Tristana & Vala

Chapter One

“Tristana, if you accept one of the offers you’ll be facing Nadia and she’s a bitch, you know that. She hurts just to the point it’s not allowed. I don’t want…I don’t want to see you bed ridden because of her”

“Who says she’ll win?’

“she plays dirty, you’re honorable”

“Maybe I’ll get a little dirty too if she starts it. Look, all the bidders want me as their player so we can finally take that trip we’ve been wanting to take. No matter who I pick you and I will be swimming in money. I love you and I’m glad you care enough to worry but I really want to do this” Vala sighed “alright but please, eat well, train and get good rest before. I’ll want to kill her if she hurts you too badly” Tristana kissed her “I promise”

Vala was still scared for her, but she knew once Tristana set her mind on something, she would go through with it no matter what. Vala wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to worry about the trip, that it would be alright if they put it off for another year if they had to. All that matter was spending time together. Tristana went and accepted one of the bigger offers and then got set up a time to fight. She decided to start training right away, wanting every advantage so she could beat Nadia. “I can help if you want me to.” Vala said.

“That might be a good idea. Nadia has been known to cheap shot with magic.”

“Not just that, but remember that girl she electrocuted. She was touching her.”

“I’ve been hit by magic, but not that close.”

“I’ll help you get a little more used to it. I’d rather do that than you suffer a lot in this fight” Tristana smiled at her, taking Vala’s face in her hands and sliding her thumbs across her cheeks “hey baby, I’m going to be okay. I’m a favorite for a reason. I win most of the time and I have been through hell to get the ranking I have. I am so excited about this money. I mean, I get my money either way, you know I don’t have to win so all I have to do is get through a battle with her and as soon as I’m recovered you and I can say screw you to this town for months if we want to. We wont come back until we don’t have any more money okay?”

“Of course you’re going to win, you’re you” Tristana beamed, moving in to kiss her “precisely, that little bitch has another thing coming. You can help me train but besides that all I want you to think about is all the fun we’re going to have and all the places you want me to take you” Vala felt a little bit better. She just wished Tristana was fighting anybody besides Nadia. Women like Nadia were probably why the matches even had rules. She didn’t know when to stop and if it wouldn’t get her permanently banned from competing she’d probably go as far as kill her opponent.

Vala took the time to not only spar with Tristana daily, but she also made sure she was eating properly and resting at night. She could tell that there were days when she would hit Tristana with her magic that it took her more time to recover. She wanted her to be able to block out the shock of electricity or the burn of fire because Nadia would not hold back for an instant. She took a few nicks from Tristana’s sword, but they merely laughed and smiled off their wounds and teased each other over them. “So are you ready to cheer me on?” Tristana asked one day after they had finished training.

“Don’t I always?”

“If this one will be too hard for you to watch, you know I won’t be upset. I know you’ll be waiting to nurse my wound regardless.”

“I wouldn’t miss a single match, just promise me you’ll giver her all you’ve got.”

“I plan on it.”

Per the norm when the day came for their battle the entire city was excited. The Goddess Battles were a huge deal and the stadium was always packed. Part of why Tristana didn’t have to accept battles often is the goddess’s had merchandise. Anybody could buy a doll or trading cards or shirts. Sometimes Tristana would be surprised by all the merchandise they had her face on but it sold well and made her a lot of money to spoil the love of her life. Not that Vala’s sales were shabby. She may not be a favorite for the wealthy people that bought fighters but she was well loved in the community.

Vala walked hand in hand with Tristana all the way to the stadium then parted so she could go to her seat and Tristana could get ready. “Tristana, please remember today that Nadia is ruthless”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to kick her ass” Vala took her seat, actually taking deep breaths she was so nervous. Vala tried to admire the stadium to calm her nerves as she reminded herself of all the reasons Tristana was a favorite and so highly ranked. Of course she had seen countless different themes but she remembered an email saying they had installed new ones. This one made the battle field look like they were in the Kingdom of werewolves. It was a fairly far off place. She only knew what it looked like from a few stories told about the kingdom.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today we watch our best and brightest in battle. Tristana and Nadia please take your places. We have a very special treat for you tonight.” The announcer waved his hand and the man next to him waved his hand over a console then hit a button. “Werewolves, but don’t worry they’re not real, though they can hurt you if they hit you. They are an obstacle you must maneuver around while you fight. If you agree to the terms signal, if not then you may leave.” Both women threw a hand up and the ground let out a pleased yell. “Very well, on my count, fight.”

Tristana stared Nadia in the eyes, her hand moving to her sword while she held her shield at the ready. Nadia just smirked and Tristana knew that this would not be an easy victory. She was going to come out of this with a few wounds, but it was nothing she couldn’t handle. This was for Vala and she could do anything when it was for her love.

The entire crowed counted down with the announcer. Normally Vala would too but today she only listened to the sterod numbers ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three , two, they had the dramatic pause again that at this point the entire crowd knew the length of by heart one! They managed to yell just when it was time. Cheering erupted again and Vala repeated in her mind “theres rules, she’ll be okay, theres rules” Tristana, mere minuets into the fight had swung her blade so close to Nadia it cut off a small amount of hair. She hadn’t intended to do that, knowing she would boil with rage as she was now. Nadia sent a cruel amount of electricity Tristana’s way but thanks to her beloved training she just gritted her teeth, able to take it without even slowing down.

Tristana slashed at her and when she ducked she threw an uppercut with her shield, catching her under the chin and sending her stumbling back. Nadia screamed and shot fire at her so Tristana had to roll away. One of the simulated werewolves jumped at her and she quickly took it out before running and sliding behind cover as a bolt of electricity struck the ground. “You bitch!” Nadia screamed as she came after her.

Vala was glad Tristana’s extra training was coming in handy and she was still on her feet. She remembered when she was learning to master her magic and had electrocuted and burned herself in the process. It had been a painful experience. She watched as she and Nadia came together once again, seeing that Tristana was trying to stay as close as possible to keep Nadia from using long ranged attacks. The werewolves caused them to break apart and fight each other around them. Tristana was an amazing sight to behold as she danced around the beasts and back to Nadia and Vala felt that familiar tingle of admiration as she watched her love. She had been around a long time and had never seen someone move like Tristana.

Suddenly Nadia grabbed Tristanas wrist, slamming her palm into her stomach. The look on Tristana’s face made Vala stand up it scared her so much. She covered her mouth as she looked on. Tristana hit the ground and Vala faintly heard the announcer speak “Tristana actually hits the ground. Now thats a rare sight and look over at her girlfriend” the cameras zoomed in on Vala as he said “someones nervous” Tristana was in obvious pain but true to her normal form she was back up and ready to keep fighting. Vala sat down before somebody behind her got mad. Her fear subsided now that Tristana just looked angry. She knew Tristana would use that anger to make herself faster and stronger.

Tristana swung her sword, slicing through her armor, the tip of her sword nicking Nadia’s stomach. She spun and caught her in the chest with her shield, sending her rolling. She ran at her as she got up and Nadia sent a wave of fire at her, trying to stop her momentum. Tristana brought her shield up, blocking as she continued the motion forward, barreling into her. Nadia was pinned to the ground and Tristana held her sword an inch from her eye. “Yield.”

“Never!” She gripped Tristana’s arm and started to shock her when Tristana headbutted her. It through off her focus and dizzied her and Tristana stood, planting a foot on her chest.

The announcer called an end to the match and a couple of people were sent out to help Nadia to a healer. Everyone knew that if Tristana had wanted to, she could have done much more damage. Tristana headed for the arena exit and Vala jumped up, running to meet her and check on her and get her healed if she needed it. She wrapped her arms around Tristana as soon as she was close enough and Tristana winced a little from the slight pain radiating across her skin. She hugged back anyway and pressed a kiss to Vala’s forehead.

“Are you alright?” Vala asked.

“I’m fine baby, a little sore, but nothing I can’t handle.”

“I want to get you home”

“You know good and well I need to be seen before I can go home. They can’t have one of their money makers go home with something serious that they didn’t realize. I just wanted to see you a moment”

“Lets hurry” Tristana was soon given the clear to leave and the two women went to their home. They cuddled up together in bed and Tristana sighed contentedly “I’m so proud of how well you did against Nadia. You avoided basically all the cheap shots she tried to deliver”

“I told you baby. Hopefully tomorrow we can start getting ready for our trip.”

“It depends on how you feel. You may aswell rest until you feel completely better.” Tristana smiled “I love you so much Vala”

“I love you too, sleep if you can. You’ll feel better faster” Tristana was out cold mere moments later and Vala just continued to lay there so her girlfriend wouldn’t be disturbed. She knew Tristana would be just fine. It was just hard not to over worry when you actually cared about one of the other fighters. Tristana was her girlfriend and watching her fight had forever changed since the moment Tristana asked her out. Vala stayed with her girlfriend until dinner then carefully got up to go grab her something from one of her favorite restaurants. “Vala” the owner said happily “good evening Craig. Could I have mine and Tristana’s usual?”

“Of course” He called the order back then said “How’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s hurting a little but at least she’s sleeping”

“I assumed since she isn’t with you. She was amazing today by the way”

‘I’ll tell her you thought so”

“she won me quite a bit of money since I bet on her so tonights meal is free”

“Oh Craig, that’s not necessary”

“Let me thank her, please”

“If you insist”

“I do” They continued talking about the match until their food was ready. Next Vala bought her some flowers then hurried home.

Chapter Two

She quickly checked on Tristana who she was happy to see still sleeping. She decided to set the table and light some candles, wanting to be as romantic as possible. Tristana deserved romance, especially after the fight with Nadia. When she had everything ready she switched off the lights and closed the curtains, smiling at her handiwork. She went into their room and sat down next to Tristana. She looked so beautiful and content in her sleep and Vala felt a little guilty she was going to wake her. “Hey, Tristana.” She said softly as she stroked her cheek. “It’s time to wake up and eat.” Tristana let out a little groan and rolled over on her side, mumbling something under her breath. Vala smiled as she leaned down and pressed a kiss to Tristana’s lips.

Tristana’s eyes fluttered open and she slowly wrapped her arms around Vala as she came fully awake. “What a wonderful way to wake up.” She said with a warm smile.

“I got food, come eat with me.”

When Tristana walked out and saw how Vala had set everything up and that she had picked up one of her favorite meals she was left speechless a few moments, her heart beating out a touched rhythm “Vala…’ Tristana hugged her and gave her a much more passionate kiss than before. Vala pulled out Tristana’s seat for her then took her own. “You are perfect Vala” Tristana said after staring at her a few moments at the table “I have to be to deserve you” Tristana wiped at her eye, they had been becoming damp. This made Tristana want to propose even more but Vala had set up this moment and Vala deserved a proposal that she had fully worked on on her own. This trip meant so much to Tristana because she was going to ask her to marry her during it.

“After we’re finished eating, we can start getting ready.” Tristana said with a happy smile.

“You should keep resting, I can pack what we need.” Vala replied, not wanting Tristana to overwork herself. She had already fought Nadia, she didn’t need to further exhaust herself.

“It’s alright, I want to help and anything we forget we can just buy.”

“As long as you’re sure.”

“I am so let me.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“I love you too so stop making that face.”

“What face?”

“Your worried face. It’ll get stuck like that.” Vala blushed and Tristana laughed. “I’m fine, really, I barely even hurt anymore, especially after such a wonderful surprise.”

“Okay..I guess the training really paid off then”

“It did, we should train together more often when we’re just home. That way you can do better against fighters like me and I can get better against fighters like you. Better to learn from eachother than somebody who isn’t going to show any mercy”

“Yeah, I think about once a week might be good for us” They ate their food then packed to leave tomorrow before Vala insisted on laying back down “baby, I’d rather play a video game with you. I’ll still be resting technically”

“alright then, what would you like to play?”

“We could take turns playing The Last Story” They turned on their tv and got it started up, Vala insisting Tristana went first. While Vala waited for her turn and watched she rested her head in Tristanas lap, enjoying just being there with her.

Vala took her turn once Tristana grew tired, resting her head on Vala’s shoulder and falling asleep soon after. Vala didn’t play for long and gently woke Tristana so they could go to bed. “You can keep playing.” She said sleepily.

“It’s alright, you need rest and besides, we’re leaving tomorrow so come on.”

“Okay.” Vala got everything turned off while Tristana climbed into bed and Vala soon joined her and pulled her into her arms. They both let out a happy sigh and were soon sleeping. They both woke early the next morning and Tristana did a few stretches, testing her sore muscles.

“Feeling better?” Vala asked.

“Yeah, still a bit achy, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“we can put off our trip” Tristana smiled, closing the distance between them and placing a kiss on her girlfriends forehead “I’m fine beautiful, I really want to go ahead and go.”

“Okay, I’ll try to quit worrying”

“you’re adorable when you worry” They grabbed their small bags and headed out. They rented a vehicle for their trip since their car wasn’t made for the off road areas they planned on visiting. As soon as they were out far enough they wouldn’t be bothering anybody they had their music blaring as they sang at the top of their lungs, only stopping to laugh or quickly kiss. They were free and for as long as they wanted after a high paying fight like that.

They were exhausted by the time they got to the little out of the way inn they had planned to stop at. It was tiny and it definitely wasn’t the best but it was the only one this far out and in the direction they were headed. Neither really worried about someone bothering them anyway. Most knew they were goddess game fighters and nobody but other goddess’s tend to challenge the fighters. They checked in and were quickly asleep. They left again before the sun was even up, ready and excited to continue their journey.

“This place is gorgeous.” Tristana said as she enjoyed the warm sun seeping in through the windows.

“There are actually some really cool places along the way, if you don’t mind stopping.”

“You know I’ll go anywhere as long as it’s with you. It just feels nice to relax.”

Vala laced their fingers together, wishing they were already at their destination so she could ask Tristana to marry her, but she wanted to give her a trip she wouldn’t forget. Vala pulled onto a bumpy road a bit later, taking them to a really beautiful lake that was being fed by a waterfall. Tristana pulled of her shoes before she got out then rolled up her pants and walked over to the water. She let out a contented sigh when it touched her toes and waded in a little deeper. It was so perfect here, the water was warmed by the sun, the air smelled clean and she could hear birds singing happily as they flitted from tree to tree. Vala couldn’t help but admire her. She truly looked like the goddess she was.

They took their time, enjoying each place along the way since they had nothing back home to rush off to. When they got to their final location and surrounded by beautiful falling red leaves. Tristana took Vala by the hands “sweetheart” she said softly “yeah” Vala answered, still looking around at the beauty. Her gaze not only captured by the leaves surrounding them but the white and orange flowers spread across the vibrant green grass. “sweetheart” Tristana said with a laugh. Vala looked at her now “sorry baby, this is just stunning”

“not as beautiful as you are though” Vala’s smile widened and Tristana let herself fall down to one knee “Tristana?” Vala asked. She pulled out the ring and Vala gasped “Tristana” she was in utter disbelief, not expecting this in the slightest “Please make me the happiest woman in the world. I’ll give you any kind of wedding you want. I don’t care how much we spend. I want to give you your dream wedding if you’ll give me forever with you”

“Yes, yes I’ love to marry you!” Tristana slipped the ring on her finger, tears gathering in her eyes. They kissed, both feeling things couldn’t be more perfect. Here they were, enough money to do whatever they wanted and now a wedding was in their future. Vala wasn’t sure how she managed to nab a woman like Tristana but she did know without a doubt she wanted to be with her forever.

~ The End

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