Vedrick & Rebecca 2

Chapter one

Vedrick growled as he listened to Rebecca and Tobys father fighting on the phone. It angered him to no end how brazen and demanding he was for a man who hadn’t been in his sons life for any of the ten years he had been alive. “fine, I’ll talk to Vedrick and Toby then call you back!” was the last thing Rebecca yelled before hanging up the house phone. Vedrick got up and hugged her “what does he want you to talk to us about?”

“He says he refuses to sign the papers to make Toby your son unless we give him a chance to get to know Toby. He wants to stay here for a weekend and hangout with Toby to make sure it’s really Toby wanting you as his father and not me. He says he will make court as long and drawn out as possible if we don’t agree.”

“Toby wont go for that. He hates his father”

“He might if he knows it means you being his dad. He wants that so much”

“I am his dad”

“I know, you know what i mean. He wants it legally”

“we’ll talk to our son when he returns from school. Lets take a bath for now. You’re so tense”

“I guess I should relax for the baby”

“yes, please. I don’t want you to stress into a miscarriage or somthing”

“I’m nearly four months along Vedrick”

“Still sit down on our bed and I’ll run us a bubble bath”

“Thank you baby”
Vedrick was shaking with anger as he switched on the water and tested it before plugging the drain and pouring in some of the lavender bubble bath Charlotte had bought for Rebecca. If he was any less of a man he would have hunted down Toby’s father and terrorized him until he signed over his rights. He knew he could do it, one look at the snarling wolf that lived inside of him and the man would be pissing himself while signing the papers, but he couldn’t do that and come home to Rebecca. He knew she would disappointed in him for resorting to such childish acts of intimidation. He went back into the room and lifted Rebecca off the bed and carried her into the bathroom.

“You wolf men are always so worried about your mates. I can walk.”

“I know, but I prefer to carry you.” He lowered her to her feet once they were in the bathroom and pulled her clothes off, brushing a kiss onto her abdomen as he bent to pull her panties off. She smiled running her fingers lovingly through his hair as he straightened and stripped. “You’re really the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Even pregnant?”

“Yes, absolutely gorgeous.”

He handed her into the tub and she scooted forward once she was sitting so he could get behind her. Once he was in a comfortable position she laid back against him and he kissed her temple. “I’m sorry you have to be drawn into my ex husband’s stupid drama.”

“Hush now, it’s not your fault he’s a piece of shi…crap.” She giggled at him trying not to curse. He had been trying hard not to do it around Toby or Rebecca since she was pregnant.

“Still, you shouldn’t have to deal with it. He’s just trying to hurt me again, but I won’t let him this time and I know he’s going to be disappointed if he thinks Toby cares about him. All that boy sees is you. You’re his hero and his role model.”

“Calm down love.”

She giggled again and turned her head, giving him a loving kiss. “I love you my very protective wolf.”
“I love you too. As much as I hate it we can handle a weekend if Toby is alright with it” They stayed in until they were both calm then dried and dressed. “I think we should take Toby out to sonic or somthing before we talk to him. Plus I just dont feel like cooking tonight” Rebecca said and Vedrick laughed “Lets look at some bridesmaid dresses online for awhile. You still havent chosen any”

“Ok” They pulled out their laptop and began browsing dresses that matched the colors of their wedding. The laptop sat in Rebeccas lap as she sat between Vedricks legs. “What do you think of this one?” She asked actually considering a dress “That’s cute.”

“That one then. I’ll give the link to Charlotte” Rebecca copied the link then sent it to Charlotte on Facebook. Charlotte was online so she instantly responded with “I love it. Buying it now if you’re sure”

“I’m sure” Rebecca sent back. “Now the honeymoon. We haven’t decided on that”

“We already talked about that. I’m pregnant and we dont need one. Maybe a disney cruise because Toby wants to go on one but that wasnt what you were thinking I’m sure”

“I’d hate for you to be out on a boat pregnant”

“yeah, lets just enjoy being married Vedrick. I don’t need a honeymoon”

“maybe just a romantic evening then. I’m sure Charlotte and Grayson would watch Toby”

“Want me to ask now?”

“Sure” Rebecca said then asked Charlotte. She took a second to respond but they knew she was probably talking to Grayson. She responded “No problem. We’d be happy to just let him come home with us after the ceremony”

“Thank you”
“Charlie is a real angel isn’t she?” Vedrick said as he kissed Rebecca’s cheek.

“Yeah, we’re lucky to have her and Gayson.” She closed her laptop and sat it next to them, just relaxing into Vedrick.

“What’s on your mind baby?”

“I’m just stressed about asking Toby to spend time with his father. If he says no then that piece of crap won’t sign the papers.”

“Don’t worry about it baby, just stay calm.”

They heard the front door open and Toby called, “Mom, dad I’m home.” They got off the bed and headed downstairs where he hugged them both. “You two okay, dad looks ticked.”

“We’ll tell you in a minute, go put your bag upstairs, we’re going out for Sonic.” Rebecca answered.

“Nice.” He ran up to his room and threw his backpack on the bed then hurried back down. They all piled into the car, Rebecca feeling more worried. When they made it to Sonic they ordered what they wanted, Toby getting two chili dogs. Vedrick laughed at the appetite of a growing wolf pup. He remembered when he was young all he wanted to do was eat. When their food came Vedrick drove them to the park, thinking a calm atmosphere would be good for a talk about Toby’s biological father.

Chapter Two

“seriously guys, what did I do?” Toby said half way through his second hot dog. “you didn’t do anything. There’s just somthing important we need to talk about”

“Then will you guys please. You’re freaking me out” Vedrick waited for Rebecca to speak since he figured she should tell him. “I talk to your biological father today about signing the papers”

“You found him! Ins’t that good mom?”

“He refuses to sign his rights away unless he gets to come spend a weekend with us. He doesn’t believe its you, he thinks I want you to want Vedrick as your father” Toby scoffed then growled”How dare he” then about swallowed whole the rest of the hot dog. it frightened his mother so she said “careful sweetheart”

“He has some nerve but sure. If he’ll sign the papers after a weekend in our home i guess. Just as long as I dont have to see him after that.”

“We’ll do whatever you want honey”

“What weekend is he coming?”

“I’ll call him when we get home” Toby slurped too much out of his slushie and got a headache. “can we go home?” he asked as he held his head. Rebecca hated how upset Toby was but had expected it. It was annoying to her that he didn’t want to be a dad until Toby attached himself to another sweet and loving man that would be an amazing father. Vedrick drove home and Toby said ‘i have to do homework. I have math stuff so could you help me dad?”

“Of course’ Vedrick answered then Rebecca said “I’ll go ahead and try calling your dad then Toby”

“My dad is following me” Toby said indignantly and grabbed Vedricks hand. In his bedroom Vedrick hugged Toby then said in a hushed tone to make sure Rebecca wasn’t listening to them “Not that i dont feel loved Toby but try and calm down about this. I know you have a lot of anger at your biological father but your mother is pregnant. This is a hard situation for her too so lets just try to make this weekend go as smoothly as possible. It’s not good for your new sibling if your mom is sick”

“I’ll try…it’s just…he’s such a jerk. What if he somhow hurts my mom again”

“I wont let him, you know that”

“I know, I just dont want to see him. He still wouldn’t want to see me if I didn’t find a better dad”
“I know buddy, him doing this too your mother is wrong and he should be ashamed, but he’s not so we have to be men and deal with it.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“So, lets do math stuff.”

Rebecca’s ex husband answered the phone on the third ring and said, “So, what did he say?”

“He said yes, what did you think he would say. When do you want to come over?”

“How about this weekend?”

She almost growled, but he didn’t know about them going through the change and she didn’t need him asking questions. “That’s the day after tomorrow.”

“Yes it is, I’ll be there tomorrow night.”

She squeezed the phone. “Fine.” She hung up and went and started pacing, angry and upset.

“I’m going to go check on your mom kiddo.” Vedrick said and Toby smiled up at him. He headed downstairs, feeling the anxiety coming at him in waves. When he saw Rebecca pacing and crying he just about lost it. That man had made her cry and that was unacceptable. He grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. “Tell me what happened.”

“That son of a bitch is going to be here tomorrow night.” She answered and cried harder into his shoulder.

He felt himself starting to shake and a growl rumbled in his throat. “It’s okay.” He said angrily and held her a little tighter.

“You don’t mean that, I can tell you want too kick his butt.”

“Yes I do, I want too do more than that, I want to kill him and leave him for the crows. He shouldn’t be stressing you out, the heartless piece of crap.”
“sh, Toby is upstairs Vedrick”

“He feels the same way”

“Yes but hes just a little boy. We have to try and not speak that way. I know i just did but I’m so upset”

“I can do anything for you Rebecca. Lets relax and watch some TV”

“Is Toby done?”

“No but you know he’ll call for me if he needs me”

“Yeah” they settled down on the couch and watched a rerun episode of Drop Dead Diva. Not really Vedricks top choice but Rebecca liked the show. Not feeling like channel surfing they just watched whatever came on until Rebecca had fallen asleep against him. Vedrick lifted her up and carried rebecca to their bedroom. Once she was in bed Vedrick checked on their son. He was playing instead of being in bed “Toby, it’s past your bedtime. You’re normally good about bedtime”

“I’m sorry, I’ll get ready for bed now.”

“Night, Harvey is coming this weekend so after school he will be here”

“Ugh, so soon?”

“Sadly yes. Remember, we’re going to make the best out of a bad situation for your mom.”

“I’ll be a man for her dad, dont worry. It’s just a weekend. A wasted weekend but atleast he wont be here for longer than that” Vedrick walked over and hugged Toby “night son, hurry into bed”

“Night dad” Toby did as he said he would and Vedrick stripped down to his underwear before crawling into bed with Rebecca. Toby couldn’t fall asleep he was so upset about his dad coming. He didn’t think much of him before but to do this made his opinion sink even further. He knew he wasn’t wanted or needed after abandoning them. Now that they had Vedrick he wanted to come and ruin everything. Toby was especially worried of his father making his mother cry. He had heard from everybody that knew him that Harvey wasn’t a nice man and treated his mother like crap at the end of their relationship.

Chapter Three

The next morning Rebecca woke feeling sick to her stomach. It had her instantly running to the bathroom, Vedrick close behind to hold her hair back. He helped her back to her feet and she rinsed her mouth then brushed her teeth. “You okay?” He asked and she nodded. “Why don’t you take a shower while I get Toby up and get breakfast ready.”

“Okay, thank you.” He kissed her temple then went downstairs where Toby was already waiting.

He went to Toby’s room and pushed the door open. He was surprised to find him already awake. “Hey buddy, up already?”

“I couldn’t sleep a wink.”

He sighed. “Okay, how about I call school and you stay home with us today?”


“Yeah, I’ll tell mom then after breakfast I’ll take your homework into school for you. Besides mom’s not feeling good anyway and I bet she’d like to have you home to help her today.”

“Okay, thanks dad.”

Rebecca stood under the warm water, letting it help relax her tense muscles. She heard the bathroom door open and pulled the shower door back, smiling when she saw it was Vederick. “What’s up baby?”

“I’m letting Toby stay home today, apparently he didn’t sleep last night. I think he’s just has worried as you are.”

She frowned and felt herself tearing up. “I can’t believe that son of a you know what is stressing Toby out.” He hugged her, not caring if he got wet.

“It’s okay baby.”

“Go ahead and call the school, he deserves to stay home with all that’s going on.”
Vedrick kissed Rebecca then left the bathroom to call Tobys school. It was a short call with no complaints since Toby rarely missed a day. When Rebecca came down she decided to make chocolate chip pancakes and hashbrowns. Toby excitedly waited and scarfed down his food when Rebecca gave it to him. She laughed “People probably think we starve you when they see you eat” Toby swallowed what was in his mouth then smiled “Thanks for not making me go to school today. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate anyway knowing Harvey would be here.”

“what would you like to do today? I want you to have a good day before he gets here so you can be in the best mood possible”

“Can we go see Uncle Grayson, Aunt Charlotte and Willa?”

“Sure, we can go on over while your dad drops off your homework.” Rebecca turned her attention to Vedrick “you’ll meet us there after?”

“Yep, have fun” They cleaned up the kitchen then Rebecca and Toby got into her car while Vedrick loaded into his with Tobys backpack. Vedrick was greeted with a smile from the principle when Vedrick handed Tobys homework to her. He left the school in a hurry to get to Grayson and Charlottes house. When he arrived everyone was outside playing around.

Since Grayson and Toby were in wolf form Vedrick shifted the second his door was shut. They played, chatted and enjoyed eachothers company until Rebeccas phone rang. She answered with dread, knowing who it was “Yes?”

“I’ll be there by dinner time. I want to take Toby to Hams for dinner”

“Ok, want us to meet you there?”

“No, I want to drop off my things in your house first.”

“Alright, bye” she responded then hungup. Toby shifted into human form “what did he want?”

“He’ll be at our house soon. Get dressed and lets go home. He wants to drop off his things and then we’re going to Hams.”
“I don’t want to go though, I want to stay and play with Willa.”

“I know sweetie, but if we don’t go he’ll think I told you to say no.”

Toby got a look of anger on his face, but grabbed his clothes and pulled them on. He hugged Charlotte, Grayson, and Willa then went and got in his mom’s car, buckling it up and crossing his arms. “We’re sorry we have to go.” Vedrick said.

“It’s okay, we understand.” Grayson said as he tugged his jeans on.

“If you need anything just call us.” Charlotte added.

“I want Toby to stay.” Willa said, sounding upset.

“We’ll bring him back sweetie.” Vedrick replied. “We better get going Rebecca.”

They hugged their friends then Rebecca got in her car and Vederick got in his. They drove home, Toby angry the whole way. When they got there Rebecca sent him upstairs to shower then went into the kitchen to make her some tea. Vedrick followed her, wrapping his arms around her from behind. “Everything’s going to be alright.” He whispered.

“That’s easy for you too say, you’re not pregnant and hormonal.”

“Yeah, but I’m plenty angry. Toby and I decided to try and be men about this.”

She laughed. “Men huh, until Harvey says something you don’t like.”

“I’ll be as good as I can, but you know how the wolf is when its mate is in distress.” Toby came down clean and dressed. He still looked upset, but smiled at his parents anyway. He sat down and switched the TV on, watching cartoons while they waited for Harvey.

Chapter Four

When the knock on their door came everyone tensed. “Toby, come on. Greet him” Toby got up obediently but his face portrayed how much he resented this. Harvey had a smug smile when he looked at Rebecca. It was as if he felt he got one over on her by being there and Vedrick wanted to rip his throat out. Harvey set his bag down and hugged Toby. Toby wanted to push out of his arms but gave Harvey a light hug to get the papers signed. This meant nothing to Toby. Harvey was just being a territorial jerk. He didn’t want them but he didn’t want anybody else to have them.

“You’ve gotten so big” Harvey said with that same smug smile. “People get bigger when you haven’t seen them in seven years” Toby said sarcastically back.”well I’m here now and you can see me whenever you want after this weekend. I might just move closer to you and your mommy” Toby nodded, afraid of what angry thought might slip out of his mouth if he spoke again. He told his father he would be a man about this and he was going to try.

Harvey took his stuff to the room Rebecca showed him. The second the baggage left his hands he hugged Rebecca. “You smell different. I liked your old scent better. Did you change perfumes?”

“Yes, lets go. Toby is hungry from playing with Willa”

“Who’s Willa?”

“Our friends kid. They have a lot of fun together”

“His girlfriend?”

“he’s ten and she’s five Harvey. They are just really good friends”

“I want to meet these friends and little girl youre taking my son around”

“You can meet them tomorrow then. I’m sure Toby would love another play date with Willa”

“so they are dating?”

“No, thats what parents call it when you bring kids together to play. He didn’t start doing that until about a year after you left. You didn’t like other people with babies coming around.”
She wanted to go and scrub his touch off of her, but just turned her back. He grabbed her arm and she tugged it away. “Come on Rebecca, I missed you.”

“I don’t care, don’t touch me.” They headed back downstairs, both Vedrick and Toby smelling Rebecca was upset. “You two ready for dinner?” She asked.

“Hey buddy, why don’t you ride with me.” Harvey said and Toby frowned.

“I want to ride with mom and dad.” Harvey smiled politely, but Vedrick could see the anger burning in his eyes.

“It’s okay Toby, you can ride with us next time.” Vedrick said, giving Toby a wink.

“Okay, I’ll ride with him then.”

They headed out the door, Rebecca worried. Vedrick grabbed her hand once they were in the car and following Harvey. “He hugged me, I feel disgusted.”

“We’ll bathe when we get back and get his smell off of you.”


Toby stared out the window, not feeling like talking to Harvey. He wanted him too leave and never come back. “So, is Vedrick a good guy?” Harvey asked.

“He’s really nice to mom and me.” Toby kept his answer as short as possible.

“What does he do for work?”

“He helps Grayson with his ranch, takes care of cows, fixes fences, grooms the horses.” Harvey looked somewhat disgusted and wrinkled his nose.

“That can’t pay much. Does mom still have the store?”

“Yeah, he helps her there too and Grayson pays dad plenty.”
“why do you want him as your father? Your mom says its you who wants me to sign. is that true?”

“It is true. Vedrick plays with me and makes both mom and I happy. We’re going to have a happy life together.”

“But he has your mother pregnant with his real child. Once that baby comes he’ll stop being this amazing father he is now. All he’ll care about is the new baby. You wont exist to probably either of them. Come with me.” Harvey said, trying to hurt Rebecca by taking Toby away from her. He didn’t care how his words might hurt Toby since he had never loved or even cared about him. From the day Rebecca told Harvey she was pregnant Toby was nothing but a burden to him. Harveys words didn’t hurt Toby in the slightest. All they did was make him angry because he knew that wasn’t true.

“That isn’t true. Vedrick will always love me. He’s a nice man. He isnt mean like you”

“So your mother bad mouths me?” he said wrothfully. “No” Toby snapped back “Mom has never talked about you, not once. I hear about you from all the people who knew you here. I know how you treated my mother and how you were never there for us even when you were there.”

“You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Your mother is no saint. All her whining while she was pregnant and asking for my help when you were born. It was her job. Maybe I could have been a better father if your mother wasn’t so needy”
Toby kept his mouth shut, afraid of yelling if he opened it again. The minute Harvey puled into the Ham’s parking lot Toby jumped out, going to Rebecca and Vedrick once they had pulled in. “You okay Toby?” Vederick asked.

“I’m fine dad, being a man is all.” He answered.

“Good job buddy, lets get some food in us.”

Harvey glared at them as they walked into the restaurant, hating that he couldn’t get Toby on his side and that the boy insisted on calling Vederick his father. They got a seat and were given menus, quickly ordering their food and drinks. The anger coming off of Toby and Harvey was palpable and Vederick gave Toby’s shoulder a squeeze. “So what is it you do exactly Harvey?” Vederick asked.

“I would have thought Rebecca would have said something.”

“She never talks about you so I’m afraid I don’t know anything.”

Harvey shot her a dirty look. “I own a few businesses. Toby tells me you work on a ranch.”

“Yes I do, it’s a good way to get outside and plus Toby likes seeing the animals on the days he comes with me. He’s the best at gathering eggs.”

He wrinkled his nose. “We had a competition too see who could gather the most and I won.” Toby said proudly. Their food was brought to them and Toby talked about school and how helpful Vederick was with homework and how much fun he had playing with Willa, Grayson, and Charlotte. Harvey didn’t like that Toby saw Charlotte and Grayson as his aunt and uncle, but managed to hold his tongue.

Chapter Five

Toby did his best to talk to Harvey over dinner but things were mostly silent due to Toby being so angry at his biological father. Harvey paid for them all even though Vedrick tried to stop him at first. “who am I riding with?” Toby asked. “you’ll ride with me. I’m here to see you Toby now come” Harvey said sternly. Toby growled which made Harvey jump “what was that?”

“what was what?” Rebecca said.. Harvey made an odd, confused face movement then said “I guess nothing. Come Toby” Toby hugged his parents then followed Harvey. “he pisses me off more and more by the second” Vedrick said when they were in their own car. “I just wish this wasn’t so hard on Toby. He’s so upset”

“He can do this. He shouldn’t have to deal with this man but he can do it” Upon arriving at home Harvey wanted to play with Toby in his room alone. Toby had just been hoping to go to bed and get this first evening over with but he agreed, not wanting to anger Harvey into not signing the papers. Toby could see even more as they played how much of an act this was. Harvey was obviously trying to have fun with Toby instead of actually having fun. It was incredibly irksome that Harvey wasn’t here out of love but out of not wanting them to be happy with Vedrick.
Vederick sat downstairs with Rebecca, his arm draped over her shoulders as she sipped on a glass of chamomile tea. He kissed her cheek, hoping to keep her relaxed both for her sake and the sake of their unborn child. Toby came downstairs with Harvey behind him. “I’m ready to go too bed now, will you come read to me dad?”

“Of course, you going too be okay down here Rebecca?”

“Yes, of course.” He kissed her cheek and got up.

“Come on Toby.” He and Toby went back upstairs and Harvey sat down in the chair on the other side of the coffee table.

“You know you should just give Toby to be Rebecca, especially with the baby on the way.” Harvey said.

“That’s not happening Harvey and don’t start with that I’ll ignore him once the baby’s here crap because he is extremely excited about being a big brother.”

“You say that now, but maybe he’ll change his mind and start to resent the baby.” She shook her head and he glared angrily at her. “I can’t believe you have him calling that moron daddy.”

“Like you care Harvey.”

Vederick tucked Toby in and grabbed The Hobbit off of the little bookshelf he had built for him. He flipped it open to where they had left off and started reading. After a couple of chapters Toby said, “Harvey thinks you won’t love me anymore after the baby comes.”

Vederick froze then closed the book. “Did he now and did you believe him?”

“No, I know that’s not true, I just thought you should know what he said to me. He’s really mean, I’m glad he’s not living here.”

“Look, everything will be fine, but if I have too I’ll stop being a man and I’ll be a monster. I bet you’d like to see me scare the tar out of him wouldn’t you?” Toby nodded and Vederick tussled his hair. “Get some sleep okay, we’re going over to see Willa tomorrow and you want too look your best.”

“Okay, night dad.”

“Night buddy.”
Vedrick walked down unable to hide his anger at Harvey. “you ready for bed sweetheart” he asked Rebecca and she got up, happy for any reason to get away from Harvey. “you two aren’t going to make sure I’m comfortable for the night?”

“You’re a grown man Harvey” Rebecca said then followed Vedrick out. She could feel how angry he was and wondered what happened upstairs. “lets take a shower” he said sternly and she just followed. “whats wrong?” she asked when they were in the bathroom. If i speak on it just yet I might just go into Harveys room and strangle him.”

“did he do somthing to Toby?”

“No, just let the water and being close to you calm me for a second”

“ok” When they stepped in the showed Vedrick pulled Rebecca against him. After a few moments he said “He told our son I wouldn’t love him when the baby came.”

“He said the same to me when you were up there. Its disgusting he would say that to Toby but not surprising. He’s always been selfish. Nobody around here ever liked him”

“what if he believed that or what if it haunts Tobys thoughts now? I love that little boy like he was my own pup Rebecca. No amount of children we have will change that.”

“Toby would never believe that. You dont give him any room to doubt your love. You have been an amazing father to Toby. You were even amazing to him when I was an idiot and refusing to marry you” Vedrick kissed Rebecca “you weren’t an idiot. If I were married to someone like him I’d be afraid of marriage too. Jesus, I’ve heard horrible things but to talk like that to his own son. Does he care how anybody feels but him?”

“I’ve never seen any evidence of it. Thats what makes him successful in business though. He’s cut throat and only he matters. He told me he wants Toby but I know thats not true. He didn’t want him from the second I told Harvey I was pregnant. I’ll never forget the sting of him telling me to get an abortion or how he complained every day and told me I should have. I was an idiot for staying. Thank goodness he left me”

“Please stop that. It wasn’t smart to stay with him but you werent an idiot baby. I dont like when you talk like that about yourself. We’ve all made choices we would take back if we could”

Chapter Six

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s just the stress talking.” They got out of the shower and quickly dried then pulled their night clothes on and climbed in bed. Vedrick held her from behind and kissed the back of her neck. “I love you.” He said softly.

“I love you too.”

Rebecca fell asleep fairly quickly, but Vedrick stayed awake still feeling angry and worried. He rested his hand on Rebecca’s abdomen, wishing the weekend would hurry and end because if anything happened to the baby because of Harvey, he would kill him. The next morning Toby came and woke them up since Harvey was already downstairs and he didn’t want to be around him without them. He knocked on the door and waited for Vederick to tell him to come in before pushing it open.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I want breakfast, but Harvey’s downstairs.”

“Alright, give us a minute.” Vederick shook Rebecca and she opened her eyes.


“Time too get up baby.” He kissed her cheek. “Toby and I will make breakfast this morning.”

“Yeah mom, I’m really good at eggs now.”
“thank you sweethearts. Just wait outside the door while Vedrick and I change clothes honey”

“Yes mam” Toby walked out, leaning against their door while he waited. They dressed then went downstairs with Toby “Morning son” Harvey said to Toby “Morning” Rebecca sat down and the men started cooking. Harvey gave her a funny look “Well this situation takes me back”

“what’re you talking about Harvey?”

“You being needy and lazy. It’s your job to cook breakfast but you use pregnancy as an excuse” Rebecca sighed as she felt Vedrick and Toby get mad. “They offered to cook breakfast. They like helping around the house and it’s not my job since I work outside the home too” harvey rolled his eyes and Rebecca was glad Vedrick wasn’t looking. Both Toby and Vedrick were near their limit of being men. Toby was closer to his limit of tolerating his father than Rebecca or Vedrick knew. Toby was also worried over Harvey meeting Willa. He had always felt protective of her and didn’t want Harvey being mean to her.

Vedrick and Toby quickly cooked breakfast and served it. “sit by me Toby’ Harvey said in a commanding tone. Toby looked at his mother briefly then sat down for hers and the babies sake. They ate in tense silence then Rebecca called Charlotte to see if they were home and wanted company. Grayson didn’t want Harvey in his home but agreed so not to piss him off. This was only happening because they needed Harvey to sign papers and Grayson wouldn’t blow that for them. They all put their shoes on then walked out “since Toby wants to ride with you two I’ll just ride in your backseat with him” Harvey said and they agreed.

Toby hoped his father would remain silent on the way but he had no such luck “If you come home with me Toby you’d have everything you want. I’d buy you all the toys you ever dreamed of. I have way more money than your mother and Vedrick”

“you mean my mom and dad”

“He’s not your father” Harvey snapped. “he is so! more than you’ll ever be!’ Toby snapped right back. “You are mine Toby!”

“and I want you to sign the papers so i can be Vedricks. He loves me unlike you”

“Don’t believe your moms lies”

‘My moms not a liar!”
“Enough.” Rebecca said, turning and glaring at Harvey. “He’s a child Harvey so stop instigating.”

“Mind your own business.”

“Don’t yell at my mom.” Toby said angrily.

Vederick was glad when they made it to Charlotte and Grayson’s because he was about ready too rip Harvey’s throat out and leave him too bleed out somewhere. Toby jumped out and took off for the house as Grayson opened the door. “Can we play outside?” He asked.

“Sure kiddo, go on in and have Charlie bring Willa out.”

“Thank you sir.”

Grayson wrinkled his nose at Harvey’s scent, but held out his hand anyway. “I’m Grayson and you must be Toby’s biological father.”


“That’s right, Harvey.” Charlotte, Willa, and Toby came back out and Charlotte only took a moment to introduce herself before going out into the yard with the kids. “Would ya’ll like some tea or lemonade?”

“Lemonade sounds great.” Rebecca answered. “How about I go make it and you three hang out here with Charlie and the kids.”

Rebecca hurried inside, needing a breather. She felt like crying after hearing Harvey say such horrible things to Toby. She took a deep, shuddering breath then found the lemonade in the pantry and made a pitcher. Grayson smiled politely, but it didn’t reach his eyes. He had just met Harvey and he already hated him. “So, Rebecca says you wanted too get to know Toby before allowing Vederick to adopt him.”

“Maybe I’ll sign and maybe I won’t.” Harvey replied, his eyes on Vederick playing with his son and the little girl Toby was so attached too.

“I’m going to tell you something Harvey, if you give them anymore grief you and I are going to have a real problem and you won’t like how I deal with it.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“It’s not a threat, it’s a promise. Go ahead and break that little boys heart or make Rebecca cry. I’ll make sure you and Vederick have some alone time and no one will interfere.” Harvey rolled his eyes, not thinking for a second Grayson or Vederick would do anything to him.
Harvey was generally unpleasant and on everyones nerves for the remainder of the day. Toby and Vedrick were just glad he was done insulting Rebecca and trying to convince Toby to come live with him. As they ate the dinner Charlotte and Grayson prepared Toby asked “When are you signing the papers Harvey?”

“I’m your dad, you need to call me dad”

‘I wont because you’re not. I want Vedrick” The tenseness in the room seemed to make Willa tense and Toby felt bad for asking the question and starting this. “don’t be a little shit Toby’ Harvey said angrily and Grayson slammed his fist in the table making Willa jump “Don’t talk that way to a child and especially not in front of my daughter.” Willa got up from the table and ran to her room.Toby growled “you guys scared Willa” Harvey rolled his eyes and everybody had it “Harvey, stop, you said if we let you spend the weekend with Toby you would sign. Tomorrow is the last day of that weekend.”

“You don’t have anything in writing I said I’d sign.”

“what did i tell you?” Grayson said and Harvey laughed “I dont think my son should be around such hostile people”

“we’ve tried to be gracious host Harvey but you keep being rude” rebecca chimed in then Charlotte added “you shouldn’t be using your son to hurt Rebecca”

“I dont believe this is yours or Grayson business so keep your mouth shut”
A growl rumbled in Grayson’s throat, surprising Harvey. “Charlotte love will you please take Rebecca and make sure the kids are okay.” He asked and both Charlotte and Rebecca got up and went to Willa’s room. “Now, I tried too be civil and I’m sure Vedrick did too, but if there is one thing that I will not allow it is you talking down too my mate.”

“Mate, what the fuck are you talking about?” Grayson growled again and he and Vedrick partially shifted shape. Harvey stood up so fast he tipped his chair over and when he blinked they were back to normal. “Wh…what the fuck was that?”

Both men came too their feet and Harvey backed into the wall. “That’s what you’ll be seeing more of if you dare give Rebecca and Toby any more grief.” Vederick answered. “I will kill you Harvey and I won’t feel a damn thing while doing it.”

“What are you?”

“We’re wolves Harvey, born and raised, so are Charlotte, Rebecca, Willa, and Toby. We’re all one happy pack and you have disrupted our peace. I’m sure you know that a pack of wolves in discord can sometimes become temperamental.” Grayson answered.

“Your freaks like those zombie league bastards and those blood suckers. I’m not going to let some hound have my son.”

Vedrick was on him in the blink of an eye, his hand around Harvey’s throat. “You listen too me you piece of shit, I will rip your throat out and leave you in the woods for our non shapeshifting brethren too feast on. You will sign those papers before you leave or I swear if you manage to slip out of my grasp I will hunt you down and I will make your last seconds the most horrifying of your life. Do you understand me?”


Vederick let him go then fixed the man’s shirt. “Good, now you are going to go and apologize to the children for acting like an asshole and remember too watch your language, they are children after all.”
The rest of the evening went without a hitch. Harvey looking terrified the whole time they sat together. The next morning over breakfast Harvey said he had to go and even found a notary that would watch them sign the papers which was amazing since it was a Sunday. Harvey signed and the notary put their stamp of approval on it. Rebecca thanked the notary for seeing them today and took the papers so she could go to the courthouse with them Monday. As soon as that was over and the notary was paid Harvey packed and left without even hugging Toby. Toby was grateful for it and relieved Harvey was gone. Toby ran into Vedricks arms “I’m so happy. Now nothing says anybody but you is my dad”

“I’m happy too son. Why don’t we go to the store and pick up all that we need for sundaes”

“Toby excitedly pushed out of Vedricks arms and they all loaded into the car. On the way to the store Rebecca called their friends Grayson and Charlotte so they could all celebrate together. Toby got excited when his mother told him they were coming. Rebecca and Vedrick held hands happily now that Harvey was fully out of their lives and they could just enjoy their family and friends. Vedrick hadn’t wanted to resort to chasing Harvey off the way he did but in the end doing that got the nuisance away from his family and had them all smiling again. There wasn’t anything Vedrick wouldn’t do to make his mate and children happy.

~ The End ~

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