Tierney & Bradan 2

Chapter One

“why is this place so creepy” Tierney said as he shuddered away from another tree branch. Everything about this world was creepy, somehow even the plants and trees. It was the way they twisted, even their colors that had him creeped out. Bradan chuckled “you’re safe, not a lot lives here”

“but what does you’ve already said we need to get away from as soon as possible”

“I’ll know they are coming my love” Bradan picked up his mate causing Tierney to blush “I…I can walk”

“But you’re scared”

“I…I was mostly just talking” Bradan chuckled again “I want to carry you until we get to where we are going” The sky began turning green “whats happening?” Tierney asked and Bradan explained “Nobody is sure why the sky here changes colors. I guess nobody has wanted to be here long enough to study it” A chilling breeze caused Tierney to shudder so Bradan held him tighter “maybe you should pull out a jacket”

“No, it’s only cold when the breeze rolls by. I dont want to be taking it on and off” Bradan looked worried and Tierney smiled, feeling peace if even for a few moments in this place “You know you did change me into a demon. I’m no longer a fragile human”

“true, just don’t hesitate to say something if you need a jacket. We’re in no hurry beyond your own desire to get out of here”

“This place is interesting. I’ll try to relax”

“When you get over how odd and offsetting this world is it’s beautiful, in it’s own way.”

“It’s unique, I’ll give it that”

“I’m happy you came with me Tierney”

“I love coming with you to add to your collection” Bradan looked to the left a moment “something’s going to fly by. It wont hurt us though” He kept walking and as he predicted, an owl like creature flew past them. It was going impossibly fast but Tierney didn’t expect anything to do what would be normal here. “I thought all life here would be dangerous?”

“That’s actually not supposed to be here. Someone must have brought it from another world but thats highly irresponsible. Worlds have their own balance in the wildlife. It may not seem like bringing one pet would hurt but it can”

“so you think we’ll run into someone else then?”

“There’s no telling. If we do we’ll be alright”

“should we go after it?”

“we could be chasing that thing the rest of our lives. We can collect our stones and leave. Whatever damage that bird has done would have already been done by now anyway. It’s flying so expertly through the changing trees, it’s been here awhile.” Tierney looked up, his expression slowly forming into shock. He hadn’t realized the trees had been changing since they were constantly walking. Bradan chuckled “I’m surprised you didn’t notice”

“are they alive?”

“in a sense but all plants are in any world” Bradan was suddenly shifting, the man falling away and the inner demon emerging. Tierney admired him, truly thinking he looked amazing in this form “there, nice and relaxed again” Tierney blushed and Bradan kissed his head “my magic is too suppressed that way anyway. I want to be ready to keep you safe if the need for me to fight arises”

“I like looking at the real you” Bradan still felt relief when Tierney said things like that. He was still battling with insecurity when it came to his demon form. They came upon a river that was thulian pink with white stones all across the bottom “why is that so pretty” Tierney asked and Bradan chuckled “we should have brought a camera. We can come back if you ever want pictures my love”

“Maybe…this place is still creepy”

Would you like to touch the water?” Bradan asked.

“It’s not dangerous?”

“Not at all.” He crouched with Tierney in his arms and Tierney reached out, letting his fingers brush the surface.

“It’s a little warm. How is that possible?”

Bradan shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve tried finding where the water comes from, but I had no luck.”

“That’s weird and amazing.”

“It is.” He stood back up and followed the river bank.

“You don’t need any of those stones?”

“I already have a few.” He pressed a kiss to Tierney’s forehead. “We’re heading further in to a place I noticed awhile back that I never got the chance to explore.”

“Why didn’t you get to?”

“I had already collected quite a bit, not just here, but in other places so I decided to head home, back to the human world. Then I met you and put leaving and collecting to the side for awhile.”

“well I’m glad we’re doing this again. It’s fun, I mean, this place offsets me a little but I’m getting to see things I never would have otherwise. I really do want to bring a camera back. I’ll start bringing one every time we travel. I could spend awhile even taking photographs of the trees” Tierney was looking at them again, how their branches were slowly changing. It was especially amazing how silently they did it. He felt it should make some sort of noise.

“Have you ever seen it do that before?” Tierney asked, almost breathless with amazement. They sky above them was now churning. The green it had become mixing with orange and teal “I don’t think I have” Bradan actually stopped. Wondering if maybe he hadn’t been observant of the sky enough before to see that or if the world had been changed that much by visitors being careless. They watched it for awhile, completely captivated until Bradan smiled down at his mate and pressed their lips together “I’m glad your fear is going more and more in the way of amazement”

“well I’m with you…so I know being scared is silly. It is cool and I’m trying to shake off being nervous here”

“I’ll always keep you safe Tierney, I need you” He knew Tierney had heard that countless times but he wanted to assure him again. Bradan began walking again, listening carefully and paying attention to any changes in the aura of this place. He was starting to feel he didn’t know this place as much as he once did. It had been far too long since he had come here.

The sky began to shift its color again, shifting to red and violet and Bradan came to a stop, every part of him completely still. He felt a shivering beneath his feet, a slight quaking of the earth. “What’s wrong?” Tierney asked.

“A small tremor.”

“Is that normal?”

“Yes, but we need to move away from this part of the woods.”


“Something is coming this way, it’s attracted to small vibrations like footsteps and it travels beneath the ground. If we move away, it will find something else to hunt.” He gave Tierney a reassuring smile. “It’s okay, but hold on tight.”

“Alright.” He tightened his hold on Bradan.

Bradan took off running, not stopping until he felt secure in how far away they were from that area. “can we still get to your stones?”

“No but you’re getting more comfortable here right? We can explore other areas. Maybe I’ll find something else”

“Okay, I dont mind just looking around. In fact, let me walk a bit”

‘You sure?” Tierney kissed Bradans chin “I’m sure” Bradan set Tierney down but immedietly took his hand, causing Tierney to smile. They kept walking until a wave of dizziness came crashing into both of them. Tierney actually stumbled a bit so Bradan grabbed a tree to keep them from falling. It wasn’t much help given the trees slowly moved with their changes but Bradan only needed a little help to stay steady.

Once it left them they were both nauseous until Tierney asking “who are you?” snapped him out of it “who’s who Tierney?” Tierney looked in the direction he had been again “Oh, Maybe I just imagined someone”

“Tierney, never assume you’re imagining things. Even when something like that happens”

“It’s just, I swore I saw someone standing there.” He pointed. “But then they were gone.”

“What did they look like?”

“It was so brief, but pale skin, dark eyes, his clothes were the same color as the environment.”

Bradan glanced around as he pulled Tierney as close as he could and guided him away from the area. Were they being stalked or had they simply walked into someone’s magical field? The person hadn’t attacked them on sight, but that didn’t mean they weren’t dangerous, they could be hiding and waiting. “Are you feeling okay now?” He asked.

“Yeah, who do you think that was?”

“I don’t know, just stay close and act as natural as you can.”

“Are we in danger?” Tierney whispered.

“I don’t know my love, but don’t worry, I won’t let you get hurt.”

Tierney had thought they were going to keep going but he eventually noticed it looked like Bradan was guiding them to where they had entered this world “Hey, we don’t have to leave”

“We can come back another time”

“But you’ve been wanting these stones a long time.”

“They aren’t worth you getting hurt” Tierney took his hand “we’ll be fine, I know you wouldn’t leave if it were just you and it means so much to me but lets stay until we have what we came for. I spent too many years being timid. I want to face things that scare me with you”

“Are you absolutely sure Tierney? I have everything I need now that I have you”

“I’m sure” Bradan took Tierneys face in his hands and kissed his forehead. “alright, I haven’t sensed anything following us anyway. A mage or some creature was probably weaving spell we walked right into. I’m just more nervous here sense it seems there have been careless visitors changing the environment.

“I’m okay, let’s keep going.”

“Alright, tell me if you see anything else. I don’t know if that person is dangerous, but it’s better to be safe.”

“I promise.”

Bradan very much wanted to pick Tierney back up, but he knew he would need his hands free if anything happened and he also didn’t want Tierney thinking he was babying him. “It’s okay, Bradan, calm down okay.”

“I am calm.”

“Your heart says otherwise, it sounds like mine.”

Bradan couldn’t help but smile at his concern. “I just don’t want you hurt, I love you.”

“I love you too, now tell me more about this place. Are there anymore plants or animals I should know about? Is all the water pink?”

Tierney felt that if Bradan was talking about things he did know about this place it would help relax him. “No, thats why I’m so curious about that stream. I want to see where that water is coming from”

“Maybe we could do that first since there was something burrowing where we needed to go and wandering the other way we did was an issue”

“You wouldn’t mind staying here indefinitely?”

“I mean as long as you don’t mind the possibility of me ending up jobless.”

“I don’t, your coworkers are rude and lazy. You carry too much of the work”

“then we can just do whatever strikes us here. Honestly, I haven’t cared about that place much anyway for awhile. All my good coworkers have moved on. Though you might lose your job too”

“I only ever got it to sell being a human to you. We’ll be fine, if we get into a tight spot I have incredibly valuable stones I can sell and just recollect”

“More adventure for us”

“precisely” Bradan said with a smile, already feeling more at ease. “so what about the plants?” Tierney asked to keep the conversation between them going. A few will scratch you up pretty badly should you walk into them but in general nothing too dangerous or poisonous.”

“really, nothing poisonous?”

“I guess there has to be at least a few out there that don’t even though I know that sounds odd. It’s rare to find a place with truly no plant life that has built a defense against beings messing with it”

“with an atmosphere like this who needs poison to keep beings away” Tierney said with a slight grin.” Bradan couldn’t help but bring up a few plants here he thought were particularly cool and they soon found themselves back at the river “so I guess we head the opposite way of the stones and see where this thing goes”

Tierney was enjoyed the river so much that he wound up taking his shoes off and walking in it. “I still can’t believe how warm it is. I mean this is summer river water.”

“I’m glad you’re so relaxed.”

“Well, more relaxed. It’s still creepy and weird, but I’m getting used to it.”

Bradan brought Tierney’s hand up to his lips and pressed a kiss to his fingers. “I’m glad.”

“Do you think that person is still around?”

“I don’t know. Are you worried?”

“Yes and no. I mean he didn’t attack us, he could have if he had wanted to. Neither of us even knew he was there until we were basically on top of him. It’s just weird to think he could be watching us or something.”

Chapter Two

“Hopefully I’d know if someone was near.” he didn’t want to be too cocky about it, knowing cockiness often led to misfortune. He was pretty sure he’d know but he’d never make the mistake of thinking he was the most skilled being around. They followed the river a little over a week before finding the body of water it was coming from “Woah” Tierney gasped as he pushed out of Bradans arms. They went to the waters edge, expecting to be able to see to the bottom but that light pink was a much darker shade here. They could only see about two arms lengths down “Can we jump in?” Bradan almost chuckled at Tierneys question “I suppose, just try to stay near me”

They both stripped down to boxers and leapt into the water. They began playing around until a voice that didn’t belong to either of them said “you should swim to the bottom” Bradan pulled Tierney into him as he looked for the body attached to that voice. He spotted the man on the edge of the water “what?” Bradan asked “swim to the bottom, you can breath that water you know. It’s uncomfortable at first but you can do it” The being chuckled “I’ll show you” Bradan wasn’t sure how he felt about this man jumping in with them but he didn’t leave Bradan any time to protest before jumping in and going under. Almost thrity minutes had passed when Tierney said “maybe we can breath this water”

“Or maybe he has a special ability that allows him too and he’s being a troll” The being came up “I was just trying to be helpful to guests”

“How long have you lived here?” Tierney asked and the being said “about twenty years.”

“why’d you move here?”

“I made too many mistakes where I’m from. It was just easier to completely leave that life behind. I mean it though, you can breath under this water and I’d tell you what’s below but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. It’s worth the original discomfort though”

“Were you following us?”

“Yes, I don’t see many people come through here. Most leave almost immediately.” Bradan started to open his mouth again and the man held up his hand. “First, come and see what’s down here and then you can’t ask me whatever you wish.”

“You’re not lying?” Tierney asked.

“No, I promise. If I am then the man with you can kill me.”

Tierney looked to Bradan who sighed. “We’ll go down, but I want you to hold your breath for as long as you can until I’ve made sure it’s breathable.”


Bradan looked at the man. “Alright, we’ll go, but I swear if anything bad happens, I won’t hesitate to end your life.”

“I understand, now come.” The man dove back down and Bradan and Tierney followed.

Tierney held his breath for as long as possible. He didn’t strain himself too much by the time he decided to try since he was sure at this point they’d be going back up if the being had been lieing. It felt wrong at first but once his body accepted what was happening it wasn’t so bad. The man swimming with them smiled and soon the pinky, dusty seeming water cleared again, causing Tierney to gasp. It was a city, a busy, bustling city. He wasn’t sure what these beings were but they weren’t humanoid by any fashion. He did however have the sense they were much more than simple animals.

The man gestured for them to follow and Bradan pulled Tierney into him as they sank down. He didn’t know if these creatures were dangerous, so he was wary, but he decided to give their guide a little trust. The man seemed genuine enough, though a bit odd. He wondered if this was his natural temperament or if maybe spending so much time alone in this world had changed him. The man brought them down to what could be called street level then pointed at one of the buildings and gestured for them to follow. Some of the beings watched as they swam through the city, but made no move to stop them, perhaps just as curious as they were.

Tierney was increasingly glad they stayed. He had never imagined there could be a body of breathable water if you didn’t have gills. He had so many questions about how any of this worked down here. He hoped the man guiding them had answers. Since he wasn’t from this world he knew there was a chance he wouldn’t have answers. Once inside their guide landed gracefully on his feet while Tierney and Bradan stumbled “This makes no sense at all” Bradan said in a confused tone when inside was completely dry beyond their own bodies.

“Lets get dry and we’ll talk more” The man started walking away and Tierney quickly asked “what’s your name? I realize we didn’t ask”

“Oh, It’s Goren, Goren Orikian. What’s yours?”

“I’m Tierney and my mate is Bradan” Goren nodded “lets get dry, its rude to keep dripping everywhere”

“What is this place?” Tierney asked once they and their clothes were dry.

“This is where the rulers of the city live.”

“And you can just walk in?” Bradan asked.

Goren shrugged. “There’s nothing here that might attack them and the place is protected by magic. It senses hostile intent.”


“I wanted to be polite and introduce you.”

“How did you find this place?”

“I fell into the lake and almost drown, so I found it by accident.”

“That must have been terrifying” Tierney said and Goren shrugged before replying “come on, my past is a lot less interesting than this meeting will be” Goren began to walk and they followed, Bradan taking his mates hand. Tierney knew he could trust his mate to keep him from running into anything so he just began taking in this beautiful building. He wondered what these materials were and hoped a few were made from stones so they could find them aswell and take them home.

When they stopped infront of a large door Tierneys attention went back to infront of him where they saw a being he could almost make sense of. The ones outside he couldn’t place at all but this one looked almost dragonish “good evening Kree, It’s been awhile”

“Good evening, who are these demons?” He gestured to the appropriate man as he introduced them “This one is Bradan and this one is Tierney. They are visitors here, I don’t think they plan on staying but I wanted to show them this place and introduce them to Koren and Nar”

“They shouldn’t be busy, I’ll be right back” Kree left them, entering the door. “They waited patiently and were soon allowed in. “welcome to Ehines Tierney and Bradan. How’re you liking our little section of it” a male voice inquired. These men were easier to place too “are you Satyrs?” Tierney had to ask, he had learned so much from Bradan and had even seen a few Satyrs before because of him. “we are, we must look very out of place compared to the other beings you have seen”

“yeah, it’s nice, I like it better in here than out there.”

“we do too”

“so you two mustn’t be from here either” Bradan noted and the taller Satyr nodded “When we came here this place was corrupt, we fixed it long ago. It’s nice to live here in peace with my husband and the people accepted us gratefully. We freed them from a miserable existence. Now they can live happy, carefree lives and evil can’t find it’s way down here”

“That’s amazing.” Tierney said.

“We simply did what was right, but thank you.” Nar replied.

“How did you meet Goren?”

“One of the people who live here found him unconscious on the lake floor and brought him here.” Koren answered. “He nearly drown before making it to the breathable water.”

“I wasn’t paying attention, but it hasn’t happened since.” He sounded like he didn’t like where the conversation was going and both Tierney and Bradan knew it had to relate to his past. “Anyway, how about we all three give them a tour.”

“Of course.” Nar replied. “Are you two in any hurry to get out of here?”

“Not at all, if you have the time, we’d love a tour.” Bradan answered.

Koren and Nar stood, happily walking out of the room with their guests. Bradan was surprised at all the architectural questions Tierney had. He was curious about almost all the materials. “You know I think we were just as enamored when we came here” Nar noted with a slight chuckle. “sorry, I’m not asking too much am I?”

“no, you’re fine” Eventually they ended up in the water again, exploring the amazing civilization down here. Bradan was completely relaxed, almost completely forgetting about the world just above them. When they were in another establishment he decided to ask “How much do you still know about the world we’re in. It seems different up there”

“we go from time to time, how long has it been since your last visit?”

“about twenty years, maybe more. I’m not so good with keeping track of time now that I have a mate”

“Beings keep coming here, travel between worlds is getting incredibly popular and respect for travel is getting worse. Beings are just leaving stuff here, like new animals not understanding the consequences. We can help you get some where up there if you had specific plans”

“I actually came here to add to a stone collection I have. I almost went home out of worry for Tierney.”

“We have plenty of amazing stones down here, especially down in the trench.” Nar said.

“We could take you tomorrow if you like.” Koren added.

“We would, thank you.”

“Are you coming too, Goren?” Tierney asked.

“If you’d like me too. I mean, this is your trip, I don’t want to impose.”

“We’re friends now so we should all go together.” Tierney looked up at Bradan. “That’s okay right?”

“You know you never have to ask. I can’t keep you to myself, my love, that wouldn’t be fair.” He pressed a kiss to Tierney’s forehead, causing him to blush.

They lost track of time over the weeks they stayed, absolutely loving it there but eventually the want to be home arose in Tierney and Bradan was happy to take him. “Please come back soon” Nar said and Koren nodded “we greatly enjoyed our time with you”

“we’ll definitely come back. We just need to check on everything at home and I miss some people there”

“we understand”

“would you like an escort back home?” Kree offered since Bradan had so much to carry “sure, it would be fun to spend a little more time with you Kree” Tierney answered then looked at Goren “so, you can pass for human, would you like to come visit?” Tierney and Bradan had already discussed him coming home with them. He looked shocked “Uh, sure, I haven’t left this place in some time. A change of scenery sounds nice” with that they returned home with a new friend and amazing stones to add to Bradans collection.

~ The End

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