Theodas & Nimue

Chapter One

“Theodus, I don’t know where else to even look for him” Nimue said in frustration. They didn’t know where their son was and that was never good, for anybody. He had a nasty habit of going to different worlds and terrifying the populations with his massive power. He had an abundance of it coming from both her and his father Theodas and instead of appreciating it and using it wisely he used to to cause chaos and despair “Maybe we should go find Amisra” Theodas suggested and Nimue sighed “it should not always be her job to track him down. She’s a child too Theodas and she hasn’t spoken to him in a month. Knowing our son he’s vanished completely because he knows we’ll ask her for help and he knows she will because she’ll feel bad for the people he’s hurting. Is playing into what he’s trying to do really how we should respond?”

“No, but I don’t want him hurting anyone or causing more trouble.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “He needs to learn, but not at the expense of others.”

“I know, Theodas, but if we keep giving in, then he’ll just keep acting out.”

“This is the last time, I promise you, let’s just find Amisra and get him home then we can go from there.”

Nimue nodded. “Okay, we can talk about what to do while we go to get him.”

Theodas hated they had to bring Amisra into their son’s drama as well. She was sweet, but honest and strong. They both knew it was the reason she was able stand Itham at all. He let out another sigh. Both he and Nimue loved their son, but his attitude and need for chaos was getting out of hand.

Itham held his gut he was laughing so hard as the beings fled. A demon lunging at him made Itham stop and greatly annoyed him. Everything was so easy to defeat, why did anything try to challenge him. Right now it was more annoying than normal. This time he was doing this to get Amisra to talk to him again. The longer this took the less he could accomplish to make sure she wouldn’t stop talking to him again. That was his logic anyway, Itham was too young and foolish to realize this behavior is what drives the wedges between them. Itham raised his arms, a serious look on his face and as he did so, large boulders began to rise, he cast them down, at the demon and wherever else they may fall, he didn’t care in the slightest.

He assumed the demon had to be dead by the size of the boulders he had summoned but just as he turned away the demon burst through them, causing rubble to wiz through the air, a few pieces actually cutting his face, however briefly. Part of what made him so powerful was his bodies near instant ability to fix itself. he had lost fingers, his left ear and had even found his teeth would just come right back. No matter how deep a cut it was gone in a matter of moments so none of it mattered.

“Oh, maybe you wont be quite as boring as the rest” the demon cackled “what are you, nine? Come on kid, go home to your momma while you can. Maybe she’ll read you a nice bedtime story?” the demons voice was getting more and more menacing, maybe this demon really would prove a real challenge. As exciting as that could of been his infantile temper was sparked by those comments, nine? Was he kidding? “fuck you” Itham seethed “I’m fourteen”

Amisra stood when Theodas and Nimue approached her, both of them smiling apologetically. “Amisra, we hate to ask, but…” Nimue started.

“I know, it’s alright.” She replied.

“If we knew where he was, if we had any idea, we wouldn’t pull you into this.” Theodas added. “We’re sorry, truly and this time we will make sure he stops this nonsense.”

“Alright, let’s go then.”

Itham threw rocks and boulders at the demon as the man came for him with a malicious, almost perverse grin. He himself smiled when one of the boulders hit the demon, but it faltered when he smashed through it, sending more shrapnel at him so he instinctively brought and arm up to protect his eyes. His pride turned to shock and then fear when he dropped his arm and realized the demon was right on top of him, his hand reaching out to wrap around his throat. “I got you.” The demon said as he slammed Itham to the ground and pinned him there, choking him. “What, nothing to say?” He squeezed harder. “Such a pity, so boring after all that talk.” Itham tried shifting his shape, but the demon squeezed so hard it stopped him and caused his vision to go dim for a moment. He found himself clawing at the demon’s fingers in a panic. “That’s okay, there are so many things I can do to amuse myself.” He was leaning so close Itham could feel the demon’s breath brush his face. “And with that precious gift of yours,” he let a sharp nail cut Itham’s cheek and grinned when the wound instantly closed, “it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Itham started trying to calm himself. His father and grandfather had gone over demons with him. The more terrified he was the more the demon would get off on hurting him, the malicious ones almost craved the fear of others. He also knew the calmer he could keep himself the better he’d be able to see an opportunity to get the upper hand. HIs thoughts started flying through his abilities like a catalog in his mind, he wasn’t used to being so desperate, he was always the one winning until his family stepped in and they never wanted to hurt him. Amisra came to mind and he groaned. There was no way their last argument was going to be their last.

The demon laughed again “what reignited that fire in your eyes little god”

Theodas and Nimue followed Amisra, certain she knew where she was going. The ability they admired most in her and had come to rely on was the fact she could find anyone. As long as she knew what they looked like some sort of intuition inside her could guide Amisra to any being. Her parents had many dreams for her on what she could do with that gift as an adult but Theodas and Nimue weren’t sure yet what Amisra wanted in life. They knew talking didn’t hinder her gift so Nimue said “we haven’t seen you in awhile and our son has been extra moody so we gather you two aren’t on speaking terms right now”

“we really are sorry Amisra, you shouldn’t have to help us” Theodas added andAmisra sighed “but beings will get hurt and killed if I don’t. It’s not you I resent right now it’s Itham. You two are good beings, I really like you both. I don’t think how he is is your fault” Nimue started to speak and stopped multiple times, everything she wanted to say sounded too much like an excuse for her son. Theodas was the one who found something else to say “He may aswell get spoken to about everything at once so why aren’t you speaking to him”

They could almost feel how conflicted that question made her. “it’s hard to answer” she made an exasperated sound then continued “it’s hard to answer why I even want to be his friend. Your son can be so much fun to be around and always when I think he can actually be mature he does something else that he finds funny but is really just an asshole thing to do. It’s like dealing with someone with a split personality. One side I really like and the other makes me almost hate myself for being friends with him” She sighed “I’m sorry, I’m not answering your question. I didn’t mean to dump my own internal conflict on you”

“No, you can talk to us. I mean, we kind of depend on you Amisra even though we know thats not fair”

“I’m the only one who can always find him. I have an important gift, a responsibility. It’s okay. You two didn’t give this to me, nobody did that my family can remember in my line. This is just my destiny and I accept it. When I’m not just using it for Itham I feel really good I have something so helpful, even now. I know I’m preventing heartache and pain by bringing him home”

Chapter Two

The demon was furious, his teeth grit, a growl escaping his throat as the marks on his face and chest poured blood from the lion’s claws. Itham himself was in pain, his shoulder dislocated, his head throbbing at being slammed repeatedly to the ground, but at least he was no longer in the demon’s grasp, at least for now. “You stupid little bastard.” The demon growled.

Itham clutched his injured arm and swallowed. He was too tired, his body was in so much pain he knew he wouldn’t be able to outpace the demon so he stood his ground. “Just leave me alone, we don’t have to do this.” He was glad he sounded so brave because right now he didn’t feel it. All he wanted was to get back home and see Amisra again, see his family again.

The demon chuckled as he wiped the blood from his face. “Oh little god, little pathetic, weak god, I’m going to break you and then maybe, if you beg, I’ll keep you as my pet instead of ripping out your guts.”

Almost as soon as the demons sentence was finished a bright light blinded them both. Amisra cut through the demon with her enchanted blade. Her frustration and worry making it enough to kill the being that had been terrorizing Itham. Her blade was an amazing thing, a weapon that couldn’t be used against her and at the same time held incredible power. It had been a gift from one of the more impressive gods. Itham had been incredibly jealous when she first received it though even given his current immaturity he had come to accept that she had gotten something so incredible because she could be trusted and they rightfully expected great things from her. Just in how well she used it showed that. The sword was only as good as the owner it’s bound to. The more concentrated, the more strong willed and the more practiced the user was the more could be expected from her blade.

Itham still couldn’t see when he felt his mother hug him and heard his father tell Amisra he’d take care of the body “No, just look after Itham. I have this then I’ll start trying to right some of this mess he’s caused” Itham could feel how badly she didn’t want to be around him and if he wasn’t so determined not to he would have cried. “Her blade had to come incredibly close to you because the demon was lunging at the time. Can you see yet?”

“No” His mother placed her hands over his eyes and soon his vision returned “better?” she could already see his eyes were moving in reaction to things now “yeah”

“Itham, what have you done this time…this devastation…” Itham was silent and his father whispered “you can’t throw tantrums every time you make Amisra mad. It’s not fair, it’s cruel even. You can’;t tell me you care about her and at the same time force her into your life. That isn’t love, thats you being a manipulative ass. Maybe you could try growing up.” his fathers voice went from a whisper to his normal tone “i don’t even want to know how many lives you took today, how many you injured or gave trauma to for life. What is wrong with you” Nimue took comfort in how her son looked this time, the pain and regret in his face. Every other time he still looked defiant, like they were wrong to scold him. Maybe this time they could actually change their son for the better.

“Itham, did he, you know?” Theodas asked as he rolled Itham’s shoulder back into place.

“No…no, but he…he wanted to I think.” He couldn’t meet his father’s eyes. “He was going to take me, but I wouldn’t let him.” He swallowed. “I’m sorry.” He said softly.

“Let’s just get you home then we can talk more.” Nimue said.

“I’ll come and see you once I’m done here.” Amisra said.

“Alright, stay safe.” Nimue replied.

“I will.” He eyes moved briefly over Itham and he wished she would actually say something to him, even if it was yelling, even if it was to say she hated him, but he didn’t push it.

“Ride on my back, Itham.” Theodas said and his son nodded, doing as he was told without argument.

They didn’t speak much with their son until they were home. Nimue looked over him again but his body had done the rest of the work, physically anyway. She sighed as she sat on the couch “Itham, what happened is part of why you can’t do the things you do. Some races can face even the gods and just because we’re gods doesn’t mean your better than other life. How would you feel if someone came here and hurt Amisra? Well you’re ding that to so many others, you’re taking loved ones away” He wanted to be a smart ass and say nothing could take Amisra in a fight but he understood her point better now than ever. Nothing had ever scared him before until that demon today.

“I dont know what to say mom”

“say that you’ll stop before we have to do something extreme with you”

“I’ll stop, I promise” Theodas was a little surprised. He had said that before but he almost seemed to mean it this time. Theodas decided to answer the question in the air “What your mother means by extremes is we will have your powers sealed away if thats what we need to do. You know I’d love to practice using your abilities with you more so you wont get hurt like this but its been a moral hardship for me with your behavior. I haven’t wanted to give you more ammo to torture others with. I want to start training you more but you must shake on the fact this is the last time you hurt others without cause”

“I promise.” Itham held out his hand and Theodas took it, shaking it. It was so shocking seeing all of the cockiness and confidence sucked out of his son. Theodas pulled him into a hug and he actually felt his son shaking. Nimue moved to hug them both, gently running her hand up and down Itham’s back.

“Are you okay baby?” Nimue asked.

“I’m fine, I’m just tired is all.” He pulled out of their arms. “I’m going to bed.”

“Alright honey.”

Itham started to turn away then paused. “Um if Amisra actually stops by, can you ask her to come and talk to me, if she wants to.”

“Sure, go get cleaned up and rest.” Theodas said and Itham nodded.

Nimue looked up at her husband “do you want to sit with me to wait on her? I dont think I could possibly sleep tonight anyway…it was hard to see him actually hurt and scared. I can see that it may have turned his life around but” Theodas sat down with his wife and pulled her into his arms “he’s still our son, no matter how he acts out. It was hard for me too. I don’t know if she’ll make it back tonight though. There was a lot of mess to clean up and you know she never comes back until she’s righted everything she can” Her parents finally hit his mind. They didn’t tend to worry about Amisra but he felt he might should update them on what she’s doing.

When he put words to his thoughts Nimue agreed and let her husband go to talk to them. They didn’t live incredibly far and that was probably why his son even had a friend like Amisra. The two had grown up together, spent so much of their younger years playing simply because they lived so close. Amisra was basically his only friend left. He had one other but Theodas was hoping Itham was going to drop that trouble maker out of his life.

Feyrith and Taeral Gilthyra rushed to the door, obviously waiting on their daughter. They were still glad to see Theodas though “so she’s found him?”

“Yes, her gift is truly amazing and we are incredibly grateful you allow her to help”

“Amisra is capable, especially of making her own decisions. Besides, deep down we can see she loves your son too. It would break her heart if he got himself killed”

“I think he’s really going to change this time, I mean it”

“we hope so” he felt the slight tension her parents never put words too. He knew how much they’d like her to stay far away from Itham and he could understand their feelings. He was just glad they did their best to just accept Amisras choices. Theodas let them know what world she was in then said “I hope you two have a good evening”

When they got home, they went and checked on Itham, finding him curled up in bed, fast asleep. Nimue gently pulled his door closed and let out a sigh. “What’s wrong my love?” Theodas asked as they went back into the living room.

“He looks so broken and exhausted.”

He lifted her then sat with her in his lap. “I know, but he’ll be okay.”

“I just hate he had to learn this way. What if that demon had…” she swallowed. She didn’t want to think about what might have happened if they had not showed up when they did.

“I know honey.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “How about I make you some tea, sound good?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

Amisra finished the service she was holding for a small demon childs parents then asked “you aren’t alone now are you? Is there a family member I can take you to?’

“I know how to get to my Uncle…will you please help me? I’m scared”

“Of course I’ll help you” she knelt down then asked “are you afraid of heights little one?”

“I’ve never been up high”

“It’ll be so much faster and easier if you can guide me in the air. I’ll need you to hold on tight but don’t worry, I’d never let you fall” The small demon child climbed on and she smiled when he couldn’t seem to figure out where to put his arms “around my neck is fine”

“I wont choke you?”

“I’ll let you know if you need to loosen up a bit. If we can’t figure out a good fit I’ll hold you in my arms. I just like to be ready to use my blade” She took the child to his Uncle without incident beyond the Uncle being incredibly flirtatious, even when she revealed her age. As she flew home she still shuddered from time to time when she thought of him saying “You’re old enough” It would have made her think twice of leaving a girl in his care but the child was male and she knew the demon world was vastly different from where she had grown up.

She didn’t really want to see Itham, but she knew she needed to, especially after seeing the way he looked after saving him. He had looked truly terrified, traumatized even, and she wanted to check on him. She hated the way he was, how he so easily hurt people, that he caused pain without thinking. She hoped this even had changed him, that he would start acting like an adult and would actually work to atone for everything he had done. When she finally arrived at their home, it was night, but she knocked anyway, knowing they wouldn’t mind. It was Theodas that answered and he invited her inside. Nimue was sitting up from where she was relaxing on the couch and she stood, giving her a hug. “We’re glad you came.” Nimue said.

“Where is he?”

“Sleeping last we checked.” Theodas answered.

“Should I come back later?”

Nimue shook her head. “He said he wanted to talk to you if you’re okay with it.”


“Would you like us to make you something? I’m sure you haven’t eaten.”

“You don’t have to.”

“Please, let us, you’ve done so much for us, for Itham.”

Amisra just nodded then left them to check on Itham. She tapped lightly on his bedroom door as she opened it. “Itham? It’s me.” She said as she stepped in. Even though she had spoken gently, it still shocked him awake and even in the moon light filtering in through his window, she could see a brief flicker of fear. “Hey, it’s okay, it’s just me.”

Fear turned to embarrassment as she walked toward him “You’re safe Itham” he made himself look at her despite the fact he was embarrassed about so many things “I’m sorry”

“about what?”

“for playing that horrible trick that made you stop coming over or answering when I came to you”

“Oh…” it was a real apology, at least she thought. She had felt a few past apologies were real too but he was so shaken up she had a lot more faith in this apology “you don’t have to be mean to be funny Itham.” he nodded “This time, I’ll really be better if you’ll talk to me again and I’m not giving you an ultimatum…I’m sorry, I meant I will be better so you wont regret it if you hang around me”

“so if I just went home and we never spoke again you wouldn’t go off terrorizing another world?”

“No, I’d just leave you alone” she hugged him and he was crying before he could stop himself. he wanted to tell her how much he had missed her, how much it hurt when he couldn’t see her but the words wouldn’t come. Even before this he had never really been able to tell her how important she was to him.

He held her tightly to him and she gently ran her fingers through his hair, shushing him softly. “It’s okay, everything’s okay.”

Itham shook his head and when he was finally able to speak he said, “I deserved it…he was…but I deserved it.”

“Don’t say that, no one deserves to be killed or assaulted or tortured.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

She kissed his cheek and he resisted the urge to pull back and press his lips against hers. He couldn’t do that, not now, not after everything he had done. “It’s okay.”

“Don’t leave okay? Just…for a bit…stay with me.”

“You want me to stay the night?”

“Yeah, just tonight.”

“Okay,” she pulled back, “I’ll stay.”

He wiped at his face. “Thank you.”

“Your parents offered me something to eat. Would you like to rest or eat with me?”

“I’ll come eat with you…could we just lay in here awhile and maybe talk. My mom will come get you when it’s ready”

“yeah…what did you want to talk about”

“everything I’m sorry for”

“we don’t have to, I get it”

“I just…” he sighed and she gently held the side of his face with her right hand a few moments before getting him to lay down with her. She held him and said “I’m happy to give you the comfort you obviously need. You look so scared and sad. We don’t have to talk for me to stay and give you comfort. As off and on as this friendship is you mean a lot to me Itham” He held her tightly again, he needed this more than she could know. He hadn’t realized how soft her feathers were until they were all around him like this.

Some angels could make them vanish but hers were ever present, just like most the angels around where they were living. He liked it though, especially right now. He felt safe and slowly he even felt at peace until his mom came into the room to get them to eat.

“Thank you so much for dinner.” Amisra said as she sat down next to Itham at the kitchen table.

“You never have to thank us.” Nimue replied. “We’re always happy to have you.”

Itham pushed his food around his plate and Amisra reached over and rested her hand on his arm. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, sorry, I’m fine.” He took a bite of his food. “This is good mom.”

“I’m glad honey.”

She frowned and he let out a little sigh. “I’m really okay, I just need some time to work through everything.” He glanced at Amisra. “I asked her to stay the night.”

“I hope that’s alright.” Amisra added.

“Of course.”

“Should I go and let your parents know?” Theodas asked.

“I can go real quick after eating.”

“I should go with you.” Itham said. “I mean, I should apologize to them too, for always causing them to stress over you.” The truth was he just wanted to stay around her.

She smiled “alright” they finished eating and even though it would be morning in just a few hours they went to Amisras home so her parents would know she was back. Itham did as he said he would and apologized for all the trouble he had brought Amisra. With that done and her parents blessing she grabbed some clothes and spent the night with Itham. Nimue and Theodas were hopeful while it seemed Amisras parents were more worried than ever over the following weeks, despite the fact Amisra convinced Itham to start apologizing to the beings he had been playing cruel pranks on or harmed in any other way around where they lived.

~ The End

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