Varuna & Somnus 2

Chapter One

“I’m home.” Somnus said as he walked through the front door, exhausted after a long day of meeting with walk in clients.

“In the kitchen.” Varuna called back as Somnus kicked off his shoes and loosened his tie. “Hello gorgeous, you look tired.” Varuna was cooking dinner, but that didn’t stop him from reaching for Somnus and pulling him close.

“I am tired.”

“Sorry I had to miss today. My buddy needed my help at the bar.”

“It’s fine.” He rested his head against Varuna’s shoulder. “That looks good.”

“Good, I was worried since I’ve never made it before.” He pressed a kiss to the top of Somnus’s head. “Maybe we should take some time off. Why don’t we drive up state and rent a cabin.”

“I have so much work.”

“Come on, you deserve some time off. No computers, just my phone so you don’t get any calls or messages, a nice warm fire, maybe some wine.” He sat the spatula down and tipped Somnus’s head back. “Please?”

Somnus melted, unable to protest any longer. Varuna was just so loving and how could he really deny him when all he wanted was time together. There would always be work but if he didn’t put Varuna first when he asked for it then there might not always be Varuna. “alright” Varuna kissed him “good, I’ll figure everything out okay? You just get to enjoy it” Somnus lightly chuckled “helping plan it and get things together wouldn’t be work, not with you”

“I know you and I know you’ll want to tie up some things with clients before we go. I don’t want you worrying so please, just tie up whatever you can while I set things in motion for us just to be together”

“You’re really the best thing that ever happened to me”

“I know” he said with a wink.

Somnus went and sat in the living room with his plate and got his laptop set up and powered on while Varuna used his phone to rent them a cabin. Once he had everything set up on that end he joined Somnus and switched on the TV. He kept the volume low so as not to disturb him and quickly finished his dinner so he could start packing. “Are you sure you don’t need any help?” Somnus asked.

“Absolutely, I have everything covered.” He pressed a kiss to his lips, grinning when he heard his heart skip a beat. “Take your time.”


Varuna hummed to himself as he pulled their suitcase out and started filling it. He made sure to grab a sweater for Somnus since he might get cold. He smiled as his mind drifted to less pure thoughts, unable to help himself when he was going to have Somnus all to himself.

It felt incredibly good it had been so easy to get him to agree to a trip. He knew, however busy Somnus was he loved him immensely but it meant a lot all he had to do was ask and he’d drop everything. Even when you know things for a fact, when it came to how much someone loved you, a reminder was nice. It was better than nice, it was causing a warmth to flow through his entire body. He kept day dreaming about making love to Somnus all over that cabin, actually getting half hard for him. His mind was nearly working him up into a full erection when Somnus came in :are you done packing baby” His mind instantly said “not yet but if you get on the bed I can finish up”


“Hmm? Oh, almost.”

“Are you alright?” He moved closer, his fingers sliding over Varuna’s arm to pull him around.

“I’m perfect.” He pulled Somnus into him and chuckled when his face turned red and his entire body warmed. “Don’t look so surprised, I can’t help myself.”

“What were you doing up here?”

“Packing,” he let his lips brush Somnus’s, “and thinking of you.”

Somnus swallowed. “M…maybe I should leave you to it.”

“Maybe you should help me finish.”


“Please?” He loved teasing Somnus and how easy it was to embarrass him. He was so cute when he couldn’t think of what to say or do.

Varuna chuckled “we don’t have to”

“I feel bad though. We still haven’t” Varuna interrupted him “doesn’t matter, leave me to day dream”

“you’re not upset?”

“I have you, I’m the happiest being in the world” he hoped he could finally draw Somnus into bed this trip but he had never gotten upset about them not having sex and if he didn’t at the cabin it still wouldn’t matter. They had forever together, Varuna didn’t need it to be sexual for him to be happy. Though Varuna was obviously unbothered by another sexual rejection Somnus left the room feeling guilty.

Varuna double checked to make sure he had everything then zipped up their suitcase and carried it downstairs. Somnus was sitting on the couch staring at the TV and looking upset. Varuna sat the suitcase by the front door then surprised him by jumping over the back of the couch and dropping his head in his lap. “You better stop looking like the world has ended.”

“Sorry, I know it’s stupid, but…”

“Hey, it’s alright, it doesn’t make me angry or upset or feel less loved.” He reached up and brushed his fingers over Somnus’s cheek. “I love you with all my heart.”

“I love you too.”

“Then don’t worry, nothing will ever change the way I feel about you.”

“I know, but m…maybe you could…you know…use…”

Varuna shook his head. “I want you willingly, not because I used my powers. If anything, I’ll use it to enhance the experience, not to hypnotize you.”


“It’s alright, I understand baby, but be patient. We have all the time in the world for me to drive you mad with pleasure.” Somnus blushed and Varuna chuckled. “There we go, there’s my sweet, shy mate.”

“I really do love you” Somnus said causing Varuna to smile “you know as much as I want to it should show you how real this relationship truly is. I mean, sex is a crutch a lot of couples stand on. You and I have been completely happy and fulfilled in this relationship for years without sex. I don’t need that from you at all to be happy. Your company and affection is more than good enough, nothing makes me happier” Somnus felt a lot better and was able to just look forward to this trip they were taking again. Just as planned, when it came time to leave Somnus left behind all ways to contact him. They were only taking Varunas phone so work would be far away and they could simply be together.

“I haven’t stayed in a cabin in a long time.” Somnus said as he watched the city give way to countryside.

“Oh really? Who did you go with? Ex boyfriend?”

“N…no, with my parents. I was a kid. You’re the only boyfriend who’s ever taken me.” He glanced at Varuna who was smiling. “Don’t look so pleased.”

“I can’t help it, it means that’s another first I get to be.”

“And last.” He replied with a blush.

Varuna chuckled. “You’re so cute.”

“I’m not.”

“Oh yes you are. It makes you that much more irresistible.”

Somnus almost felt feverish he was blushing so much and Varuna ate it up. He loved his adorable mate, every bit of him. Somnus began talking about his childhood trip to a cabin. It passed time and Varuna had as much fun listening to the story as Somnus enjoyed reliving the memory through talking about it. It lead to multiple stories of him growing up which took up the rest of the trip. “I like it already” Somnus said as they stepped out of the car. This was the kind of place people went to and took hundreds of photos to share with their families. It was gorgeous, even down to the color of the wood and Somnus couldn’t wait to see inside.

Varuna pulled their suitcase out of the trunk while Somnus headed inside. “What do you think?” He asked as he stepped in behind him.

“It’s gorgeous. How much did you pay?”



“Money is nothing when it comes to you. Have a look around.”

Varuna took the suitcase to their room and chuckled when he heard Somnus say. “The kitchen is stocked, how much did you spend?”

“I told you enough.” Varuna said as he walked into the living room. “Besides, I prefer we don’t make constant trips into town. I want to keep you out here all alone for as long as I can.”

Somnus blushed. “You don’t have to spoil me so much.”

“But I like spoiling you.” He moved closer, taking Somnus’s hands in his.

He got Somnus to meet his eyes then added “and we still don’t have to have sex here. When we make love for the first time I want it to happen purely because you wanted it to happen. We have so much time for that chapter of our lives. I just want to make you happy Somnus” Somnus kissed Varuna then hugged him “Thank you so much for this. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy…”

“You’re with me now, that’s all I care about. I know all I have to do is ask you to slow down” They stood there holding eachother for a short while then finished settling into their cabin. “we haven’t eaten in hours. Lets cook something” Varuna suggested. They went into the kitchen and looked in the cabinets to find they also had everything to cook with they could possibly want “this is amazing” Somnus noted as he pulled a few things out.

Varuna flirted with Somnus while they cooked, loving the way his heart stuttered and the heat he could feel coming off his body from his blush. When they finally sat down to eat, Somnus was an embarrassed mess. “Are you alright my love?” Varuna asked innocently.

“Yes.” He replied softly.

Varuna leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I’ll lay off so you can eat.”

“You have no shame.”

“Why would I when it’s you? Besides, you know you love it.”

Somnus took a bite of his food. It was embarrassing and it made him feel like a pervert, but he couldn’t help it. Varuna was honest and open about what he wanted and it made him feel happy he was so loved and desired by someone. No one had ever made him feel that way.

Chapter two

“so did you pick everything that’s in our fridge here?”

“Yep, I gave a list and the amount that was asked for. I already have a meal plan so we don’t have to waste time thinking about food but it’s nothing we absolutely have to stick to.”

“You’ve been thinking about this for awhile haven’t you?”


“Have I been making you feel lonely?” he had to ask. Varuna just chuckled “I’m fine, stop being silly.”

“I’m going to get better about making sure I don’t get too busy”

“I know handsome” Varuna winked then went back to eating.

Once they had finished eating, Varuna washed the dishes while Somnus dried and put away. “Let’s walk down to the lake.” Somnus said once everything was cleaned up.

“Feel like swimming?”

“I mean we just ate, we could get a cramp or something.”

“So let’s get changed and walk around for a bit and then go swimming.”

“Alright. Maybe we could have a race or something. I saw a dock when we were pulling in.”

Varuna chuckled as he followed him into the room. “What do I get if I win?”

Somnus blushed as he pulled their trunks out and handed Varuna his. “Well…” it was the way Varuna said things that got his mind racing, “I mean I guess whatever you want.”

“Oh?” He was grinning as he started undressing. “Whatever I want. Hmm.”

“B…but you can’t use your speed, you have to win on your own.”

“Alright, sounds good.”

They finished getting ready then started out on their walk, lacing their hands together. “so, you didn’t say what you wanted if you win”

“Be a little more demanding of me.”


“yeah, keep me in line if I start to let myself get too busy” Varuna chuckled as he lifted Somnus’s hand to his lips. “alright baby” They walked a short while then got ready to race, Varuna hoping he could still win without boosting himself. He wasn’t quite sure what he would ask for but he definitely wanted to have his mate blushing again. “You ready?”

“Count down from three?”



Somnus had always thought of himself as a strong swimmer, he used to do it all the time and was sure he could beat Varuna, but he was amazed to find that he stayed right next to him. He had never actually seen Varuna swim, but it was like he was racing a fish. He yelled for them to turn when his head came above the water and they both stopped and twisted around, heading back for the dock. Varuna pulled ahead at the last moment and grabbed onto the edge of the dock first. They were both panting as they hauled themselves out and laid back, staring up at the sky. “Holy…crap.” Somnus said then cleared his throat. “Why didn’t you say…you could swim?”

“Well…we’ve never gone, so…”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Varuna sat up and ran his fingers through his hair, ringing out some of the water. “So,” he said as he leaned over Somnus so their noses were nearly touching, “I wonder what I should ask for.”

“Uh…” Somnus’s heart danced in his chest.

“I mean either way it was a win for me. I can be very demanding.” He brushed his fingers through Somnus’s hair then pressed a light kiss to his lips. “What do I want?” He grinned. “My goodness, you’re red all over.”


‘Could I feel you? That’s what I want”

“f..feel me?”

“Yes, can we go back to the cabin, you get naked and just let me feel you. You can still tell me to stop whenever but I really want to feel more of you. I know you said I could just have whatever I want but it’s still a question Somnus” They just looked at eachother a few moments before Somnus answered “O..okay”

“really?” Varuna tried to push down the excitement some but Somnus could still see how much the idea lit him up. “really”

“Now or later?”

“we can go back now” Varuna lifted his mate and happily began taking him back to their cabin. He hoped Somnus wouldn’t get too nervous and stop him but even if he only got to enjoy him a short while this made him incredibly happy. Once they were inside Somnus asked “should I shower first?”

“you don’t have to”

Somnus shifted nervously, a blush tinting his skin. He didn’t know what he should do first, his brain and body seemed like completely separate entities. “Um…”

Varuna couldn’t help the smile that pulled at his lips. The face Somnus was making was adorable. He pulled him closer, letting his fingers slide up Somnus’s back so he gave a little shiver. “Would you like me to start my love?” He asked, his lips nearly brushing Somnus’s.

“I…” Somnus swallowed, “yes.”

Varuna kissed him, starting slow and gentle, hands gliding over his torso. His lips made a path down his neck to his shoulder where he bit him. “Yummy.”


He chuckled as he backed him up to the couch and pushed him down. “How sweet you are, like candy.” He let his fingers slide over his chest and down past his bellybutton, becoming aroused at his quickening breath and stuttering heart beat. His fingers slid into the waistband of Somnus’s trunks and Somnus covered his face in embarrassment as he drew them off.

Varuna gasped, feeling his length stir in his swim suit as he took the image of his naked mate in. “You are…Somnus your body is perfect” Somnus still couldn’t remove his hands from his face so Varuna gently tugged them away “baby, you don’t need to be embarrassed at all. I want you, so badly. You’re sexy, every bit of you”

“I…I want to have sex with you…we’re this far..we may as well try”

“are you sure?”


“you seem so nervous”

“No matter how long you wait for me I wont get to a point where I wont be nervous. I want to, I mean it”

“Alright, wait here for just a moment.”


“Because, I would rather not hurt you your first time.” Somnus’s blush worsened and Varuna chuckled as he left and quickly returned holding a bottle of lube.

“You planned this.”

“It was just in case.”

He slid out of his trunks then lifted Somnus and sat with him straddling him. “Wh…what are you doing?”

He pressed light, teasing kisses to Somnus’s chest. “Now you can stop if you need to.” He let his hands move over him, his teeth nip at his sensitive skin so he let out a little moan. A smile of satisfaction spread across his lips when he felt him grow hard and he let his fingers slide over his lover’s growing erection and tease him all the way up.

“Varuna, I…I can’t.” His voice shook with desire.

Varuna kissed him as he dripped some lubricant on himself and then used more to slowly loosen Somnus who clung tightly to him. “Shh, relax, it’s okay.” Somnus nodded and Varuna slowly guided him down onto him.

Somnus deeply moaned, his breathing a little shaky once Varuna was fully inside him “are you okay?” Varuna asked softly and Somnus nodded. Varuna moved slowly, savoring their first time. He allowed his allure as an Incubus to flow out of him. He wanted to give his mate all the pleasure he possibly could. He smiled as it began to take affect Somnus. He allowed his hips to move just a little bit faster, holding Somnus as Somnus rode him. Varuna moaning in his ear was the sexiest sound Somnus had ever heard and it made him blush though he knew everything else they were doing probably contributed to his pink skin. Varuna began to cum and it was Somnus’s undoing. He came aswell and then Varuna laid back to hold him. He didn’t care that he had come on his stomach, he had an inexorable urge to hold his mate.

“That was amazing” Somnus whispered and Varuna held him just a bit tighter as he agreed “it was”

“You used your ability didn’t you?”

“during yes but not to get that started”

“I know”

“You liked it”

“yeah” Somnus answered, obviously embarrassed. “I’m happy to hear that” Varuna punctuated his response with a kiss to the head. They laid there quite some time before they took a shower and dressed again.

Somnus was exhausted, but incredibly happy and satisfied. He snuggled up to Varuna on the couch and brushed a kiss to his neck that caused goosebumps to rise on his skin. “Be good, you’re already irresistible enough.” Varuna said.

Somnus blushed. “I don’t think I’d be able to move if we did it again.”

Varuna chuckled as he turned his attention completely on Somnus. “Then you’d be completely at my mercy.” He teased, his lips nearly touching Somnus’s. “I think I’d like to see that.”

“W…well, I mean…um that is…you’re going to kill me.”

“Maybe just keep you right on the brink.” He smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips, leaving him breathless.


“You know I can’t help it.” He brushed his fingers lovingly over Somnus’s cheek. “There’s something I would like to ask of you.”

“Oh?” Somnus’s brain was suddenly racing with what it could be and his blush became more prominent.

“What are you thinking about? Perverted stuff?”


Varuna laughed. “We’ll have to explore all of your fantasies later my love. I want to know if you’ll consider changing for me. I want to keep you forever.”

“Into an incubus?”

“God no, I’d wind up killing someone. Into a vampire or if you prefer I can find another creature to change you, a werewolf or a demon?”

“a vampire would be fine”

“You don’t want to think about it?” he was surprised how his mate didn’t have a second of hesitation. “I knew you could so it’s already crossed my mind…I’ve already thought about what I’d want if you asked me” Varuna kissed Somnus gently “when we get home I’ll change you. I don’t want you to go through that here.”

“it’ll hurt?”

“it’s never easy for a human to become a supernatural being but I’ll be there to hold you and help you through”

“Okay, I’ll stretch out my vacation then too. I know you’ll have to help me get used to being a vampire”

“good” Varuna kissed his shoulder, almost giddy with happiness.

They spent the rest of the trip going between enjoying the surrounding area and Varuna making love to Somnus any chance he got. It was hard holding back when his adorable lover did things to constantly entice him. It all seemed to pass too quickly for them, but Varuna promised he would make sure they came back, even if he had to throw Somnus over his shoulder to get him away from work. Varuna packed everything while Somnus wiped everything down and made sure the garbage was taken out. “You ready?” Varuna asked after he had loaded their suitcase into the trunk.

“Yes and no.”

Varuna chuckled as he took Somnus in his arms and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I want to get you home and change you.” He rubbed their noses together, causing Somnus to blush. “I need this forever.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He gave him another kiss then they got in the car and Somnus rested his head on Varuna’s shoulder as they made their way home. He was a little nervous when they finally pulled into the driveway and went inside. He didn’t know much about how vampires changed people and he wasn’t sure what to expect. Varuna could smell his worry and hear the way his heart jumped around. He gently to his hand, smiling loving at him. “Breathe baby.” He said softly.

“Sorry, it’s just I’m not exactly an expert on this sort of thing. I feel stupid for not asking more questions or doing research or anything.”

“It’s going to be alright, I promise.”

“So, what do you have to do?”

“Well first, I take your blood.” He let his fingers brush Somnus’s neck and smiled when he shivered. “And then, I give you mine and that will cause you to change.” He gave him a kiss. “The change is uncomfortable for humans, but I’ll be with you the whole time, I promise.”

“I’m sorry, I know you can tell how nervous I am. I do trust you though”

“I know” Varuna gave him a reassuring smile then began the ceremony to change him. It broke Varunas heart to cause his mate pain but when it was over Varuna felt nothing but excitement that this had truly happened. They were going to spend eternity together. He had to cause him pain briefly but Varuna was going to spend the rest of their lives bringing Somnus nothing but joy and pleasure. Now that they were having sex Varuna could barely keep his hands off of Somnus but both men were happy with that situation. Their life was heading in an amazing direction and Varuna was elated thinking of the coming days.

~ The End

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