Tierney & Bradan

Chapter One

Tierney hadn’t realized how late he had stayed over at his friends Colts house until it was too late and he had been having so much fun he only realized it when his girlfriend made the joke “look who actually stayed until after dark. Grandpa is actually acting his age” He looked at Colts window in horror. It was dark out, pitch dark. He had to lose track of time at Colts house, the one friends house he couldn’t sleep at. His girlfriend Breanna was controlling, probably one of the most controlling girlfriends he had ever seen and he wasn’t sure why Colt put up with it. In any case she strictly forbid anybody sleeping over. They could stay late but four am was the cut off and you had to go home.

She controlled much more than that. She had changed his wardrobe, dictated what he could and couldn’t do down to even what he did inside their home. He hated watching it but Colt only got pissed off anytime anybody tried to talk to him about it or even remotely suggested he brake up with her. In any case now all he could do was stay as late as he was allowed because he had already majorly fucked up, he was out after dark. The thing that had been tormenting him did it at all hours but night was the worse, mostly because it seemed to prefer dark. It was always in a closet, a basement, anywhere with minimal to no lighting.

He had adapted, had started sleeping with every single light in his home on despite how much he was paying for electricity because of it. His sanity was more than worth the bill, what was left of it anyway. He wanted so badly to talk to someone, anyone about what he had been going through but he knew his friends would laugh at him, would probably mock him for being a grown ass man terrified of something in the dark, something that only he could see. Even if he was believed since he was the only one who could see it he might be labeled crazy and forced into some asylum. He couldn’t have that, he wouldn’t be able to see Bradan any longer and worse, Bradan probably wouldn’t want anything to do with him.

Four am rolled around and as much as he didn’t want his friend to get in trouble he was too terrified to leave, he could feel it, it was out there, waiting on him to be alone. It was four twenty when Colt awkwardly said “man, curfew passed twenty minuets ago. You need to leave” Tierney did his best to not look scared but he could already feel himself pailing “Okay, sorry man”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, goodnight”

“Night, thanks for staying so late. I hate you always go so early”

“You know me, old man Tierney beats the sun to bed” Colt chuckled “hopefully starting tonight thats changed. Be a night owl, join the dark side” Tierney nervously laughed then forced himself out of the house. He ran to his car, knowing Colt wasn’t watching. He was probably begging his girlfriends forgiveness for letting him stay so late. So wrapped in fear he didn’t even buckle in, he just started the car, going as fast as he could out of the neighborhood. HIs car suddenly became chilly while he was on the highway home despite the summer heat and he looked into his mirror, seeing the utterly inane looking man thing in his back seat. That was what was worse about it, what made it so terrifying, it looked purely insane and unpredictable, especially when that overly wide smile went from ear to ear, malice filling its crazy looking eyes.

Tierney screamed and it reached for him, causing Tierney, to veer off the road. He heard car horns blaring but he didn;t have time to fear that, it was on him, clawing at his body. His car started to flip off the road. He didn’t know how many times his car did a full flip but he knew where he was, where he was falling, it was a pretty steep hill. His car only stopped when he hit the trees. He was only assuming this because he was flung through the glass due to not wearing a seatbelt, a tree catching him and making him thud on the ground.

Not caring how hurt he was or how dizzy and nauseous he felt he was jubilant the thing wasn’t on him any longer. His adrenaline and terror helped him get up and start sprinting away before it could get on him again. “Help me!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. He ran back into the highway where a car slammed on breaks. He didn’t know what happened after that, all he knew was he fell down, passing out mere inches from the car that had managed to stop.

The man called 911 and pulled the passed out, horrifically wounded man out of the road.

Bradan’s eyes snapped open as a strange sensation traveled through him. Something was wrong, he just knew it. It was like his intuition had kicked in and was saying something terrible had just occurred. He sat up, looking around the darkness of his room for anyone hiding there, listening for any unknown footsteps. He shook his head. This feeling was something else and it made him feel sick to his stomach. His next immediate thought was Tierney. He was human, fragile, anything could have happened. He had to make sure, had to see with his own eyes that he was okay.

When the ambulance arrived the good Samaritan apologized “I moved him, I’m sorry, this highway is so busy I thought it would be safer if he wasn’t in the road”

“It’s fine sir” one of the medics said as they were getting him on a gurney. When the police also showed up he told them where he thought the man had come from and stayed until they found his car. At the hospital Tierney was rushed back and a nurse was given his wallet so she could try to contact someone. His phone wasn’t on him so all they had to go on was the contents of his wallet.

Bradan was just arriving at Tierney’s home, his fear going into over drive when his car wasn’t in the driveway. Tierney was always home at this hour. He hoped that maybe Tierney had simply let someone borrow his car for something. That would be like him, Tierney was the give you the shirt off his back sort of man. It was part of why Bradan loved him so much. He was one of the few pure hearts in the world who cared about everyone and would help anybody he possibly could. He pounded on the door hard “Tierney! Tierney I’m sorry for the hour but please answer!” When he could hear no sound inside he tried calling Tierneys phone, using his demon senses so he’d hear it go off in the house if Tierney was there.

Nothing, Tierney wasn’t home, he hadn’t let someone borrow his car so for some reason Tierney had actually left his home at night. He could tell Tierney was afraid of the dark, it was something he had found cute. He wouldn’t have left unless he had to and a million horrible scenarios filled Bradans mind. He wanted to call Tierneys parents but he didn’t want to make him or them angry by calling them at this hour. He would wait until a decent time and hope they knew where he was and that he was safe.

In the meantime he messaged Tierney’s Facebook account “Hey, sorry to message you at this hour but I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and just want to make sure you’re okay. Where are you?” He didn’t often use his Facebook unless he was IMing Tierney but now he wanted to see what he had been doing that day. Bradan went home and logged on from his computer to look through Tierney’s feed. He saw he had been hanging out with Colt so he called him, not caring if he irritated Colt or his girlfriend. ‘yeah?” Colts sleepy voice answered “Is Tierney still there?”

“Nah man he left a little after four. It’s too early for this though dude, I’m sleeping”

“was he going home?” Bradan continued, still feeling a desperate need to locate him “I’m not his dad I don’t know.” Colt hungup, pissing Bradan off. He stood back up, now at least he knew where to start looking for Tierney. He went to Colts house to start on the route Tierney would take home from there when he froze in his tracks, that smell, that demonic smell mingled with Tierneys. He hadn’t realized he could worry even more than he already had but his stress and worry about Tierneys location amplified about twenty times. Whatever demon it was he could tell was malevolent. What was after his Tierney? Maybe he should have asked why he was afraid of the dark. Now, now that it might be too late he was realizing there might be a not so cute reason Tierney refused to be in the dark for even a moment.

Tierney was cold and numb, his body seemed to almost be floating in nothingness. He wondered if he was dead or if he had survived. Did it matter? He thought for a second. It couldn’t get him if he was dead. Then an image of Bradan flashed before his eyes and he felt a stab of sorrow. He wanted to see him again and he reprimanded himself for wanting to just give in to the darkness. He could hear voices, but they seemed far away and it was only snippets and echoes. Where was he? Had that driver called for help? Was the creature watching him now? He wanted to wake up, but he was unable to lift his eyelids. He was scared, his heart beating frantically in his chest. He heard more voices. They sounded a bit panicked and he thought he recognized the word crashing. He felt a jolt run through him and then another, the impact taking his breath away.

Bradan’s heart nearly gave out when he saw Tierney’s car being hauled onto the road by a tow truck. Every window was broken, the windshield having been completely busted out. There was blood on the road, he could smell that it belonged to Tierney. “Excuse me sir, you can’t come this way.” He hadn’t even noticed the officer approaching him.

“That’s my friend’s car. Where is he?”

“He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.”

His heart nearly stopped. “Do you know what happened?”

“Only that he stumbled onto the road and passed out.”

Bradan blamed Colt and his girlfriend, he couldn’t help but feel this was partially their fault. He clenched his fists. He was going to tell them both off as soon as he got the chance, especially that controlling idiot he had heard so much about. “Thank you, ma’am. I’ll go around.” He said as calmly as he could to the officer.

Chapter Two

Bradan knew that the humans weren’t going to let him near Tierney. He was most likely in the ICU if he wasn’t being operated on or something else that terrified Bradan to his core. His human, his sweet, fragile human Tierney, the only man he had ever actually fallen in love with might die. His breath became shakey but he refused to weep, there wasn’t any time and he couldn’t let himself think about Tierney maybe dieing. It just wasn’t something he could handle. Bradan decided to get in contact with Tierneys parents, just incase they hadn’t been notified. HIs mother answered “Is something wrong?” She asked, she wasn’t used to getting calls from Bradan, especially not at this hour. He explained as best he could the situation. She gasped and woke up her husband before thanking Bradan “Are you at the hospital?”

“No, I don’t know where to go. I doubt they’d let me see him”

“Go to the hospital we’re coming and god help those doctors if they don’t let you see him. You’re coming back with us weather they like it or not Bradan.” He didn’t even venture to ask would they let her back. Tierneys mom was the most strong willed woman Bradan had ever met, that included the demon women he had met. There was no stopping her if she decided to do something and he had a lot of respect for her because of it. “thank you”

“Thank you for getting me out of bed” her voice broke a little but she quickly got her voice steady again “If he’s awake I don’t want my baby to be alone and you two are so close. I don’t care if any of his other friends get in but you two” It didn’t really sound like thats where she wanted to stop but she did and they said goodbye before hanging up.

Bradan was beyond sick to his stomach as he made his way to the hospital. He was dead to see Tierney’s parents waiting for him there and his mother gave him a hug before they headed inside. She told them who they were and wanted to be taken to her son. When questioned as to Bradan’s relationship she said, “My son’s fiancĂ©, tell us where he is.”

The woman checked her computer. “He was just moved to the I.C.U, third floor.”

“Thank you.”

She grabbed Bradan’s hand and took off at a jog, wanting to see her son. “His fiancĂ©?”

“I wasn’t letting you be left out there to worry.”

“Thank you.”

“That’s my girl.” Tierney’s father said as he hugged his wife.

“I just want him to be okay, we can’t lose our baby.”

“We won’t, he’s strong.” Bradan could tell he was worried, but he was staying strong for his wife.

When they were up there the nurse at the desk tried to stop them “Only two at a time” As both Bradan and her husband Turlough knew she argued the woman into submission and she simply said “Just make sure to wash your hands with the foam provided in the rooms”

“Fine” Tierneys mother answered and went in to see her son. She was frozen in her tracks at the sight of Tierney “Turlough” He hugged her from behind as he came in “it’s going to be okay baby” She turned in his arms, sobbing his name as he held her. Bradan washed his hands and walked over to Tierney, wanting to reach out and touch him in some sort of comforting way but there didn’t seem to be a place on him that wasn’t bruised, bandaged or in a cast.

The lady at the desk sent a nurse in soon after them, knowing Tierney would be a horrifying sight to see for a family. Darina had a million questions that the nurse patiently answered. Bradan just sat there, stareing at Tierney, his heart in a million piece at the bottom of his stomach. When they were talking about his shoulder, back and chest wounds he was brought out of his catatonic state “what do you mean an animal must have gotten to him? You don’t know what it was? Why would their be an animal near the high way”

“Mam, I know how bad you want all the answers. I promise we’re doing all we can and gathering information as fast as we can to help him. We have no idea what sort of animal would be near the highway, it could have been anything. More people than you think keep illegal animals like tigers and leopards. One could have gotten away from someone who had them illegally. All we know just yet is some of the gashes on him weren’t made from the accident. It’s like some sort of claws from a large cat. I can’t set that in stone but it’s the best conclusion for right now. You should be proud he was able to run for help. Honestly, with the injuries he had it’s amazing he was moving at all”

“Adrenaline, it must have been adrenaline.” Bradan said. Or fear. He thought to himself. Fear was an incredibly powerful motivator and whatever had been after him must have been horrifying.

“Tell us about his injuries, how bad are they?” Turlough said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s better than not knowing.”

” Alright, he has a fractured skull, broken nose, he had bleeding on the brain. Almost all of his ribs were broken, one leg was broken, the other fractured, his pelvis was broken, a broken arm, dislocated shoulder, internal bleeding, lacerations covering his body. He went into cardiac arrest while he was on the table and had to be brought back. He’s in stable condition, but we want to keep him here until we’re sure he won’t flat line again.”

“He won’t.” Bradan said. “He can’t.” He reached out, resting a hand gently on Tierney’s arm. He was going to find out what had been tormenting him.

“We’re keeping a close eye on him. His doctor will be in tomorrow morning if everything goes well tonight.”

“Thank you.” Turlough said. The nurse left and they moved to stand on the other side of their son.

“Our poor baby, what was he thinking.”

“I’m sure there was a good reason.”

“He’s afraid of the dark.” Bradan said. “He must have been in a hurry to get home.”

“What? Since when?” Darina asked.

“I don’t know, I just noticed it one day. He doesn’t like going into dark rooms.”

“Why wouldn’t he tell us?”

“He probably thought we’d look down on him or thought that he could handle it himself.” He rubbed his wife’s back. “This wouldn’t have happened if that friend of his would have let him stay.”

“You know Tierney, he’d never put anybody out like that. It’s Colts girlfriends fault. Tierney wouldn’t have felt unwelcome to stay the night if it weren’t for her” Darina kissed her sons head. She loved how sweet her boy was but just that once, if he was that scared she wished he would have insisted on staying or called her. He may be grown but he was still her baby. If he needed her, no matter the hour she would come for him. Bradan stayed in the hospital until enough time had elapsed he was sure the police wouldn’t be at the scene any longer. The scent trail would still be strong enough for him to follow, especially with how determined and livid he was. Whatever it was had messed with the wrong human.

As Bradan stood to leave Darina stood and walked over to hug him “thank you for calling us. If they give you any trouble coming back you just tell my husband or I. Tierney is really fond of you…he’d want you here”

“Thank you Mrs Cardona. I love your son. He’s probably the first person I should tell that but..I can’t right now…when he wakes though I plan to tell him how much I love him”

“Good, I’m going to hold you to that” Bradan managed a smile and left the hospital. It was day time now and he was missing the human job he had gotten to seem more normal to Tierney. He had more than enough money to support himself here in this world but he had been playing human and humans had jobs. He was going to get fired and Bradan didn’t give two fucks about it. He was going to tell Tierney who and what he was and pray that he still would have any chance at all with him.

He did however care about Tierneys job. He’d need it still if he didn’t want to be with him so he called in, letting them know why he wasn’t coming in so he wouldn’t get in trouble for missing the days. When he got back to the site of Tierneys crash he sat in teh car a few moments, gaining composure. He had a horrible temper and it sometimes clouded his judgement. He needed to think clearly to track and even he wasn’t used to being this angry. He guessed this was a normal thing to happen to a demon in love, to be this angry when the man he wanted as his mate had gotten hurt, nearly killed.

It was amazing finally being love after so much time spent alive but things like this were torture to experience. He used his magic to make his car vanish then walked over to where he knew the car had been. He took in the air, easily finding that demons scent, he was the only demon who had been there previously. “I’m coming you fucker” he said to the air and chased after the scent in his nose.

Tierney slowly became aware of his surroundings, every breath he took hurting. He could hear voices echoing around him and he tried to focus and piece them together, but he couldn’t. It was like he was swimming in soup. He couldn’t even open his eyes. His heart gave a lurch. Was it dark where he was? Was that thing there with him? Someone said something he couldn’t understand and he felt fingers brush his forehead. “Tierney?” It was a female voice saying his name and it took him a moment to realize it was his mother. “Tierney can you hear me baby?” He wanted to respond, but he didn’t have the strength. “It’s okay sweetie, we’re here, dad and I are here. We’re not leaving. If you can hear me, I promise we’re not leaving you alone.” He wanted to tell them to keep the lights on, but all he could do was lay there and listen to his mother until he slipped back into unconsciousness.

“He was awake wasn’t he? He could hear me right? He knows we’re here?” Turlough hugged his wife “Of course he did baby, he knows” He wasn’t absolutely sure Tierney was conscious enough to hear her but he knew she needed to at least think he heard her. Since he might have he offered the comfort of assurance. She cried again then told her husband how sorry she was “what do you have to be sorry for baby?”

“That I’m such a mess right now”

“The only reason I’m not just as big of a mess is because you need me right now. Your need for me to be strong is what’s keeping me strong.” She wiped at her face “I love you so much”

“I love you too. Don’t worry about being emotional baby. You’re normally the tougher one of us two, you’ve earned being the one breaking down”

“I just…I’m so scared”

“He’s going to be okay” It wasn’t much longer before doctors were taking him away again, telling his parents it would be a few hours at minimum until he was back in his room so they may aswell get some sleep or go eat something. Neither were hungry but they knew they should be so they went to go eat.

Chapter Three

Bradan dropped to the ground in the middle of what looked like an empty field. He turned in circles, still smelling the demon. He knew his senses were sharp and there was no way he didn’t get the right scent. He began to slowly walk the field, staying in the vicinity of the smell. A creaking noise sounded under his feet and he looked down, seeing something rusty sticking out of the grass. He stepped back, squatting down to brush aside the grass, not surprised when he found a trap door. It was old looking so had probably been part of a farm or house or even an old bunker. He grabbed the handle and pulled it open, not liking how loud the hinges squeaked. If that thing wasn’t home, he was probably off tormenting someone else or lurking near Tierney. He would stop it if it was here and if not, he would gather as much information as possible then head back to the hospital. There was an eerie, almost otherworldly silence as he stepped down into the darkness. He had never been more thankful to be a demon and picked his way through the old underground with ease. The demon’s smell was strong here and Bradan stayed alert as he searched for the monster.

He was diligent as he checked every inch of the demons home and managed to find yet another doorway “is this thing kidding?” Bradan asked himself. He tried to open the small door that he wasn’t even sure he could fit in. It wouldn’t budge so he stopped using his human disguise so he would be able to tap into all his power. Before Tierney Bradan didn’t worry too much about fitting in among humans so he hadn’t studied much or truly worked on the spell he was using to look like one. He’d use it only when he was in a town and only as long as he had to. Of course he had now been living in a human world three years and he was scared of Tierney seeing what he really looked like so he used the spell constantly but still he hadn’t used much time perfecting it. Most his energies went to Tierney and what was left he used just trying to have as normal a human life as possible.

He took a long enhale as all his power came rushing back into him, how he envied demons who did what he did and coudl still somehow manage not to dampen their power. It felt incredible to have it all rushing through him again but now as he stood in that things home and was looking at his reflection in a small artifact he couldn’t help but hate what he saw again. To him Tierney could never love him this way but he still planned to be honest with him. If he had been honest with Tierney from the start he would have come to him with this and Bradan couldn’t help but feel immense guilt because of that. Tierney was everything to him and he’d rather him be safe than be able to be near him.

He swallowed the knot in his throat. He had more important things to do than get depressed at the thought of Tierneys rejection. He needed to kill the bastard who had been tormenting him. He ripped the smaller door off it’s hinges and went inside, instantly hearing a loud hiss. It was there and it was pissed he had found it.

“Come out and face me.” He commanded, listening. He could hear a rhythmic tapping sound like pebbles being thrown against the walls and he was sure it was the things nails. The nurse had said Tierney had puncture wounds, believing them to be animal in origin. An eerie silence fell over the room and Bradan shifted into a defensive stance.

It rushed him, clawed hands extended, a manic smile pulling its lips up even as rage filled its eyes. The thing was surprisingly strong for its size and build and its claws dug deep as it latched onto him.

Bradan growled angrily, grabbing the thing and throwing it off of him and into what sounded like dishes. Bradan’s night vision had never been amazing so he couldn’t see more than his arms length in front of him now. Despite not knowing precisely where he was running Bradan ran towards where the demon had fallen, ready to end it’s miserable existence. Like being thrown hadn’t hurt him in the slightest it was scuffing with him again. Bradan had assumed that even a demon would have suffered injuries in the car accident but this thing, whatever type of demon he was was impressively resilient. As amazing as that was Bradan worried what it might take to end him. He decided his best bet was to try and rip it’s heart out. Few things, no matter how amazing could survive without their heart.

Sharp claws ripped at him as he plunged a hand into its solar plexus, angling his fingers up in hopes of grasping onto the things heart. It gripped Bradan’s throat with one hand while the other wrapped vice like around his wrist, halting his progress. Bradan was shaking with the effort it took to fight this thing. He held tight to to it with his free hand, not knowing what else to do until his eyes fell to the doorway. If he could make it outside where it was still daylight, he knew he’d have a chance. Since Tierney was scared of only the dark, that meant the thing hated the light. He changed his tactic, pulling it through the first door and toward the hatch. It realized what he was doing and began to double its efforts to escape. When the first sliver of light hit it, it screamed and tried pulling away, but Bradan pulled it close, hugging it to himself, uncaring that it slashed at him with its long claws. The sunlight didn’t catch it on fire, but seemed to deliver massive amounts of pain, making its body jolt and convulse as it clung to the edge of the trap door. Bradan slammed it onto its back and reached for its heart again. He had to make sure it stayed dead so it couldn’t torment his love any longer.

News had spread of Tierney being in the hospital since everybody he worked with were his friends and had questions the second their boss told them he wasn’t coming in. They were each taking turns coming in and talking to his parents who still wouldn’t leave the hospital. There was no sign of Colt and his girlfriend as of yet and both his parents had mixed feelings about it. They didn’t want to see the two of them and did at the same time to give them a piece of their mind for sending Tierney on the road at such an hour without making sure he was going to be okay. His girlfriend was the bitch but Colt allowed it to go on, Colt didn’t stick up for his friend whom he was supposed to care about. They both carried the blame and Darina didn’t know who she was going to explode on more.

When Bradan was finally able to come back after disposing of the demon’s body and cleaning himself up, he was greeted with a hug by Darina. “Did he wake up?”

“I think he may have, it wasn’t for long and he didn’t open his eyes, but it seemed like he heard me.” She looked him over. “What happened? You have all these scratches.”

“I got distracted ad took a tumble, I’ll be fine.”

“Take care of yourself, Tierney wouldn’t be happy knowing you injured yourself.”

“I will, I promise. May I see him?”

“Of course sweetie.” She let Bradan go so he could go to Tierney.

Bradan pressed a gently kiss to his forehead. “You need o hurry and wake up, we have a lot to talk about.” He sat down and rested a hand on the exposed part of Tieney’s arm. “So, did Colt come by?” He asked.


“Not that it matters, but he should at least grow a pair and apologize to Tierney.” He looked over his shoulder at Darina. “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice your husband was gone.”

“He ran down to the cafeteria, do you want me to go down and get you something?”

“I suppose, I can’t remember when I last ate. You really don’t mind?”

“Of course not, I just want him to have someone he knows here when he wakes up. You’re here so I’m not worried about leaving. After an accident like that I know I wouldn’t want to only have doctors and nurses in my room. I’d want my husband or” she choked up a little bit before finishing “Tierney”

“he seems stronger than when I left Darina..He’s going to be okay. Tierney loves you and your husband too much to break your hearts by dieing” Darina hugged Bradan again “Thank you…thank you for staying by his side with us and helping me get through this…I don’t know if I’d be holding myself together atall with you and my husband…my son is lucky to know you..our family is lucky” Bradan smiled and hugged her back. He waited for her to let go before releasing, feeling how badly she needed the comfort. It was a shame to him that a woman as loving as Darina had had such bad luck to get cancer and only be able to have one child. She was a good mother and had deserved more than life had dealt her. If Tierney would be his mate and if he’d one day be a demon with him he planned to change his parents too if they wanted it. If Darina was a demon she’d be able to have kids again and he already knew how happy that would make her.

Colt and his girlfriend didn’t show up until a little over two weeks later. Bradan had been sleeping at Tierneys side so was only made aware when he heard Darina yelling at the two of them.

Bradan was on his feet before Turlough even got a chance to wake completely from where he slept in one of the chairs. He was pissed that they would even bother showing their faces and he grabbed Colt by the collar of his shirt and pushed him back out into the hall and against the wall before he even had time to speak. “Darina, would you mind going back in the room and sitting with Tierney?”

“I can’t stand the sight of them anyway.” He could see she wanted to take a swing at both Colt and his girlfriend and was glad when she went inside and shut the door. Bradan’s eyes glared into Colt’s who was frozen in fear. “What do you want you pathetic excuse for a friend?”

“I…I wanted to see Tierney.”

“No, you and the harpy can leave.”

“Excuse me, you don’t talk about me like that.” She snapped and Bradan’s murderous gaze moved to her, freezing her to the spot.

“Open your mouth again and I will pull your tongue out.” He looked back at Colt. “How dare you come here. It’s been two weeks, you miserable bastard. Two weeks and not even a phone call to check on him. Did you know that he flat lined? He died, Colt, your friend died until the doctors revived him. You waste of space, how dare you let this little bitch dictate your life. I bet she’s done it to every man she’s ever let between her legs.” Colt opened his mouth to speak and Bradan clamped a hand over it. “You listen and you listen good. This is your fault, I blame you and her for every broken bone, every cut, every drop of blood lost and I will never forgive you, but you’re not my friend, your Tierney’s So I want you to take your little succubus home and think long and hard about what’s important to you and when you’ve figured it out, only then will I allow you to see Tierney. Get your damn priorities straight.” He let him go, taking a deep breath before he hauled off and smacked him. “Get out and take that thing with you.”

“Wait.” Colt finally managed to say as he turned around.


Colt held up a small bag. “It…it’s the game he wanted, it came out so…um…”

Bradan snatched the bag out of his hand. “I’ll tell him you brought it by, now go away, I’m sure he’ll call you when he’s conscious.”

Chapter Four

“I’m…I really am sorry I sent him away..I’ve been too ashamed to come see him” His girlfriend scoffed and started walking away. Colt looked after her and sighed before giving Bradan one last pitiful look and following his girlfriend. Bradan stood there long enough to make sure he wouldn’t run into them then went to cool off. He struggled to come down once he was pissed and Tierney nor his family needed how he was in this moment. Once at his car he texted Tierneys mom to let her know he’d be back in awhile and asked her as he always did to let him know if Tierney became conscious.

It took nearly two months for Tierney to be able to stay conscious for more than an hour or two. His body and his brain were going through massive trauma even still. Bradan hated how frail and weak the human body was. He just want Tierney better. They were alone again and Bradan couldn’t wait any longer to talk to him, to come clean about his lies. He had lied by omission and Tierney deserved more than that. “do you think you’re ready for a serious talk Tierney?” Bradan asked as he took his hand again. “what’s wrong?”

“I know why you crashed Tierney…I figured it out while you were sleeping”

“You…you did…why do you think I crashed?”

“a demons been tormenting you” He could see surprise on Tierneys face “I..you…how?” Tierney was now confused as a long pause set between them. “because I’m one too Tierney…I’m sorry…please don’t be afraid of me…I’m not like that thing that was stalking and terrifying you…I mean…I’m a pretty ugly thing when I’m not using magic but I’d never hurt you…never Tierney…I didn’t tell you because I honestly plan to play human forever to be with you…I’m ashamed to admit I would have lied forever to have you love me but that was the plan…I became as human as possible for you…it was honestly love at first sight to me. I love you so much it hurts Tierney, especially now that I’m telling you the truth because…I don’t think you can love me in return knowing this, knowing what I am and that I’ve lied to you…I don’t know if you can even look at me when I don’t look human”

Tierney was so confused, but he knew Bradan wasn’t lying, he had no reason too and it was no crazier than what had been chasing him. In fact he was relieved someone believed him. “Is…is it gone?”

“Yes, I promise I killed it and it won’t be tormenting you any longer.”

Tierney felt himself tear up and he covered his face as he started crying. “I can’t believe it, I’m free, really free.”

Bradan gently stroked his head then climbed in next to him and pulled him slowly into a hug. “It’s okay, I’ll never let anything hurt you again.”

Tierney pushed his face into Bradan’s chest. “Thank you so much.” Bradan stroked his head, letting him cry until he was calm again. Tierney finally pulled back and said. “Did you say you’re a demon too?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.” He stroked Tierney’s cheek. “If…if you hate me and wish for me to leave then I will. I wouldn’t blame you.”

“Please don’t go, I lied too, I didn’t tell you or anyone else what I was going through, I put you and my parents through hell because I hid what was happening. So, I’m not mad.”

“You understand that I’m like that monster, right?”

“Don’t say that, you’re the exact opposite. You’re so sweet and kind, you’d never do anything like that to anyone so don’t say that.” He rested his head back against Bradan’s chest. “I want you to stay, please stay.”

Bradan felt relieved he had not been rejected, at least not yet. He would show Tierney his true form when he was out of the hospital. He didn’t want to put anymore stress on him. “Oh, I may have said some things to Colt and his girlfriend. I hope that doesn’t make you mad. I was just so furious, I’m still furious.”

“It’s okay, really. I can forgive Colt.”

“I know you can, that’s one of the things I love about you.”

Eventually his parents boss’s quit being so understanding about them missing work so it was mostly Bradan at the hospital until he was finally recovered and released from the hospital. The day of his release they celebrated with his parents and a few of his best friends. Tierney invited Colt as well to show him they were still friends but he didn’t show up. Tierney decided he was probably too scared so he’d just show up at his house again in the coming weeks. The day following the party Bradan brought Tierney to his house “what’re we doing?” Tierney asked and Bradan said “well, we began dating in the hospital but you haven’t gotten the chance to see me for what I really am. You deserve that. If you’re ready to see I’m ready to show you” Bradan’s heart was pounding in fear. He already felt like crying, he was just that sure of Tierney rejecting him.

“of course, show me. I’ve been curious” Bradan gave Tierney a long kiss, one he hoped wouldn’t be their last. He loved this human man even more than before and he was sure he’d die of a broken heart without him. Bradan halted the illusion magic and waited for Tierneys response. Tierney just looked at him for awhile which would have scared Bradan but he didn’t seem revolted or upset at all. Tierney wasn’t looking at him any differently aside from a bit of wonder added to those light brown eyes. Tierney closed the distance between them and ran his fingers through Bradans hair “why did you make your hair shorter?” Bradan shrugged “I didn’t choose too much. I just aimed for as human looking as possible”

“I like your hair. Your eyes and horns are pretty epic to be honest”

“And your ears are cute.” He gently touched Bradan’s ears. “They’re soft.”

Bradan felt so relieved he hugged Tierney tightly to him. “Thank you, I was sure you’d run.”

Tierney let out a soft laugh and hugged him back. “How could I, I love you. No matter what you look like, you’ll still be you.”

Bradan pulled back, his hands coming up to hold Tierney’s face as he leaned in to kiss him. “I love you too.” He said softly when he pulled back. “I have something to ask you. It’s important that you take your time before giving me an answer.”

“You look so nervous.”

“I’m terrified.” He took a deep breath. “Will you consider becoming a demon so I can have you forever? Not just you, but your parents as well.”

“forever sounds amazing”

“You shouldn’t answer so quick”

“This isn’t so quick, you’ve been my best friend for years. I already know how much I love hanging out with you. I already know all of your short comings, I already know what makes you amazing. I already know so much. I’m newly learning about your demon side but I can say with absolute certainty I would be the happiest man alive living forever by your side..I’m honored you want to be with me forever”

“Tierney” Bradan said affectionately, holding him tightly in his arms. When Bradan let him go Tierney called his parents and they came over after work. Bradan showed them too and apologized before asking if they would consider eternal life. When Bradan was done Tierney quickly spoke before they could answer “Mom, dad, before you answer I need to tell you what really happened that night, what had been happening” he told the the truth then told them how Bradan had killed the creature so it couldn’t hurt him again.

Darina stood and walked over to Bradan “You went after it and killed it to protect my son?”

“Yes mam” she hugged him “thank you you beautiful creature. If my son has agreed to it I’ll change too” she looked at her husband who nodded.

“Thank goodness, I wouldn’t have been able to live without Tierney. I have friends who can help us, if you’ll let me go and ask them for their assistance.”

“Will you be gone long?” Tierney asked.

“Not at all.”

“Oh, stay safe then.”

Bradan smiled. “Would you like to come with me?”

“I can do that?”

Bradan nodded. “It might feel strange to pass through and you might get sick, but you’ll like it once we’re there.”

“You’ll watch over him right?” Darina asked. “I don’t want to see him like that ever again.”

“You have to keep him close.” Turlough added.

“Nothing will harm a hair on his head again for as long as I live. I swear on my life” Darina hugged her son then got that serious look Bradan had seen a million times at this point. “you stick to Bradan like glue and if you feel even a little afraid you let him know right then and there”

“I will momma I promise”

“I love you so much Tierney”

“we’ll be right back mom” she knew that but his accident had shaken her to her core. She didn’t but she could have lost her son and it was going to be a long time if she ever recovered from it. They said their goodbyes then Bradan took Tierney back to his home world. “while we’re here do you want to see my home?”

“of course!”

“I can show you my rock collection”

“It’s what brought you to me, I definitely need to see that” Bradan smiled, feeling unbelievably happy. He picked up Tierney “I’ll run us there so we’ll be faster. I don’t want your mother to worry” Tierney held on tight, loving the rushing wind and being held so firmly by Bradan. Life as a demons mate was definitely something he could get used to. When they opened the door everything looked so clean which surprised Tierney “have you been coming back here?”

“No, magic kept my home protected and clean. It’s a simple spell”

“cool” Bradan took his hand and guided him down into his basement where he kept his stones. “wow’ Tierney exclaimed when Bradan turned on the light “they, they are so beautiful. Oh my god”

“I only collect the most amazing. Most of these your world doesn’t have”

“freaking wow Bradan” Bradan was honestly just glad his mate didn’t find his hobby stupid but he hadn’t really worried about that. Tierney loved everything and everyone. Bradan couldn’t remember him calling much of anything stupid.

“Come on or I’ll spend all day showing off my stones.”

Tierney laughed and Bradan gave him a confused look. “It sounded like you meant you know, like you have the stones to do something.”

Bradan cracked a smile. “I love you.” He stroked Tierney’s cheek, loving how happy his touch made him. “Come on.” He took his hand and pulled him back upstairs and outside.

“We have to come back here afterwards, I really want to explore.” Tierney said as he took in the scenery.

“Whatever you want my love.”

When his friend answered the door he had a wide smile “finally he returns”

“Hey” Bradan set down Tierney “Long story short this is my mate and I was hoping you and your mate could change him for me so I can have him forever”

“My wife isn’t here but my sons can help”

“oh, visiting her mother?”

“Yeah, she’ll be sad she missed you’

“Now that he knows what I am we’ll be here a lot more.”

“Good, I think I know where my boys are. Come on” Bradan lifted Tierney back up and they followed Bradans friend Clovis. They found his sons laying under some trees talking “Bradan! Hey!” The eldest one, Efren said. The other boy got up aswell and they both came right over. Bradan put Tierney down yet again and they exchanged introductions. After introductions Bradan lead Clovis, Efren and Fidel back to Tierneys world and to his parents. They changed all of them at the same time since Bradan had help and it went pretty impressively well. Clovis and his two sons left as soon as they were recovered since Bradan had already told them Tierney wanted to come back there anyway for awhile.

When Tierney was ready to travel, they let his parents know they were leaving for a couple of days and Bradan promised to keep Tierney safe. He didn’t blame them for being worried, even he was becoming over protective out of fear of losing him again. He kept him close, exploring where Tierney wanted, but being sure to keep him away from toxic plants and dangerous animals. He knew Tierney would be able to heal much faster now that he was a demon, but he would rather not risk it. He took Tierney to spend more time with Clovis and his sons and was happy to find his wife there so Tierney could meet her too.

“This place is so amazing.” Tierney said as they picnicked under a tree one afternoon.

“We can visit as much as you want or even split our time living here and in your world.”

“I’d like that.” Tierney sighed and Bradan reached out, taking his hand in concern.

“What’s wrong?”

“Colt still hasn’t called, I really wish he would. I want to tell him we’re still friends.”

“I’m sure he knows, Tierney.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

Bradan leaned in and kissed his cheek, making Tierney smile. “There we go, much better.”

Tierney just stared at Bradan, thinking about how happy and amazing his life was now. He had the perfect boyfriend, he and his parents were going to live forever and he could now explore different worlds. There were endless new experiences before him and Tierney could hardly wait for his bright future. Bradan stared back, just enjoying the opportunity to study him.

~ The End

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