of her hair just as her other clothes had been. The cloth in her hand which he assumed was to cover her mouth was a glittering gold. She approached the poison on the ground and touched it, about making Theos heart leap into his throat until he saw it simply vanish into thin air. “You see?”

“Good” She smiled. “I’ll only wear this cloth on my face when I need it or we’re sleeping.”

“so we’re staying out here?”

“we need to until you have control”

“I’m sorry I’m trouble”

“No, this is actually cool to me. I’ve never worked with poison. I know how, I just haven’t done it yet. Lets take a break and kill somthing for lunch”

“I’ll do it” Laura handed him her dagger “Ok, but lets head into the woods and find a nice place to settle. This field isn’t good to linger in”

“alright” They walked a ways until Laura decided on a good spot. She sat down and Theo ran off to find somthing for them to eat. He decided on a simple kill since he was so stressed and killed two rabbits. He prayed over them, thanking them for their lives before taking them to Laura. She already had a fire going. Theo gutted them and preparred them for cooking before handing them off to Laura. She quickly preparred them with what she had then they both ate. “So you’re good at hunting. You came back very fast”

“Yes, my father and some of his friends have taken me since I was very young”

“It shows” she said with a smile. Trying to do somthing to make him feel happy. He needed praise after how bad she had made him feel yesterday and today. It was true he came to her wanting to use magic but she still felt guilty it turned out to be somthing he didn’t want. She wanted to see that handsome smile, not that sad frown that broke her heart.

“what’re we going to do now?” Theo asked when lunch was over. Laura put out the fire, feeling hot in so much clothes “I think you need a break. You were so upset. We can just talk, I really enjoy talking to you.”

“I really enjoy talking to you too Laura… You’re an amazing person and I hate that I’ve wasted years I could have known you.” Laura smiled and they began just to go on and on talking about everything. Night came upon them, much too fast for both their tastes. They ate what was left of their rabbits for dinner then Laura put the cloth around her face. “goodnight Theo” Laura said softly “are you sure I can’t hurt you?”

“absolutely positive”

“Goodnight then” Theo said, sounding nervous. Laura just laid down. He was amazed how fearless she was. He laid down too but he was scared to sleep. He didn’t want to risk hurting her. Theos upset energy made it to where she couldn’t sleep. She sat up and his attention turned to her “Theo, I told you I’ll be ok. You can’t hurt me with your poison. You saw what happened before.”

“I’m sorry, I knwo i shouldnt be worried but I am” Your important to me was the last part of the sentence in his head but he stopped at am with his words. “come lay your head in my lap” Laura said as she sat against a tree “but, I’ll be touching you”

“Just do it Theo. As your teacher I’m commanding you” He smiled, nobody but his parents have ever commanded anything of him. He went over and laid his head in her lap. “close your eyes” He did and she began to gently rub his head “You wont be able to stay awake if I do this long enough”

“How will you sleep?’

‘against this tree. Not much different than trying to sleep in the grass and dirt”

“I’m sorry”

“don’t be, you paid me well to teach you. Much more than I deserved for this job. I counted it last night. I don’t see how my time is worth that much. Thats more than I make at an escorting job even if thats all your giving me in a month” He smiled “You deserve the money, especially after all this. I’m so glad to know you and that you took me on as your student. You truly are amazing” Laura smiled too “rest, you’ll need energy tomorrow. I wont go easy on you any longer. We have to get this poison under control.”

“alright” Theo said softly, her rubbing was already taking effect.” she kept going until he was sound asleep. She admired him for a short while, just taking in how incredibly handsome he was. It was almost unbelievable that she was spending so much time with an incredibly good looking man whose personality she also liked. It was always one or the other but this man had both. She couldn’t get over how sweet it was that he held so much concern for her. It almost made her wonder if maybe he felt the same. Gabriel was a very open man. He would accept his son marrying a commoner. Her thoughts halted at that and she blushed. She was embarrassed she had that thought even though nobody else could hear it. She decided to get some sleep before she got too tired and crazy.

Theo woke first, his eyes slowly drifting open. He got up very carefully, not wanting to disturb her. When he was in an upright position he sighed, part of it relief that she was breathing and part of it just how gorgeous she was. He got to his feet even though he would love to stay. He wanted to have more food ready before she woke. He found two more rabbits and brought them bak. Laura woke while he was preparing them for cooking. She smiled “see, everyone lived” He stopped briefly to smile at her “I’m glad” Laura made a fire to cook them over and they had their breakfast. “You ready to control that poison of yours?”

“as ready as I can be. I’m much more comfortable after making it through a night of being so close to you”

“Good, now lets get back out in the meadow.”

It took a few days but Theo began to be able to make his poison come and go without any strain. All it took was his whim. Laura hugged Theo in excitement “great! Now we should check in with your parents so they know you’re ok. I know you’re grown but I’m sure they’ve been worried since you haven’t been home.”

“alright, lets go” They went to the castle as quickly as they could. They were soon greeted by Gabriel “I was wondering when I’d see you again Theo. What have you been up to?”

“I’m a natural at magic but my natural ability is poison. Laura kept me away until I could control it so I wouldn’t accidently hurt anyone”

“smart woman, thanks for awakening it in him and teaching him control over it Laura” Laura smiled “well we aren’t done yet but atleast it wont have a mind of it’s own any longer.” Gabriel nodded “are you being paid to teach him?”

“yes sir, I actually feel he’s paying me more than my time is worth”

“Nonsense, I’m sure whatever he is paying you, you are well worthy of. I want to stay and talk, thank you for checking in but I have very important businwaa to attend to. Godo luck son and thank you Laura” They both smiled and king Gabriel rushed by. “I think you shoudl take a break and relax in your comfortable home for the remainder of the day Theo. You’ve earned a break.”

“I dont need one” Theo said, not wanting to be away from Laura. She smiled “You do need one. Want to come to my home and I’ll teach you how to play Spit? I really enjoy that card game”

“that would be fun” Theo felt warm hearted. She was inviting him to play somthing with her which told him she didn’t just think of him as her student, but as a friend. He grasped how to play quickly and they spent the rest of their evening laughing, playing and talking. It was amazing to them both how they could just keep talking without a pause and how easily they could make eachother laugh. Laura really liked Theo being here and he could tell she looked sad over dinner. “are you ok?”

“yeah, I’m fine. So you’re going home when we’re done eating?”

“if you want me to. I kind of thought I’d stay since we’ve been staying together all these days…I have no qualms going and I guess I shouldn’t have assumed.”

“I’d love for you to stay.” Theo smiled “where shall I sleep?” She sighed, tired of not asking things or saying things she wanted to. “This dance is getting tiring, atleast for me. Maybe you are an unwilling participant in this little dance I’m doing but I really like you Theo, I love when you’re around me. I’ve never laughed or talked so much with any man. You are very sweet and very atrractive. I’m not of any regal birth but I…I’d like to really be with you. If you dont feel the same I understand if you want to quit learning from me but I had to tell you how I felt or it was going to drive me crazy” Theo just looked shocked at first which worried her but then he got up and lifted her out of the chair and into a hug.

“Oh I’m so happy to hear that. I didn’t believe it for a second. You are very beautiful aswell and I too have enjoyed our talks and spending time together. You are a remarkable woman and it would honestly be an honor to me if you’d have me. I’ve caused you so much grief and I didn’t even see you all the times you were in my life before. Could I live here with you?” Laura smiled “Yes, I love my home and I really don’t want to live in a big castle.”

“Not even if my father names me king?”

“if he does then I will but I don’t want to ever get rid of this house”

“Then we wont”

“Maybe we can give it to our child if we end up in the castle.” Theos heart warmed, he loved hearing her mention a kid with him. “that sounds like a good plan. I’m not sure who he will give the throne to but I’m pretty sure it will be me. I wont be offended nore upset if it isn’t though. Especially since you don’t even want to live in the castle.”

“I could get used to it. I just prefer somthing tiny and warm rather than somthing vast like a castle. It’s so big.” Theo chuckled “yeah, imagine how big it is to a child. It overwhelmed me a few times. There were times a maid had to help me find my mother because I was sat on the floor crying because I couldn’t find her”

“aw” Theo let her go then moved in to kiss her, hoping she wanted to kiss him too. Laura wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing her lips to move with the motion of his. When they pulled back they just looked into eachothers eyes. Both sets were dazzling with elation. “Let me go tell my mother I’m coming here and we’ll get my things” Theo said and Laura responded “In a hurry I see”

“why wouldn’t I be? I get to live with you” They both just looked into eachothers deep pools of a light blue and a soft purple. Just wanting to stay lost in one anothers gaze. Theo ended up laughing “how long has it been since I said lets go?” Laura laughed and took her arms from around his neck. They locked hands and ran to the castle in their excitement.

~ The End

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