Tracy & Keith

Chapter One

Tracy woke late and in a foul mood after fighting with her father the previous night about begging forgiveness from the creators. She would never grovel for the return of wings and immortality. She understood how much that hurt her parents because she would die one day but she refused to grovel when most of the choices that lead up to her wings being taken she hadn’t felt were wrong. Angels had too many stupid rules, including the fact her boyfriend had to break up with her when she was cast out as a mortal because angels were only allowed to be with angels. As a fallen angel she no longer counted as one so to stay with her would have meant the removal of his own immortality and wings. While she wished she meant enough to him to be with her anyway she never blamed him for staying in heaven.

It just obviously wasn’t true love like she had thought it was. It was somthing that almost two years later didn’t even weigh on her. She had a nice job, good friends and accepted the fact she now aged like a human. Atleast what her body was translated to twenty three when she was first sent down so she had an abundance of human years. Plus her friends and family from heaven were allowed to visit so it wasn’t like she had lost those relationships. As she pulled up in the parking lot of the lawfirm Tracy knew her boss was going to rip into her and she hoped her bitchy mood could be contained enough to apologize like she should so she wouldn’t lose her job today.

Dylan could be a dick just like she could be a bitch but they had a good relationship and she counted on that to not be fired for being about an hour late.

Keith was curious about her, even after seeing her a few times at Dylan’s office he still couldn’t stop thinking about her. He was going there today, wanted to catch another glimpse of the beautiful fallen angel. He didn’t know what excuse he was going to use for being there, but it didn’t matter. He wanted to approach her, to let her know he knew what she was and if she needed someone to talk to then she could talk to him. He did not know what her circumstances were, but she seemed to nice for her removal from heaven to have been abut something bad. He knew very well the angels has specific rules they were given to follow and that if they were broken, they lost their wings and their immortality. He had been keeping his distance so far, but he hoped to actually talk to her.

Tracy walked into Dylans office “well there you freaking are. Where the hell have you been? I’ve need you!”

“Look, I had a late night and”

“I dont give a shit. You are to be here when I need you”

“Listen to me damn it! I was up late fighting with my damn father! I went to bed so god damn flustered I forgot to set the mother fucking alarm! It isn’t my fault!”

“dont curse at me!”

“You started it!”

“Im your boss, just get to your desk”

“fine” she stomped off and he angrily sat down. She sighed with relief when she sat, her job was secure. After helping Dylan with some work he asked ‘you and your old man okay?”

“Yeah, he just worries about me”

“I’m surprised he doesnt have a full head of gray hair raising a woman like you”

“Me too, I stress him out quite a bit. Last night was annoying but I know it was out of love for me’

“Parents are pretty good at being pains in the asses but I wouldn’t trade mine for the world. Just dont be late again, I need you”

“I’m sorry”

“I’m sorry too” Tracy’s eyes caught Keith coming in. He looked debonair as always with his silky platinum hair, his entrancing blue eyes and that ridiculously luxurious voice. There was just somthing about it that enraptured her in indescribable ways. “yo man, whats up? Trouble again?” Dylan came out of his office to ask.

“No, I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by, you’re not just my lawyer after all.”

“Oh, well thanks man. Tracy just got in and I’m super busy. I haven’t even had time for breakfast.”

“Let me go and get you guys some coffee and bagels then. I don’t have anything else to do today.”

“That would be amazing. Tracy, can you go with Keith, you know what I like to drink.”

“Sure, just bagels and coffee?”

“Yes please and don’t forget the cream cheese.”

She rolled her eyes. “That strawberry stuff is disgusting.”

“I think your taste buds are just broken.”

She shook her head and walked away with Keith “You two are something to watch” He said as they left the building. Tracy smiled “He’s a good friend. I feel kind of bad this morning coming in so late. I’m just glad he’s my friend so I didn’t get fired. We just did our thing of yelling at eachother and began our day.”

“Why were you late?”

“My parents came to see me last night and I argued with my dad. I was so flustered when I went to sleep I forgot to turn my alarm back on from the weekend.”

“About loseing your wings?” She paused before she opened the door “what did you say?”

“Probably should have let you get int he car before starting this conversation but you gave me such a good opening. I’m an Alp, I know you for what you are. I decided before coming today I was finally going to talk to you about it and offer a listening ear if you ever needed one”

“I’m kind of embaressed I didn’t notice what you are”

“You lost your powers. You don’t pick up on that stuff anymore”

“Yeah” she looked so sad in that moment and he came around to her side of the car “I know it has to be hard, especially if you had been alive a long time before loseing your wings. Can I ask how old you are?”

“I was two hundred and seventeen when I lost my wings and I’ve been on earth two years”

“we should probably hurry but why don’t I pick you up after work and we can talk”

“Okay” He was excited she agreed. A small part of him worried she wouldn’t want to talk to him about it.

“So an Alp huh?” Tracy said and Keith smiled.

“I know what you’re thinking.”

“Do you now?”

“Oh he must be so evil, giving people nightmares, how devilish.”

She smiled. “Okay, maybe you do know.”

“I can promise you that my super powers have only ever been used for good.”

“Oh so you’re a superhero then?”

“I mean I don’t wear tights or have a catch phrase.” She gave a small laugh. “I rarely use them and it’s only on bad people. I’d never terrorize children or anything like that, just the occasional jerk I find deserving of a few sleepless nights.”

Tracy laughed again ‘You know I liked you from the start but I’m even happier to know you now. Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t so alone among the humans. I mean, Dylan is awesome but it’s nice to have a non angel to talk to. My friends and family just make me feel bad”

“well here I am to be the comic relief” He winked at her and she said “hey, one of us isn’t immortal. I expect a firm eye on the road” His smile widened. She had never known an Alp before so she had question after question about his life and family. He happily answered her every question, surprising her a little with just how normal his life was since his parents had come to this world when he was just a toddler.” Tracy was actually a little sad when they returned to the law firm. “so I need your number. I don’t want to get it in front of Dylan”

“Yeah, he’d pick at us endlessly” he handed her his phone and she put the number in. “text me so I have ours”

“eh, don’t feel like it” She gave him a look and he laughed “had to mess with you. Wordlessly thats implied you know”

“Yeah yeah help me with this stuff”

Dylan looked happy to see the coffee and bagels and asked Keith to stay and eat with them. Tracy handed her boss his cream cheese with a wrinkled nose that had Keith laughing. “Hey this stuff is good, you two are just haters.” Dylan said.

“I’m such a hater I bought cannolis, guess I’ll have to eat yours.” Keith replied.

“Hey, I was joking.”

Tracy smiled at their banter and sat down on the leather couch, a few documents in front of her as she ate. She was going over notes and case files to make sure everything was in order. “So, what made you want to work for this knucklehead.” Keith asked.

“Stubborn attracts stubborn I suppose.” She answered.

“She has fire and she’s not afraid to fight for something. We band heads from time to time, but she’s good at what she does and she’s not afraid of me. I’ve had others straight up run out of here because they couldn’t handle my temper.” Dylan added.

Tracy laughed “somtimes our fights are fun”

“Speaking of which if you can’t catch up from being late this morning I really need you to stay late. I actually did need you this morning” Dylan said and Tracy finished chewing and swallowed her food. “No problem, I really am sorry. I swear I just didn’t turn my alarm back on”

“I know, it’s not like you’re late frequently” They finished breakfast together and Keith left so they could work. He sent Tracy a text as soon as he was out of the building. He was glad he had errands to run today so he wouldn’t spend his time just waiting for tonight. She sent him a text twenty six minutes later “I’m really trying to get everything he needs done. If I end up too late for you we can reschedule” Keith messaged back “I’m a night person, I can wait.” She pushed her phone back into her pocket and went back to work. Tracy ended up impressed with herself. She only ended up staying fifteen minuets late “Why can’t you work that fast every day?” Dylan asked and she said “you don’t pay me enough” She hugged him and walked out of the building to tell Keith he could come get her.

Tracy decided to wait in her car and reapply make up until Dylan left. She didn’t want him to see she was going to be leaving her car there since Keith was coming to get her. When Dylan was gone for the night she took some of the extra she had applied off so it would look normal again then stood outside her car.

The moment Keith saw her, he couldn’t help but think she looked radiant and he wore a big smile. He got out and pulled open the passenger door for her. “My lady.”

“Are you a knight come to rescue me from my long day?” She replied as she climbed in.

“I don’t think I’d make a very good knight, I don’t think chivalrous people go around giving others nightmares.” He shut her door and she buckled up, waiting patiently as he went around the car and climbed in.

“So, what are we doing tonight?”

“We can talk over dinner, food makes conversation easier. I’m in a pasta sort of mood, Italian okay?”

“Anything’s fine, I’ve found I’m not too picky. I’m just happy to have someone to talk to. I mean I’d talk to Dylan, but he would probably think I’d lost my mind and even if he did believe me, he wouldn’t understand.”

Chapter Two

“yeah, it’s like you want to tell people but in a world like this it’s going to be a difficult situation with a ton of explaining”

“Thank you for finally telling me what you are. Why’d you wait?”

“Hey, you’re asking awkward questions before we have food to make it less awkward” She laughed “why is that awkward?”

“Because I think you’re beautiful, I had to work up nerve to talk to you without the buffer of Dylan” She laughed and he blushed “You’re so mean” Keith said and Tracy responded “It’s just funny because I thought demons and trolls didn’t know how to be shy. Seriously, I’ve never spent a lot of time with any though”

“a strictly angel gal huh?” She shrugged “wasn’t really on purpose. You know how judgmental angels tend to be. I mean, other creatures don’t really like to hangout with us”

“Yeah, in this world. I’ve met angels in other worlds though so I guess thats part of why I didn’t assume anything. Then you have just seeing you with Dylan, you aren’t your run of the mill angel here” Her laugh was a little sad now as she thought of her parents and friends. “and it’s why I was removed from heaven. My parents don’t understand. I hate I’ve hurt them so much but i’m no good with fake apologies. God will not buy it even if I was willing to try. I’m not sorry, I did nothing wrong and he can throw his petty tantrum and I don’t care if you’re listening to me right now” she said as she looked up.

Keith laughed and reached over, patting her hand. “Let it be, it is what it is and some people never change.”

“I know, it’s just stupid and frustrating.”

He shrugged. “You know you could always become a demon or go to another world to regain your wings. I’ve met angels who answer to no one and some very friendly demons. I’m sure they’d be willing to help.”

She smiled. “I’m sure that would go over well with my family, becoming a demon or cheating the system.”

“It’s just something to consider, regardless, I’d still spend time with you.”

Tracy smiled at his kindness and when they made it to the diner, he got out and opened her door for her. “So polite.”

“Well believe it or not, I was raised to show others respect. If it gets annoying let me know and I’ll stop.”

“No, it’s fine.”

He shut the door behind her and they went inside, talking non stop over dinner. Afterwards they still didn’t want to part, there was so much more to know about eachother. They decided to take a walk on a beach that was a half hour away. When they got there they left their shoes in the car. The way she looked at the beach made Keith ask “have you ever been to a beach before?” She looked a little embarrassed “I was always busy as an angel and..well…back then I had a boyfriend too who didn’t like to leave heaven. Here I just had so much to do to be able to live a human life. I started out homeless pretty much. I haven’t had a lot of time for fun” Keith frowned. “Yeah, I didn’t think about how hard it would be for you to start out here. You and I are going to do stuff every night you can after work until you’ve done everything around here. Weekends we’re going on trips.”


“I wont kill you”

“Thats precisely what an axe murderer would say”

“Racist, knife murderers would say that too, not just men who kill with ax’s”

“sexist, male and female can be murderers” they both laughed, he got her sense of humor and had even started that joke. It was another first for her. They went out onto the beach and he asked “so had as in you’re single now? He left you?”

“He would have had to fall aswell and I apparently wasn’t worth it. Before you pity me I don’t care. I’m long since over him. I’m grateful for it. He obviously didn’t love me. That happening made me quit wasteing time with him”

Keith reached over and grabbed her hand, pulling her gently to a stop. “Whether you’re hurt or not, he didn’t deserve someone as wonderful as you. How he managed to look into those beautiful eyes and tell you you were on your own is beyond me. I would have fallen straight to Hell if it meant staying with you.”

Tracy felt her heart dance at his sweet words and they both blushed. “So, how about you? Girlfriend?”

“Nope I’m as free as can be, able to take you out without getting gutted for spending time with you.” He said in a joking tone.

“Has it happened often?”

“No, I’m not a bastard. As far as I know I was a good boyfriend to the women I went out with.”

“I’d like to come back to this beach again soon. It’s so nice”

“Theres better ones, especially in other worlds”

“You’re hard core set on not only taking me somwhere but taking me somewhere that isn’t here” He chuckled “sorry, you’ll understand when one day I take you.”

“Lets take little steps first” They ended up doing mroe playing around than talking on the beach. The night got away from them and Tracy didn’t end up back at her car until near two am. “I’m so sorry Tracy”

“I’m an adult with a phone too. It’s not just you who lost track of time” she answered and he said “still, be careful driving home” Tracy kissed his cheek, hoping she had read him right this evening. He blushed and smiled “Can I take you out tomorrow night too?”

“If you promise you’ll be that fun again?”

“Oh I can guarantee that, no worries”

He didn’t get into his car until she was out of sight and he gave a little sigh as he pulled away. He couldn’t wait to see her again tomorrow night. He couldn’t believe her ex had so easily thrown her away, she was so beautiful and intelligent. This wasn’t the first time he had wanted to clock someone and he didn’t even know the guy. He had thoughts of maybe giving her ex a few nightmares if they ever met and wondered if she would forgive him for acting so childish. the thought of her scowling disapprovingly at him made him smile.

Tracy was exhausted when she got home, but actually felt happy. Keith was such a wonderful person and she actually liked his shy side. She went and took a quick shower, quickly drying and not bothering with pajamas. She crawled under the covers, set her alarm, and fell asleep with a smile on her face. She wasn’t ready for her alarm and groaned, wanting very much to hit the snooze button and say no to the day. She made herself get up and went into the bathroom, washing her face to wake herself. She got ready for work, deciding to stop on the way for coffee since she was still drowsy.

She got her favorite and picked up something for Dylan. Coffee in hand she drove to work, not surprised to see Dylan in his office. She walked in “you need a vacation”

“You know how much I love work. Don’t need one”

“Everybody does, even men who love their job as much as you” He chuckled “If I ever find a woman who can stand me sure” She set his coffee down in front of him “Here, you better drink it before it gets cold” He saluted her and she shook her head “what should I start with today?”

“I emailed you some stuff, when you’re done with that I need you to help me decide what to buy my niece for her birthday. If you’ll help me and go pick it up you can leave work today right after you finish the stuff in your email”

“Fuck yeah, thanks”

“You know how terrible I am at gifting” she laughed “everyone knows you try. Your niece loves you” Tracy went to her desk and texted Keith she’d be getting off early but didn’t know when. Once her phone said sent she turned on her computer to get started.

It wasn’t long before she got a message back and even without seeing him, she could tell he was excited. She was looking forward to tonight and she wore a big grin while she worked. It didn’t go unnoticed by Dylan. “What’s that face for?”

“None of your business.” She replied, giving him a pleasant smile.

“Stop, you’re freaking me out.”

She laughed. “Be nice or I’ll make you shop for that present on your own. I can see it now, uncle Dylan shows up with a power tool, but it’s a pink power tool so it’s fine right?”

He narrowed his eyes. “I could kill you you know?”

“And do all this work solo, go ahead, we’ll see how far you get before you’re talking to a psychic asking me to come back.”

“I’m going to find out sooner or later”

“we’ll see” she said then got back to her work. She worked through her lunch break and ended up finishing just after one. She walked into Dylans office and asked “so, whats she into currently?”

“First off you’ve never been that determined to get off early. What’s going on? You’d hide something from me? Your best friend?”” She gave him a look “you’re just trying to guilt me”

“Is it working?” She sighed and smiled before sitting down in the seat across from him “Fine, I went out with Keith last night and we’re hanging out again today.”

“Ohhhhh, hanging out as in dating?”

“there was definitely some flirting but I don’t think that or tonight is an actual date”

“I don’t know, he really likes you.”

“because you can read minds?”

“Because I’ve hungout with him a heck of a lot more than you. There’s just been a couple moments I suspected it. It’s probably a real date”

“so now that this conversation is done what does she like currently?”

“This conversation is far from done”


“come on Tracy”

“Dylan” he sighed and they began talking about the things his niece liked. A few good things came to mind she knew were at Toys R Us and she showed him on their site. “Awesome, any of those will do. Thanks Trace”

“Yeah yeah, I’m leaving now”

“He’s a good guy Tracy”

“I know” he let her go without anything more and she called Keith.

Keith had that same happy smile when he saw her, his eyes admiring her. “Radiant as always.” He said as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles. She blushed and he gave a small laugh. “Too much?”

“Oh yes, terrible.”

“Too bad, I guess I’ll have to try a more cave man-ish approach. How is tossing you over my shoulder and carrying you away?”

She giggled. “Is that how you get all the ladies?”

“They find it quite endearing or so I hear.” He pulled her gently to his car and opened the door for her. “I have something special planned tonight. Since you haven’t seen much, we’re going to have a picnic under the stars.”

She smiled at him, thinking about how amazing that sounded. She couldn’t even remember a time she had just enjoyed what the sky looked like at night. First they bought Dylans niece her present so she wouldn’t forget. That didn’t eat up very much time since she had already known what she wanted and she always opted for a bag instead of wrapping. She just didn’t have the patience for it. She texted him to let him know and he told her extra money would be in her next check as a thank you. They went to a grocery store nearby because Keith wanted to know more about the foods she liked. “You seriously just want to walk the aisles with me and talk about foods I like?”

“Yep, need it for my stalker book. The food section is more important than you might realize.” she laughed and boldly took his hand. She thought his surprised look was adorable.

Chapter Three

He wound up buying some of her favorite snacks and when she tried to protest he tapped his ear and shook his head, pretending he couldn’t hear her. She rolled her eyes, but smiled at how happy he was. “So where are we going?” She asked once they were back in the car.

“It’s a surprise so you’ll just have to be content waiting.”

She crossed her arms. “Oh really? You’re planning to kill me in the woods aren’t you?”

“Well if you mean kill you with affection then yes.”

“If that’s the case then I guess I can be patient.”

He smiled as he pulled away and she laced her fingers through his, enjoying being in his presence. He took her outside of the city, away from the bright lights and out to a place that was all rolling hills and green grass. It was so pretty out here and she couldn’t help but marvel at the world’s beauty. “See, not the woods.” He said as he pulled over and popped his trunk. He grabbed the basket he had put together as well as her snacks then offered his hand to her.

“It’s really pretty out here.” She said as she accepted his hand.

“Well now that you’re out here.”

She laughed “stop that, you’re such a flirt”

“I’ve actually been behaving. I’ve stopped myself a few times. You’re very beautiful Tracy, beautiful with an amazing sense of humor. I’m sure you have met your fair share of people who just don’t get it. It’s been nice meeting someone I can joke with who can not only laughs but makes some of their own. I hope, even if it’s not just yet that us going out like this is a date to you. I’d prefer them to be dates”

“they are now stop before you make me nervous” He smiled, beaming with his happiness. “Look how red you are” he teased and she shoved him, making him laugh. They laid out a blanket then he set the basket down “Are you ready to eat anything?”

“I skipped my lunch break so I’m starving”

“I wish you would have told me sooner” she laughed “I’m hardly a starved woman Keith” He handed her a sub “I hope you like it.” she took her first bite and said “completely gross” then took her second. “Oh yeah, so gross, it’s why you’re still eating”

“I did say I was starving.”

He chuckled and leaned over, kissing her cheek and making her blush. “Well there, now you can eat my gross food and be embarrassed.”


“But an adorable one.”

“Someone thinks highly of himself.”

“Women think confidence is sexy.” He reached into the basket and pulled a bottle of wine. “I have this, but I also managed to pack a couple of sodas if you’re not a wine girl. I think I’ve been watching too many movies, they always have wine in movie picnics.” He swallowed his food. “I think I forgot glasses though so if you decide to share I hope you know I don’t have cooties.”

She laughed and they just began talking again like they had the day before. Conversation just flowed for the two. They didn’t pause and struggle to find a new thing to talk about when one topic was over, the conversation just happened. When the sun began to set Keith swallowed down the nervousness this question brought and asked “Could we cuddle while we look at the stars? Like you could sit between my legs or I could lay down and you could put your head on my chest”

“That sounds really nice” His heart stuttered “you know we could start now so we’re in a good position by the time the stars are out” She smiled, her eyes filling with even more happiness than he had seen there just moments ago “Yeah, totally about getting comfortable before the stars come out”

“Just come here please.” They started out with him holding her in his arms as she sat between his legs. She felt so comfortable. Tracy couldn’t remember ever being held like this. Her ex had held her but not the way Keith was doing right now. It was something she struggled to explain but she had never felt quite this cared about in someones arms before. Around ten she had a hard time not falling asleep “I really need to go home. I’m so tired Keith”

“Does this really have to stop Tracy” he whispered, sounding just as sleepy as she was. “I have work tomorrow”

“Damn.” He held her a little tighter, “You could stay with me, just to cuddle.”

“No clothes.”

“Double damn.”

She smiled, letting out a little sigh. “Alright, how about this, take me to get a change of clothes and I’ll stay with you.”

“Really?” He was more awake now.

“You have to promise me you’ll behave and you’ll have me at work on time tomorrow.”

“Cross my heart.” He helped her up, quickly packing everything away. She had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing at how enthusiastic he was.

She was sleepy but stayed awake for the drive. It made her feel special that he looked so awake and so happy because she was going to stay at his home tonight. She wondered what sort of place he lived currently. He had talked about his childhood home but not where he lived now. When they got to her home he insisted on walking her to the door because of the hour. She didn’t mind since she didn’t live in the best neighborhood. Starting out this was just all she could afford currently. He looked around her home until she had her bag ready. He took it from her, carried it to the car and set it in his back seat.

“Find anything interesting?” she asked and he said “Nothing interesting beyond the fact I don’t like where you live”

“I can’t afford anything better, Dylan pays me well for an assistant but it’s still not a whole lot. I had to get some sort of home and that was the first I could. I’ll move out of it one day” Keith wanted her to live with him. He knew it was fast which was the only thing stopping him from asking right that moment. The sorry piece of crap that ever tried to hurt her in that neighborhood would regret it if something did happen though. Especially since he always had the element of surprise. He was short for a man at 5’8 and he had a sweet face so humans often underestimated him.

Tracy couldn’t help but feel excited herself as she watched the nighttime world drift by. Keith was sweet and devoted even though they barely knew each other. The only thing he had asked for was to spend time with her. He hadn’t lied about anything or tried to get into her pants and hadn’t pushed for an explanation of her fallen status. He just wanted her to be her. When they made it to his place he handed her the keys and grabbed everything out of the car, refusing to let her help. His home already looked nice from the outside and seemed to be in a much better neighborhood than her own.

“I hope you like it.” He said as she unlocked the door and he followed her inside. “I might have a couple of dirty dishes in the sink. I got so distracted with going out with you, I forgot.”

“It’s okay.” She looked around his place, surprised at how neat it was. “It’s really clean, like serial killer clean.”

“You caught me, guess I have to take you down to my torture chamber, of course I’ll have to dig out a basement first so if you’d just give me a few days.”

“Sorry, I’m booked with work.”

He threw his hands up in mock exasperation. “Damn, that’s too bad. Maybe I can pen you in for another day.”

She laughed. “Maybe, we’ll see.”

“do you shower before bed or in the morning? You know, for my stalker book. Having you here is really going to fill it out.” She laughed again, music to his ears. “I’ll take one in the morning. I just want to sleep right now.” He showed her to his room and she changed into pajams in his master bathroom. He normally liked to sleep in his boxers but he had pulled on pajama pants. He wanted her to be comfortable so he even asked “would you prefer my shirt on?”

“Oh no, you’re fine.” He smiled and she saw the jokes going through his mind but he didn’t pull one out. They got under his covers and she said “what did you want to say?”


“You wanted to joke again. I could see it on your face. Obviously I enjoy your humor. You even pointed out that its a thing you enjoy about me”

“You’ve known me for a little while but we’ve only gone out together twice and here you are in my home and I get to cuddle with you. I didn’t want a stupid joke to maybe make you want to go to my guest room or want to go home. I don’t know, you don’t over react and you’ve played along with me a lot but I really want to hold you so jokes can resume tomorrow.”

“You’re so adorable Keith, I know demon males hate being called things like that but you are” she snuggled closer to him “You make me feel safe and happy. You can joke about whatever and I wont leave this room”

“Just that it’s probably bad to be ogling your captor, I mean I know I’m sexy, but I do have plans for a torture chamber.”

“So scary, I’m shaking.”

“I can be quite terrifying, absolutely fierce.” She laughed and he kissed her forehead. “Sleep okay.”

She rubbed her cheek against his chest and smiled at how fast his heart was beating. “Night.”

“Good night, sweet dreams.”

She fell asleep almost immediately, but he was still too happy to be tired. Her being here had given him an extra shot of adrenaline so he just enjoyed holding her. She was so warm and her skin was soft like silk. It felt right having her in his arms and he knew in the morning he wasn’t going to be ready to let her go. He gave her forehead another gentle kiss then closed his eyes, willing himself to sleep so he was awake enough to get her to work.

Tracy whined when her alarm went off the next morning on her cellphone. Keith smiled, holding in his laughter “come on, I promised I’d get you to work on time”

“Stop being so comfortable to lay on and I’ll get up”

“come on, you can sleep on me tonight too if you want. You’re always welcome here”

“Be careful, don’t offer things you don’t want me to take you up on” she said as she got up. He sat up with her “who says I don’t want that? If it wasn’t too early to ask you I’d want you living here with me” she blushed “what? Really?”

“I feel such a connection to you. You’re funny, beautiful, smart, and honest. You are someone I could easily fall madly in love with Tracy. Please don’t be uncomfortable though. I know it’s way too early but when you feel like thats somthing you want I’d really like you here where I know you’re safe and I can hold you like that at night”

“You really are a bit of a nut.”

“Nuts for you.” He blushed. “Sorry, my mouth got away from me.”

She smiled, leaning over and kissing him. Her cheeks warmed and he sat there frozen for a moment then lifted his hands to frame her face, a wave of delight washing over him at the taste of her lips. When their lips finally parted he felt almost drugged and she looked wonderfully surprised. “Wow.” She said.

“Yeah, I mean damn, I don’t even have a good come back. That was just perfect.”

She smiled. “Okay, I really have to get dressed now, we’ll talk about things later.”

“Fine, go before I get selfish and keep you prisoner here.”

“Like you could” she teased and they both laughed happily. He took her to work again and all either of them could do was think about eachother. As much as she liked Keith moving in right now was still a bit fast for her. Things felt so perfect when they were together and there was no denying the intense feeling of that kiss. She wanted to really be with him, to have him as her boyfriend and she hoped he would honestly understand that she did need a bit more time before that happened and that it didn’t mean she didn’t think he was absolutely amazing. After work she drove to his home and he came out to her. “dinner?” she asked and he said “I’ll make us tacos”

They went in and she helped get dinner on the table. When it was over she said “I want to talk about what you said this morning” He seemed nervous and she was terrified of breaking his heart. “yeah?”

“I need a bit more time for a step like moving in together but I’d like to be your girlfriend and to stay over on weekends” He smiled “Thank you for being honest, Being your boyfriend and having you here to myself on weekends sounds perfect. I really do understand Tracy” he saw her relief as she said “I was so worried I would hurt your feelings”

“I want you to be ready before that happens. I would hate for you to move in just to spare my feelings. I want us to always be honest with eachother” She kissed him again, this time it taking him a much shorter time for his own lips to respond.

“Tracy, Tracy, Tracy, my sweet beautiful angel, what am I going to do with you?” He said with a happy sigh.

“I guess love me, there’s really no other option.”

He pressed their foreheads together. “All joking aside, I’m going to make you fall so head over heels for me that you’ll completely forget about that piece of garbage who dumped you.”

She smiled. “I’m sorry, I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

“Oh good, it’s already working.” He gave her another kiss. “Will you at least stay the night tonight?”

“Already getting lonely without me?”

“You make sleeping the best thing in the world. Just cuddling with you is so warm and calming. Please stay, no funny business. Just you, me, and a comfortable bed.”

“Well if you’re going to pout, it is my day off.”

“I can try much harder believe me, puppy dog eyes and everything, I’ll go all out just to cuddle.”

She laughed happily, looking forward to their relationship together. Keith truly was an amazing man and she felt lucky that she caught his interest. He was sweet and handsome, he could have probably gotten any girl he went after and he chose her. An Alp and an angel, what an interesting life it would be.

~ The End

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